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Challenges of Interior Decoration Using Low Formaldehyde-Emitting Materials in Taiwan
Lin-Lin Huang
GSTF Journal of Engineering Technology , 2015, DOI: 10.5176/2251-3701_3.3.151
Abstract: Regardless of material regulations at the supply source or post-construction quality inspection systems, certain levels of model management systems have been developed. However, in the hospital waiting room, the measured formaldehyde concentration in the air reached 0.99 ppm, which is 12 times higher than that of the standard value. The formaldehyde emission rates measured in the building materials of the private housings or hospital waiting room ranged from 158 to 238 μg/m2?h, which exceed both the ABSL and BSMI standards. Moreover, the decoration locations, construction staff, and construction behaviors varied despite their claims of using low formaldehydeemitting materials. This study compiled the current objectives and regulations established by various supervising authorities and implemented a supporting management system in material grading, amount of material usage, ventilation path control, and ventilation effectiveness for facilitating the promotion of healthy indoor air quality, thereby enhancing public health.
Research on the Risk Associated with Rural Drinking Water Safety Based on Catastrophe Theory  [PDF]
Chao Wang, Fu-Quan Ni, Yu Deng, Lin-Lin Jiang
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2011.36045
Abstract: In this study, based on the analysis of the catastrophic risk of rural drinking water, with the representative villages in Ya’an as study objects and setting the four evaluation standards: water quality, water quantity, the Guarantee Probability for water Supply and the Convenience Level of the Access to Water Supply as the ba- sic framework, a Rural Drinking Water Safety Assessment was developed (RDWSA). Research showed that Catastrophe Theory was applicable in the RDWSA. Adding RDWSA based on Catastrophe Theory to the supportive system for decision-making in Ecological Hydrographic Management Decision Support System of Ya’an helped obtain the rank and results of RDWSE by the automatic calculation of programs, which could assist the risk assessment and risk management associated with rural drinking water in Ya’an.
Effects of early intervention with Huannao Yicong formula effective components on behavior and cholinergic system of β-amyloid precursor protein transgenic mice
Lin-lin Cai,Hao Li
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao , 2011,
Abstract: Objective: To observe the effects of early intervention with effective components from a Chinese herbal formula (Huannao Yicong formula, HNYCF) on behavior and related indicators of cholinergic system in β-amyloid precursor protein (APP) transgenic mice. Methods: Sixty 3-month-old APP695V717I transgenic mice were randomly divided into model group, high-dose HNYCF group (2.80 g/(kg·d)), low-dose HNYCF group (1.40 g/(kg·d)) and donepezil group (0.65 mg/(kg·d)), with 15 mice in each group. Fifteen non-transgenic mice of the same genetic background were used as normal group. The model group and normal group were fed with equal volume of distilled water by gavage. After 6-month continuous medication, the Morris water maze and the passive avoidance test were used to detect the visual spatial learning and memory ability of each mouse. Then the mice were decapitated and their cerebral cortex and hippocampus were isolated to homogenate by sonication. Contents of acetylcholine (ACh) and acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) activity in the homogenate were determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, and protein contents of cerebral cortex and hippocampus were measured by Coomassie brilliant blue method.Results: Compared with the model group, high- and low-dose HNYCF and donepezil hydrochloride all improved spatial learning of APP mice in the Morris water maze. The ratio of swimming distance in the central area in the high-dose HNYCF group was longer than that in the model group (P<0.05). In the passive avoidance test, high- and low-dose HNYCF and donepezil hydrochloride improved memory function of APP mice by improving the escape latency and reducing the number of errors (P<0.05, P<0.01). High- and low-dose HNYCF and donepezil hydrochloride reduced the content of AChE, increased the activity of ChAT (P<0.01, P<0.05) and improved the content of ACh in hippocampus (P<0.05); high- and low-dose HNYCF and donepezil hydrochloride increased the content of ACh in cortex (P<0.05). Donepezil hydrochloride reduced the content of AChE in cortex (P<0.05), however, high- and low-dose HNYCF had no obvious influence (P>0.05). High- and low-dose HNYCF increased the content of ChAT in cortex (P<0.05), whereas donepezil hydrochloride had no obvious influence (P>0.05).Conclusion: Early intervention with HNYCF effective components can improve the learning and memory ability of APP transgenic mice. The mechanism may be related to enhancing the function of cholinergic system.
Ternary Tetradymite Compounds as Topological Insulators
Lin-Lin Wang,Duane D. Johnson
Physics , 2010, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.83.241309
Abstract: Ternary tetradymites Bi2Te2S, Bi2Te2Se and Bi2Se2Te are found to be stable, bulk topological insulators via theory, showing band inversion between group V and VI pz orbitals. We identify Bi2Se2Te as a good candidate to study massive Dirac Fermions, with a (111) cleavage-surface-derived Dirac point (DP) isolated in the bulk band gap at the Fermi energy Ef like Bi2Se3 but with a spin texture alterable by layer chemistry. In contrast, Bi2Te2S and Bi2Te2Se (111) behave like Bi2Te3, with a DP below Ef buried in bulk bands. Bi2Te2S offers large bulk resistivity needed for devices.
Study on rhG-CSF Modified with Polyethylene Glycol

ZHANG Lin-Lin,ZHENG Chun-Yang,LEI Jian-Du,MA Guang-Hui,SU Zhi-Guo,WANG Li,

生物工程学报 , 2005,
Abstract: Monomethoxy Polyethylene Glycol(mPEG20000) was activated by N-hydroxysuccinimede and analyzed by infrared spectrum and hydrolysis kinetics. In order to propose the optimized reaction conditions of mono-PEGylated rhG-CSF, orthogonal design of the experiment was investigated. Ion exchange chromatography was used to separate and purify PEGylated rhG-CSF from unPEGylated rhG-CSF. The purity of mono-PEGylated rhG-CSF was analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) to be 97%.
Preparation and Characterization of the rhIFN-α-2a Modified by Polyethylene Glycol with Different Molecular Weights

ZHANG Lin-lin,ZHENG Chun-yang,LEI Jian-du,MA Guang-hui,SU Zhi-guo,

过程工程学报 , 2006,
Abstract: 利用N-羟基琥珀酰亚胺活化制备不同分子量的聚乙二醇修饰剂(NHS-mPEG,分子量5000,10000,20000),考察三者水解动力学性质的差异,结合正交实验确定了不同分子量修饰剂制备单条PEG链修饰重组人干扰素α-2a(rhIFN-α-2a)的最佳反应条件,用离子交换法对产物进行分离纯化.研究了不同分子量聚乙二醇干扰素结合物的体外活性,比较其蛋白收率.实验结果表明,修饰剂分子量增大,应选择蛋白与修饰剂的反应活性高的修饰反应条件,体外活性虽然降低,但同时单修饰聚乙二醇干扰素结合物收率更高,产品质量更易控制.
Effects of Methyl Jasmonate on Physiological Indexes and Accumulation of Main Tropane Alkaloids in Atropa belladonna L. Hairy Roots

LI Lin-lin
,LIU Jia,SU Bei-bei,YANG Wei-xing,WU Neng-biao

- , 2017, DOI: 10.13718/j.cnki.xdzk.2017.05.011
Abstract: 该文研究茉莉酸甲酯(methyl jasmonate,MJ)对颠茄毛状根的逆境生理指标及莨菪碱、东莨菪碱含量的影响.结果表明,MJ的加入对颠茄毛状根生长具有一定的抑制作用,MDA、脯氨酸、可溶性蛋白质含量均有不同程度的变化:增加或先增加后降低;3种保护酶(SOD,POD,CAT)活性变化与诱导浓度有关;30 μmol/L的MJ处理组东莨菪碱含量最高,10 μmol/L的MJ处理组莨菪碱含量最高.表明MJ能显著促进颠茄毛状根中生物碱成分的积累.
To study the effects of methyl jasmonate (MJ) on physiological indexes and accumulation of main tropane alkaloids in Atropa belladonna L. hairy roots, MJ was added in different concentrations to the medium. The results showed that MJ treatments inhibited hairy root growth, and the contents of soluble protein, MDA and pro increased in different extends or first increased and then decreased. Changes in the activity of the three protective enzymes (SOD, POD and CAT) was associated with the induction concentration. The highest accumulation of scopolamine and hyoscyamine was observed in the treatments of 30 μmol/L and 10 μmol/L MJ, respectively, thus indicating that MJ could significantly promote the accumulation of secondary metabolites in A. belladonna hairy roots
Permanence for a Discrete Model with Feedback Control and Delay
Yong-Hong Fan,Lin-Lin Wang
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society , 2008, DOI: 10.1155/2008/945109
Abstract: The permanence of a single-species population discrete model with feedback control is considered. We found that if we use the method of comparison theorem, then the additional condition, to some extent, is necessary. But for the system itself, this condition may not be necessary. Here, we use new methods instead of the comparison theorem to get the permanence of the system in consideration; the additional condition in Chen's paper (2007) is deleted.
Periodic solutions and stability for a delayed discrete ratio-dependent predator-prey system with Holling-type functional response
Lin-Lin Wang,Wan-Tong Li
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society , 2004, DOI: 10.1155/s1026022604310010
Abstract: The existence of positive periodic solutions for a delayed discrete predator-prey model with Holling-type-III functional response N1(k
On a Generalized Discrete Ratio-Dependent Predator-Prey System
Yong-Hong Fan,Lin-Lin Wang
Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society , 2009, DOI: 10.1155/2009/653289
Abstract: Verifiable criteria are established for the permanence and existence of positive periodic solutions of a delayed discrete predator-prey model with monotonic functional response. It is shown that the conditions that ensure the permanence of this system are similar to those of its corresponding continuous system. And the investigations generalize some well-known results. In particular, a more acceptant method is given to study the bounded discrete systems rather than the comparison theorem.
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