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Cytotoxic activities of Coriolus versicolor (Yunzhi) extracts on human liver cancer and breast cancer cell line
X Zhou, H Jiang, J Lin, K Tang
African Journal of Biotechnology , 2007,
Abstract: The CVP (Coriolus versicolor polysaccharide) is well known as anti-tumor drug in clinical applications. Although recent studies have demonstrated that CVP can inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells in vitro and in vivo, the different purity level of CVP has a different affect on various cancer cells. In this study, the crude CVP was extracted from C. versicolor dry fruit bodies by hot-water extraction and ethanol precipitation. The content of CVP was 7.74% in the fruit bodies, while 54.69% in the crude extracts by phenol-vitriolic colorimetry. After that, the in vitro cytotoxic activities of the CVP were examined on the four human liver cancer (7703, HepG2, 7721, PLC) and four human breast cancer (Bcap37, ZR75-30, MCF-7, T-47D) cell lines using a MTT cytotoxicity assay. The results showed that the CVP inhibited the proliferation of 7703, Bcap37, T-47D in low concentration; the IC50 values on 7703, Bcap37 and T-47D were 18.37, 14.42 and 9.29 mg/l, respectively. The CVP also inhibited the proliferation of MCF-7 and ZR75-30, but at high concentration, the IC50 values on MCF-7 and ZR75-30 were 39.26 and 34.59 mg/l, respectively. The CVP does not inhibit the proliferation of HepG2, 7721, PLC and human normal liver cell line (WRL). The CVP was found to selectively inhibit the proliferation of human liver cancer and human breast cancer.
The Neural Mechanisms of Utility and Ethic in the Management Moral Decision Making  [PDF]
Zhiwen Tang, Ying Lin
Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science (JBBS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jbbs.2015.54016
Abstract: The study aimed at investigating the neural mechanism of business moral decision-making. 15 participants were presented with a set of 96 dilemmas in business situation. Participants were required to decide between option 1 (more utilitarian decision for self benefit) and 2 (ethical decision for fairness or institution). ERPs were recorded to a slide displaying the letter 1 and 2 when subjects were deciding between options. The selection rate was calculated after the experiment as the behavior data. The business moral dilemmas prompted more ethical option. A larger P260 component was elicited in the left frontal lobe area when participants were deciding to act ethically. On the other hand, decisions on utilitarian aroused weaker emotional experience, as supported by the shorter LPC and smaller P260 amplitude.
Stock Selection Based on a Hybrid Quantitative Method  [PDF]
Lichun Tang, Qimin Lin
Open Journal of Statistics (OJS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojs.2016.62030
Abstract: Quantitative stock selection has become a research hotspot in the field of investment decision. As the data mining technology becomes mature, quantitative stock selection has made great progress. From the perspective of value investment, this paper selects top 200 stocks of A share in terms of market value. With the random forest (RF), financial characteristic variables with significant impact on SVR are screened out. At the same time with quantum genetic algorithm (QGA) superior to the traditional genetic algorithm (GA), SVR parameters are deeply and dynamically sought for, so as to build the RF-QGA-SVR model for year-to-year stock ranking. The quantitative stock selection model is built, and the empirical analysis of its stock selection performance is conducted. The conclusion is as follows: 1) Optimizing SVR with QGA has higher precision than the traditional genetic algorithm, and is more excellent than the traditional GA optimization; 2) SVR after RF optimization of characteristic variables more significantly improves the accuracy of stock ranking and prediction; 3) In the stock ranking obtained from the RF-QGA-SVR model, the yields of top stock portfolios are much higher than the market benchmark yield. At the same time, the yields of the top 10 stock portfolios are the highest, and the top 30 stock portfolios are the most stable. This study has positive reference significance on quantitative stock selection in the field of quantitative investment.
Research on State Transition Model Based on Stock Market Volume-Price Distribution  [PDF]
Yin Tang, Muxing Lin
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2018.62025
This paper discusses Volume-Price distribution of stock market. The normal distribution-like structures spanning different time are studied, based on which we propose a predictive model of Volume-Price distribution in China stock market. The paper includes three parts: First, the hypothesis that the Chinese stock market day trading volume-price distributions does not obey normal distribution is verified. However, a “fat tail” approximate normal distribution pattern is founded. After smoothing the distribution of volume and price, approximate normal distributions of trading volume and price distributions for different time spans are discovered. On the basis of two previous studies, state transition model of volume-price distributions is proposed. State transition probability table is created based on clustering analysis. The mode can appropriately account for the transition Chinese stock market trading volume- price distribution network transitions between states, and can be used to predict possible future distribution, to provide a quantitative indicator in the stock market investment.
Magnetic Impurity in Bernal Stacked Bilayer Graphene
J. H. Sun,F. M. Hu,H. K. Tang,H. Q. Lin
Physics , 2012,
Abstract: We investigate a magnetic impurity in Bernal stacked bilayer graphene by a non-perturbative numerical exact approach. In the two cases we study, impurity is placed on the top of two different sublattices (A and B) in bilayer graphene. We find that similar to the monolayer case, magnet moment of the impurity could still be tuned in a wide range through changing the chemical potential. However, the property of the impurity depends strongly on its location due to the broken symmetry between sublattices A and B caused by the Bernal stacking. This difference becomes more apparent with the increase in the hybridization and decrease in the on-site Coulomb repulsion. Additionally, we calculate the impurity spectral densities and the correlation functions between the impurity and the conduction-band electrons. All the computational results show the same spatial dependence on the location of the impurity.
Indirect exchange of magnetic impurities in zigzag graphene ribbon
J. H. Sun,F. M. Hu,H. K. Tang,W. Guo,H. Q. Lin
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1063/1.4797625
Abstract: We use quantum Monte Carlo method to study the indirect coupling between two magnetic impurities on the zigzag edge of graphene ribbon, with respect to the chemical potential $\mu$. We find that the spin-spin correlation between two adatoms located on the nearest sites in the zigzag edge are drastically suppressed around the zero-energy. As we switch the system away from half-filling, the antiferromagnetic correlation is first enhanced and then decreased. If the two adatoms are adsorbed on the sites belonging to the same sublattice, we find similar behavior of spin-spin correlation except for a crossover from ferromagnetic to antiferromagentic correlation in the vicinity of zero-energy. We also calculated the weight of different components of d-electron wave function and local magnet moment for various values of parameters, and all the results are consistent with those of spin-spin correlation between two magnetic impurities.
Magnetic impurity in the vicinity of a vacancy in bilayer graphene
J. H. Sun,F. M. Hu,H. K. Tang,H. Q. Lin
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1142/S0217979213620397
Abstract: We use quantum Monte Carlo method to study a magnetic impurity located next to a vacancy in bilayer graphene with Bernal stacking. Due to the broken symmetry between two sublattices in bilayer system, there exist two different types of vacancy induced localized state. We find that the magnetic property of the adatom located on the adjacent site of the vacancy depends on whether the vacancy belongs to A or B sublattice. In general, local moment is more strongly suppressed if the vacancy belongs to the sublattice A when $\mu \sim 0$. We switch the values of the chemical potential and study the basic thermodynamic quantities and the correlation functions between the magnetic adatom and the carbon sites.
Effect of histamine on the electric activities of cerebellar Purkinje cell
Lin Tang
Physics , 1999,
Abstract: The effect of histamine (HA) on the electric activities of Purkinje cell (PC) is studied on the cerebellum slice. We find that: (1) HA's main effect on PC is excitative (72.9%); there are also a small amount of PC showing inhibitive (10.2%) or no (16.9%) response to HA. (2) Different from the conventional opinion, HA's excitative effect on PC is mutually conducted by H1 and H2 receptors; the antagonist for H1 receptor could weaken HA's excitative effect on PC, while the antagonist for H2 receptor could weaken or even block the excitative effect of HA on PC. (3) PC's reaction to HA is related to its intrinsic discharge frequency; there exists a frequency at which PC is highly sensitive to HA, and well above this frequency PC becomes stable against HA. These results indicate that the histaminergic afferent fibre can adjust PC's electric activities by releasing HA, and thereby influence the global function of the cerebellar cortex; and that just like the $\gamma $ region of cerebrum, cerebellum may also have some sort of characteristic frequency.
Weighted local Hardy spaces and their applications
Tang lin
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: In this paper, we study weighted local Hardy spaces $h^p_\wz(\rz)$ associated with local weights which include the classical Muckenhoupt weights. This setting includes the classical local Hardy space theory of Goldberg \cite{g}, and the weighted Hardy spaces of Bui \cite{bu}.
Weighted norm inequalities for pseudo-differential operators with smooth symbols and their commutators
Lin Tang
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: We obtain weighted $L^p$ inequalities for pseudo-differential operators with smooth symbols and their commutators by using a class of new weight functions which include Muckenhoupt weight functions. Our results improve essentially some well-known results.
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