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Liliana Liliana
Jurnal Informatika , 2004,
Abstract: Today computer graphics is used in many aspects, especially to make animation, advertisement and game. We hope this technology can produce realistic pictures which same quality with photo. Metode to get the realistic 3D image is ray tracing. In this journal, make a software which can produce realistic 3D image, especially for reflective and transparent object. Reflective object will modeled can reflect another object surrounding it. And transparent object will modeled can produce caustic effect, that's rays which refract in one area. So that area will appear brighter than area surround it. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Dewasa ini grafika komputer semakin banyak digunakan di berbagai bidang terutama untuk pembuatan film animasi, iklan dan pembuatan game. Diharapkan teknologi grafika komputer mampu menghasilkan gambar-gambar realistik yang kualitasnya sama dengan kualitas foto. Salah satu metode yang digunakan untuk menghasilkan gambar 3D yang realistik tersebut adalah metode ray tracing. Dalam penelitian ini dibuat perangkat lunak yang mampu menghasilkan gambar-gambar 3D yang realistik terutama untuk benda-benda yang mengkilap dan benda-benda transparan. Benda mengkilap yang dimodelkan bisa memantulkan bayangan benda lain yang berada di sekitarnya. Benda transparan yang dimodelkan adalah benda transparan yang menghasilkan efek kaustik, yaitu pembiasan sinar dari sumber cahaya yang mengumpul di suatu daerah sehingga pada daerah tersebut akan tampak lebih terang daripada daerah sekitarnya. Kata kunci: efek kaustik, ray tracing.
The Role of Courage in Intellectual Work  [PDF]
Liliana Beatriz Irizar
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2014.59114

Intellectual life is not a thing apart from the humanizing and moralizing influences that moral virtues provide. Saint Thomas’s teachings about moral virtues suggest how essential he considers them for a flourishing speculative life. He makes all this very clear in the Second Part of the Summa Theologiae. The potential parts of fortitude which have a crucial role in intellectual work are patience, perseverance and magnanimity. In this article I show how these potential virtues act in speculative life.

Liliana liliana,Rudy Adipranata
Jurnal Informatika , 2007,
Abstract: In computer graphics applications, to produce realistic images, a method that is often used is ray tracing. Ray tracing does not only model local illumination but also global illumination. Local illumination count ambient, diffuse and specular effects only, but global illumination also count mirroring and transparency. Local illumination count effects from the lamp(s) but global illumination count effects from other object(s) too. Objects that are usually modeled are primitive objects and mesh objects. The advantage of mesh modeling is various, interesting and real-like shape. Mesh contains many primitive objects like triangle or square (rare). A problem in mesh object modeling is long rendering time. It is because every ray must be checked with a lot of triangle of the mesh. Added by ray from other objects checking, the number of ray that traced will increase. It causes the increasing of rendering time. To solve this problem, in this research, new methods are developed to make the rendering process of mesh object faster. The new methods are angle comparison and distance comparison. These methods are used to reduce the number of ray checking. The rays predicted will not intersect with the mesh, are not checked weather the ray intersects the mesh. With angle comparison, if using small angle to compare, the rendering process will be fast. This method has disadvantage, if the shape of each triangle is big, some triangles will be corrupted. If the angle to compare is bigger, mesh corruption can be avoided but the rendering time will be longer than without comparison. With distance comparison, the rendering time is less than without comparison, and no triangle will be corrupted.
Rudy Adipranata,Liliana liliana
Jurnal Informatika , 2005,
Abstract: In this paper, we implemented 3D object modeling from 2D input images. Modeling is performed by using volumetric reconstruction approaches by using volumetric reconstruction approaches, the 3D space is tesselated into discrete volumes called voxels. We use voxel coloring method to reconstruct 3D object from synthetic input images by using voxel coloring, we can get photorealistic result and also has advantage to solve occlusion problem that occur in many case of 3D reconstruction. Photorealistic 3D object reconstruction is a challenging problem in computer graphics and still an active area nowadays. Many applications that make use the result of reconstruction, include virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D games, and another 3D applications. Voxel coloring considered the reconstruction problem as a color reconstruction problem, instead of shape reconstruction problem. This method works by discretizing scene space into voxels, then traversed and colored those voxels in special order. The result is photorealitstic 3D object. Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia : Dalam penelitian ini dilakukan implementasi untuk pemodelan obyek tiga dimensi yang berasal dari gambar dua dimensi. Pemodelan ini dilakukan dengan menggunakan pendekatan volumetric. Dengan menggunakan pendekatan volumetric, ruang tiga dimensi dibagi menjadi bentuk diskrit yang disebut voxel. Kemudian pada voxel-voxel tersebut dilakukan metode pewarnaan voxel untuk mendapatkan hasil berupa obyek tiga dimensi yang bersifat photorealistic. Bagaimana memodelkan obyek tiga dimensi untuk menghasilkan hasil photorealistic merupakan masalah yang masih aktif di bidang komputer grafik. Banyak aplikasi lain yang dapat memanfaatkan hasil dari pemodelan tersebut seperti virtual reality, augmented reality dan lain-lain. Pewarnaan voxel merupakan pemodelan obyek tiga dimensi dengan melakukan rekonstruksi warna, bukan rekonstruksi bentuk. Metode ini bekerja dengan cara mendiskritkan obyek menjadi voxel dan kemudian melakukan pengecekan secara berurutan terhadap proyeksi voxel ke gambar input untuk menentukan apakah voxel tersebut merupakan bagian dari obyek atau bukan. Sehingga pada akhirnya akan dihasilkan suatu model tiga dimensi yang photorealistic. Kata kunci: pewarnaan voxel, pemodelan tiga dimensi, obyek photorealistic.
Ergodic sequences of probability measures on commutative hypergroups
Liliana Pavel
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2004, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171204305041
Abstract: We study conditions on a sequence of probability measures {μn}n on a commutative hypergroup K, which ensure that, for any representation π of K on a Hilbert space ℋπ and for any ξ∈ℋπ, (∫Kπx(ξ)dμn(x))n converges to a π-invariant member of ℋπ.
Leopoldo Zea: Propuestas para la construcción de un futuro igualmente deseable para todos
Estudios de filosof?-a pr??ctica e historia de las ideas , 2006,
Abstract: l. zea's thinking begun to take shape during the 1940s; they are part of a representative legacy to latin american philosophy and, more specifically, to the history of latin american ideas. the reflections in his books, also presented at discussion forums all over the world, always tried to disclose the meaning of our history in order to enlighten and to organize the knowledge and the practices of our spiritual life, this being so without neglecting our concern about the way our history and culture articulate with the universal history and culture. moreover, his work nourishes a tradition always aimed at strengthening the ideals of freedom, people's autonomy, and integration, and especially the capacity to "imagine future societies just as desirable for all", as don leopoldo would say.
A vuelo de pájaro: Una mirada a la Salud Pública de Etiopía
Index de Enfermería , 2006, DOI: 10.4321/S1132-12962006000300007
Abstract: i think about ethiopia and i am not clear how to start, a mixture of feelings and a lot of information is surrounding me? the life and death can stay so close that any experience has a special tone. named abissinia as well, ethiopia is still today a mythic land. due to "lucy" australopithecus afarensis finding, it is acknowledged like the starting point of human being. in addition, it is one of the developing countries with core health indicators under world′ standard line and a "fresh health system" which still doesn?t cover properly the population?s needs. like another country in this situation, the ethiopian look for a mixture of traditional medicine vs western one, meanwhile the national policies are trying of reach the aims and outlines fixed in the world. like a result, there is an interesting landscape to any public health specialist and/or someone who can be interested in abroad sanitarian status.
Los márgenes del discurso: Voces y silencios en La máquina de escribir (1996), de Juan Martini
Tozzi, Liliana;
Latinoamérica. Revista de estudios Latinoamericanos , 2011,
Abstract: la máquina de escribir (1996) of juan martini presents a fragmented discourse, which reproduces the tone and the rhythm of the conversations in the area of a bar. the proliferation of voices inscribes in the text the social speeches of the 20th century and the social tensions that are generated, specially from the neoliberal policies of the nineties in argentina. in this work i propose to analyze, from a sociocritic approach, some manners in which we can read the social dimension in the text: the review of the past, the configuration of the power and the critical vision of the social and economic reality of ends of the 20th century.
Participa??o comunitária e satisfa??o com os cuidados de saúde primários
Análise Psicológica , 2008,
Abstract: the objective of this exploratory study with fifteen subjects at extens?o da brandoa/centro de saúde da venda nova is about community participation relationship with patient?s satisfaction with quality care. the results shows the necessity of a organizational change in centros de saúde for an active patient?s collaboration in health primary care.
Appendicularian species groups and southern Brazil water masses
Forneris, Liliana;
Boletim do Instituto Oceanográfico , 1965, DOI: 10.1590/S0373-55241965000100004
Abstract: the distribution of 19 species of appendicularia sorted out of a series of plankton samples taken between cabo frio (lat. 23o s) and rio grande do sul (lat. 36o s) is discussed in relation to temperature and salinity. most species showed a wide spectrum of temperature and salinity tolerance. no species was found to be exclusive of a single water mass. eleven species were present in coastal waters, 16 in shelf waters and 13 in tropical waters. ten species were found in the three water masses. oikopleura longicauda was the most abundant species and o. dimca was found only over the shelf. species of the genus fritillaria were more sensitive to lower salinities and in a general way the number of species decreases coastalwards. different groups of species were present in the same water mass and conversely similar groups occurred in different water masses. five, eight and nineteen different groups of species occurred exclusively in shelf, coastal and tropical waters respectively. there was suggested the occurrence of stratified distribution and consequently the presence of different ecological niches within a single water mass. several species probably reproduce more than once, most species are proterandric. parasites and predators are mentioned. it is suggested that the knowledge of the past history of the water mass and its biological dynamics are more important for the interpretation of the distribution of the appendicularian fauna than temperature and salinity factors alone.
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