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Error Searching System with Keyword Extraction and Keyword Fuzzy Matching  [PDF]
Fan Yang, Zhenghong Dong, Lihao Liu
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2017.105B022
This paper has proposed an error searching method to search the solutions of errors that occurred in the unified commanding platform mix-deployed software (UCPMD). Because those errors belong to different stages or may be happened in different services, applications, IP ports, system software, or different versions of software, and those errors are also can be classified into different types. It is necessary to locate accurate reason that cause an error as well as find out its solution. The proposed error searching system applies Chinese keyword extraction and Chinese fuzzy matching between keywords, which considers the processed keywords as the index to find out the solutions of errors. Besides, the error searching system had made correspondence among errors, reasons, and solutions, and put them to different categories in terms of their characteristics, such that it is easy to manage, search, and use. Among others, we have added specialized thesaurus as the index of keywords, which enriches and completes the searching results. Because of the proposed error searching system evolves keyword extraction and keyword fuzzy matching technologies; it is more accurate to find out user-interested solutions.
Restricting Part-time Faculties to Improve University Academic Profession in the Republic of China

Shang Lihao,

浙江大学学报(人文社会科学版) , 2010,
Abstract: In the initial stage of the Republic of China , the university academic profession was divided into the full-time teacher and the part-time teacher according to the teaching work load by the government .It was popular that the universities employed part-time teachers and that full-time teachers in a university held concurrent teaching jobs in other academic institutions . There was no obvious differences between full-time teachers and part-time teachers . This phenomenon was criticized by both international and domesticscholars .The universities and the government began tolimit part-time teacher employment . The academic circle paid great attention to constructing a boundary between the government position and the academic occupation . They limited a full-time faculty at a university from holding a concurrent government position .The universities restrained their full-time teachersfrom going out to hold concurrent teaching jobs while the government limited the universities from employing too many part-time teachers . In the later period of the Republic of China , full-time faculty positions increased gradually in the university academic profession . This course reflected that the universities shifted their attention on instructive efficiency to academic quality .
Plasma Virtual Actuators for Flow Control  [PDF]
Kwing-So Choi, Timothy N. Jukes, Richard D. Whalley, Lihao Feng, Jinjun Wang, Takayuki Matsunuma, Takehiko Segawa
Journal of Flow Control, Measurement & Visualization (JFCMV) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jfcmv.2015.31003
Abstract: Dielectric-barrier-discharge (DBD) plasma actuators are all-electric devices with no moving parts. They are made of a simple construction, consisting only of a pair of electrodes sandwiching a dielectric sheet. When AC voltage is applied, air surrounding the upper electrode is ionized, which is attracted towards the charged dielectric surface to form a wall jet. Control of flow over land and air vehicles as well as rotational machinery can be carried out using this jet flow on demand. Here we review recent developments in plasma virtual actuators for flow control that can replace conventional actuators for better aerodynamic performance.
力学与实践 , 2009, DOI: 10.6052/1000-0992-2008-562
Abstract: 担架是野外救援中救护伤员的重要医疗器械,但普通担架在具有一定坡度(如楼梯或陡峭的山路)的道路上使用时,要保持担架面水平,会给救援工作带来极大不便.本文对平行四杆机构进行力学分析,总结了四杆机构的一项力学特性,并对此项力学特性进行运用,设计出一种新型医用救护担架;通过简单的操作,该新型担架可实现在有一定坡度的道路上使用时,担架面和前后的把手能够始终保持水平,解决了在有坡度的道路上进行救援工作时要保持担架水平所带来的不便,使得救援工作如在平地上一样方便,具有很好的推广应用价值.
Miscibility, Thermal Stability, Rheological and Mechanical Properties of Blends Derived from Polysulfone Oligomer and Poly (phthalazinone ether sulfone ketone)
Guimei WANG,Xigao JIAN,Gongxiong LIAO,Lihao WU,
Guimei WANG
,Xigao JIAN,Gongxiong LIAO and Lihao WU

材料科学技术学报 , 2004,
Abstract: Poly(phthalazinone ether sulfone ketone) (PPESK) was melt blended with bisphenol-A polysulfone oligomer (O-PSF)to produce a thermoplastic polymer blends. The miscibility, thermal stability, theological and mechanical properties of the blends were investigated by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC),thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) and capillary rheometry. The blends showed single Tg over the composition range and possess homogeneous microstructure. The addition of O-PSF slightly affected the thermal properties of the blends. PSF oligomer, as a processing aid, could markedly improve the processability of the PPESK. In addition, the mechanical properties of the blends were increased, to some degree, by adding O-PSF.
Synaptic bouton properties are tuned to best fit the prevailing firing pattern
Markus M. Knodel,Romina Geiger,Lihao Ge,Alfio Grillo,Gabriel Wittum,Christoph M. Schuster,Gillian Queisser
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fncom.2014.00101
Abstract: The morphology of presynaptic specializations can vary greatly ranging from classical single-release-site boutons in the central nervous system to boutons of various sizes harboring multiple vesicle release sites. Multi-release-site boutons can be found in several neural contexts, for example at the neuromuscular junction (NMJ) of body wall muscles of Drosophila larvae. These NMJs are built by two motor neurons forming two types of glutamatergic multi-release-site boutons with two typical diameters. However, it is unknown why these distinct nerve terminal configurations are used on the same postsynaptic muscle fiber. To systematically dissect the biophysical properties of these boutons we developed a full three-dimensional model of such boutons, their release sites and transmitter-harboring vesicles and analyzed the local vesicle dynamics of various configurations during stimulation. Here we show that the rate of transmission of a bouton is primarily limited by diffusion-based vesicle movements and that the probability of vesicle release and the size of a bouton affect bouton-performance in distinct temporal domains allowing for an optimal transmission of the neural signals at different time scales. A comparison of our in silico simulations with in vivo recordings of the natural motor pattern of both neurons revealed that the bouton properties resemble a well-tuned cooperation of the parameters release probability and bouton size, enabling a reliable transmission of the prevailing firing-pattern at diffusion-limited boutons. Our findings indicate that the prevailing firing-pattern of a neuron may determine the physiological and morphological parameters required for its synaptic terminals.
Robust hub location based on demand with polyhedral uncertainty

XIONG Xiaojuan
, ZHANG Lihao, LIN Guolong

- , 2017,
Abstract: 针对枢纽选址问题中的P枢纽中值问题,枢纽决策往往会受到外界因素的干扰。如何解决检验枢纽网络在面对干扰时的调节能力,即枢纽网络的鲁棒性研究,对外界因素造成流量需求的不确定性进行建模,不确定性以不确定性集的形式表现,对不确定性集通过2种方式建模:一是软管模型,对经过所有枢纽总流量的上限进行建模;二是混合模型,对经过所有OD(运输网络中流量的起始点和目的地点)流量的上限和下限进行建模。模型求解方面,运用极大极小准则和Benders分解算法解决混合整数规划问题。算例分析建立在对比标准模型和多面体需求不确定性模型的计算结果上,在不同规模参数和不确定性集参数下设置算法试验,模型更直观、有效的研究枢纽位置在外界干扰下的鲁棒性。Benders算法通过仅分解枢纽变量解决问题,更有效的实现了模型的应用;运用CPLEX求解器实现算法实验。
P-hub median problem in the hub location problem, always tends to be influenced by outside conditions. This paper aimed to test hub network adjustment ability against interference and if the robust research with the polyhedral demand is uncertain by modeling uncertainty set in two ways: one is the hose model that assumes supper bound of total demand though the traffic hub; and the second is hydird model that assumes supper bound and lower bound of total demand though OD, original point and destination point of traffic network. Using the minmax rule and Benders decomposition algorithm, the linear mixed integer programming problem was solved. Results combining with analysis based on the standard model and the polyhedral uncertainty model were obtained. Under the parameters of different scale uncertain sets, the model of this paper is more intuitive and effective to study the robust hub location outsides interference condition. In this paper, Benders decomposition is more effective to solve the model through the decomposition of hub only variable. Utilizing CPLEX solver to complete the algorithm was presented
Value Distribution of Meromorphic Solutions of a Certain Type of Nonlinear Difference Equations

ZHANG Ranran
,WU Lihao,HUANG Zhibo

- , 2018, DOI: 10.6054/j.jscnun.2018085
Abstract: 研究了一类非线性差分方程fn(z)+b_n-1(z)fn-1(z)+…+b2(z)f2(z)+L(z,f)=h(z),其中,b2(z),…,b_n-1(z)为多项式,L(z,f)为f(z)的线性差分多项式,得到了这类方程亚纯解的存在性、增长性和值分布的一些结果.
: A certain type of nonlinear difference equations of the form fn(z)+b_n-1(z)fn-1(z)+…+b2(z)f2(z)+L(z,f)=h(z) is studied, where b2(z),…,b_n-1(z) are polynomials and L(z,f) is a linear difference polynomial of f(z). Some results on existence, growth and value distribution of meromorphic solutions to these equations are obtained
Protein kinase substrate identification on functional protein arrays
Lihao Meng, Gregory A Michaud, Janie S Merkel, Fang Zhou, Jing Huang, Dawn R Mattoon, Barry Schweitzer
BMC Biotechnology , 2008, DOI: 10.1186/1472-6750-8-22
Abstract: To date, the factors required for optimal performance of protein array-based kinase substrate identification have not been described. In the current study, we have carried out a detailed characterization of the protein array-based method for kinase substrate identification, including an examination of the effects of time, buffer compositions, and protein concentration on the results. The protein array approach was compared to standard solution-based assays for assessing substrate phosphorylation, and a correlation of greater than 80% was observed. The results presented here demonstrate how novel substrates for protein kinases can be quickly identified from arrays containing thousands of human proteins to provide new clues to protein kinase function. In addition, a pooling-deconvolution strategy was developed and applied that enhances characterization of specific kinase-substrate relationships and decreases reagent consumption.Functional protein microarrays are an important new tool that enables multiplex analysis of protein phosphorylation, and thus can be utilized to identify novel kinase substrates. Integrating this technology with a systems biology approach to cell signalling will help uncover new layers in our understanding of this essential class of enzymes.Eukaryotes have devoted approximately two percent of their genome to kinases, highlighting the importance of protein kinase function. Protein kinases are involved in numerous cellular processes, and aberrant kinase activity has been directly implicated in the etiology of a wide spectrum of human pathologies. In recent years, several kinase-directed drugs, including Gleevec?, Iressa?, Herceptin? and Avastin?, were approved to treat human diseases [1]. Currently, more than 50 protein kinase drug candidates are in clinical trials to treat diseases including cancer, chronic inflammation, metabolic disorders, and neurodegenerative disease. The importance of protein phosphorylation in global regulation of cellular
Photosynthetic and growth characteristics of different ecotype capsicum under weak light

SUI Xiaolei,ZHANG Zhenxian,ZHANG Baoxi,MAO Shengli,WANG Lihao,LI Wei,

应用生态学报 , 2006,
Abstract: This paper studied the effects of weak light on the photosynthetic characteristics,assimilates allocation,yield formation,and seedling growth of different ecotype capsicum(hot pepper and sweet pepper).The results showed that under weak light,the net photosynthetic rate(P_n),dark respiration rate(R_d),night respiration rate(R_n),transpiration rate(T_r),water use efficiency(WUE),light compensation point(LCP),CO_2 compensation point(CCP)and carboxylation efficiency(CE)of test capsicums decreased,while their apparent quantum yield(AQY)increased.The decrease of P_n was considered as a result of non-stomata restriction.Weak light increased plant height/stem diameter ratio and specific leaf area,but decreased root/shoot ratio,total dry mass,and seedling's healthy index.Under the effect of weak light,the formation of biological and economic yields was inhibited significantly,and the allocation of assimilates to stem and leaf was increased while that to fruit decreased.Hot pepper under weak light had lower light compensation point,higher relative healthy index,higher relative yield per plant,and higher relative setting rate,showing a stronger capability of weak light tolerance than sweet pepper.
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