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Micrometástases de carcinoma da mama em linfonodos axilares: detec??o por imunoistoquímica versus hematoxilina e eosina
Marinho, Vanessa Fortes Zschaber;Zagury, Marcos Salom?o;Caldeira, Lidiane Gomes;Gobbi, Helenice;
Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina Laboratorial , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-24442004000200012
Abstract: introduction: the methods of detection and prognostic significance of micrometastasis (mic-met) are still controversial in the literature. aims: the aim of our study was to compare micrometastasis detection of invasive mammary carcinomas (imc) in axillary lymph nodes using a second review (double review) of hematoxylin and eosin (he) stained slides using immunohistochemistry (ihc) and the impact of micrometastasis detection in re-staging patients. material and methods: we studied 190 cases of imc with no axillary metastasis described in the original reports. we reviewed the available he stained slides of lymph nodes. new sections were obtained from archived paraffin blocks and were submitted for ihc using the pancytokeratin antibody ae1/ae3 and the streptavidin biotin peroxidase method. results: we reviewed 2868 lymph nodes stained by he (mean = 15.1 lymph nodes/patient) and 2.444 lymph nodes stained by ihc (mean = 12.9 lymph nodes/patient). micrometastasis were detected in 28/190 cases, (by he in 14/190 cases, 7.4%, and by ihc in 25/190 cases, 13.2%). the second review of the he stained slides showed good specificity (98.2%), but low sensitivity (44%), when compared to ihc (considered the gold standard). conclusions: the detection of micrometastasis was better using immunohistochemistry than second review, and changed the stage of 28 patients (14.7%).
Micrometástases de carcinoma da mama em linfonodos axilares: detec o por imunoistoquímica versus hematoxilina e eosina
Marinho Vanessa Fortes Zschaber,Zagury Marcos Salom?o,Caldeira Lidiane Gomes,Gobbi Helenice
Jornal Brasileiro de Patologia e Medicina Laboratorial , 2004,
Abstract: INTRODU O: Os métodos de detec o e o significado prognóstico das micrometástases (Mic-Met) em linfonodos axilares (LA) de pacientes com carcinoma mamário invasor s o controversos na literatura. OBJETIVOS: Comparar a detec o de micrometástases de carcinoma mamário em LA através de segunda revis o de laminas coradas por hematoxilina e eosina (HE) e comparar com a detec o imunoistoquímica (IHQ) e seu impacto no restadiamento das pacientes. MATERIAIS E MéTODOS: Foram estudados 190 casos de carcinoma mamário inicialmente diagnosticados como linfonodo-negativos, com reavalia o dos linfonodos em laminas coradas por HE e IHQ para pancitoqueratina (clone AE1/AE3) e método streptavidina-biotina-peroxidase (LSAB+). RESULTADOS: Foram revistos 2.868 linfonodos corados por HE (média = 15,1 linfonodos/paciente) e 2.444 linfonodos corados por IHQ (média = 12,9 linfonodos/paciente). Micrometástases foram detectadas em 28/190 casos, sendo que a detec o por IHQ (25/190 casos; 13,2%) foi superior à detec o por HE (14/190 casos; 7,4%). A revis o de laminas coradas por HE apresentou boa especificidade (98,2%), mas baixa sensibilidade (44%) em rela o à IHQ (considerada padr o-ouro). Conclus o: A detec o de Mic-Met foi maior por imunoistoquímica do que por segunda leitura de laminas, e gerou mudan a no estadiamento de 28 pacientes (14,7%).
Tratamento medicamentoso da osteoartrose do joelho
Rezende, Márcia Uch?a de;Gobbi, Riccardo Gomes;
Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-36162009000100002
Abstract: clinical treatment for osteoarthritis (oa) is very important and is based on patient's self care and guided by the physician. drug therapy is additional to losing weight, improving muscular strength, proprioception, flexibility and range of motion. between the available drugs for osteoarthritis' treatment, some are basically analgesics and do not interfere on disease's progression; some are anti-inflammatory with good analgesic power but with side effects that compromise their prolonged usage; and the structure modifying drugs that slow down the progression of oa. the medications are presented in topic, oral, intra-muscular, intra-venous and intra-articular forms. the hyaluronic acid has various presentations with good analgesic effect and some evidence of structure modifying property. there is ia evidence level for the use of diacerhein and of glucosamine to slow down the disease. still, more technology for diagnosis and therapy control of oa is necessary to define the efficacy of other drugs.
OLIVEIRA, Kely Cristina Gomes de,FONSECA, Vanessa Aparecida Basso,BRUNINI, Maria Amalia,KANESIRO, Lidiane Aparecida
Nucleus , 2007,
Abstract: The 5S’ Program is composed of cyclical activities that initiate with letter S, and that to viserationalize service, lessen physical efforts, and improve the attendance to customers and suppliers and work ambient.The objective o work is to reflect the perception of the employees of the branch cleanness industry on program`5S’. Through the results can be verified that the employees to have cited that occurred benefits with Program ‘5S’implantation, has evidence that the branch cleanness does not have a program continues of training.Programa ‘5S’ é composto de atividades cíclicas que iniciam pela letra S, e que visam racionalizarservi os, diminuir esfor o físico, melhorar o atendimento aos clientes e fornecedores e o ambiente de trabalho.Este trabalho relata a percep o dos funcionários de uma Empresa do ramo de limpeza, situada em Ituverava-SP,aqui denominada de Empresa Alfa, sobre o Programa ‘5S’. Através dos dados obtidos pode-se verificar que, apesardos funcionários citarem que ocorreram benefícios com a implanta o do Programa ‘5S’, há evidência de que a empresa n o tem um programa continuo de treinamento.
Public Policy Making in the Coastal Zone of the Venice Lagoon: Is There a Good Balance between Economic Development, the Social Dimension and Environmental Protection?  [PDF]
Maria Sabrina De Gobbi
Open Journal of Political Science (OJPS) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojps.2013.34019

This paper shows how much citizens’ views are taken into account in local policy decision-making concerning the management of the coastal area of the Venice Lagoon. Through the application of a somewhat innovative version of the contingent valuation method (CVM), it is possible to understand how to set a good balance among economic development, the social dimension and environmental protection in a coastal zone. The methodology allows for a clear assessment of the economic value of non-use values. In 2010, an online survey was conducted in the Venice area to find out how local much citizens value two protected areas in the Venice Lagoon. Four hypotheses were tested to find out whether the age of respondents, the municipality where they live, their income level, and the visited and protected sites are factors determining a different willingness to pay for environmental protection. The economic, social and environmental situation of the coastal zone of the Venice Lagoon in 2010 was then compared to that of 2012 to try to draw conclusions on the level of sustainability of the management of the Venice coastal area. The comparison indicates that there have been some improvements in citizens’ participation in decision-making

Making Youth Entrepreneurship Work in Sub-Saharan Africa: Some Factors of Success  [PDF]
Maria Sabrina De Gobbi
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2014.24036
Abstract: The need to foster private sector development and to combat youth unemployment has made youth entrepreneurship a very attractive option. The present paper tries to identify key factors determining successful entrepreneurship especially in developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, starting from evidence from both poor and rich economies. Primary and secondary data from the International Labour Organization as well as secondary data from other institutions have been used. It appears that a young entrepreneur aged 25 - 34, well-educated, with a strong social capital and living in a country with a culture favourable to entrepreneurship and where there are positive perceptions of the attitude of the youth towards entrepreneurship is more likely to be successful than other young entrepreneurs.
Lobular neoplasia: frequency and association with other breast lesions
Douglas S Gomes, Débora Balabram, Simone S Porto, Helenice Gobbi
Diagnostic Pathology , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1746-1596-6-74
Abstract: Cases were selected after reviewing archived pathological reports in the Breast Pathology Laboratory, School of Medicine of Federal University of Minas Gerais (1999-2008). Cases of lobular neoplasia were reviewed and classified as atypical lobular hyperplasia, ductal involvement by cells of atypical lobular hyperplasia, lobular carcinoma in situ, and pleomorphic lobular carcinoma in situ. Coexistence of lobular neoplasia with other breast lesions, including columnar cell lesions, invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma, was evaluated. The association between lobular neoplasia and breast lesions was analyzed by Fisher's exact test and chi-square test for linear trend.We analyzed 5650 breast specimens, selecting 135 breast specimens (2.4%) that had a diagnosis of lobular neoplasia, corresponding to 106 patients. Hematoxylin and eosin-stained slides were available for 84 cases, 5 of which were excluded because they contained only "indeterminate" in situ lesions. Of the 79 remaining cases, columnar cell lesions were present in 78.5%, primarily with columnar cell changes without atypia (67.7%). Invasive carcinoma was present in 45.6% of cases of lobular neoplasia--a similar frequency (47.2%) as invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular carcinoma. We noted a significant linear trend (p < 0.03) of a higher frequency of invasive carcinomas that were concomitant with lobular carcinoma in situ compared with atypical lobular hyperplasia. Invasive lobular carcinomas were associated with lobular carcinoma in situ in 33% of cases, compared with 2.8% of atypical lobular hyperplasia cases.Our findings confirm a frequent association between lobular neoplasia and columnar cell lesions, the majority of which lacked atypia. We also observed a greater frequency of invasive carcinoma, more commonly invasive lobular carcinoma, associated with more developed forms of lobular neoplasia (lobular carcinoma in situ).The virtual slide(s) for this article can be found here:
Ensaios clínicos controlados e randomizados na ortopedia: dificuldades e limita??es
Malavolta, Eduardo Angeli;Demange, Marco Kawamura;Gobbi, Riccardo Gomes;Imamura, Marta;Fregni, Felipe;
Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-36162011000400018
Abstract: randomized controlled clinical trials (rcts) are considered to be the gold standard for evidence-based medicine nowadays, and are important for directing medical practice through consistent scientific observations. steps such as patient selection, randomization and blinding are fundamental for conducting an rct, but some additional difficulties are presented in trials that involve surgical procedures, as in common in orthopedics. the aim of this article was to highlight and discuss some difficulties and possible limitations on rcts within the field of surgery.
Atividade física sistematizada e desempenho cognitivo em idosos com demência de Alzheimer: uma revis?o sistemática
Coelho, Flávia Gomes de Melo;Santos-Galduroz, Ruth Ferreira;Gobbi, Sebasti?o;Stella, Florindo;
Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-44462009000200014
Abstract: objective: despite the growing evidence of the benefits of physical exercise for cognition, there is a controversy about the systematic practice of physical activity in patients with alzheimer's disease. therefore, the objective of this study was to procedure a systematic review of studies that analyzed the effect of systematized physical activity on cognitive performance in elderly individuals with alzheimer's disease. method: we conducted a search in psycinfo, biological abstracts, medline, web of science, physical education and sportdiscus index from 1990 to 2008, using the following keywords: "physical activity", "physical therapy", "exercise", "fitness", "aerobic", "strength", "intervention", "cognition", "cognitive performance", "alzheimer's disease", "alzheimer's dementia", "alzheimer's", and cross-references of selected articles. results: there were found eight studies that met inclusion criteria adopted for the present work. these studies showed that systematized physical activity contributed to at least improve temporarily some cognitive functions of patients with alzheimer's disease, particularly, attention, executive functions and language. conclusion: unable to establish a protocol of recommendations about the type and intensity of systematized physical activity required to produce benefits in cognitive functioning. however, the practice of regular systematized physical activity appears to contribute to the preservation or improvement of cognitive functions in patients with alzheimer's disease.
Método de ensaio biomecanico para análise da isometricidade na reconstru o do ligamento patelofemoral medial Biomechanical access method for analyzing isometricity in reconstructing the medial patellofemoral ligament
David Sadigursky,Riccardo Gomes Gobbi,César Augusto Martins Pereira,José Ricardo Pécora
Revista Brasileira de Ortopedia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s0102-36162012000500010
Abstract: OBJETIVO: Apresentar um dispositivo biomecanico para o estudo da reconstru o do ligamento patelofemoral medial (LPFM) e sua isometricidade. MéTODOS: Foi desenvolvido um sistema biomecanico acessível, que permite a aplica o de for as fisiológicas e n o fisiológicas no joelho, através de um bra o mecanico e aplica o de pesos e contrapesos, possibilitando a execu o de diferentes estudos, além de ter um sistema de medidas bastante preciso de aferi o de distancias entre diferentes estruturas para análise dos experimentos. Este artigo descreve a montagem deste sistema, além de sugerir algumas aplica es práticas. Foram estudados seis joelhos de cadáveres. Os joelhos foram preparados em uma máquina de ensaios desenvolvida no Laboratório de Biomecanica do IOT HC FMUSP, que permitiu a avalia o dinamica do comportamento patelar, quantificando a sua lateraliza o entre 0 e 120 graus. A diferen a entre as distancias encontradas, com e sem carga, aplicada na patela foram agrupadas segundo o angulo de fixa o do enxerto (0°, 30°, 60° e 90°) e situa o do joelho (íntegro, reconstruído e lesado). RESULTADOS: Houve uma tendência em ocorrer menor desvio lateral em angulos de fixa o acima de 30 graus de flex o, principalmente entre os angulos entre 45° e 60° graus de flex o, após a reconstru o. Para os demais angulos n o houve significancia estatística. CONCLUS O: O método desenvolvido é uma ferramenta útil para os estudos da articula o patelofemoral, além de ter um sistema de medidas bastante preciso de aferi o de distancias entre diferentes estruturas e permitir a sua utiliza o em institui es com menos recursos disponíveis. OBJECTIVE: To present a biomechanical device for evaluating medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) reconstruction and its isometricity. METHODS: An accessible biomechanical method that allowed application of physiological and non-physiological forces to the knee using a mechanical arm and application of weights and counterweights was developed, so as to enable many different evaluations and have a very accurate measurement system for distances between different structures, for analysis on experiments. This article describes the assembly of this system, and suggests some practical applications. Six cadaver knees were studied. The knees were prepared in a testing machine developed at the Biomechanics Laboratory of IOT-HCFMUSP, which allowed dynamic evaluation of patellar behavior, with quantification of patellar lateralization between 0° and 120°. The differences between the distances found with and without load applied to the patella were g
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