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Purified Dendritic Cell-Tumor Fusion Hybrids Supplemented with Non-Adherent Dendritic Cells Fraction Are Superior Activators of Antitumor Immunity
Yunfei Zhang, Wen Luo, Yucai Wang, Yunyan Liu, Lianhe Zheng
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0086772
Abstract: Background Strong evidence supports the DC-tumor fusion hybrid vaccination strategy, but the best fusion product components to use remains controversial. Fusion products contain DC-tumor fusion hybrids, unfused DCs and unfused tumor cells. Various fractions have been used in previous studies, including purified hybrids, the adherent cell fraction or the whole fusion mixture. The extent to which the hybrids themselves or other components are responsible for antitumor immunity or which components should be used to maximize the antitumor immunity remains unknown. Methods Patient-derived breast tumor cells and DCs were electro-fused and purified. The antitumor immune responses induced by the purified hybrids and the other components were compared. Results Except for DC-tumor hybrids, the non-adherent cell fraction containing mainly unfused DCs also contributed a lot in antitumor immunity. Purified hybrids supplemented with the non-adherent cell population elicited the most powerful antitumor immune response. After irradiation and electro-fusion, tumor cells underwent necrosis, and the unfused DCs phagocytosed the necrotic tumor cells or tumor debris, which resulted in significant DC maturation. This may be the immunogenicity mechanism of the non-adherent unfused DCs fraction. Conclusions The non-adherent cell fraction (containing mainly unfused DCs) from total DC/tumor fusion products had enhanced immunogenicity that resulted from apoptotic/necrotic tumor cell phagocytosis and increased DC maturation. Purified fusion hybrids supplemented with the non-adherent cell population enhanced the antitumor immune responses, avoiding unnecessary use of the tumor cell fraction, which has many drawbacks. Purified hybrids supplemented with the non-adherent cell fraction may represent a better approach to the DC-tumor fusion hybrid vaccination strategy.
On Commitments in Criminal Law
Lianhe WANG
Canadian Social Science , 2011,
Abstract: : The commitments in criminal law mean that a victim commits others to infringing on his/her legal interests, which includes three elements of promisor, commitment behavior, and promisee, and every single aspect has certain conditional requirements. The theory of criminal law in continental law system divides commitment into two categories: the commitment of constitutive requirement elimination and the commitment of illegality elimination. Since there is no single illegality judgement in China’s crime constitution system, the commitment of illegality elimination is excluded its criminality through the fact that the behavior doesn’t conform to crime constitution. The above classification is thereby meaningless in China; it should be uniformly called the commitment of exclusion of criminal cause. In addition, some commitments can not exclude behavior criminality but can mitigate criminal responsibility, called the commitment of mitigated criminal responsibility; there are some other commitments can not be excluded criminality because of the clear deification in the law or called invalids commitments, including the invalid commitment of same crime constitution and the invalid commitment of different crime constitution. Key words: Commitment; Illegality; Legal interest; Constitutive requirements; Elimination Résumé: Les engagements en droit pénal signifie que la victime engage les autres à porter atteinte à ses intérêts juridiques, qui comprend trois éléments du promettant, le comportement engage et promesse, et chaque aspect a certaines exigences conditionnelle. La théorie du droit pénal dans le système de droit continental se divise en deux catégories d'engagement: l'engagement de l’exigence constitutive de l'élimination et l'engagement de l'élimination illégal. Comme il n'y a pas de seule illégalité de jugement du crime de la constitution en Chine, l'engagement de l'élimination de l'illégalité est exclu de son incrimination par le fait que le comportement n'est pas conforme à la constitution de la criminalité. Le classement ci-dessus est donc dénuée de sens en Chine, elle doit être uniformément appelé l'engagement de l'exclusion de la cause pénale. En outre, certains engagements ne peuvent pas être exclure le comportement de la criminalité, mais ils peuvent atténuer la responsabilité pénale, appelés l'engagement de la responsabilité pénale atténuée, il y a certains autres engagements ne peut être exclu de criminalité, car la clarté de la déification dans la loi ou les invalides engagements, y compris les engagement invalides de la constitution de
New Views on Characteristics of Harmful Behavior
Lianhe WANG
Canadian Social Science , 2011, DOI: 10.3968/2186
Abstract: There have been different opinions on the characteristics of harmful behavior among which the common view thinks that harmful behavior has three characteristics: Corporeality; Intentionality; Harmfulness. When judging these views, we need to treat harmful behavior as basic, core, boundary, combination element in the system of constitutive elements of crime. As the basic element, harmful behavior should explain various kinds of crimes. The reasoning and argument should be comprehensive. However, intentionality has excluded actio libera in causa and vergelichkeitsdelikt outside of harmful behavior so it cannot be recognized as characteristic of harmful behavior. As the core element, harmful behavior must reflect the nature and legal characteristics of crime which indicates that harmfulness and illegality must be the characteristics of harmful behavior. As the boundary element, harmful behavior exclude pure mental activities via corporeality out of crime, therefore, corporeality should of course be the characteristic of harmful behavior. Key words: Harmful Behavior; Corporeality; Intentionality; Harmfulness; Illegality
Soil Respiration in Different Agricultural and Natural Ecosystems in an Arid Region
Liming Lai, Xuechun Zhao, Lianhe Jiang, Yongji Wang, Liangguo Luo, Yuanrun Zheng, Xi Chen, Glyn M. Rimmington
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0048011
Abstract: The variation of different ecosystems on the terrestrial carbon balance is predicted to be large. We investigated a typical arid region with widespread saline/alkaline soils, and evaluated soil respiration of different agricultural and natural ecosystems. Soil respiration for five ecosystems together with soil temperature, soil moisture, soil pH, soil electric conductivity and soil organic carbon content were investigated in the field. Comparing with the natural ecosystems, the mean seasonal soil respiration rates of the agricultural ecosystems were 96%–386% higher and agricultural ecosystems exhibited lower CO2 absorption by the saline/alkaline soil. Soil temperature and moisture together explained 48%, 86%, 84%, 54% and 54% of the seasonal variations of soil respiration in the five ecosystems, respectively. There was a significant negative relationship between soil respiration and soil electrical conductivity, but a weak correlation between soil respiration and soil pH or soil organic carbon content. Our results showed that soil CO2 emissions were significantly different among different agricultural and natural ecosystems, although we caution that this was an observational, not manipulative, study. Temperature at the soil surface and electric conductivity were the main driving factors of soil respiration across the five ecosystems. Care should be taken when converting native vegetation into cropland from the point of view of greenhouse gas emissions.
Organic Matter and Water Addition Enhance Soil Respiration in an Arid Region
Liming Lai, Jianjian Wang, Yuan Tian, Xuechun Zhao, Lianhe Jiang, Xi Chen, Yong Gao, Shaoming Wang, Yuanrun Zheng
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0077659
Abstract: Climate change is generally predicted to increase net primary production, which could lead to additional C input to soil. In arid central Asia, precipitation has increased and is predicted to increase further. To assess the combined effects of these changes on soil CO2 efflux in arid land, a two factorial manipulation experiment in the shrubland of an arid region in northwest China was conducted. The experiment used a nested design with fresh organic matter and water as the two controlled parameters. It was found that both fresh organic matter and water enhanced soil respiration, and there was a synergistic effect of these two treatments on soil respiration increase. Water addition not only enhanced soil C emission, but also regulated soil C sequestration by fresh organic matter addition. The results indicated that the soil CO2 flux of the shrubland is likely to increase with climate change, and precipitation played a dominant role in regulating soil C balance in the shrubland of an arid region.
Based on Delaunay Triangulation DEM of Terrain Model
Yan Li,Lianhe Yang
Computer and Information Science , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/cis.v2n2p137
Abstract: Digital Terrain Model (Digital Terrain Model acronym DTM) is arbitrary use of a large number of coordinates in three-dimensional x, y, z coordinates of the point on the ground for a form of Statistics said that the terrain surface morphology is the number of attribute information is a space location characteristics and attributes of the terrain described the figures, initially for the automatic design of highway proposed. With the world of computer technology and the rapid development of 3-D visualization technology into the traditional static two-dimensional map of the three-dimensional terrain modeling makes a Geographic Information System (GIS) and digital mapping, a new field of study. DTM is the basis of geographic information system data, mainly used to describe the ground state of ups and downs, the terrain can be used to extract various parameters such as slope, aspect, roughness, and Visibility analysis, watershed generation applications such as structural analysis. Therefore, the DTM in land use analysis, and rational planning, forecasting flood danger, as well as military navigation and missile guidance systems, and combat electronic sand table, and other fields are widely used. Digital Terrain Elevation Model mainly contains the attributes of surface morphology, as well as other attributes, such as slope, aspect and so on. Terrain Elevation attribute is the basis of the model attributes, other elements of the terrain elevation attributes can be directly or indirectly receive, digital elevation model (Digital Elevation Model, acronym DEM) acts as a digital terrain on the main study. DEM is that the number of regional terrain, elevation Z coordinates on the plane X, Y, the two variables of continuous function of a limited discrete said, a series of ground from the X, Y location and elevation linked by some Organization structure with the actual terrain features that the spatial distribution model, it is a spatial information system an important component part.
The Polymeric Heterogemeous Matrix for Carbon and Glass Reinforced Plastic  [PDF]
Galina Malysheva, Lianhe Liu, Xiao Ouyang, Oleg Kulakov
Journal of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering (MSCE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/msce.2013.15005

This article presents the results of deformation-strength properties measurement and microstructural analysis of heterogeneous polymer matrix consisting of thermoset and thermoplastic polymers. Thermosetting material is a diamino-diphenil sulfon-cured epoxy oligomer. Polysulfone was used as thermoplastic material. Two different technological processes were used to obtain heterogeneous polymer matrix: the material was mixed in the block, or layered material was produced in which a layer of thermoplastic material alternated with a layer of epoxy oligomer.

Effects of Added Organic Matter and Water on Soil Carbon Sequestration in an Arid Region
Liming Lai, Yufei Li, Yuan Tian, Lianhe Jiang, Xuechun Zhao, Linhai Zhu, Xi Chen, Yong Gao, Shaoming Wang, Yuanrun Zheng, Glyn M. Rimmington
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0070224
Abstract: It is generally predicted that global warming will stimulate primary production and lead to more carbon (C) inputs to soil. However, many studies have found that soil C does not necessarily increase with increased plant litter input. Precipitation has increased in arid central Asia, and is predicted to increase more, so we tested the effects of adding fresh organic matter (FOM) and water on soil C sequestration in an arid region in northwest China. The results suggested that added FOM quickly decomposed and had minor effects on the soil organic carbon (SOC) pool to a depth of 30 cm. Both FOM and water addition had significant effects on the soil microbial biomass. The soil microbial biomass increased with added FOM, reached a maximum, and then declined as the FOM decomposed. The FOM had a more significant stimulating effect on microbial biomass with water addition. Under the soil moisture ranges used in this experiment (21.0%–29.7%), FOM input was more important than water addition in the soil C mineralization process. We concluded that short-term FOM input into the belowground soil and water addition do not affect the SOC pool in shrubland in an arid region.
Soil TPH Concentration Estimation Using Vegetation Indices in an Oil Polluted Area of Eastern China
Linhai Zhu, Xuechun Zhao, Liming Lai, Jianjian Wang, Lianhe Jiang, Jinzhi Ding, Nanxi Liu, Yunjiang Yu, Junsheng Li, Nengwen Xiao, Yuanrun Zheng, Glyn M. Rimmington
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0054028
Abstract: Assessing oil pollution using traditional field-based methods over large areas is difficult and expensive. Remote sensing technologies with good spatial and temporal coverage might provide an alternative for monitoring oil pollution by recording the spectral signals of plants growing in polluted soils. Total petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations of soils and the hyperspectral canopy reflectance were measured in wetlands dominated by reeds (Phragmites australis) around oil wells that have been producing oil for approximately 10 years in the Yellow River Delta, eastern China to evaluate the potential of vegetation indices and red edge parameters to estimate soil oil pollution. The detrimental effect of oil pollution on reed communities was confirmed by the evidence that the aboveground biomass decreased from 1076.5 g m?2 to 5.3 g m?2 with increasing total petroleum hydrocarbon concentrations ranging from 9.45 mg kg?1 to 652 mg kg?1. The modified chlorophyll absorption ratio index (MCARI) best estimated soil TPH concentration among 20 vegetation indices. The linear model involving MCARI had the highest coefficient of determination (R2 = 0.73) and accuracy of prediction (RMSE = 104.2 mg kg?1). For other vegetation indices and red edge parameters, the R2 and RMSE values ranged from 0.64 to 0.71 and from 120.2 mg kg?1 to 106.8 mg kg?1 respectively. The traditional broadband normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), one of the broadband multispectral vegetation indices (BMVIs), produced a prediction (R2 = 0.70 and RMSE = 110.1 mg kg?1) similar to that of MCARI. These results corroborated the potential of remote sensing for assessing soil oil pollution in large areas. Traditional BMVIs are still of great value in monitoring soil oil pollution when hyperspectral data are unavailable.
Consideration on How Sci-tech Journals Can Build Mechanism for Prompt Response to Development of Science and Technology


中国科技期刊研究 , 2007,
Abstract: 从学术论文快速发表要素入手,提出建立科技期刊对科技发展快速反应运行机制的初步思考。建设的主要内容包括:①高效的学术造诣强责任心强的专家库及编委会建设;②不断提升学术质量的审稿流程制度建设;③网络审稿流程平台建设;④网络编辑程序及网络编辑规范标准的建立;⑤科技论文发表介质多样化、发表时间多样化机制的建立;⑥人才队伍的素质建设;⑦科技期刊与科技快速发展相适应的国外优秀期刊优秀学术论文与我国优秀中文期刊网站的互动。通过科技期刊对科技发展快速反应运行机制的建立,使我国优秀学术成果及时展示,同时及时捕捉国外优秀科研成果,进一步带动我国科技的快速发展。
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