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Human umbilical cord blood-derived mononuclear cell transplantation for umbilical hernia and hepatic hydrothorax in primary biliary cirrhosis  [PDF]
Ying-Mei Tang, Yun Zhang, Li-Ying You, Wei-Min Bao, Hong-Wei Wang, Jin-Hui Yang, Xiang Hu
Stem Cell Discovery (SCD) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/scd.2012.22005
Abstract: Cell therapy was proposed as a potential treatment intervention for liver cirrhosis recently due to the fact that the therapeutic protocol for primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC)-associated refractory umbilical hernia and hepatic hydrothorax is not well defined currently. We report herein the case of a 58-year-old woman who received routine treatments for PBC, which developed into an incarcerated hernia and uncontrolled hydrothorax. This subject’s condition was significantly improved and maintained stable condition after receiving human umbilical cord blood-derived mononuclear cell (CBMC) transplantation. Consequently, this new strategy may be a potential treatment option for the refractory umbilical hernia and hydrothorax caused by PBC. However, sufficient data from large-scale controlled and double-blinded clinical trials are needed to further confirm the treatment efficacy and longterm safety before this cell transplantation can be used as a regular therapy for liver cirrhosis.
Pseudospectral-based free sampling real-time optimal feedback control and its application

ZHANG You-an,WANG Li-ying,ZHAO Guo-rong,

控制理论与应用 , 2012,
Abstract: Owing to fast convergence and high accuracy of Gauss pseudospectral method, we solve nonlinear optimal control problems subject to constraints by online using the general pseudospectral optimization software (GPOPS). Combining pseudospectral feedback control with nonlinear optimal control, we develop a real-time optimal feedback control algorithm with free sampling frequency, which continuously generates the open-loop optimal control for closed-loop feedback control application. Considering computational errors, model parameter uncertainties and disturbances, and assuming that the nonlinear vector function in the system state-equation is Lipschitz continuous on states, controls and parameters, we prove the bounded stability of the closed-loop control systems by using the principle of Bellman optimality. The above algorithm has been applied to solve reentry guidance problems for hypersonic vehicles. Simulation results show the validity of the algorithm.
Reliability and Validity of the Student Teacher Professional Identity Scale in Pre-Service Kindergarten Teachers  [PDF]
Li-Ying Zhang, Xin-Qiang Wang
Open Journal of Social Sciences (JSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jss.2018.68021
Abstract: Objective: To revise and explore the application of the student teacher professional identity scale in pre-service kindergarten teachers (STPIS-PK). Methods: 450 preservice kindergarten teachers were surveyed by the student teacher professional identity scale. Results: 1) The EFA supported that teacher professional identity consisted of four subscales: professional values, professional willingness, professional efficiency and professional volition. Also the CFA confirmed the hypothesized four-factor model (x2 = 133.277, x2/df = 2.777, CFI = 0.939, TLI = 0.901, RMSEA = 0.047). The Criteria-related validity was remarkable; 2) The internal consistency of teacher professional identity scale was 0.801 and the four subscales were from 0.628 to 0.789. For two weeks, the test-retest reliability was from 0.616 to 0.786. Conclusion: In sum, this study generated evidence that the STPIS-PK developed in the study is a psychometrically sound and valid instruments to measure pre-service kindergarten teachers’ professional identity.
A study of the efficacy of bacterial biofilm cleanout for gastrointestinal endoscopes
Ying Fang, Zhe Shen, Lan Li, Yong Cao, Li-Ying Gu, Qing Gu, Xiao-Qi Zhong, Chao-Hui Yu, You-Ming Li
World Journal of Gastroenterology , 2010,
Abstract: AIM: To compare the influence and clearance effect of enzymatic and non-enzymatic detergents against Escherichia coli (E. coli) biofilm on the inner surface of gastroscopes.METHODS: Teflon tubes were incubated in a mixture of different detergents and E. coli culture (106 CFU/mL) for 72 h at 15°C, and biofilms on the inner surface of the teflon tubes were analyzed by bacterial count and scanning electron microscopy. To evaluate the clearance effect of detergents, after biofilms were formed on the inner surface of Teflon tubes by 72 h lavage with E. coli culture, tubes were lavaged by enzymatic and non-enzymatic detergents at a speed of 250 mL/min, then biofilms on the inner surface were analyzed by bacterial count and scanning electron microscopy.RESULTS: Non-enzymatic detergent had a better inhibition function on biofilm formation than enzymatic detergent as it reduced bacterial burden by 2.4 log compared with the control samples (P = 0.00). Inhibition function of enzymatic detergent was not significantly different to that of control samples and reduced bacterial burden by 0.2 log on average (P > 0.05). After lavaging at 250 mL/min for 3 min, no living bacteria were left in the tubes. Scanning electron microscopy observation showed biofilms became very loose by the high shear force effect.CONCLUSION: Non-enzymatic detergent has a better inhibition effect on biofilm formation at room temperature. High speed pre-lavage and detergents are very important in temporal formed biofilm elimination.
Optimum Separation of OFDM Data and Partial Power Training Sequence in Frequency Selective Fading Channels

Liu Tian,Tang You-xi,Zhao Hong-zhi,Song Li-ying,Li Shao-qian,

电子与信息学报 , 2006,
Abstract: In Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) system, when using the partial power training sequence to synchronize, the received data signals will be seriously interfered by the training sequence. Due to the imperfect channel estimation, even if the training sequence separation technique is used, errors will also occur while using the inadequate knowledge of channel to perform the training sequence separation. This paper proposes an optimum method to suppress the interference from the training sequence to the data bearing OFDM symbols in frequency selective fading channels. A closed form formula for the optimized training sequence canceling factor is given by the theoretical analysis and its reasonability is verified by the simulation results.
Distinguished Effects of Interannual Salinity Variability on the Development of the Central-Pacific El Nino Events
,WAN Li-Ying,WANG Hui

大气和海洋科学快报 , 2012,
Abstract: El Nino events in the central equatorial Pacific (CP) are gaining increased attention, due to their increasing intensity within the global warming context. Various physical processes have been identified in the climate system that can be responsible for the modulation of El Nino, especially the effects of interannual salinity variability. In this work, a comprehensive data analysis is performed to illustrate the effects of interannual salinity variability using surface and subsurface salinity fields from the Met Office ENSEMBLES (EN3) quality controlled ocean dataset. It is demonstrated that during the developing phase of an El Nino event, a negative sea surface salinity (SSS) anomaly in the western-central basin acts to freshen the mixed layer (ML), decrease oceanic density in the upper ocean, and stabilize the upper layers. These related oceanic processes tend to reduce the vertical mixing and entrainment of subsurface water at the base of the ML, which further enhances the warm sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies associated with the El Nino event. However, the effects of interannually variable salinity are much more significant during the CP-El Nino than during the eastern Pacific (EP) El Nino, indicating that the salinity effect might be an important contributor to the development of CP-El Nino events.
Region- or state-related differences in expression and activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERKs) in na?ve and pain-experiencing rats
She-Wei Guo, Ming-Gang Liu, Ya-Li Long, Li-Ying Ren, Zhuo-Min Lu, Hou-You Yu, Jun-Feng Hou, Hua Li, Cui-Ying Gao, Xiu-Yu Cui, Yang-Yuan An, Junfa Li, Lan-Feng Zhao, Jun Chen
BMC Neuroscience , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2202-8-53
Abstract: In na?ve rats, we detected regional differences in total expression of ERK1 and ERK2 across different areas. In the spinal cord, ERK1 was expressed more abundantly than ERK2, while in the SI area of cortex and hippocampus, there was a larger amount of ERK2 than ERK1. Moreover, phosphorylated ERK2 (pERK2), not phosphorylated ERK1 (pERK1), was normally expressed with a high level in the SI area and hippocampus, but both pERK1 and pERK2 were barely detectable in normal spinal cord. Intraplantar saline or bee venom injection, mimicking transient or persistent pain respectively, can equally initiate an intense and long-lasting activation of ERKs in all three areas examined. However, isoform-dependent differences existed among these areas, that is, pERK2 exhibited stronger response than pERK1 in the spinal cord, whereas ERK1 was more remarkably activated than ERK2 in the S1 area and hippocampus.Taken these results together, we conclude that: (1) under normal state, while ERK immunoreactivity is broadly distributed in the rat central nervous system in general, the relative abundance of ERK1 and ERK2 differs greatly among specific regions; (2) under pain state, either ERK1 or ERK2 can be effectively phosphorylated with a long-term duration by both transient and persistent pain, but their response patterns differ from each other across distinct regions; (3) The long-lasting ERKs activation induced by bee venom injection is highly correlated with our previous behavioral, electrophysiological, morphological and pharmacological observations, lending further support to the functional importance of ERKs-mediated signaling pathways in the processing of negative consequences of pain associated with sensory, emotional and cognitive dimensions.It has been well known that nociceptive information is transmitted along multiple ascending systems to the brain [1-3]. Consequently, a diffuse network of brain centers, each of which contributes to sensory, emotional and cognitive dimensions o
Effect of High Pressure Annealing on Microstructure and Thermal Conductivity of Aluminum Nitride Ceramics

LI Xiao-Lei,LI De-You,WANG Li-Ying,LI Shang-Sheng,SU Tai-Chao,MA Hong-An,JIA Xiao-Peng,

无机材料学报 , 2010,
Abstract: 热处理是AlN陶瓷调整结构、改善性能的有效手段. 利用国产六面顶压机, 在5.0GPa高压条件下, 对高压烧结制备的AlN(Y2O3)陶瓷进行了热处理, 研究了高压热处理对AlN陶瓷显微结构及导热性能的影响. 结果表明:经5.0GPa/970℃/2h高压热处理后的AlN陶瓷材料与未热处理的试样相比, 晶粒尺寸显著增大, 晶粒形状越发规整, 第二相均位于晶界处或者三角晶界区域, 热导率达到了173.2W/(m·K), 是未经过热处理试样的2.2倍. 但是, 将高压热处理时间延长到4h, AlN陶瓷的气孔增大, 出现了反致密化现象, 热导率也降低到80.9 W/(m·K).
Effect of High Pressure Annealing on Microstructure and Thermal Conductivity of Aluminum Nitride Ceramics
LI Xiao-Lei-1, 2 , LI De-You-3, WANG Li-YIng-1, LI Chang-Sheng-1, SU Tai-Chao-1, MA Hong-An-2, JIA Xiao-Feng-1, 2
无机材料学报 , 2010, DOI: 10.3724/sp.j.1077.2010.00537
Abstract: The thermal annealing is an effective means of structural adjustment and performance improvement for AlN ceramics. AlN ceramics prepared at high pressure with Y2O3 as sintering additive, were annealed at high-pressure (5.0GPa) in a chinese cubic anvil ultra high-pressure and hightemperature device. The effects of high pressure annealing on microstructure and thermal conductivity of aluminum nitride ceramics were studied. The results show that the grain size of the AlN ceramics annealed at 5.0GPa and 970℃ for 2h is significantly increased, the actual crystal morphology is realistic and the second phases are almost present at the grain boundaries or triple pockets compared with the samples before annealing at high pressure. Its thermal conductivity reaches 173.2W/(m·K), which is 2.2 times of the samples without heat annealing at high pressure. However, while the annealing time is extended to the 4h, the pore size of AlN ceramics is increased with anti -densification. And the thermal conductivity of AlN ceramics annealed at 5.0GPa and 970℃ for 4h is reduced to 80.9W/(m·K).
Dynamic characteristics on the economic value of soil conservation in the process of the tropical vegetation restoration in Xiaoliang

YU Yi-Na,YANG Liu-Chun,YE You-Hua,CHEN Bao-Ming,SONG Li-Ying,PENG Shao-Lin,

生态学报 , 2007,
Abstract: Based on the data obtained from the process of Tropical Vegetation Restoration in Xiaoliang, the dynamic characteristics of ecological economy of soil conservation were studied in this paper. Methods of space for time, opportunity cost, market valuation, and shadow engineering were used to evaluate the ecological economy of soil conservation. Results showed that: (1) Soil conservation to reach a saturation status when the degradation ecosystem restored for 30 years. (2) Economic value of soil conservation was time-dependent. The economic value increased rapidly when the degradation ecosystem restored at the first 20 years, while, after 20 years, it increased at a relatively slow rate and the potential of soil conservation was close to a natural mixed forest. (3) The economic value of soil conservation was consistent with the ecological effect. When the degraded ecosystem in Xiaoliang restored for 20 years, the vegetation cover reached 85%, in turn the soil fertility increased and the soil erosion was controlled within the ecosystem. Besides, the biodiversity increased, and the economic value increased stably. (4) Economic value of soil conservation at different year in a restored forest ecosystem was consistent with those in some regional natural forest ecosystem.
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