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An overview of recent taxonomic studies on Euphorbiaceae s.l. in Brazil
Secco, Ricardo de S.;Cordeiro, Inês;Senna-Vale, Luci de;Sales, Margareth F. de;Lima, Letícia Ribes de;Medeiros, Débora;Sá Haiad, Bárbara de;Oliveira, Arline Souza de;Caruzo, Maria Beatriz Rossi;Carneiro-Torres, Daniela;Bigio, Narcisio C.;
Rodriguésia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S2175-78602012000100014
Abstract: the euphorbiaceae sensu lato are distributed mainly in the tropics, in various types of vegetation and habitats, being one of the largest, most complex and diverse families of angiosperms. it has recently been divided into four families, according to classification systems based on molecular phylogeny: euphorbiaceae sensu stricto, phyllanthaceae, putranjivaceae, and picrodendraceae. there is a proposition to establish peraceae still under discussion. there were also changes in the taxonomic position of genera widely distributed in the brazilian territory, such as amanoa, drypetes, pera, phyllanthus, podocalyx, pogonophora, and richeria, among others. in addition, new species have been proposed and the limits of taxa distribution are expanding in brazil. thus, the authors provide an overview of recent studies and advances in the taxonomy of euphorbiaceae s.l. in the northern, northeastern, southeastern and southern regions of brazil, concentrating on review works and regional floras, as well as the changes that resulted in setting a new taxonomic family.
Sinopse do gênero Phyllanthus L. (Phyllanthaceae) do Estado de S?o Paulo
Martins, Erika Ramos;Lima, Letícia Ribes de;
Hoehnea , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S2236-89062011000100011
Abstract: the genus phyllanthus occurs worldwide, and in brazil the latest survey points the occurrence of 107 species. the survey also shows that approximately one quarter of them are mostly found in rocky fields, cerrados and caatingas. the purpose of this study is to summarize the genus phyllanthus in order to contribute to the completion of the monograph of the family phyllanthaceae as a whole. furthermore, this study was aimed to better circurscribe the species that occur in s?o paulo state as well as present information morphology, geographical distribution and taxonomy about the taxa studied. in the state of sao paulo 16 species of the genus were found.
Revis?o taxon?mica de Croton sect. Lamprocroton (Müll. Arg.) Pax (Euphorbiaceae s.s.)
Lima, Letícia Ribes de;Pirani, José Rubens;
Biota Neotropica , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1676-06032008000200018
Abstract: croton is the second bigger and more diverse genus in the family euphorbiaceae, with about 1,200 species distributed in 40 sections, occurring in all tropical areas, most of them in americas. in south america, brazil is the country in which a larger number of taxa are found, ca. 356. according to recent classification, the genus belongs to the tribe crotoneae, and despite the wide and morphological diversity, it would be a monophyletic taxon. however, a phylogenetic analysis using markers of its region from nuclear ribosomal dna, and of trnl-f from plastidial dna, showed that croton, like traditionally circumscribed, is not a monophyletic taxon. a taxonomic revision of croton section lamprocroton (müll. arg.) pax is presented here. it is a neotropical group with most of its species occurring from southeast and south brazil to southern south america (uruguay and argentina). morphologically, the members of lamprocroton are characterized as monoecious or dioecious shrubs or subshrubs, with a lepidote indumentum at least in part of foliage, entire leaves with no glands. the staminate flowers have 9 to 16 stamens and the pistillate flowers may have equal or unequal sepals, reduced to absent petals, and styles once or twice bifid. overall, are recognized 26 species in the group, three of them new to the science. identification key, morphological descriptions, illustrations, phenological period, as well as data on geographic distribution and general comments of each species are presented. four taxa were excluded from c. sect. lamprocroton because they do not show the morphological features that are diagnostics of the section. four species that are poorly known were not included in the taxonomic treatment.
Desempenho de adultos brasileiros normais na prova semantica: efeito da escolaridade
Machado, Olivia;Correia, Sheilla de Medeiros;Mansur, Letícia Lessa;
Pró-Fono Revista de Atualiza??o Científica , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-56872007000300007
Abstract: background: modern concepts on the neuropsychological bases of language consider that its network has a direct relation with the support systems such as attention and memory. semantic memory constitutes the basis of knowledge, communication and learning. semantic knowledge is consolidated with the exposure to information and the possibility to integrate information. thus, aging and literacy can be associated to semantic knowledge. aim: to analyze in normal brazilian adults the interference of literacy through the performance in a semantic test. method: 56 normal brazilian adults, 20 males and 36 females, with ages between 20 and 56 years and literacy between 1 and 20 years. participants were divided in two groups according to years of literacy: group 1 (n = 31) with 1 to 8 years and group 2 (n=25) with more than 8 years. the semantic test consisted on the presentation of questions related to 10 pictures. these questions involved: category, physical traces and function. after the questions, the naming of the pictures was requested. results: the level of literacy had an influence on the performance of the participants. there were differences between the groups regarding the judgment of the semantic traces and in the naming task: group 2 presented better scores in most of the tasks. negative questions presented a higher number o errors. the qualitative analyses of the answers obtained in the naming task indicate that the animated figures presented a higher number of deviant answers, with a higher occurrence of substitutions by a coordinated answer. conclusion: it was possible to observe that low literacy levels had a negative influence on the performance presented in tasks involving semantic knowledge, judgment of traces and naming, particularly when involving animated pictures.
Análise perceptivo-auditiva, acústica e autopercep??o vocal em crian?as
Oliveira, Rafaella Cristina;Teixeira, Letícia Caldas;Gama, Ana Cristina C?rtes;Medeiros, Adriane Mesquita de;
Jornal da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S2179-64912011000200013
Abstract: purpose: to establish the occurrence of dysphonic children and to relate data from auditory-perceptive, acoustic and vocal self-perception analyses of dysphonic and non-dysphonic children. methods: participants were 70 children, 37 female and 33 male, with ages ranging from 6 to 10 years. the sustained emission of the vowel /a/ was recorded, and children replied to the question "what do you think of your voice?".after that, the auditory-perceptive analysis of their voices was carried out, based on the parameters of the grbasi scale. the acoustic analysis was also conducted, considering the following measures: fundamental frequency, frequency and amplitude perturbation quotient, and harmonic-to-noise ratio. the self-perception analysis of the subjects' voices was based on content analysis. data were statistically analyzed. results: the occurrence of dysphonic children was 37.14%. breathiness was the most common vocal quality among dysphonic children, followed by roughness, which was also common. the acoustic measures frequency and amplitude perturbation quotient and harmonic-to-noise ration were higher among dysphonic children. however, these measures were similar between children that had positive self-perception and those with negative self-perception. negative self-perception was more frequent among dysphonic children. conclusion: the occurrence of dysphonia in the studied group was 37.14%. dysphonic children present negative self-perception of their voices, voice quality predominantly rough and/or breathy, and altered acoustic measures, when compared to non-dysphonic children.
Imobiliza o da pancreatina em carv o ativado e em alumina para o preparo de hidrolisados de soro de leite = Immobilization of pancreatin in activated carbon and in alumina for preparing whey hydrolysates
Viviane Dias Medeiros Silva,Letícia Missagia De Marco,Fernanda Meneghello Delvivo,José Virgílio Coelho
Acta Scientiarum : Health Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: Tendo como objetivo a redu o de custos do processo de fabrica o dehidrolisados protéicos, estudou-se neste trabalho a imobiliza o da pancreatina, por adsor o, em carv o ativado e em alumina. Para isso, foram testadas diferentes condi es de imobiliza o (30, 60 e 90min a 25°C, e 12h a 5°C). Para verificar a taxa de imobiliza o, determinou-se indiretamente a enzima n o adsorvida nos suportes. Ao se utilizar o carv o ativado, n o foi observada diferen a significativa entre as condi es testadas, tendo-se obtido 100% de imobiliza o enzimática. Para a alumina, a melhor condi o foi a de 90min, na qual se obteve 37% de imobiliza o. A medida do grau de exposi o da fenilalanina, pela espectrofotometria derivada segunda, foi empregada para a determina o da estabilidade operacional da enzima, tendo sido mostrado que a imobiliza o em carv o ativado e emalumina permitiu a reutiliza o da pancreatina por até 5 vezes e 2 vezes, respectivamente. Immobilization of pancreatin in activated carbon and in alumina was studied for producing protein hydrolysates, in order to reduce the process costs. Different immobilization conditions were tested (30, 60 and 90min at 25°C, and 12h at 5°C). For estimating the immobilization rate the amount of the non-adsorbed enzyme on the supports was indirectly determined. When activated carbon was used, no significant difference was observed among the tested conditions, obtaining 100% of enzymatic immobilization. In case of alumina, the best condition showed to be the 90min treatment which produced 37% of immobilization. The evaluation of the degree of exposition ofphenylalanine, by second derivative spectrophotometry, was used for the determination of the enzyme operational stability, and showed that the immobilization in activated carbon and in alumina allowed the reusability of the pancreatin for 5 times and 2 times,respectively.
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: New Diagnostic Criteria  [PDF]
Letícia Nascimento Medeiros Bortolon, Luciana de Paula Le?o Triz, Bruna de Souza Faustino, Larissa Bianca Cunha de, Denise Rosso Tenório Wanderley Rocha, Alberto Krayyem Arbex
Open Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases (OJEMD) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojemd.2016.61003
Abstract: Gestational mellitus diabetes (GDM) is a highly prevalent metabolic disorder among pregnant women nowadays. It is defined as any level of glucose intolerance, appearing or first being recognized during pregnancy. It is essential to diagnose and treat GDM early, in order to reduce or avoid complications for mother and fetus. Recently, new guidelines have changed the diagnosis criteria, and it is expected that the prevalence of GDM will increase by approximately 18%. A relevant goal of these new definitions is to provide a better care for pregnant women, in an attempt to reduce fetal and maternal complications. These new criteria will also increase the impact on costs of the health care system. Treatment must be individualized for best results, including a specific diet, physical activity and the use of medications. Metformin and Insulin use are analyzed in detail, in face of new evidences regarding their safety and efficacy during pregnancy.
The Benefits of SGLT2 Inhibitors in Cardiovascular Prevention, Glycemic Control and Weight Loss, in the Treatment of Diabetes  [PDF]
Bruna de Souza Faustino, Alberto dos Reis Costa Junior, Letícia Nascimento Medeiros Bortolon, Larissa Bianca Paiva Cunha de, Denise Rosso Tenório Wanderley Rocha, Alberto Krayyem Arbex
Open Journal of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases (OJEMD) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojemd.2016.61012
Abstract: The sodium and glucose co-transporter inhibitors type 2 (SGLT2) comprises a new class of hypoglycemic drugs to control type 2 diabetes mellitus, in an attempt to add new non-existing benefits to the so far arising classes. Regarding this new class of drugs, represented by dapaglifozin, canaglifozin andempaglifozin, it is important to highlight the benefits brought by these medications to combat hyperglycemia with insulin-independent mechanisms that are beyond glucose reduction, such as cardiovascular events prevention, reduction in HbA1c, weight loss and blood pressure lowering. Recently, a relevant study (Empa-Reg) brought hope and set thespotlight on the prevention of cardiac events among diabetic patients, which is the main cause of mortality within this group. However, despite coming out as a good treatment option, SGLT2 inhibitors are under constant clinical research and, as a new drug, it should be carefully carried out regarding the long-term effects of glycosuria and other possible side effects, such as the observed increase in the incidence of bladder, breast cancer and bone fractures, which require further studies. Therefore, these compounds might represent a landmark approach for the treatment of diabetes.
Associa o entre doen a arterial coronariana e as pregas lobular diagonal e anterotragal em homens
Miot Hélio Amante,Medeiros Luciana Molina de,Siqueira Caio Roberto Shwafaty de,Cardoso Letícia de Chiara
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2006,
Abstract: FUNDAMENTOS: Diversas altera es dermatológicas foram associadas à doen a arterial coronariana, representando achados de fácil constata o que podem contribuir na estratifica o n o invasiva do risco cardíaco. OBJETIVOS: Avaliar comparativamente a prevalência de certos achados dermatológicos em pacientes com ou sem doen a arterial coronariana. MéTODOS: Estudo caso/controle envolvendo pacientes do sexo masculino submetidos à cineangiocoronariografia. Foram considerados aqueles casos com obstru o de mais de 50% em pelo menos uma coronária. Avaliou-se a presen a da prega lobular diagonal, prega anterotragal, alopecia e presen a de pêlos no tórax nos dois grupos. Os resultados foram ajustados para os fatores de risco: tabagismo, hipertens o, diabetes, idade, dislipidemia e índice de massa corporal. RESULTADOS: Analisaram-se 110 pacientes (80 casos e 30 controles). A prevalência da prega lobular diagonal nos casos (60,0%) foi maior do que no grupo controle (30,0%) (p<0,05). Alopecia androgenética e distribui o de pêlos no tórax n o demonstraram associa o positiva com coronariopatia neste estudo. O Odds Ratio (IC 95%), da prega lobular diagonal foi de 3,1 (1,2-8,3) e para prega anterotragal foi de 5,5 (1,9-16,3). A verifica o simultanea da prega lobular diagonal e prega anterotragal representou valor preditivo positivo de 90%. CONCLUS ES: Detectou-se associa o positiva entre a presen a da prega lobular diagonal bilateral e prega anterotragal bilateral com doen a arterial coronariana, sendo que a presen a simultanea das duas pregas apresenta alta preditividade para doen a arterial coronariana.
Educa o bilíngue para surdos: um olhar a partir da trajetória de intérpretes de Língua Brasileira de Sinais/Bilingual education for deaf: a view from the trajectory of Brazilian Sign Language interpreters
Diléia Aparecida Martins,Vera Lúcia de Carvalho Machado,Rita Ribes Pereira,Stevan de Camargo Corrêa,Larissa Medeiros Marinho dos Santos,Leilah Santiago Bufrem,Tidra Viana Sorribas,Cesar Augusto Alves da Silva,Josué Laguardia,Margareth Portela
ETD : Educa??o Temática Digital , 2009,
Abstract: O presente trabalho reflete à educa o bilíngüe para estudantes surdos na educa o superior, especialmente a trajetória de forma o do intérprete de Língua Brasileira de Sinais. Recupera o histórico da educa o da pessoa surda e apresenta os dados de pesquisa realizada com intérpretes de Libras que atuam no ensino superior, referentes à forma o desses profissionais. A partir da resposta dos sujeitos observa-se, que os profissionais amparam-se em conhecimentos apropriados no decorrer de sua forma o humana, a partir de sua disposi o social e de seu acesso às produ es simbólicas. The current work reflects bilingual education for deaf students in higher education, specially the education trajectory of the Brazilian Sign Language interpreter. It recovers the deaf person educational history and presents the research data obtained from Libras interpreters who teach in higher education, concerning the education of these professionals. From the answer of the subjects it is observed that the professionals are guided by appropriate knowledge along their human education, starting from their social disposition and their access to symbolic productions. Keywords Intérprete de Língua Brasileira de Sinais --- Educa o bilíngüe para surdos --- Inclus o --- Educa o superior --- Interpreter of the Brazilian Sign Language --- Bilingual education for deaf --- Inclusion --- University level
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