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A Reforma Pedreira na Academia de Belas Artes (1854-1857) e a constitui??o do espa?o social do artista
Squeff, Letícia Coelho;
Cadernos CEDES , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-32622000000200008
Abstract: manuel araújo porto alegre (1808-1879) had fundamental performance in the cultural institutions of the second reign, having been painting, critical of art, journalist and poet, among other activities. as director of the academia imperial of belas artes, the painter promoted the largest reform than it happened in the institution during the empire. the reforms made by porto alegre intended to adapt the institution to the technical progresses of middles of the century xix, and to do of rio de janeiro a city tuned in with the "civilization". are with this objectify that the painter does of the technique one of the central themes of its administration. in this article, tends as object the intervention of araújo porto alegre in aiba, we intended to approach wchich the contribution of those measured for the constitution of a new social space for the artist of the empire.
A Reforma Pedreira na Academia de Belas Artes (1854-1857) e a constitui o do espa o social do artista
Squeff Letícia Coelho
Cadernos CEDES , 2000,
Abstract: Manuel Araújo Porto Alegre (1808-1879) teve atua o fundamental nas institui es culturais do Segundo Reinado, tendo sido pintor, crítico de arte, jornalista e poeta, entre outras atividades. Como diretor da Academia Imperial de Belas Artes, o pintor promoveu a maior reforma que a institui o sofreu durante o Império. Parte da chamada Reforma Pedreira (1854-1857), as introduzidas por Porto Alegre buscavam adaptar a institui o aos progressos técnicos de meados do século XIX, e fazer da corte imperial, o Rio de Janeiro, uma cidade sintonizada com a "civiliza o". é com este objetivo que o pintor faz da técnica um dos temas centrais de sua administra o. Neste artigo, tendo como objeto a interven o de Araújo Porto Alegre na Aiba, pretendemos refletir como as inova es introduzidas na Academia contribuíram para a constitui o de um novo espa o social para o artista do Império.
Trabalho de crian?as e adolescentes: os desafios da intersetorialidade e o papel do Sistema único de Saúde
Nobre,Letícia Coelho da Costa;
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-81232003000400018
Abstract: this paper presents the role of the public health sector and the intersectorial action in the issue of the child labor, considering the experience of the worker?s health study center of the state department of health in the bahia state program for the child labour prevention and eradication, period 1997 to 2001. some aspects are pointed out, as the child labour invisibility to health services, the fragmentation between surveillance and health care, the different compliance and participation of the institutions in the program, the relevance of the role of communitary and non-governamental organizations on the management and supervising public policies. it is concluded that is necessary to build the concept of child labour as an object of public health, and to improve intersectorial planning practices by means of creating empowering and sharing spaces and joining interests, learnings and practices from the various organizations.
Trabalho de crian as e adolescentes: os desafios da intersetorialidade e o papel do Sistema único de Saúde
Nobre Letícia Coelho da Costa
Ciência & Saúde Coletiva , 2003,
Abstract: Este artigo apresenta uma reflex o sobre o papel do setor saúde (do Sistema único de Saúde) e sobre os desafios da prática de intersetorialidade na preven o e erradica o do trabalho de crian as e adolescentes, a partir da experiência do Centro de Estudos da Saúde do Trabalhador, junto ao Programa de Preven o e Erradica o do Trabalho Infantil do Estado da Bahia, de 1997 a 2001. Discute aspectos importantes como a invisibilidade do trabalho infantil para o setor saúde, as práticas fragmentadas de aten o e vigilancia em saúde, a inser o e a ades o diferenciada dos setores no Programa, e a importancia das organiza es e representa es da sociedade civil no processo de gest o e acompanhamento das políticas públicas. Conclui pela necessidade de constru o do trabalho infantil como objeto da saúde coletiva e de qualifica o das práticas de planejamento intersetorial que se constituam em um espa o de poder compartilhado e de articula o de interesses, saberes e práticas das diversas organiza es.
Fatores de risco para morte fetal no município de Pato Branco (Brasil)
de Lima Trindade,Letícia; Coelho Amestoy,Simone; Picolo,Diogo; Falchetti,Giancarlo; Marten Milbrath,Viviane;
Investigación y Educación en Enfermería , 2011,
Abstract: objective. to describe risk factors for fetal mortality in the city of pato branco (brazil). methodology. descriptive study. cases of babies born dead in the city of pato branco from 2000 to 2008 were analyzed. the information was obtained from the mortality information system. results. 91 fetal deaths were registered in the studied period, for a mean rate of 9.27 per thousand born alive. the main risk factors originated from the mother were: placenta previa (38.5%), pregnancy induced hypertension (38.5%), age under 20 years or over 30 years of age (40.7%), having three or less years of school (25.7%) and being a housewife (34.1%). for the fetus, the only risk factor registered was the sex, in which 52.7% of deaths were males. conclusion. some preventable risk factors were identified; it is necessary to intervene them to reduce fetal mortality in the city.
Hábitos relacionados à exposi??o solar dos professores de educa??o física que trabalham com atividades aquáticas
Oliveira, Letícia Morais Coelho de;Glauss, Nathália;Palma, Alexandre;
Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0365-05962011000300004
Abstract: background: ultraviolet radiation has been considered one of the most important risk factors for melanoma or nonmelanoma skin cancer. thus, it has been accepted that professionals working with outdoor activities are at greater risk of developing skin cancer. objective: to identify sun-exposure habits among teachers of physical education (pe) who work with water activities. methods: we conducted an observational cross-sectional study with 123 male and female pe teachers aged between 20 and 58 years who have been working with water activities for at least a year using a questionnaire with open and closed-ended questions. results: of the respondents, it was observed that 64.2% work directly exposed to the sun and 13.0% in partially covered pools; out of these, 69.5% do so between 10 am and 4 pm. in the group exposed to the sun, it was found that only 17.9% always protect themselves. men seem to be less careful, since 14.3% always protect themselves, while 23.1% of the women reported to always protect themselves. however, there were no statistically significant differences. conclusion: based on the data collected, we conclude that the sample investigated may be at risk of developing skin cancer
Further evaluation of an updated PCR assay for the detection of Schistosoma mansoni DNA in human stool samples
Gomes, Luciana I;Marques, Letícia HS;Enk, Martin J;Coelho, Paulo Marcos Z;Rabello, Ana;
Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0074-02762009000800021
Abstract: a previously reported sensitive pcr assay for the detection of schistosoma mansoni dna was updated and evaluated. changes in the dna extraction method, including the use of a worldwide available commercial kit and the inclusion of additional quality control measures, increased the robustness of the test, as confirmed by the analysis of 67 faecal samples from an endemic area in brazil. the pcr assay is at hand as a proven, reliable diagnostic test for the control of schistosomiasis in specific settings.
Produ??o científica sobre lideran?a no contexto da enfermagem
Amestoy, Simone Coelho;Backes, Vania Marli Schubert;Trindade, Letícia de Lima;Canever, Bruna Pedroso;
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0080-62342012000100030
Abstract: the objective of this study is to identify the scientific production in the context of nursing produced in the last decade (1999-2008). this literature review was performed using the lilacs database and included studies published as articles, theses, dissertations, editorials and presentations in events. studies were written in portuguese, english, or spanish with the electronic full-text version available. a form was developed to register the data regarding the production, which included: reference, source of the manuscript, year, category, objective, methodology and theoretical framework. a total of 57 publications were found; most were original, descriptive articles performed in the hospital environment, and very few studies were founded on the leadership theory. it is necessary to adopt leadership development programs and permanent education projects within health services, with the purpose of preparing nurses to work as leaders.
Imobiliza o da pancreatina em carv o ativado e em alumina para o preparo de hidrolisados de soro de leite = Immobilization of pancreatin in activated carbon and in alumina for preparing whey hydrolysates
Viviane Dias Medeiros Silva,Letícia Missagia De Marco,Fernanda Meneghello Delvivo,José Virgílio Coelho
Acta Scientiarum : Health Sciences , 2005,
Abstract: Tendo como objetivo a redu o de custos do processo de fabrica o dehidrolisados protéicos, estudou-se neste trabalho a imobiliza o da pancreatina, por adsor o, em carv o ativado e em alumina. Para isso, foram testadas diferentes condi es de imobiliza o (30, 60 e 90min a 25°C, e 12h a 5°C). Para verificar a taxa de imobiliza o, determinou-se indiretamente a enzima n o adsorvida nos suportes. Ao se utilizar o carv o ativado, n o foi observada diferen a significativa entre as condi es testadas, tendo-se obtido 100% de imobiliza o enzimática. Para a alumina, a melhor condi o foi a de 90min, na qual se obteve 37% de imobiliza o. A medida do grau de exposi o da fenilalanina, pela espectrofotometria derivada segunda, foi empregada para a determina o da estabilidade operacional da enzima, tendo sido mostrado que a imobiliza o em carv o ativado e emalumina permitiu a reutiliza o da pancreatina por até 5 vezes e 2 vezes, respectivamente. Immobilization of pancreatin in activated carbon and in alumina was studied for producing protein hydrolysates, in order to reduce the process costs. Different immobilization conditions were tested (30, 60 and 90min at 25°C, and 12h at 5°C). For estimating the immobilization rate the amount of the non-adsorbed enzyme on the supports was indirectly determined. When activated carbon was used, no significant difference was observed among the tested conditions, obtaining 100% of enzymatic immobilization. In case of alumina, the best condition showed to be the 90min treatment which produced 37% of immobilization. The evaluation of the degree of exposition ofphenylalanine, by second derivative spectrophotometry, was used for the determination of the enzyme operational stability, and showed that the immobilization in activated carbon and in alumina allowed the reusability of the pancreatin for 5 times and 2 times,respectively.
Use of digital images for color evaluation in ‘banana prata’ submitted to different post-harvest treatments / Utiliza o de imagens digitais para avalia o da colora o de banana prata submetida a diferentes tratamentos pós-colheita
Simone Silmara Werner,Silvia Renata Machado Coelho,Anna Paula Poncio,Letícia Ferreira
Semina : Ciências Agrárias , 2009,
Abstract: This trial aimed at analyzing the changes of banana “Prata” peel color through digital images, submitted to post harvest treatments in order to increase storage time. The fruits, whose peels color were totally green, were submitted to six different treatments: T –immersion in chlorine water for three minutes (control), H3 – hydrothermal (50°C for three minutes); H8 hydrothermal (50°C for eight minutes); HP – immersion in hypochlorite 0.2% for three minutes; OS – immersion in soybean oil at 10% for three minutes and OM – immersion in mineral oil at 10% for three minutes. The fruits were stored at room temperature and analyzed at 1, 7, 14 days after using digital images and also daily visual evaluation. The treatments OS and OM preserved the banana green color for a longer time, but there were some changes in the normal peel color due the formation of dark stain spots, indicating probable inadequate OS and OM treatments. The fruits submitted to H3, H8 and HP treatments ripenned faster, considering the observed color. Both visual and digital images confrmed the values obtained. Suggesting a method relationship. O presente trabalho objetivou avaliar mudan a da colora o durante o armazenamento de banana prata submetida a diferentes tratamentos pós-colheita utilizando imagens digitais. Os frutos, com colora o da casca totalmente verde, foram submetidos a seis tratamentos: T – imers o em água destilada por 3 minutos (testemunha), H3 – hidrotérmico (50°C por 3 minutos), H8 – hidrotérmico (50°C por 8 minutos), HP – imers o em hipoclorito 0,2% por 3 minutos, OS – imers o em óleo de soja 10% por 3 minutos e OM – imers o em óleo mineral 10% por três minutos, sendo em seguida armazenados em condi es ambientais durante 14 dias, avaliados nos períodos 1, 7 e 14 dias utilizando imagens digitais, e diariamente utilizando escala visual. Os frutos submetidos aos tratamentos OS e OM preservaram a colora o verde da casca por um tempo maior, mas ocorreram altera es na colora o normal devido a forma o de pontos escuros, indicando possível inadequa o dos tratamentos OS e OM. Os dados obtidos através das imagens digitais confrmaram as observa es visuais, indicando rela o entre os métodos.
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