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Leonardo Ensslin
JISTEM - Journal of Information Systems and Technology Management , 2012,
Abstract: Software process improvement and software process assessment have received special attention since the 1980s. Some models have been created, but these models rest on a normative approach, where the decision-maker’s participation in a software organization is limited to understanding which process is more relevant to each organization. The proposal of this work is to present the MCDA-C as a constructivist methodology for software process improvement and assessment. The methodology makes it possible to visualize the criteria that must be taken into account according to the decision-makers’ values in the process improvement actions, making it possible to rank actions in the light of specific organizational needs. This process helped the manager of the company studied to focus on and prioritize process improvement actions. This paper offers an empirical understanding of the application of performance evaluation to software process improvement and identifies complementary tools to the normative models presented today.
Research Process for Selecting a Theoretical Framework and Bibliometric Analysis of a Theme: Illustration for the Management of Customer Service in a Bank  [PDF]
Leonardo Ensslin, Ademar Dutra, Sandra Rolim Ensslin, Leonardo Correa Chaves, Vinicius Dezem
Modern Economy (ME) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/me.2015.66074
Abstract: Globalization has brought to institutions greater competitiveness and visibility to products and services, which means that consumers started to be more demanding and take advantage of the best references for establishing standards for their care. The banking industry fits in this context, and to remain competitive they seek new developed management procedures to better serve their customers. The objective of this study is to demonstrate to the theme fragment bank funding and resource loans management, with an emphasis on customer relationship, how to select a bibliographic portfolio and perform their bibliometrics, in order to highlight the most recognized scientific contributions on the subject. This work is characterized as exploratory-descriptive, of theoretical-illustrative nature, using ProKnow-C-Knowledge Development Process—Constructivist as an intervention tool. The bibliographic portfolio with 13 articles was generated by the development process; the Journal of Financial Economics showed the highest impact factor to scientific community at both bases, JCR and SJR. Bank, Risk and Lending Outcomes were the main appellant keywords and the most prominent authors were Hans Degryse with two articles in the portfolio, article of Bank Governance, Regulation and Risk Taking, written by Luc Laeven and highest scientific recognition
Uso da MCDA na identifica o e mensura o da performance dos critérios para a certifica o dos hospitais de ensino no ambito do SUS The usage of MCDA in identification and measurement of criteria performance for certification of public teaching hospitals in Brazil
André Andrade Longaray,Leonardo Ensslin
Produ??o , 2013,
Abstract: O sistema de gest o da saúde pública brasileira passou por um processo de reestrutura o nos últimos anos. Uma das consequências foi o estabelecimento de nova rela o entre o Ministério da Saúde (MS) e o Ministério da Educa o (MEC) no que tange ao financiamento dos hospitais universitários das universidades federais. Nesse sentido, o Ministério da Saúde implementou o processo de certifica o dos hospitais universitários - um conjunto de metas a serem atingidas nos processos financeiro, de gest o e educa o, bem como do modelo assistencial a ser seguido. Este artigo apresenta um método de análise de decis o multicritério aplicado no desenvolvimento de um modelo para auxiliar gestores de hospitais universitários a avaliarem o desempenho institucional no atendimento das metas pactuadas com o MS/MEC para a certifica o. O estudo de caso foi realizado em um hospital da rede federal de educa o do Brasil. The public health system management in Brazil has undergone a certain amount of restructuring over the past years. One consequence of the restructuring was the establishment of a new relationship between the Ministry of Health (MS) and the Ministry of Education (MEC) regarding the funding of University Hospitals of Federal Universities. Therefore, the Brazilian Ministry of Health has implemented the certification process of University Hospitals - a set of goals to be met concerning financial, management and education processes, as well as the assistance model to be adopted. This article presents the use of Multi Criteria Decision Analysis to support the development of a model aimed at assisting managers of a university hospital in assessing institutional performance, so that their goals jointly agreed between the MS/MEC can be met and certification is obtained. The case study was conducted within a hospital of the federal network of education in Brazil.
Disclosure of the State of the Art of Performance Evaluation Applied to Project Management  [PDF]
Sandra Rolim Ensslin, Leonardo Ensslin, Rogério Tadeu de Oliveira Lacerda, Victor Hugo Aurélio de Souza
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2014.411073
Abstract: This study aims to explore the subject of performance evaluation in project management through the selection of relevant articles on the theme and their subsequent bibliometric analysis, in order to build knowledge among researchers on the subject. The research is characterized as exploratory, descriptive, theoretical-illustrative and adopts ProKnow-C (Knowledge Development Process-Constructivist) as an intervention tool. As a result, we obtain a set of 18 publications comprising the sample of relevant articles on the topic. From this sample, we found that the International Journal of Project Management is the most aligned with the research topic and the article “Plans are nothing, changing plans is everything: The impact of changes on project success” is the most cited in the sample. This paper highlights the most prominent authors and keywords of the bibliographic portfolio.
Constru??o de um modelo para avalia??o da sustentabilidade corporativa: um estudo de caso na indústria têxtil
Zamcopé, Fábio Cristiano;Ensslin, Leonardo;Ensslin, Sandra Rolim;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X2012000200006
Abstract: due to the increasing pressure for companies to become more accountable and transparent regarding their actions, the stakeholders have been provided with information beyond the scope of company's financial performance including evidence of good corporate governance, source of raw material, the manufacturing process, and life cycle of the products. business leaders have recognized the need to respond to these pressures by conducting operations focusing on the business success and meeting stakeholders' demands. accordingly, in this study, a model for assessment of corporate sustainability was constructed considering the company's need to seek business longevity. therefore, a case study was carried out in a medium sized textile industry in paraná state adopting the multicriteria methodology for decision aid - constructivist as the intervention tool. this methodology was chosen because it makes it possible to identify a set of performance indicators that characterize the company sustainability and to measure the organization properties and its commitment to sustainability, both individually and globally. the model identified that the company's strategy should include all the criteria of the economic, social, and environmental areas demonstrating that the differences between the replacement rates are strictly small. furthermore, the model revealed that the actions of communication with the stakeholders are of great importance and that a lot of effort is needed in terms of awareness of employees, suppliers, customers, consumers, and the community of sustainability issues.
Avalia??o de desempenho multicritério como apoio à gest?o de empresas: aplica??o em uma empresa de servi?os
Bortoluzzi, Sandro César;Ensslin, Sandra Rolim;Ensslin, Leonardo;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X2011000300014
Abstract: the aim of this work is to build a model for the economical and financial performance evaluation that takes the specificities of the company seprol computers and systems ltd. into consideration and that considers financial and non-financial indicators. this is an exploratory-descriptive study, in which the case study research method was adopted using a qualitative approach during the model structuring phase and quantitative approach in the model evaluation phase. the multicriteria decision aid constructivist (mcda-c) was the intervention tool chosen to develop the model since it is able to identify the objectives to be evaluated, measure these objectives, integrate these individual evaluations, and generate improvement actions to the indicators which present a beyond expected performance. using the model proposed, it was possible: (i) identify the seventy-three indicators (thirty financial and forty-three non-financial elements) that make up the model to be used to evaluate the organization's economical and financial performance; (ii) identify the three great dimensions that will be evaluated: financial management (stock, internal charge, and profitability); human resources (career plan, qualification, and recognition), and market (distribution, partnerships, and brand); (iii) build ordinal and cardinal scales to each indicator of the model; (iv) evaluate the organization's status quo in terms of forty-two aspects in a "0" to "100" scale, whose performance was considered as below expectation (v) identify the fifteen compromising performance indicators in the organization; and (vi) demonstrate the performance management process for the "financial management" dimension proposing an action which, if implemented, it will increase its evaluation score up to forty-eight.
Desenvolvimento de um modelo para avaliar a sustentabilidade corporativa
Zamcopé, Fábio Cristiano;Ensslin, Leonardo;Ensslin, Sandra Rolim;
Produ??o , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-65132012005000048
Abstract: this paper introduces the development of an assessment model for corporate sustainability, which was built based on the system of values, concerns and preferences of decision makers from a textile factory. the multi-criteria for decision aid - constructivist (mcda-c) methodology was used, enabling to identify a set of performance indicators that features the company's sustainability and to measure the degree of properties range considered by the organization about its commitment to sustainability. the model allowed decision makers to understand the key sustainability issues and actions needed to resolve them, and provide performance measurement and evaluation of progress toward continuous improvement. among the actions generated by the model, there are the creation of a committee of sustainability, strategic planning review, strengthening of communication channels and awareness programs for employees, suppliers and others involved.
Rogerio Tadeu de Oliveira Lacerda,Leonardo Ensslin,Sandra Rolim Ensslin
GEST?O.Org : Revista Eletr?nica de Gest?o Organizacional , 2011,
Abstract: With the aim to highlight research opportunities across a portfolio of relevant literature on strategic management from the standpoint of their results, this paper adopt the intervention tool ProKnow-C (Knowledge Development Process - Constructivist), which performs a content analysis of 41 articles that presented outstanding scholarly and alignment with the theme from the perspective of the researcher. The analysis is performed from lenses (criteria), derived from the world view adopted by the researcher. The analysis results showed that most of the articles uses descriptivists methodologies and recognize that decision contexts need to be analyzed under a singular optics. The criteria used are identified in the literature search, and use ordinal scales of measurement without presenting the integration process among the criteria. Regarding management, the diagnosis of the current situation is carried out qualitatively, where most of the work has no process to refine the settings. The knowledge presented in this article allowed for the proposed vision and operationalized by the six lenses used for the analysis, identify research opportunities for each one and serve as directions for future research on the subject.
A avalia o de programas de capacita o: um estudo de caso na administra o pública Evaluation of training programs: a case study in public administration
Jorge Eduardo Tasca,Leonardo Ensslin,Sandra Rolim Ensslin
Revista de Administra??o Pública , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s0034-76122012000300002
Abstract: Este artigo apresenta e discute o emprego da Metodologia Multicritério de Apoio à Decis o - Construtivista (MCDA-C) na avalia o de programas de capacita o desenvolvidos na administra o pública, por meio de sua aplica o em um estudo de caso na Polícia Militar de Santa Catarina, especificamente, na avalia o do processo de capacita o dos policiais militares instrutores do Programa Educacional de Resistência às Drogas (Proerd). No que diz respeito ao enquadramento metodológico, este trabalho, quanto à natureza do objetivo, é exploratório, e pela natureza do artigo, prático. A lógica de pesquisa foi indutiva e a coleta de dados utilizou dados primários, obtidos por meio de entrevistas semiestruturadas com os gestores do programa. Já a abordagem do problema se deu de forma quali-quantitativa. Esta pesquisa é aplicada, e o principal procedimento técnico utilizado foi o estudo de caso. Como resultados, o modelo construído, com 62 critérios de avalia o, permitiu apurar que o processo de capacita o do Proerd alcan ou 69 pontos na avalia o global, além de evidenciar as principais preocupa es dos decisores em rela o ao programa de treinamento e o quanto cada um desses fatores contribui para o sucesso da capacita o, individual e globalmente, revelando, ainda, como gerenciar as oportunidades de aperfei oamento criadas. This article presents and discusses the use of methodology Multicriteria Decision Aid - Constructivist (MCDA-C) in the evaluation of training programs developed in public administration, through its application in a case study in the Military Police of Santa Catarina, specifically in assessing the process of training of military police Drug Abuse Resistance Education (Dare) instructors. Regarding the methodological framework, the nature of the objective of this study is exploratory, and the nature of the article, practical. The study incorporates an inductive logic, and draws upon primary data sources, obtained through semi-structured interviews with program managers. The study combines qualitative and quantitative methods, and can therefore be described as mixed method. This research is applied and the main technical procedure used was a case study. As result, the model built with 62 evaluation criteria, revealed that the process of the Dare reached 69 points in the overall evaluation, and also highlights the main concerns of decision makers in relation to the training program and how much each factor contributes to the success of training, individual and aggregated, showing also how to manage improvement opportunities created.
Processo de Investiga o e Análise Bibliométrica: Avalia o da Qualidade dos Servi os Bancários
Leonardo Ensslin,Sandra Rolim Ensslin,Hugo de Moraes Pinto
Revista de Administra??o Contemporanea , 2013,
Abstract: The objective of this research is to demonstrate how a researcher can, in a structured way, select relevant articles and identify which characteristics they possess that contribute scientifically to a topic of interest - as shown here in international literature on Quality Assessment Banking. The work is characterized as exploratory, descriptive, theoretical-illustrative, with the theoretical instrument of intervention being the Knowledge DevelopmentProcess - Constructivist (Proknow-C). Development of the process found: (a) a portfolio of 28 articles alignedwith the vision adopted by the researchers that informed the drafting of the theoretical framework of this research; (b) that the journal International Journal of Bank Marketing presents the highest impact factor for thescientific community regarding the JCR and SJR bases; (c) banking, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty andservice quality as the most recurring keywords; and (d) the authors A. H. Aldlaigan and F. A. Buttle and the article Customer satisfaction and retail banking: an assessment of some of the key Antecedents of customer satisfaction in retail banking written by A. Jamal and K. Naser as prominent in the area.
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