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Historical Background of the Translatological Dictionaries
Lei Gao
Journal of Language Teaching and Research , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jltr.1.3.285-294
Abstract: This paper will first talk about the history, production, and importance of the dictionaries. Dictionaries play an important role in developing the social culture so it is quite necessary and reasonable to take them as a kind of research subject. Lexicography, which is generally considered to be built on modern linguistics, must possess its own theoretical system and research methodology. In terms of the properties of lexicography, the paper will discuss such aspects as multidisciplinary integration, open perspectives, and practice orientation. Any new perspective to deal with the dictionary may be possible or feasible on condition that it satisfies the requirements of lexicography. With the development of translatology and lexicography, the translatological dictionaries (TD) came into being. The TD has already become a research subject under translatology in China.
On English Translation of Classical Chinese Poetry: A Perspective from Skopos Theory
Lei Gao
Journal of Language Teaching and Research , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jltr.1.1.84-89
Abstract: Classical Chinese poetry, an important part of Chinese culture, has always been a great task for translators, home and abroad. It is the foreign translators who, in the early 20th century, first translated the classical Chinese poetry into English. The Chinese scholars began to do the translation in the seventies of the 20th century. From the existent translations, foreign or Chinese, we can find that most translators had their clear purposes when translating. These purposes of translation influenced their choice of translation skills when dealing with the content and form of the poetry.
Dictionary for Sparse Representation of Chirp Echo in Broadband Radar
Lei Gao
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: A new dictionary for sparse representation of chirp echo in broadband radar is put forward in this paper. Different with chirplet decomposition which decomposes echo in time-frequency plane, the dictionary transforms the sparsity of target observed by radar in distance range to the sparsity in frequency domain by stretch processing and the sparse representation of echo is realized. Using strict deduction with mathematics, the sparsity of echo in dictionary is proved and the dictionary is orthogonal. In the application property, the construction of dictionary is simple, the parameters that are needed for dictionary can be obtained conveniently and the dictionary is convenient to use. Furthermore, the object of application can be expanded to the echo of multi-component chirps with single freedom degree.
Tunable Lateral Shift Through Nonlinear Composites of Nonspherical Particles
Dongliang Gao;Lei Gao
PIER , 2009, DOI: 10.2528/PIER09102404
Abstract: The Goos-Hanchen (GH) shift of the reflected waves from nonlinear nanocomposites of interleaved nonspherical metal and dielectric particles are investigated both theoretically and numerically. First, based on spectral representation theory and effective medium approximation, we derive the field-dependent effective permittivity of the nonlinear composites. Then the stationary phase method is adopted to study the GH shifts from nonlinear composites. It is found that for a given volume fraction, there exist two critical polarization factors and , and bistable GH shifts appear only when < or < . Moreover, both giant negative and positive GH shifts accompanied with large reflectivity are found, hence they can be easily observed in experiments. The reversal of the GH shift may be controlled by adjusting both the incident angle and the applied field. Numerical simulations for Gaussian-type incident beam are performed, and good agreement between simulated data and theoretical ones is found especially for large waist width.
Response of Nutrients in Apple Leaves to Regulation of Water and Fertilizers in Loess Hilly Area  [PDF]
Lei Hua, Jianen Gao, Meifang Zhou, Zhe Gao, Tingwu Lin
Open Journal of Soil Science (OJSS) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojss.2018.84010
Abstract: Aiming at the problem of the low utilization ratio of water resource and fertilizers in apple orchard in loess hilly area, which is the result of both water shortage and improper fertilization, a field experiment of the regulation of water and fertilizers is carried out in a typical apple orchard in this area to make analysis of nutrients in apple leaves under different treatments of water and fertilizers. The results show that: in the experimental area: 1) the total nitrogen content in apple leaves maintains at a low level of 1.87% - 3.17%; the total phosphorus content in apple leaves maintains at a low or normal level of 0.13% - 0.16%; and the total potassium content in apple leaves maintains at a deficient level of 0.46% - 0.64%; 2) the regulation of water and fertilizers has some effect on promoting the trees to adsorb both the total nitrogen and the total potassium, but it has no apparent effect on promoting the leaves to adsorb the total phosphorus. In the management of water and fertilizers in this apple orchard, the effects of the water and the fertilizers should be properly regulated to make full use of the limited water resource and improve the utilization ratio of the fertilizers as well, so as to achieve the three goals of saving water, saving fertilizers and improving quality.
Whole genome molecular phylogeny of large dsDNA viruses using composition vector method
Lei Gao, Ji Qi
BMC Evolutionary Biology , 2007, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2148-7-41
Abstract: The results are mostly consistent with the biologist's systematics with only a few outliers and can also provide some information for those unclassified viruses and cladistic relationships of several families.With composition vector approach we obtained the phylogenetic tree of large DNA viruses, which not only give results comparable to biologist's systematics but also provide a new way for recovering the phylogeny of viruses.Viruses are small, infectious, obligate intracellular parasites that are capable of replicating themselves within their host cells. They are even smaller than the smallest elementary biosystem, yet still possess some properties of living systems such as having a genome and the ability to adapt to changing environments. However, viruses cannot capture and store free energy and they are not functionally active outside their host cell [1].Traditionally, viruses were characterized by morphological features including capsid size, shape, structure, etc., as well as physicochemical and antigenic properties. As more and more viral genomes are being sequenced, the evolutionary relationship of a great many families and genera is being explored [2,3] by sequence analysis on single gene or gene families, such as polymerase, capsid and movement genes [4-10]. The virus taxonomy system is approved and updated by the International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV).However, it is full of ambiguity for phylogenetic analysis based on single gene when using conserved or similar genes since horizontal gene transfer (HGT) between viruses, along with gene duplication, gene capture from host appears to have been frequent in large DNA viruses [11-14]. Genetic mosaicism of phages has been known for a long time. Homologous morons (coding region and transcription control sequences) are found in many lineages of phages [15], and these kinds of genetic acquirements have also been considered the main sources of increasing genome size in large DNA viruses [9,16]. T
Nonlocal Effects on Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering from Bimetallic Coated Nanoparticles
Yang Huang;Lei Gao
PIER , 2013, DOI: 10.2528/PIER12091217
Abstract: We study the surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) from bimetallic core-shell nanoparticles by taking into account the nonlocal effect. The Gersten-Nitzan model is applied to investigate SERS from a molecule adsorbed on the nonlocal bimetallic nanoparticle. Numerical results show that there are two enhanced SERS peaks for bimetallic coated nanoparticles, and nonlocal effects will lead to less enhancement and blue-shift of SERS peaks. In addition, unusual resonant electric-field patterns are found in the nonlocal gold core in comparison with those in the local case. Our investigation is helpful for understanding some details of SERS schemes in nano-optics and plasmonics when nonlocal effects are considered.
How to be Competitive in Chinese Automobile Industry
Jianhan Zhao,Lei Gao
International Journal of Economics and Finance , 2009, DOI: 10.5539/ijef.v1n2p144
Abstract: Chinese market has a great demand for foreign cars, and a great many foreign automobile companies are competing for their market shares here. The most representative ones are Volkswagen and Honda, they adoped different market strategies and they both suffered some success and failures With so many competitions, the future of Chinese automobile industry is hard to predict.
Ming LEI,Ying GAO
Management Science and Engineering , 2007,
Abstract: The problem of water resource and water environment is the first-line problem to solve in order to realize the sustainable development of China (PREC,CPPCC,2000). Based upon the theory of green input-output (Lei, 1999/2000) and consulting Ningxia Input-output Table of 1997 (Statistical Bureau of Ningxia (SBN), 1997), Ningxia Statistical Yearbook of 1998 (SBN, 1998) and the sample data of related enterprises provided by Ningxia Bureau of Statistics, this paper constructs an extended input-output table which contains 12 sectors such as agriculture and coal mining and processing, and water resource use and sewage discharge. The paper also does some basic accounting analysis on the Ningxia water resource and water environment. Key words: green input-output accounting, water resource, green GDP, green charges
Finite State Machine Detection Model Based on Adaptive TTL Neuron
Zhang Jun,Gao Lei
Journal of Applied Sciences , 2006,
Abstract: Without detailed knowledge of the network topology between Network Security Audit System (NSAS) and the end system, NSAS may be unable to determine whether a given packet will even be seen by the end system. Finite state machine detection model based on adaptive TTL neuron is proposed to solve it in this paper. By inspecting the variance of Time To Live (TTL) field in ingress sequence, the adaptive TTL neuron compares the TTL field of new fragment with the average to detect whether the TTL field of new fragment is normal or not. Combining the TTL neuron with the detection state node of finite state machine detection model, ingress flow will be benign and NSAS won`t be confused anymore.
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