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Mitos alimentares entre trabalhadores
Max Leandro de Araújo Brito
Revista Espa?o Acadêmico , 2011,
Escala de Coma de Glasgow: subestima??o em pacientes com respostas verbais impedidas
Koizumi, Maria Sumie;Araújo, Giane Leandro de;
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21002005000200004
Abstract: frequent question in the use of glasgow coma scale (gcs), on the acute phase, on inpatients due to encephalic cranial trauma (tbi) is the subestima because of the impeditive situations such as tracheostomy/endotracheal intubation, sedation and palpebral edema. the aim of this study was identify and determining the subestima on the total score of gcs when the score 1 is used on the impediment situations for your assessment. the sample studied had 76 inpatients for tbi at the hospital das clínicas da faculdade de medicina da universidade de s?o paulo. within 42 (55,3%) inpatients, there are not impediments and were carried out 136 assessments. in 34 (44,7%), there are impediments characterized by intubation or tracheostomy, being or not related to palpebral edema and sedation and the total evaluation was 310. within them, the total score varied of 3 to 11 with the more frequent scores in 3 and 6. through estimated values by linear regression since the scores obtained in eo and vrm, the following subestimas were obtained: mean=1.03±1.36, median=0.54 (intubation or tracheostomy), mean=0,40±0.79, median=0,00 (intubation or tracheostomy + sedation), mean=0.57±0.96, median=0.27 (intubation or tracheostomy + sedation + palpebral edema). it was concluded that, in the serious ect, the total score of gcs maintained a vrm in 1, although underestimated, it is near the real one.
Estudo da mortalidade por cancer de laringe no estado de Pernambuco - 2000-2004
Pernambuco, Leandro de Araújo;Vilela, Mirella Bezerra Rodrigues;
Revista Brasileira de Otorrinolaringologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-72992009000200010
Abstract: the larynx is considered a site of the greatest occurrence of head and neck neoplasias, and for cancer studies, mortality is one of the most reliable health indicators. aim: to study the mortality by laryngeal cancer in pernambuco during 2000-2004. study format: contemporary cross-sectional cohort. materials and methods: we considered all deaths by laryngeal cancer in residents of pernambuco state between 2000 and 2004, taken from the state's mortality information system (sim/sus). the data was analyzed through descriptive statistics, with the results expressed in tables, graphs and maps, using excel version 2000 and the epiinfo version 6.04b software. results: there was little variation in the mortality coefficient in the years considered for study. the sert?o mesoregion had the highest number of deaths and fernando de noronha island had the highest mortality rate. the patient profile found was: men, between 60-69 years, brown color, married, with low literacy, who died in a hospital setting. conclusion: we found mortality stability and heterogeneity among the cities. the mortality profile according to social variables corroborates data found in other brazilian states, except for race/color.
Effluent of a Polyculture System (Tilapias and Shrimps): Assessment by Mass Balance of Nitrogen and Phosphorus  [PDF]
Sérgio Leandro Araújo-Silva, Munique de Almeida Bispo Moraes, Clovis Ferreira do Carmo, Jo?o Alexandre Saviolo Osti, André Martins Vaz-dos-Santos, Cacilda Thais Janson Mercante
Journal of Environmental Protection (JEP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jep.2014.510081

From the estimation of the mass balance model, which can also be classified as “black box” model, it is possible to infer the impact of management on the system considered. This study aimed to evaluate water pollution generated by wastewater from a polyculture system of tilapia and shrimp and discuss the management employee and their relation to the quality of the effluent released. It used a pond measuring 1500 m2, average depth 1.6 meters, where 12 cages of 1 m3 populated with tilapia juveniles were installed 33 days after the shrimps’ population. The tilapia juveniles were distributed in densities from 200 to 400 fish per cubic meter, reaching the density of 2.4 fish per square meter within the total pond area. Shrimp post-larvae were released outside the cages within the pond area in a density of 3.3 organisms per square meter. Total density considering fish and shrimps was of 5.7 organisms per square meter in the pond area. Water samples were taken weekly in affluent and effluent of the pond (January-August/2009). The mass balance model was calculated from the difference between the estimated load for the output and input of the pond. The average flow rate was 4.46 L/s. The average loads nitrogen was 0.072 Kg/day (affluent) and 0.179 Kg/day (effluent) and phosphorus 0.0136 Kg/day (affluent) and 0.031 Kg/day (effluent). The mass balance resulted in mean values of 0.11 ± 0.06 Kg/day for total nitrogen and 0.017 ± 0.010 Kg/day for total phosphorus indicating that the system exported nutrients. The use of Best Management Practices (BMP) likes better feed and water management as a way to minimize nutrient export.

A prática do futebol acentua os graus de Geno Varo?
Rezende, Leandro Fórnias Machado de;Santos, Maurício do;Araújo, Timóteo Leandro;Matsudo, Victor Keihan Rodrigues;
Revista Brasileira de Medicina do Esporte , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-86922011000500007
Abstract: studies have shown a progressive variation between the childhood and adolescence periods. variables such as age, weight, vitamin/hormone intake, the environment and soccer training may interfere in the knee alignment. objective: a- to compare the knee alignment in soccer and non-soccer practitioners, and b- to determine associations between this alignment and anthropometric and neuromotor variables. methods: the intercondylar (ic) and intermalleolar (im) distances were measured in centimeters in 128 male aged from 14-17 years, soccer practitioners (n=65) and non-practitioners (n=63). the anthropometric variables measured were: body weight and height, whereas the neuromotor variables included agility and speed. results: soccer players revealed a greater degree of genu varum (ic) than non-soccer players in all ages, but just in 14, 17 years-old and total group (all ages together) these differences were statistically significant (p< .05). genu valgum (im) tended to be less remarkable in soccer players than in non-soccer players in all ages; however, significant differences were observed only in 17 years and total group (p< .05). the ic distances in soccer players correlated (p< .05) with agility (r= .-27), weight (r= .-27); while im distances correlated (p< .05) with weight(r=.26). conclusion: soccer players showed more remarkable genu varum than the non-soccer players. there was a significant association between degrees of varus and valgum with body weight and agility. such fact deserves further investigation in order to explain this interesting correlation. present findings support the hypothesis that soccer leads to greater varus and/or this sport naturally selects subjects with a certain degree of varus.
Transferência de oxigênio em reatores de leito fluidizado com circula??o em tubos concêntricos em meios bifásico e trifásico com varia??o da rela??o entre diametros
Araújo, Leandro Santos de;Dall'Aglio Sobrinho, Milton;Gebara, Dib;
Engenharia Sanitaria e Ambiental , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-41522010000300010
Abstract: the efficiency of the concentric tubes internal-loop airlift reactor depends on the hydrodynamic conditions that affect oxygen transfer to the biofilm. this work studied the effects of the relation between diameters of the tubes and of the carrier (sand) concentration on the global oxygen transfer coefficient (kla). the tests - in 2,6 m high reactors with 250 mm external diameter and 100, 125, 150 and 200 mm internal diameters - were performed with air flow taxes up to 2,500 l.h-1 and sand concentrations up to 150 g.l-1. the kla increased slightly for 30 g.l-1 and decreased for higher concentrations, in accordance with related data for similar conditions. a model for kla in biphasic medium was fitted embracing all the external/internal area relationships tested, based on the reduction of the liquid phase transfer coefficient and the bubble diameter ratio with increasing air flow rates.
Advanced techniques in magnetic resonance imaging of the brain in children with ADHD
Pastura, Giuseppe;Mattos, Paulo;Gasparetto, Emerson Leandro;Araújo, Alexandra Prufer de Queiroz Campos;
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-282X2011000200020
Abstract: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) affects about 5% of school-aged child. previous published works using different techniques of magnetic resonance imaging (mri) have demonstrated that there may be some differences between the brain of people with and without this condition. this review aims at providing neurologists, pediatricians and psychiatrists an update on the differences between the brain of children with and without adhd using advanced techniques of magnetic resonance imaging such as diffusion tensor imaging, brain volumetry and cortical thickness, spectroscopy and functional mri. data was obtained by a comprehensive, non-systematic review of medical literature. the regions with a greater number of abnormalities are splenium of the corpus callosum, cingulated girus, caudate nucleus, cerebellum, striatum, frontal and temporal cortices. the brain regions where abnormalities are observed in studies of diffusion tensor, volumetry, spectroscopy and cortical thickness are the same involved in neurobiological theories of adhd coming from studies with functional magnetic resonance imaging.
Características agron?micas do Panicum maximum cv. "Momba?a" submetido a níveis crescentes de fósforo
Ferreira, Evandro Maia;Santos, Antonio Clementino dos;Araújo, Leandro Coelho de;Cunha, Odslei Fagner Ribeiro;
Ciência Rural , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782008000200030
Abstract: the objective of this experiment was to evaluate the effects of the addition of increasing doses of p2o5 on the height of the dossal, number of stalks, production of dry matter of leaves and the stems of the momba?a-grass, in different ages. the experiment was implanted in an eutrophic red nitossol. the experimental designs used were complete randomized block, with four replicates, five levels of p2o5 (30, 60, 90, 120, and 150kg. ha-1) and a tester. analyzing the first and second harvest of the pasture the tillering showed positive linear response to the increasing phosphorus levels, for the third and fourth harvest, the data were adjusted to the quadratic model. increasing p2o5 doses decreased the leaf lamina fraction of aerial part dry matter, however raised the stems fraction. in the first, second and third harvest, aerial part dry matter production increased linearly (7, 15 and 19kg ha-1 of dm for kg ha-1 of p2o5, respectively). in the fourth harvest the data were adjusted to the quadratic model of regression, the maximum production (8.3mg ha-1 of dm) was obtained in the application of 103kg ha-1 of p2o5.
Estimativa de radia??o solar via modelagem atmosférica de mesoescala aplicada à regi?o nordeste do Brasil
Menezes Neto, Otacilio Leandro De;Costa, Alexandre Araújo;Ramalho, Fernando Pinto;
Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-77862009000300007
Abstract: the use of renewable energy sources, like solar, wind and biomass is rapidly increasing in recent years, with solar radiation being a particularly abundant energy source over northeast brazil. thus, the proper quantitative knowledge of the incoming solar radiation is of great importance for energy generation planning in brazil, serving as basis for developing future projects of photovoltaic power plants and solar energy exploration. this work presents a methodology for mapping the incoming solar radiation at ground level on northeast brazil, using a mesoscale atmospheric model (regional atmospheric modeling system - rams), calibrated and validated using the automatic surface stations network data from the ceará state foundation for meteorology and water resources (funda??o cearense de meteorologia e recursos hídricos- funceme). the results showed that the model presents systematic errors, overestimating surface radiation, but, after a proper statistical corrections, using a relationship between the model-predicted cloud fraction and the observed radiation at ground level and the estimated at the top of the atmosphere, a 0.92 correlation value, with a confidence interval of 13,5 w/m2, is obtained for monthly data. using this methodology, an estimated 215 w/m2 annual average incoming solar radiation over ceará is found (maximum in october: 260 w/m2).
Microbiological quality of raw milk marketed in Itapetinga-BA Qualidade microbiológica de leite cru comercializado em Itapetinga-BA
Janeeyre Ferreira Maciel,Elck Almeida Carvalho,Leandro Soares Santos,Josy Barbosa de Araújo
Revista Brasileira de Saúde e Produ??o Animal , 2008,
Abstract: This research was carried out with the aim to evaluate the risks to health of the population in the consumption of raw milk sold in Itapetinga City, State of Bahia, in Brazil. Thirty samples obtained from three sale points (10 of each point) were submitted the following analyses: determination of the Most Probable Number (MPN) of 35°C coliforms and 45°C coliforms, research of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus count (CFU) and research of Salmonella. The experiment was conducted in randomized design with 10 repetitions. There wasn’t significant difference between the three sales points evaluated in the averages of S. aureus, 45°C coliforms and 35°C coliforms. All the samples were contaminated with 45°C coliforms and 35°C coliforms, in numbers that varied from 1,5x103 to 2,4x105 and 1,5x103 to 9,3x104 NMP/mL, respectively. The presence of E.coli was confirmed in four samples. The S. aureus count varied from 2,5x102 to 2x106. Regarding to research of Salmonella, were verified cultures with positive reaction into triple sugar iron and Lysine iron agars, in 93,3% of the samples, suggestive of bacteria belonged to that genus. The results of these analyses indicated that the sold of raw milk poses risks to the health of the population, besides this is an illegal practice in cities that have milk processing plants. Objetivou-se avaliar os riscos à saúde da popula o no consumo de leite cru comercializado em Itapetinga-BA. Trinta amostras, provenientes de três pontos de venda (10 de cada ponto), foram submetidas as seguintes análises: determina o do Número Mais Provável (NMP) de coliformes a 35°C e de coliformes a 45°C, pesquisa de Escherichia coli, contagem de Staphylococcus aureus em unidade formadora de col nias (UFC) e pesquisa de Salmonella. O experimento foi conduzido no delineamento inteiramente casualizado, com 10 repeti es. N o houve diferen a significativa entre os três pontos de venda avaliados quanto às médias das contagens de coliformes a 35°C, coliformes a 45°C e S. aureus. Todas as amostras estavam contaminadas com coliformes a 35°C e coliformes a 45°C, em números que variaram de 1,5x103 a 2,4 x 105 e 1,5x103 a 9,3 x 104 NMP/mL, respectivamente. A presen a de E.coli foi confirmada em quatro amostras. A contagem de S. aureus variou de 2,5x102 a 2x106UFC/mL. Com rela o à pesquisa de Salmonella, foram verificadas culturas com rea o positiva em ágar ferro tríplice a úcar e ágar ferro lisina em 93,3% das amostras, sugestivas de bactérias pertencentes a este gênero. Os resultados dessas análises indicaram que a comercializa o de leite cru apre
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