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Nymph developmental time and survivorship, adult longevity, reproduction and body weight of Dichelops melacanthus (Dallas) feeding on natural and artificial diets
Panizzi, Ant?nio R.;Duo, Leandro J. S.;Bortolato, Nágila M.;Siqueira, Fábio;
Revista Brasileira de Entomologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0085-56262007000400013
Abstract: the biology of nymphs and adults of the neotropical pentatomid, dichelops melacanthus (dallas), feeding on the natural foods, soybean, glycine max (l.) merrill immature pods, and corn, zea mays l. immature seeds, and on an artificial dry diet, was studied in the laboratory. nymph developmental time was shorter on the natural foods (ca. 21-22 days) than on the artificial diet (28 days), and most nymphs reached adulthood on the food plants (55% on soybean and 73% on corn) than on the artificial diet (40%). fresh body weight at adult emergence was similar and higher for females raised as nymphs on the natural foods, compared to females from nymphs raised on the artificial diet; for males, weights were similar on all foods. mean (female and male) survivorship up to day 20, decreased from 55% on soybean to 40% on corn, down to 0% on the artificial diet. total longevity for females was higher on soybean, while for males was similar on all foods. about three times more females oviposited on soybean than on corn, but fecundity/female was similar on both foods. on the artificial diet, only one out of 30 females oviposited. fresh body weight of adults increased significantly during the first week of adult life, and at the end of the 3rd week, weight gain was similar on all foods.
Mycosphaerella areola—The Teleomorph of Ramularia areola of Cotton in Brazil, and Its Epidemiological Significance  [PDF]
Yeshwant R. Mehta, Rafael Galbieri, Mariana S. Marangoni, Leandro Camargo Borsato, Heloisa Poliselo Rodrigues, Jéssica Pereira, Angela Mehta
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2016.710135
Abstract: While Ramularia leaf blight of cotton caused by Ramularia areola is of top most importance for Brazil, information is lacking regarding the survival mechanism of this pathogen during the cotton-free period. The teleomorph of R. areola is expected to belong to the genus Mycosphaerella. In the present study attempts were made to verify occurrence of this teleomorph in the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil. Decaying cotton leaves were collected two months after harvest of 2014 from 44 commercial and experimental fields where aerial fungicidal applications were made or not during the crop cycle to control the Ramularia leaf blight. Examination of the decaying cotton leaves revealed presence of abundant sclerotia, spermagonia and ascoma of Mycosphaerella sp. intermingled with each other during the cotton-free period in most of the leaf samples. Mono-ascospore isolations were obtained from the ascoma and considering their cultural, morphological, pathological and DNA sequence analysis they were identified as Mycosphaerella areola. M. areola and R. areola isolates produced similar symptoms under glasshouse inoculations. Reisolation of the pathogen from the symptoms produced by M. areola isolates yielded R. areola. Some cotton leaves showing such symptoms were kept on the soil surface on plastic trays for two months under natural field condition. After this period the decaying leaves showed abundant perithecia identical to their original M. areola. ITS rDNA sequence analyses revealed identical sequences from M. areola
Síntese e caracteriza??o da hexaferrita de bário tipo m dopada com lantanio e sódio para utiliza??o como absorvedor de microondas
Lima, R. C.;Leandro, J. C. S.;Ogasawara, T.;
Ceramica , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132003000100010
Abstract: lanthanum and sodium doped barium hexaferrite was obtained by the mixed-oxide technique. the composition was ba0,8la0,1na0,1fe12o 19. the aim of this work was to reduce the resonance frequency value of barium hexaferrite in order to be used as microwave absorber material, in the 8-16 ghz frequency range. the analysis of phases was carried out by x-ray diffraction. particle's morphology was studied by scanning electron microscopy (sem). magnetic and microwave absorption properties were evaluated by using a vibrating sample magnetometer and a waveguide measurement set-up.
Síntese e caracteriza o da hexaferrita de bário tipo m dopada com lantanio e sódio para utiliza o como absorvedor de microondas
Lima R. C.,Leandro J. C. S.,Ogasawara T.
Ceramica , 2003,
Abstract: Hexaferrita de Bário, dopada com lantanio e sódio, foi obtida pelo processo de mistura de óxidos. A composi o utilizada foi Ba0,8La0,1Na0,1Fe12O 19. Este trabalho teve como objetivo reduzir o valor da freqüência de ressonancia da hexaferrita de bário tipo M de modo que a mesma possa absorver microondas na faixa de freqüência de 8 a 16 GHz. Para se investigar a fase obtida, o material foi submetido a difra o de raios X. A morfologia das partículas foi verificada pela técnica de microscopia eletr nica de varredura. Suas propriedades magnéticas e de absor o de microondas foram estudadas utilizando-se o magnet metro de amostra vibrante e guia de ondas, respectivamente.
Influência do fósforo e do potássio na severidade da ferrugem da soja Phakopsora pachyrhizi
Balardin, Ricardo S.;Dallagnol, Leandro J.;Didoné, Henrique T.;Navarini, Lucas;
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-41582006000500005
Abstract: mineral nutrition on soybean might reduce the severity of phakopsora pachyrhizi. "embrapa 48" showed higher level of partial resistance than "al 83" cultivars. both cultivars were utilized in the trials. the cultivars were planted in plastic pots with sandy soil, clay and unburned rice husks (3:1:2). the treatments added to the substract were different levels of phosphorus and potassium. the plants were inoculated with uredospores of p. pachyrhizi at v2 and r5 stages, and rust severity evaluated at 14, 17, 21 and 25 days after inoculation. the disease progress rate was calculated. the results showed significant influence of plant nutrition, reducing both the final severity and disease progress rate as p and k level increased. the greatest reduction was observed at v2 stage. greater disease reduction was observed at lower levels of k. the expression of partial resistance of both cultivars was influenced due to variation of p and k levels. lower doses of p and k induced a greater difference in the latent period of the pathogen. the association of genetic cultivar background to mineral nutrition might result in an integrated management disease program, along with evasion and chemical protection strategies.
Efficient Dedicated Multiplication Blocks for 2′s Complement Radix-2m Array Multipliers
Leandro Zafalon Pieper,Eduardo Costa,Sérgio J. M. de Almeida,Sergio Bampi
Journal of Computers , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jcp.5.10.1502-1509
Abstract: In this paper, we introduce new dedicated blocks for radix-2m multiplication. These blocks are basic components of the structure of the 2′s complement radix-2m array multiplier previously proposed in the literature. In the original array multiplier, the blocks that perform the radix-2m multiplication were automatically synthesized from a truth table. The dedicated multiplication blocks we propose are themselves composed of a structure of less complex multiplication blocks and resort to efficient Carry Save adders (CSA). This new scheme can be naturally extended for different radices multiplication. We present results of area, delay and power consumption for 16, 32 and 64 bit array multipliers using the new dedicated modules. The results show that by using the new dedicated modules, the array multipliers are more efficient in terms of delay and power consumption when compared both against the original array structure and the Modified Booth multiplier.
Fluctuation-induced conductivity of polycrystalline Gd1-xCexBa2Cu3O7-δ superconductor
M. Murer,Y. Aparecido Opata,J.F.H. Leandro Monteiro,S. Aparecida da Silva
Revista mexicana de física , 2012,
Abstract: This paper reports on measurements of the resistive transition in polycrystalline Gd1-xCexBa2Cu3O7-δ samples (x = 0.000, 0.025 and 0.050). The samples were produced by a standard solid state reaction method and in two different thermal routes. The microstructure was analyzed by X-ray diffraction. The samples were considered homogeneous since no extra peaks due to impurity phase were observed. To identify power-law divergences in conductivity, the results were analyzed in terms of the temperature derivative of the resistivity and the logarithmic temperature derivative of the conductivity (d ln (Δσ) =dT). From the results, the occurrence of a two-stage transition besides the pairing transition splitting for sample with x = 0.050 was observed. Such splitting was associated with Ce doping and related with the occurrence of a phase separation. In the normal phase, Gaussian and critical fluctuations conductivity regimes were identified. On approaching the zero resistance state, our results showed a power-law behavior that corresponds to a phase transition from a paracoherent to a coherent state of the granular array.
Aplica es de tecnologias pós-colheita para bananas 'Prata-An ' produzidas em Roraima Application of postharvest technologies for bananas 'Prata-An ' produced and marketed in the Roraima - Brazil
Marcos A. de S. Prill,Leandro T. B. C. Neves,André J. de Campos,Samuel Silva
Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1415-43662012001100013
Abstract: Neste trabalho objetivou-se manter a qualidade e aumentar o tempo de prateleira durante a pós-colheita de bananas 'Prata-An ' e se avaliou a eficiência do armazenamento refrigerado (AR) e da atmosfera modificada (AM) pelo uso de embalagens plásticas de polietileno de baixa densidade (PEBD), do vácuo e da utiliza o de sachê adsorvedor de etileno. Os tratamentos foram: T1: Controle (sem embalagem, sistema de adsor o de etileno e sem vácuo); T2: Embalagem de polietileno de baixa densidade (PEBD); T3: PEBD + adsorvedor de etileno; T4: PEBD + vácuo e T5: PEBD + adsorvedor de etileno + vácuo. As análises foram realizadas em intervalos de 5 dias após a colheita, até 35 dias de AR. Verificou-se que os frutos submetidos à embalagem de PEBD apresentaram as menores áreas de les o na casca, as menores concentra es de etileno, os menores incrementos de acidez titulável (AT) e comportamento normal/manuten o dos valores de pH o que, possivelmente, proporcionou os maiores teores de a úcares totais e redutores ao final do período experimental; concluiu-se,ent o, que a combina o do uso da embalagem de PEBD com os sachês adsorvedores de etileno resultou no retardamento do processo de matura o dos frutos de banana 'Prata-An ' proporcionando, comercialmente, a extens o da vida útil dos frutos em até 30 dias após a colheita. In order to keep the quality and increase the shelf-life during the postharvest of bananas 'Prata-An ', the efficiency of cold storage (CS), the modified atmosphere (MA) by the use of low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastics bags, vacuum and use of sachet adsorption of ethylene was evaluated. The treatments were: T1: control (no packaging, system of ethylene adsorption or vacuum), T2: LDPE; T3: LDPE + system of ethylene adsorption; T4: LDPE + vacuum and T5: LDPE + system of ethylene adsorption + vacuum. Analysis were performed every 5 days after harvest, up to 35 days. It was verified that the fruit under LDPE bags showed the smallest areas with skin lesions, the lowest ethylene concentration, the lowest increments of titratable acidity (TA) and normal behavior/maintenance of pH levels. This possibly resulted in the highest contents of total and reduced sugars at the end of the experiment. Thus, it was concluded that the combined use of LDPE bags with the ethylene adsorbents sachets resulted in delaying in the process of bananas 'Prata-An ' ripening, resulting, commercially, in the extension of shelf-life of banana for at least 30 days after harvest.
Efeitos hemostático e estrutural da esponja de celulose liofilizada
Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria , 1998,
Abstract: Os efeitos hemostáticos da celulose oxidada (Surgicel) s o bem conhecidos. Baseados na similaridade estrutural e em um possível efeito hemostático, estudamos a esponja de celulose liofilizada utilizando dois modelos experimentais. Fase I - Realizada em 12 c es, consistiu na provoca o de les o cortical com sangramento, introdu o de fragmento de esponja de celulose liofilizada no interior da les o e medida do tempo necessário para obter-se hemostasia. Os animais foram sacrificados em 7, 30 e 90 dias. A hemostasia foi obtida, em média, após 1 minuto e nenhum efeito colateral clínico foi detectado. A microscopia mostrou rea o histiocitária leve aos 7 e 30 dias, com presen a de pequena quantidade de células gigantes tipo corpo estranho. A rea o histioplasmocitária regrediu e, aos 90 dias, a celulose estava circundada por pobre rea o inflamatória. A membrana liofilizada revelou ter aspecto peculiar, representado por filamentos eosinofílicos, circundados por rea o inflamatória, que diminuiu com o tempo. Somente esparsos e irregulares filamenos eosinofílicos foram percebidos aos 90 dias. Fase II - Foram introduzidos fragmentos de dimens es conhecidas de esponja de celulose, no interior do fígado de 12 ratos, que foram sacrificados em 7, 30 e 90 dias. Na autopsia, a inspe o a olho desarmado constatou, aos 30 e 90 dias, a forma o de bridas peritoneais na altura do implante. Em todos os animais, especialmente aos 7 dias, a microscopia revelou intensa rea o histiolinfoplasmocitária ao redor do implante. Em dois animais, aos 90 dias, detectaram-se granulos refringentes à luz polarizada, no interior de células gigantes, demonstrando fagocitose ativa de celulose. Em conclus o, observou-se haver necessidade de modelo experimental comparativo para provar a existência de propriedades hemostáticas na esponja. Conseguiu-se, no entanto, provar a existência de reabsor o da celulose em mamíferos através de fagocitose, fato este ainda n o relatado na literatura.
Active control of qubit-qubit entanglement evolution
J. F. Leandro,A. S. M. de Castro,P. P. Munhoz,F. L. Semi?o
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1016/j.physleta.2010.08.035
Abstract: In this work, we propose a scheme to design the time evolution of the entropy of entanglement between two qubits. It is shown an explicit accurate solution for the inverse problem of determining the time dependence of the coupling constant from a user-defined dynamical entanglement function. Such an active control of entanglement can be implemented in many different physical implementations of coupled qubits, and we briefly comment on the use of interacting flux qubits.
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