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Genetic Ancestry, Self-Reported Race and Ethnicity in African Americans and European Americans in the PCaP Cohort
Lara E. Sucheston, Jeannette T. Bensen, Zongli Xu, Prashant K. Singh, Leah Preus, James L. Mohler, L. Joseph Su, Elizabeth T. H. Fontham, Bernardo Ruiz, Gary J. Smith, Jack A. Taylor
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0030950
Abstract: Background Family history and African-American race are important risk factors for both prostate cancer (CaP) incidence and aggressiveness. When studying complex diseases such as CaP that have a heritable component, chances of finding true disease susceptibility alleles can be increased by accounting for genetic ancestry within the population investigated. Race, ethnicity and ancestry were studied in a geographically diverse cohort of men with newly diagnosed CaP. Methods Individual ancestry (IA) was estimated in the population-based North Carolina and Louisiana Prostate Cancer Project (PCaP), a cohort of 2,106 incident CaP cases (2063 with complete ethnicity information) comprising roughly equal numbers of research subjects reporting as Black/African American (AA) or European American/Caucasian/Caucasian American/White (EA) from North Carolina or Louisiana. Mean genome wide individual ancestry estimates of percent African, European and Asian were obtained and tested for differences by state and ethnicity (Cajun and/or Creole and Hispanic/Latino) using multivariate analysis of variance models. Principal components (PC) were compared to assess differences in genetic composition by self-reported race and ethnicity between and within states. Results Mean individual ancestries differed by state for self-reporting AA (p = 0.03) and EA (p = 0.001). This geographic difference attenuated for AAs who answered “no” to all ethnicity membership questions (non-ethnic research subjects; p = 0.78) but not EA research subjects, p = 0.002. Mean ancestry estimates of self-identified AA Louisiana research subjects for each ethnic group; Cajun only, Creole only and both Cajun and Creole differed significantly from self-identified non-ethnic AA Louisiana research subjects. These ethnicity differences were not seen in those who self-identified as EA. Conclusions Mean IA differed by race between states, elucidating a potential contributing factor to these differences in AA research participants: self-reported ethnicity. Accurately accounting for genetic admixture in this cohort is essential for future analyses of the genetic and environmental contributions to CaP.
Rights with Capabilities: Towards a Social Justice Framework for Migrant Activism
Leah Briones
Studies in Social Justice , 2011,
Abstract: The paradigm of rights, established throughout the academic, policy and migrant activism arenas, governs the protection of vulnerable migrant workers against abuse. To what extent this approach has achieved social justice for the migrant worker in the current global political economy climate is, however, uncertain. In analyzing the use of rights in migrant activism in Hong Kong, this paper shows the limitation of rights in the migrant experience at the same time as it shows how a new paradigm based on the Capablities Approach could provide a more appropriate framework from which to achieve social justice for the migrant worker.
Une parole libératrice: le discours féminin de l’endurance dans Un alligator nommé Rosa de Marie-Célie Agnant et Syngué Sabour: pierre de patience d’Atiq Rahimi
Leah Roth
Voix Plurielles , 2012,
Abstract: Cet article examine le discours féminin de l’endurance dans deux romans de l’extrême contemporain, Un alligator nommé Rosa (2007) de Marie-Célie Agnant et Syngué Sabour : pierre de patience (2008) d’Atiq Rahimi. S’appuyant sur les écrits de Dominique Maingueneau sur le discours littéraire, cette étude analyse d’abord la manière dont l’endurance de la femme est racontée dans la littérature de l’extrême contemporain. Elle examine ensuite la visée éthique, telle que proposée par Paul Ric ur, qui se manifeste à travers ce discours de l’endurance dans les textes et qui s’avère si importante pour le monde d’aujourd’hui.
Teaching from the Heart: Towards a Practice of Liberatory Education in Sociology
Ronnie Leah
Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis , 1995,
Abstract: Over the past few years I have been reflecting on my identity as a university sociology teacher and a social activist; at the same time, I have been experimenting with teaching practices that promote a liberatory educational process. In May 1993, I was invited to give a presentation on my “Authority in Teaching” to theannual Faculty of Education retreat at my university. This provided me with an excellent opportunity to engage in critical self-reflection about my goals as a teacher and to asses the impact of my teaching practices in the classroom. I have also participated in the “Teaching in Focus” group at my university for the past two years, and this has provided me with further opportunities to reflect on my classroom practices and to explore a number ofinnovative approaches to teaching.
Scholarly communication, scholarly publication and the status of emerging formats
Leah Halliday
Information Research: an international electronic journal , 2001,
Abstract: A study was carried out to clarify the term 'scholarly publication' and to explore the role of this activity in the scholarly communication process. Desk research was supplemented by responses to a questionnaire from key figures in the development of emerging scholarly communicative behaviours. This facilitated development of a working definition of scholarly publication consisting of a list of criteria. These may be used to analyse the degree to which emerging formats can be categorised as scholarly publications and to identify the means by which these formats may be supplemented so that their status may be promoted to that of scholarly publication , i.e., documents that meet all of the publication needs of scholarly communities.
How evaluation processes affect the professional development of five teachers in higher education
Leah Shagrir
The Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning , 2012,
Abstract: This paper presents research that investigates the nature of the connection between the professional development of five teachers in higher education and the evaluation processes they have to undergo. Since teaching, scholarship, and service are the three components that evaluation measures, this research examines how the teachers’ professional development was reflected in these components, and how they viewed the connection between their professional activities and the evaluation process. One conclusion states that while the evaluation process is intimidating and taxing, it develops the skills for the teaching component. The contribution stems principally from a mentoring channel, which enables teachers to receive counseling and guidance from experienced veteran colleagues. Mentoring encourages the teachers and prompts them to seek advice, study, scrutinize their work methods, and improve the quality of their teaching. Another conclusion reveals that during the first years of work in higher education, evaluation was not found to influence activity in the scholarship and service components. The evaluation requirements notwithstanding, the extent of the activity in these components was limited and non-intensive as a result of the teachers’ focus on teaching. Professional development deepens and expands as seniority increases and confidence in one’s teaching abilities grow. Despite the limited scale of the study, the research conclusions may serve as recommendations for institutions of higher education to consider providing a mentoring channel for the teachers who are in their first years of academic work. Furthermore, institutions should demonstrate flexibility vis-à-vis the extent and depth of such individuals’ activity in scholarship and services when evaluating them. Another recommendation is to encourage institutions to take into account the advantages of veteran teachers, and the fact that professional activities deepen and expand as seniority increases.
Clinging to Discredited Beliefs: The Larger Cognitive Story
Leah Savion
The Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning , 2009,
Simply Intersecting Pair Maps in the Mapping Class Group
Leah Childers
Mathematics , 2010,
Abstract: The Torelli group, I(S_g), is the subgroup of the mapping class group consisting of elements that act trivially on the homology of the surface. There are three types of elements that naturally arise in studying I(S_g): bounding pair maps, separating twists, and simply intersecting pair maps (SIP-maps). Historically the first two types of elements have been the focus of the literature on I(S_g), while SIP-maps have received relatively little attention until recently, due to an infinite presentation of I(S_g) introduced by Andrew Putman that uses all three types of elements. We will give a topological characterization of the image of an SIP-map under the Johnson homomorphism and Birman-Craggs-Johnson homomorphism. We will also classify which SIP-maps are in the kernel of these homomorphisms. Then we will look at the subgroup generated by all SIP-maps, SIP(S_g), and show it is an infinite index subgroup of I(S_g).
Inherited Variants in Regulatory T Cell Genes and Outcome of Ovarian Cancer
Ellen L. Goode, Melissa DeRycke, Kimberly R. Kalli, Ann L. Oberg, Julie M. Cunningham, Matthew J. Maurer, Brooke L. Fridley, Sebastian M. Armasu, Daniel J. Serie, Priya Ramar, Krista Goergen, Robert A. Vierkant, David N. Rider, Hugues Sicotte, Chen Wang, Boris Winterhoff, Catherine M. Phelan, Joellen M. Schildkraut, Rachel P. Weber, Ed Iversen, Andrew Berchuck, Rebecca Sutphen, Michael J. Birrer, Shalaka Hampras, Leah Preus, Simon A. Gayther, Susan J. Ramus, Nicolas Wentzensen, Hannah P. Yang, Montserrat Garcia-Closas, Honglin Song, Jonathan Tyrer, Paul P. D. Pharoah, Gottfried Konecny, Thomas A. Sellers, Roberta B. Ness, Lara E. Sucheston, Kunle Odunsi, Lynn C. Hartmann, Kirsten B. Moysich, Keith L. Knutson
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0053903
Abstract: Although ovarian cancer is the most lethal of gynecologic malignancies, wide variation in outcome following conventional therapy continues to exist. The presence of tumor-infiltrating regulatory T cells (Tregs) has a role in outcome of this disease, and a growing body of data supports the existence of inherited prognostic factors. However, the role of inherited variants in genes encoding Treg-related immune molecules has not been fully explored. We analyzed expression quantitative trait loci (eQTL) and sequence-based tagging single nucleotide polymorphisms (tagSNPs) for 54 genes associated with Tregs in 3,662 invasive ovarian cancer cases. With adjustment for known prognostic factors, suggestive results were observed among rarer histological subtypes; poorer survival was associated with minor alleles at SNPs in RGS1 (clear cell, rs10921202, p = 2.7×10?5), LRRC32 and TNFRSF18/TNFRSF4 (mucinous, rs3781699, p = 4.5×10?4, and rs3753348, p = 9.0×10?4, respectively), and CD80 (endometrioid, rs13071247, p = 8.0×10?4). Fo0r the latter, correlative data support a CD80 rs13071247 genotype association with CD80 tumor RNA expression (p = 0.006). An additional eQTL SNP in CD80 was associated with shorter survival (rs7804190, p = 8.1×10?4) among all cases combined. As the products of these genes are known to affect induction, trafficking, or immunosuppressive function of Tregs, these results suggest the need for follow-up phenotypic studies.
Differential Relationships among Facets of Alexithymia and BDNF- and Dopamine-Related Polymorphisms  [PDF]
Nancy S. Koven, Leah H. Carr
Neuroscience & Medicine (NM) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/nm.2012.31002
Abstract: Alexithymia refers to a cluster of emotion-related deficits such as difficulty attending to and identifying one’s feelings. Although not a diagnosable psychiatric condition, alexithymia is considered a personality risk factor for multiple pathologies, including somatoform, substance use, eating, and mood disorders. Evidence suggests heritability, but few studies have examined the influence of specific genes on alexithymic traits. Candidate genes explored thus far include those involved in modulation of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and dopamine, two neurotransmitters whose functions have been implicated in human emotion processing. This study investigated the relationship between the C270T polymorphism of the BDNF gene, facets of alexithymia, and possible interactions with the COMT, DAT1, and ANKK1 genes in a sample of 130 healthy adults. Given the multidimensionality of the alexithymia construct and its overlap with the related constructs of emotional intelligence and mood awareness, we used principal components analysis to derive Clarity of Emotion and Attention to Emotion as specific facets of alexithymia. Results showed that the C270T C/C genotype group had lower Clarity of Emotion scores relative to the C/T genotype group, even after covarying for COMT, DAT1, and ANKK1 genotypes. Dopamine-related genes had no association with alexithymia dimensions, nor did they interact with the C270T polymorphism to predict Clarity of Emotion. Although the molecular mechanisms by which this polymorphism influences BDNF are unknown, this study suggests a role for BDNF in modulating aspects of alexithymia. We discuss these results in the context of BDNF’s trophic effects in the nervous system.
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