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Representa??es sociais, ideologia e desenvolvimento da consciência
Franco, Maria Laura Puglisi Barbosa;
Cadernos de Pesquisa , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-15742004000100008
Abstract: this text is an attempt to link the concepts of social representation, ideology and consciousness development aiming to contribute to the understanding the reasons and the purposes of studying social representations. it warrants the importance of studying social representations, its origin, its theoretical and methodological assumptions and its links to concepts of ideology and to the emergence and development of the human consciousness. the text is not limited to exposing the theoretical components of these concepts. when required it makes use of concrete examples in order to ease understanding of the proposed topics and render the development of the issue in focus more effective and meaningful.
Habilidades y representaciones sociales de alumnos de escuelas estatales del municipio de S o Paulo (Brasil)
Maria Laura Puglisi Barbosa Franco
Abstract: Este trabajo hace parte de una investigación más amplia que tuvo como objetivo correlatar el rendimiento escolar y el desempe o en habilidades sociales con vistas a la formación del ciudadano. Fue desarrollada junto a 741 alumnos de Escuelas Estaduales del Municipio de S o Paulo, Brasil Teniendo en vista la correlación positiva, observada entre el desempe o en habilidades sociales y el rendimiento escolar (principalmente en los exámenes de Lengua Portuguesa), fue hecha una investigación con una muestra de 95 alumnos, para identificar, analizar e interpretar las Representaciones Sociales sobre la escuela, sobre el profesor ideal , sobre el futuro y sobre el tipo de conocimientos importantes para vencer en la vida . El texto discute la concepción de Destrezas de Vida y su importancia para la Educación. Presenta los procedimientos metodológicos de la investigación empírica, y discute sus resultados. En las Consideraciones Finales los principales involucrados son establecidos y observados entre el contenido de las Representaciones Sociales y sus implicaciones para la Formación de Maestros y para la posibilidad de un avanzo en el sentido de una educación de calidad
Os jovens do ensino médio e suas representa??es sociais
Franco, Maria Laura P. Barbosa;Novaes, Gláucia Torres Franco;
Cadernos de Pesquisa , 2001, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-15742001000100009
Abstract: the article reports on the results of research on the social representations that high school students develop about school and work. it can be seen that these young people deposit in education and the school their sole hope for acquiring better recognized social status and better jobs, frequently wanting to continue their studies. representations about work reveal themselves to be quite idealized, indicating the lack of knowledge of many of the structural and conjunctural determinants in social and work relations. the results obtained are analyzed in such a way as to contribute to reflections on the implantation of the present curricular reform at this level of schooling in brazil.
A Building Energy Efficiency Optimization Method by Evaluating the Effective Thermal Zones Occupancy
Anna Laura Pisello,Michael Bobker,Franco Cotana
Energies , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/en5125257
Abstract: Building energy efficiency is strongly linked to the operations and control systems, together with the integrated performance of passive and active systems. In new high quality buildings in particular, where these two latter aspects have been already implemented at the design stage, users’ perspective, obtained through post-occupancy assessment, has to be considered to reduce whole energy requirement during service life. This research presents an innovative and low-cost methodology to reduce buildings’ energy requirements through post-occupancy assessment and optimization of energy operations using effective users’ attitudes and requirements as feedback. As a meaningful example, the proposed method is applied to a multipurpose building located in New York City, NY, USA, where real occupancy conditions are assessed. The effectiveness of the method is tested through dynamic simulations using a numerical model of the case study, calibrated through real monitoring data collected on the building. Results show that, for the chosen case study, the method provides optimized building energy operations which allow a reduction of primary energy requirements for HVAC, lighting, room-electricity, and auxiliary supply by about 21%. This paper shows that the proposed strategy represents an effective way to reduce buildings’ energy waste, in particular in those complex and high-efficiency buildings that are not performing as well as expected during the concept-design-commissioning stage, in particular due to the lack of feedback after the building handover.
La función de la piel y de las modificaciones corporales en la constitución del Yo
Avances en Psicología Latinoamericana , 2012,
Abstract: in object relation theory and particularly in esther bick's theory, skin has a mayor function in the process of the self constitution; with bick's concept of skin as a container, the role of this body organ as a mediator in the integration of parts of personality on infants is emphasized. for the development of this role, the introjection of the mother containing function is necessary, because if not introjected, the infant must develop substitutive methods for containing himself. in bick's theory these methods would take the form of second skins. this article analyses the relation between the body modification and its possible relation with second skin forms in adulthood.
La función de la piel y de las modificaciones corporales en la constitución del Yo
Laura Franco Cian,Silvia Rivera Largacha
Avances en Psicología Latinoamericana , 2012,
Abstract: In object relation theory and particularly in Esther Bick’s theory, skin has a mayor function in the process of the Self constitution; with Bick’s concept of skin as a container, the role of this body organ as a mediator in the integration of parts of personality on infants is emphasized. For the development of this role, the introjection of the mother containing function is necessary, because if not introjected, the infant must develop substitutive methods for containing himself. In Bick’s theory these methods would take the form of second skins. This article analyses the relation between the body modification and its possible relation with second skin forms in adulthood.
Proteins from Punctularia atropurpurascens with Biotechnological Applications  [PDF]
Silvana Alborés, Maria José Bustamante, Laura Franco Fraguas, Maria Pía Cerdeiras
Natural Resources (NR) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/nr.2014.515078
Abstract: Basidiomycetes are able to biodegrade waste and xenobiotic molecules through the production of extracellular enzymes. For example, white-rot fungi produce lignin-degrading enzymes which are capable of efficiently decolorizing dye solutions. Many mushrooms also produce lectins, a group of proteins which bind specifically to the carbohydrates in glycoconjugates. Several fungal lectins target their specificities towards oligosaccharides present in mammalian glycoproteins, thus constituting excellent ligands for the preparation of affinity adsorbents useful in isolation and characterization of these glycoproteins. In this study we isolated and characterized two different proteins, a lectin and a laccase, present in extracts from Punctularia atropurpurascens. The lectin isolated from the mycelium extract, was immobilized on activated-Sepharose and used to evaluate the interaction with three glycoproteins. The adsorbent was able to efficiently adsorb and elute bovine lactoferrin, constituting a promising tool for the purification of this glycoprotein. In vitro experiments revealed that the lectin also exhibited antimicrobial activity against Aspergillus niger. Laccase activity was detected in the extracellular extract from P. atropurpurascens. This enzyme, in both soluble and immobilized forms, was able to degrade Remazol Brilliant Blue R and Acid Blue 25 dyes. The biological activities found in this fungus demonstrate its potential for various biotechnological applications.
Airborne Nanoparticles Filtration by Means of Cellulose Nanofibril Based Materials  [PDF]
Laura Alexandrescu, Kristin Syverud, Alessia Nicosia, Gianni Santachiara, Alberto Fabrizi, Franco Belosi
Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology (JBNB) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/jbnb.2016.71004

Nanoparticles in air are of particular concern for public health and employee exposure in work-places. Therefore, it is very important to prepare effective filters for their removal. In this work filters were prepared from nanocellulose, i.e. cellulose nanofibrils (CNF). CNF was produced using two methods giving two different qualities of CNF. One quality had negative charges on the fibril surfaces while the other was neutral, and had in addition thinner fibrils compared to the other qualities. Filter samples were produced from water dispersions of CNF, by removal of the water by freeze drying. The performance of the CNF based filters was assessed and compared with filters based on synthetic polymer fibres. The ability to collect NaCl particles with a broad size distribution, ranging from nanometer to micrometer scale, was determined. CNF filters showed quality values comparable with the synthetic polymer based filters. Filters based on both the two CNF qualities had very good filtration efficiency for a given pressure drop across the filter.

Climatologia de frentes frias no litoral de Santa Catarina
Rodrigues, Maria Laura Guimar?es;Franco, Davide;Sugahara, Shigetoshi;
Revista Brasileira de Geofísica , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-261X2004000200004
Abstract: a climatology of cold fronts at the coast of state do santa catarina, brazil, is established based on 10-year period (1990-1999) of ncep-ncar reanalysis data. the cold front passages were objectively identified taking into account the wind shifts to a southerly direction, as well as the persistence of southerly wind for at least one day, and a decreasing of air temperature. the results show that, on the average, 3 to 4 cold fronts reach coast of santa catarina, each month, with an interval of 8 days. the composite data analysis, using the date of days of cold front passages at santa catarina as reference, shows clearly a climatological pattern of evolution, with cold front moving typically from southwest to northeast. in terms of seasonal mean, during winter, one day before reaching coast of santa catarina (day -1) the cold front is observed at rio grande do sul. after passing at santa catarina (day 0), it continues to move equatorward, reaching the coast of rio de janeiro one day later (day +1), until it reaches latitudes close to 20os (day +2), in the its stage of dissipation. in the third day, after the passage at santa catarina, the cold front is no more observed. similar pattern of evolution is observed during summer, though the cold fronts are less intense and of slightly more rapid dissipation.
Hepatitis A: Epidemiology and prevention in developing countries
Elisabetta Franco,Cristina Meleleo,Laura Serino,Debora Sorbara
World Journal of Hepatology , 2012, DOI: 10.4254/wjh.v4.i3.68
Abstract: Hepatitis A is the most common form of acute viral hepatitis in the world. Major geographical differences in endemicity of hepatitis A are closely related to hygienic and sanitary conditions and other indicators of the level of socioeconomic development. The anti-hepatitis A virus (HAV) seroprevalence rate is presently decreasing in many parts of the world, but in less developed regions and in several developing countries, HAV infection is still very common in the first years of life and seroprevalence rates approach 100%. In areas of intermediate endemicity, the delay in the exposure to the virus has generated a huge number of susceptible adolescents and adults and significantly increased the average age at infection. As the severity of disease increases with age, this has led to outbreaks of hepatitis A. Several factors contribute to the decline of the infection rate, including rising socioeconomic levels, increased access to clean water and the availability of a hepatitis A vaccine that was developed in the 1990s. For populations with a high proportion of susceptible adults, implementing vaccination programs may be considered. In this report, we review available epidemiological data and implementation of vaccination strategies, particularly focusing on developing countries.
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