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Soroepidemiologia da toxoplasmose em gestantes a partir da implanta??o do Programa de Vigilancia da Toxoplasmose Adquirida e Congênita em municípios da regi?o oeste do Paraná
Bittencourt, Laura Helena Frana de Barros;Lopes-Mori, Fabiana Maria Ruiz;Mitsuka-Breganó, Regina;Valentim-Zabott, Marivone;Freire, Roberta Lemos;Pinto, Simone Benghi;Navarro, Italmar Teodorico;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032012000200004
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the susceptibility to toxoplasmosis in pregnant women in the public health service from two cities in the western region of paraná, brazil. methods: four thousand twenty-two pregnant women were evaluated for anti-toxoplasma gondii igg and igm by elisa and meia. seronegative pregnant women repeated the serology in the second and third trimester of pregnancy. neonatal screening of 27 newborns was also performed in one of the cities to detect igm anti- toxoplasma gondii by fluorometry. all pregnant women answered an epidemiological questionnaire to analyze the factors associated with the risk of infection by toxoplasma gondii. for statistical analysis, the presence of igg anti-toxoplasma gondii was considered as the dependent variable and the variables contained in the epidemiological questionnaire as the independent ones. results: the prevalence of anti-toxoplasma gondii igg in pregnant women was 59.8 and 60.6%. in one of the cities, the variables associated with the presence of igg antibodies were low educational level and more than one pregnancy. there was no association with other factors studied such as consumption of raw or undercooked meat, consumption of raw vegetables, consumption of colonial salami, handling soil or sand, the presence of a home vegetable garden and cats in the household. in the other city there was no statistical association with the variables studied. no case of acute infection and no seroconversion were confirmed in either city. none of the infants evaluated were positive for toxoplasmosis. conclusion: toxoplasmosis is common in pregnant women attended by the public health service in the region studied and 40% of them are susceptible to the infection. these data reinforce the need to keep the screening program in these cities.
Programas de controle da toxoplasmose congênita
Lopes-Mori, Fabiana Maria Ruiz;Mitsuka-Breganó, Regina;Capobiango, Jaqueline Dario;Inoue, Inácio Teruo;Reiche, Edna Maria Vissoci;Morimoto, Helena Kaminami;Casella, Ant?nio Marcelo Barbante;Bittencourt, Laura Helena Frana de Barros;Freire, Roberta Lemos;Navarro, Italmar Teodorico;
Revista da Associa??o Médica Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-42302011000500021
Abstract: congenital toxoplasmosis can cause miscarriage and neurological and/or eye damage to the fetus. since austria and france established the prenatal screening, the prevalence of toxoplasmosis has declined from 50% to 35% and 84% to 44%, respectively. other countries, such as the united kingdom, have educational practices to reduce the risk of infection in seronegative pregnant women. in brazil, prenatal screening is carried out in the states of mato grosso do sul and minas gerais and the cities of curitiba and porto alegre. in londrina, state of parana, the "health surveillance program for toxoplasmosis acquired during pregnancy and congenital toxoplasmosis" was established, which is based on serological screening, advising on prevention measures and quarterly serological monitoring in pregnant women that are initially seronegative, in addition to the monitoring of pregnant women and children with acute infection and case notification. in the first four years of implementation, the program evaluation showed a 63% reduction in the number of pregnant women and 42% in the number of children referred to reference services, resulting in the opening of vacancies for the care of patients with other diseases. as for medications, there was a 62% reduction in consumption of folic acid and 67% of sulfadiazine. moreover, the definition of the protocols resulted in the standardization of care and safety for the decision-making by physicians. therefore, as there are several protocols individualized in various departments and regions, the establishment of an ideal, consensual conduct with technical support, will result in implementing measures that will certainly save public resources, with the decrease in congenital toxoplasmosis.
Seroprevalence of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (LC) in dogs and identification of vectors (Diptera:Psychodidae) in Bela Vista do Paraíso, Parana state Soroprevalência da Leishmaniose Tegumentar Americana (LTA) canina e fauna de Flebotomíneos (Diptera: Psychodidae) em Bela Vista do Paraíso, Paraná
Homero Ribeiro dos Reis,Fabiana Maria Ruiz Lopes-Mori,Célia Rosimarie dos Reis,Roberta Lemos Freire
Semina : Ciências Agrárias , 2011,
Abstract: The aim of this study was to determine the seroprevalence of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (CL) in dogs of Bela Vista do Paraiso, Parana state, compare the IFA and ELISA techniques and identify the vectors possibly involved in the cycle of the parasite. Were collected blood samples from 489 dogs that were subjected to detection of anti-Leishmania sp. by IFA and by ELISA. Were considered positive samples 340 titers in IFA and for ELISA 3 0.174 optical density. Among the samples analyzed, 222 (45.4%) were positive by IFA and 189 (38.7%) by ELISA. Comparing the tests were found 176 positive samples (36.0%) and 254 negative (51.9%) for both techniques. The sensitivity of ELISA was 79.3% and specificity was 95.1%. The global coefficient of the test was 87.0% with kappa coefficient of 0.75. Analysis of variables for dogs with positive serology by IFA showed significant differences regarding the absence of forests and lack of contact with other animal species. Positive sera by ELISA in dogs variables that showed significant differences were the type of riparian vegetation existing in the environment, the lack of garbage, open sewers and released directly into rivers or streams and garbage thrown on wasteland, burned or buried. The result obtained with the capture of sandflies was the predominance of Lutzomyia whitmani with 79.9% of the species collected. The result obtained with the capture of sandflies was the predominance of Lutzomyia whitmani with 79.9% of the species collected. The results showed that the LTA is widespread in the canine population of Bela Vista do Paraiso, and both the IFI and ELISA can be used for diagnosis. So the dog appears as a link between wild and peridomestic cycle of CL may become an amplifier of disease in this ecosystem. O trabalho teve como objetivo determinar a soroprevalência da Leishmaniose Tegumentar Americana (LTA) canina no município de Bela Vista do Paraíso, Paraná, comparar as técnicas de imunofluorescência indireta (IFI) e ensaio imunoenzimático (ELISA) e identificar as espécies de flebotomíneos presentes, possivelmente envolvidas no ciclo do parasito. Amostras de sangue de 489 c es foram submetidas à pesquisa de anticorpos anti-Leishmania sp. pela IFI e ELISA. Foram consideradas positivas as amostras que apresentaram título 3 40 na IFI e densidade ótica 3 0.174 no ELISA. Entre as amostras analisadas, 222 (45,4%) foram reagentes pela IFI e 189 (38,7%) pelo ELISA. Comparando-se os testes foram encontradas 176 amostras positivas (36,0%) e 254 negativas (51,9%) para ambas as técnicas. A sensibilidade do ELISA foi de 79,3% e a es
Conflitos no relacionamento entre cuidadores e idosos: o olhar do cuidador
Carneiro, Ver?nica Lopes;Frana, Lucia Helena de Freitas Pinho;
Revista Brasileira de Geriatria e Gerontologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1809-98232011000400005
Abstract: this study investigated the conflicts between caregivers and the elderly in their care, from the viewpoint of 100 caregivers, living in the state of rio de janeiro who filled in a questionnaire, during an interview. the marital status of the elderly and the level of schooling of the caregivers were assessed as possible variables influencing the frequency of the conflicts. some items of an instrument of a study of solidarity between elderly and their caregivers by lowestein, katz, mehlhausen-hassoen e prilutzky (2005) were used to build and validate the scale of perceived conflicts between caregivers and the elderly (ecpci), covering ten items in a likert type, from 1 (always) to 5 (never). the ecpci afforded excellent internal consistency (α = 0.91), and factorial analysis originated two dimensions: annoyance on a daily basis (α = 0.91) and criticism and conflicts (α = 0.83). the criticism of the caregivers by the-elderly is the highest frequency item, and the lowest was the annoyance in regard to taking care of the elderly. the elderly who do not have partners have more conflicts with the caregivers than the elderly who live with partners (t = 2.76; p<0.05). no correlation was found between the level of the caregivers' schooling and their conflicts with the elderly. finally, strategies are suggested in order to reduce these conflicts: for instance, encouraging organizations to offer courses to caregivers to improve interpersonal communication skills and general ageing knowledge, as well as encouraging care as an emergent and important career in brazil.
Factors associated to infection by Toxoplasma gondii in pregnant women attended in Basic Health Units in the city of Rolandia, Paraná, Brazil
Dias, Renata Cristina Ferreira;Lopes-Mori, Fabiana Maria Ruiz;Mitsuka-Breganó, Regina;Dias, Rafael André Ferreira;Tokano, Deise Vieira;Reiche, Edna Maria Vissoci;Freire, Roberta Lemos;Navarro, Italmar Teodorico;
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de S?o Paulo , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-46652011000400002
Abstract: the aim of the present work was to determine the prevalence of igg and igm anti-toxoplasma gondii antibodies and the factors associated to the infection in pregnant women attended in basic health units in rolandia, paraná, brazil. the sample was divided in two groups: group i (320 pregnant women who were analyzed from july 2007 to february 2008) and group ii (287 pregnant women who were analyzed from march to october 2008). in group i, it was found 53.1% of pregnant women with igg reactive and igm non-reactive, 1.9% with igg and igm reactive, 0.3% with igg non-reactive and igm reactive and 44.7% with igg and igm non-reactive. in group ii, it was found 55.1% with igg reactive and igm non-reactive and 44.9% with igg and igm non-reactive. the variables associated to the presence of igg antibodies were: residence in rural areas, pregnant women between 35-40 years old, low educational level, low family income, more than one pregnancy, drinking water which does not originate from the public water supply system and the habit of handling soil or sand. guidance on primary prevention measures and the quarterly serological monitoring of the pregnant women in the risk group are important measures to prevent congenital toxoplasmosis.
Avalia??o da perda de inser??o dentária em pacientes com doen?a renal cr?nica em hemodiálise
Gon?alves, érica Melo;Lima, Danilo Lopes Ferreira;Albuquerque, Sandra Helena C. de;Carvalho, José Arthur de;Cariri, Tiago Frana Araripe;Oliveira, Cláudia Maria Costa de;
Jornal Brasileiro de Nefrologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-28002011000300003
Abstract: chronic kidney failure (ckf) is a clinical syndrome due to the slow, progressive and irreversible loss of the glomerular filtration rate. ckf may be associated with several oral manifestations, such as xerostomia, uremic stomatitis and periodontitis, diagnosed as clinical attachment loss (cal). 92 patients, from the prontorim hemodialysis clinic of fortaleza, ceará, brazil, were investigated. only 34 patients (37%) were eligible for periodontal investigation, which consisted of cal measurement (values grater than 2 mm diagnosing periodontitis). cal measurements ranged from 1.31 to 5.27 mm (2.30 ± 0.96 mm). 18 (52.9%) patients had smaller than 2 mm cal, while 16 (47.1%) had periodontitis. tooth loss and considerable cal were observed in this study. nevertheless, factors such as social status should be considered in further investigations.
Exercício físico como fator de preven??o aos processos inflamatórios decorrentes do envelhecimento
Brito, Ciro José;Volp, Ana Carolina Pinheiro;Nóbrega, Otávio de Toledo;Silva Júnior, Fernando Lopes e;Mendes, Edmar Lacerda;Roas, Aendria Fernanda Castro Martins;Barros, Jonatas de Frana;Córdova, Cláudio;
Motriz: Revista de Educa??o Física , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1980-65742011000300017
Abstract: during the aging is observed complex remodeling of immune system. these changes are associated with the development of diseases responsible for much of the mortality in the elderly. recently, the regular practice of exercise has been proposed as an intervention non-medication with broad benefits on regulation processes arising from immunosenescence. in sense, this paper reviewed and discussed studies addressing the action of pro-inflammatory mediator's chronic and possible actions of physical exercise as anti-inflammatory agent. based on the results of studies in the literature suggest that, together, interleukin-6 (il-6) and tumor necrosis factor-α (tnf-α) are the main cytokines associated with atherosclerosis, sarcopenia and cognitive deficits. though mechanisms are not fully elucidated, the exercise reduces the activity of pro-inflammatory and increases the release of anti-inflammatory substances.
Abordagem do tabagismo na gesta o =Approach of smoking in pregnancy
Machado, Julia de Barros,Lopes, Maria Helena Itaqui
Scientia Medica , 2009,
Abstract: Objetivos: discutir os efeitos do cigarro e avaliar alternativas para estimular o abandono do tabagismo durante a gesta o. Fonte de dados: revis o da literatura através das bases de dados Medline e Scielo. Síntese dos dados: o tabagismo causa sérios prejuízos à saúde humana e encontra-se associado ao desenvolvimento de múltiplas doen as. Seus efeitos na gesta o já s o devidamente conhecidos e relatados, tais como o crescimento intrauterino restrito e maior risco de trabalho de parto prematuro, entre outras altera es. A gesta o torna-se um momento propício para a interrup o desta dependência. Conclus es: o cigarro tem inúmeros efeitos negativos sobre o organismo humano e esses efeitos podem ser ainda piores quando associados à gesta o. A consulta médica do ginecologista e obstetra deve incluir abordagem do tabagismo, bem como os esclarecimentos e orienta es sobre os malefícios do fumo. O papel educativo do médico e da equipe de saúde é fundamental para o controle do tabagismo. Aims: To discuss the effects of the tobacco and to evaluate alternatives to stimulate quitting smoking during pregnancy. Source of data: Literature review, MEDLINE and SCIELO. Summary of the findings: The smoking causes serious damages to the human health and it is associated with the development of multiple diseases. Their effects in the gestation are already properly recognized and related to restricted intra-uterine growth of the fetus, larger risk of premature labor among other alterations. The gestation becomes the best moment for the interruption of smoking dependence. Conclusions: Tobacco has many negative effects on the human body and these effects may be worse when associated with pregnancy. The medical consultation of the obstetrician and gynecologist’s approach should include approach to smoking addiction as well as the clarification and guidance on the harmful effects of smoking should be made at this time. The educational role of the physician and the health care team is essential for the control of smoking because it is the best and cheapest way to prevent, treat and cure various diseases.
Análise da rotulagem de medicamentos semelhantes: potenciais erros de medica??o
Lopes, Diana Maria de Almeida;Néri, Eugenie Desirèe Rabelo;Madeira, Lucivaldo dos Santos;Souza Neto, Paulo José de;Lélis, Ant?nia Rocivania Araújo;Souza, Thalita Rodrigues de;Oliveira, Alene Barros de;Costa, Liana de Oliveira;Fonteles, Marta Maria de Frana;
Revista da Associa??o Médica Brasileira , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-42302012000100021
Abstract: objective: this study aimed to examine drug packaging and labeling, identifying similarities among them that may lead to medication errors, which may occur by unintentional substitution, in different sectors of the pharmacy of a university hospital in northeastern brazil. methods: cross-sectional observational study, which included 300 pharmaceutical presentations (150 pairs) that were photographed from may to december 2010. concordance analysis of data related to the pictures of possibly similar packaging and labels was validated using the kappa index. results: of all drugs evaluated (n = 150), about 43% of "possibly similar drugs" were in the central pharmacy (n = 65) and were related to small-volume parenteral solutions. the strength of interobserver agreement in the category "very similar to each other" was considered "satisfactory" (kappa = 0584) in 90.66% of the drugs evaluated (n = 136). the overall kappa analysis of the study was 0.488. variables with statistical significance were: "same color label or packaging", with the respective percentages for both primary and secondary packaging (52%-44%), p = 0.028; the variable "same color of drug presentation" obtained similar values and statistical significance to the previous variable; for the variable "same arrangement of words", the values found for both packages were close to 50%, p = 0.001; and for the variable "same color of the words", the percentages were: (50.7% - 44%) (p = 0.008). conclusion: our results indicate similarities related to the labeling of drugs with potential for errors, especially in dispensing, storage, and administration if preventive measures are not adopted.
Influências sociais nas atitudes dos 'Top' executivos em face da aposentadoria: um estudo transcultural
Frana, Lucia Helena de Freitas Pinho;
Revista de Administra??o Contemporanea , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1415-65552009000100003
Abstract: this study examines the influence of social predictors on the attitudes towards retirement in 517 brazilian and new zealand top executives. the social predictors were represented by four measures: the job perception scale (jps), the diversity of time allocation of activities and relationships index (sod), the influence of family and friends on retirement decision (ffird); and the perception of quality of life in the country (pcql). the influence of these predictors were analysed by multiple regression on other two scales: the executive's perception of gains in retirement (epgr) and the executive's perception of losses in retirement (eplr). the results point out that the importance of gains is increased by the influence of family and friends on retirement decision, for both nationalities. this is also increased by the diversity of time allocation for activities and relationships, but only for brazilians. brazilian executives who perceive their jobs positively have more positive attitudes towards relationships, leisure, hobbies and cultural activities in retirement. the perception of the quality of life in the country does not influence retirement attitudes, but represents the main significant difference between brazilians and new zealanders.
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