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Acidente vascular encefálico como complica??o da hipertens?o arterial: quais s?o os fatores intervenientes?
Mendon?a, Larissa Bento de Araújo;Lima, Francisca Elisangela Teixeira;Oliveira, Sherida Karanini Paz de;
Escola Anna Nery , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452012000200019
Abstract: the objective was to identify the intervenient factors in the adhesion to the anti-hypertensive treatment that contributed to the stroke appearance as complication of arterial hypertension. this is a descriptive quantitative study carried out in a stroke unit of a public hospital. the sample was composed by 75 patients with diagnosis of systemic arterial hypertension (sah) attacked by a stroke, admitted in the referred unit. data collection happened in march and april 2010. the study was approved by the research and ethics committee under protocol no. 110302/10. the intervenient factors in patients' adhesion to the anti-hypertensive treatment were: male (61.4%), older than 60 years-old (48%), family history of sah (68%), low education (72%), family income up to one minimum wage (52%), unsatisfactory professional-patient relationship (14.6%), difficult access to health unit (6.6%) and presence of side effects (22.6%). maybe the experience of a stroke is a decisive factor to patient's adherence to antihypertensive treatment. it is necessary that nurses carry out monitoring the patients with hypertension regularly, informing them about the disease and treatment to prevent complications.
Atua??o fonoaudiológica em bebês pré-termos de m?es adolescentes: uma nova realidade
Barros, Percy Maria de Lima;Araújo, Cláudia Marina Tavares de;Lins, Larissa Costa Barros;
Revista CEFAC , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-18462008000400012
Abstract: purpose: to investigate the aspects of the oral motor sensorial system of preterm babies of teenage mothers, in order to compare them with those of non-teenage mothers. methods: the sample was constituted of 15 mothers and 18 newborn babies, from which two mothers had multiple pregnancies, 4 preterm babies were born from teenage mothers and the others 11 from non-teenage mothers, all of them in the same condition of interns in the maternity of "hospital das clínicas da universidade federal de pernambuco". results: it was evidenced that assistance to pregnancy care is inadequate, both for teenage mothers as well as for non-teenage mothers, and this may be related to socioeconomic factors. the preterm newborns with very low weight have more difficulty during the transition from leaded feeding to oral feeding, both in the group of teenage mothers as well as in the group of non-teenage mothers. conclusion: biological immaturity of the preterm babies can lead, in most cases, to immaturity of the oral motor sensorial system, independently of their mother's age, teenager or not. the found alterations in the oral motor sensorial system may have taken place due to the quantity of medical devices used by the newborns. there was no difference in the weight on birth between teenage mother's babies and those of non-teenage mothers, a fact that may be explained by the homogeneity of the group, composed by mothers between 16 and 19-year old.
Clinical Application of Dynamic Gait Index-Brazilian Brief Version  [PDF]
Carlos Kazuo Taguchi, élida Pinto Costa, Lucas Vieira Alves, Larissa Karoline Santos, Erbson Rodrigues de Oliveira Silva, Brenda Carla de Lima Araújo, Fabíola Andréa Andrade dos Santos, Allan Robert da Silva
Advances in Aging Research (AAR) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/aar.2018.76009
Abstract: Introduction: In elderly, the progressive degenerations in the nervous system and vestibular system compromise the human body balance leading to a greater risk of falls. The Dynamic Gait Index is a protocol that predicts risks to falls in seniors. Objective: To analyze the results of the application of the Dynamic Gait Index (DGI)-Brazilian brief proposal and establish correlation with the original version. Methods: Study approved by the Ethics and Research Committee of Federal University of Sergipe (number 0197.0.107000.09). We analyzed 223 files of socially active elderly, female gender, aged ranged 60 to 85 years, mean 68.54 (±7.61) years since 2014. The volunteers were evaluated by the DGI-Brazil. For the statistical analysis, the Pearson Correlation Momentum Correlation Test with Spearman Correlation was used, with p ≤ 0.05 and r = 1.0. Results: Sixty-three (27.8%) of the volunteers presented an altered DGI scores. The statistical analysis indicated that Task 1 and Task 2 did not contribute to decrease the total score in the test. The worst performances occurred in Tasks 3, 5 and 6. There was founded a positive correlation between Tasks 1 and 2; 1 and 8; 3 and 4; 3 and 5; 4 and 5; 2 and 4; 2 and 7. Negative correlation occurred between Tasks 4 and 8, and 6 was not correlated with another Task. Conclusion: The DGI-Brazilian brief version presented an excellent correlation with the original proposal and may be useful in clinical practice as a tool to evidence future risks of falls in the elderly people.
Influence of different shades and LED irradiance on the degree of conversion of composite resins
Lívia Aguilera Gaglianone,Adriano Fonseca Lima,Larissa Sgarbosa Napole?o de Araújo,Andrea Nóbrega Cavalcanti
Brazilian Oral Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1806-83242012000200013
Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the degree of conversion (DC) of two composite resins with different shades that were light cured by light-emitting diodes (LEDs) of different irradiances. Specimens (5 mm ' 2 mm) were prepared with a nanofilled (Filtek Supreme - A2E, A2D, and WE) or microhybrid resin (Opallis - A2E, A2D, and EBleach Low) and were randomly divided into 12 groups (n = 5 each) according to the composite resin and light-curing unit (Elipar FreeLight 2, 1250 mW/cm2; Ultralume 5, 850 mW/cm2). After 24 h, the DC was measured on two surfaces (top and bottom) with Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). Data were statistically analyzed with two-way ANOVA and Tukey test (a = 0.05). Statistical differences among the surfaces were observed in all experimental conditions, with higher values on the top surface. The microhybrid resin presented the highest DCs for shades A2E and A2D on the top surface. The LED with higher irradiance promoted better DCs. Taken together, the data indicate that the shade of a composite resin and the irradiance of the light source affect the monomeric conversion of the restorative material.
Effects of Pereskia aculeata Miller on the Biochemical Profiles and Body Composition of Wistar Rats  [PDF]
Maricelma da Silva Soares de Souza, Sandra Maria Barbalho, Elen Landgraf Guiguer, Adriano Cressoni Araújo, Patrícia Cincotto dos Santos Bueno, Flávia Maria Vasquez Farinazzi-Machado, Larissa Maria de Lara Lima, Beatriz Clivati da Silva, Claudemir Gregório Mendes
Journal of Biosciences and Medicines (JBM) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/jbm.2015.37010
Abstract: Pereskia aculeata Miller commonly known as “ora-pro-nobis” has been used extensively in folclore medicine. Plant belongs to the family Cactacea and it is found in the Brazil (reaching Bahia and Rio Grande do Sul states). The purpose was to evaluate the effects of plant on biochemical and corporal profiles of Wistar rats. The 80 animals were divided randomly into 4 groups by sex (n = 10 females and 10 males per group) as follows: G1 group (water/rat food ad libitum); G2 group (drink A: commercial condensed milk, sugar and water/rat food ad libitum); G3 group (drink B: P. aculeata juice/rat food ad libitum); G4 group (drink C: commercial condensed milk, sugar and P. aculeate juice/rat food ad libitum). After 35 days their biochemical and corporal profiles were analyzed (cholesterol, glycemia, triglycerides, HDL-c, AST, ALT, Lee Index, weight and visceral fat). Intake of the plant caused no changes in the lipid profile of Wistar rats. However, intake in male rats of the same prevented the increase in triglycerides front of a hypercaloric diet. There were significant changes in glycemic index due to the high carbohydrate content of the plant. The plant was effective in reducing the levels of AST and ALT in male rats and ALT only in females. The use of the plant did not cause significant changes in the index of Lee but the Pereskia aculeata Miller may reduce visceral fat gain in female with a regular diet.
Fatores de risco para a gravidez na adolescência em uma maternidade-escola da Paraíba: estudo caso-controle
Amorim, Melania Maria Ramos;Lima, Lidiane de Araújo;Lopes, Camila Vigolvino;Araújo, Daniele Kelle Lopes de;Silva, Jéssica Guimar?es Gomes;César, Larissa Cynthia;Melo, Adriana Suely de Oliveira;
Revista Brasileira de Ginecologia e Obstetrícia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-72032009000800006
Abstract: purpose: to identify factors associated with gestation in adolescence in a state of the northeast of brazil. methods: a case-control study in the ratio of one 10 to 19-year-old adolescent (case) for two 20 to 35-year-old women (controls), with a total of 168 cases and 337 controls. the variables analyzed were: schooling, marital status, origin, family income per capita in brazilian currency, paid job, mother's schooling, and presence of adolescent's father at home. reproductive variables such as age at the first intercourse, mother's history of adolescence pregnancy, gynecological appointments before the pregnancy, knowledge, access and use of contraceptive methods were also included in the analysis. results: the following variables were associated with gestation in adolescence: schooling lower than eight years, lack of a regular mate, and maternal history of adolescence gestation. also, the age at the first intercourse was significantly lower among the adolescents and that they had a lower rate of gynecological appointments. knowledge of hormonal methods and access to contraceptive methods were also less frequent among the adolescents. after the multiple logistic regression analysis, risk factors for pregnancy at adolescence were: low schooling (or=2.3; ci95%=1.3-3.8), age at the first intercourse lower than 15 years old (or=3.6; ci95%=2.2-5.7), history of maternal pregnancy at adolescence (or=2.6; ci95%=1.7-3.4). the history of previous gynecological appointments (or=0.3; ci95%=0.2-0.4) and the use of hormonal methods (or=0.6; ci95%=0.4-0.9) were protecting variables. conclusions: the main factors associated with pregnancy in adolescence were: the adolescent's low schooling, maternal history of adolescence gestation, lack of previous gynecological appointments and lack of access to contraceptive methods.
Influence of different shades and LED irradiance on the degree of conversion of composite resins
Gaglianone, Lívia Aguilera;Lima, Adriano Fonseca;Araújo, Larissa Sgarbosa Napole?o de;Cavalcanti, Andrea Nóbrega;Marchi, Giselle Maria;
Brazilian Oral Research , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1806-83242012005000002
Abstract: the aim of this study was to evaluate the degree of conversion (dc) of two composite resins with different shades that were light cured by light-emitting diodes (leds) of different irradiances. specimens (5 mm ' 2 mm) were prepared with a nanofilled (filtek supreme - a2e, a2d, and we) or microhybrid resin (opallis - a2e, a2d, and ebleach low) and were randomly divided into 12 groups (n = 5 each) according to the composite resin and light-curing unit (elipar freelight 2, 1250 mw/cm2; ultralume 5, 850 mw/cm2). after 24 h, the dc was measured on two surfaces (top and bottom) with fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (ftir). data were statistically analyzed with two-way anova and tukey test (a = 0.05). statistical differences among the surfaces were observed in all experimental conditions, with higher values on the top surface. the microhybrid resin presented the highest dcs for shades a2e and a2d on the top surface. the led with higher irradiance promoted better dcs. taken together, the data indicate that the shade of a composite resin and the irradiance of the light source affect the monomeric conversion of the restorative material.
Impacto da manobra de recrutamento alveolar no pós-operatório de cirurgia bariátrica videolaparoscópica
Remístico, Paula Patelli Juliani;Araújo, Sebasti?o;Figueiredo, Luciana Castilho de;Aquim, Esperidi?o Elias;Gomes, Larissa Mottim;Sombrio, Morgana Lima;Ambiel, Sabrina Donatti Ferreira;
Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-70942011000200006
Abstract: background and objectives: pulmonary complications in bariatric surgery are common and, therefore, alveolar recruitment maneuvers (arm) have been used to prevent or reduce them in the postoperative period (pop). the aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of arm performed intraoperatively in patients undergoing bariatric surgery by videolaparoscopy in the incidence of postoperative pulmonary complications. methods: randomized clinical trial with 30 patients divided into control group (cg) and experimental group (eg), with analysis of spirometric, ventilatory, hemodynamic, and radiographic variables. arm was performed in eg with positive end expiratory pressure of 30 cmh2o and inspiratory plateau pressure of 45 cmh2o for 2 minutes after pneumoperitoneum deflation. results: we observed a significant decrease in spirometric values (p < 0.001) and higher incidence of pulmonary complications on chest radiograph (p = 0.02) in cg, as well as significant improvement in dyspnoea borg scale (p < 0.001) in eg. conclusions: we conclude that arm is a safe and effective technique when used for prevention of pulmonary complications in patients undergoing bariatric surgery, resulting in more favorable radiological and spirometric findings in the experimental group compared to the control group in the po.
Autismo: um estudo de habilidades comunicativas em crian?as
Campelo, Lílian Dantas;Lucena, Jonia Alves;Lima, Cynthia Nascimento de;Araújo, Helane Mariza Machado de;Viana, Larissa Gomes de Oliveira;Veloso, Mariana Martins Lira;Correia, Priscila Izabela Freitas de Barros;Muniz, Lílian Ferreira;
Revista CEFAC , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-18462009000800008
Abstract: purpose: to evaluate the verbal and non-verbal communicative abilities in autist children. methods: six children was selected with the diagnostic of language delay secondary to autism, submitted to speech therapy in a school-clinic of a university private from recife. the children were monitored in therapy sessions, and these was stored in vhs tape for posterior analysis and discussion. the analysis was based on the use of abfw observation protocol, which analyses the communicative means and functions. results: among the acts, the gestures appeared with major predominance among the analyzed subjects. regarding the communicative functions, we observed with major predominance: non-focused, protest, explorer and reactive. conclusion: it was possible to verify that the studied children used functional communication forms in different situational contexts, verbal and non-verbal skills, aspects considered essential to the proposition of resources in speech therapy intervention.
Prevalência de les?es precursoras do cancer anal em indivíduos HIV positivos, atendidos na Funda?ào de Medicina Tropical do Amazonas, experiência inicial em Manaus
Gimenez, Felicidad Santos;Silva, Ivan Tramujas da Costa e;Guimar?es, Adriana Gon?alves Daumas Pinheiro;Ferreira, Luiz Carlos de Lima;Araújo, José de Ribamar;Rocha, Renata Pina;Atala, Larissa de Souza;Avi, Sabrina Veloso;Talhari, Sinésio;
Revista Brasileira de Coloproctologia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-98802008000100010
Abstract: the anal cancer accounts approximately for 2% of the cases of colorectal cancer. in the last few years it has been observed an increase in the incidence of this disease in hiv-positive individuals. the objective of this study is to evaluate the prevalence of anal squamous intraepithelial lesions (asil) in hiv-positive patients which are resident in manaus. forty-five hiv+ patients were included in the study, from which it was collected anal mucosal tissue for biopsy under anoscopic control using widened image for histopathological exam. according to this exam, it was found the following results: 15(35,7%) low grade lesions, 3(7,1%) high grade lesions and 24 (57,2%) negative for asil. therefore, there was a high prevalence of asil, 42,8%. we concluded that the prevalence of asil among hiv-positive patients, in the studied sample, is very important, justifying the implementation of a program of precocious monitoring and detection of these lesions, as the hiv+ patients represent an important risk group for the developing of anal cancer.
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