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Compensation effect in carbon nanotube quantum dots coupled to polarized electrodes in the presence of spin-orbit coupling
Lin Li,Yang-Yang Ni,Tie-Feng Fang,Hong-Gang Luo
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.84.235405
Abstract: We study theoretically the Kondo effect in carbon nanotube quantum dot attached to polarized electrodes. Since both spin and orbit degrees of freedom are involved in such a system, the electrode polarization contains the spin- and orbit-polarizations as well as the Kramers polarization in the presence of the spin-orbit coupling. In this paper we focus on the compensation effect of the effective fields induced by different polarizations by applying magnetic field. The main results are i) while the effective fields induced by the spin- and orbit-polarizations remove the degeneracy in the Kondo effect, the effective field induced by the Kramers polarization enhances the degeneracy through suppressing the spin-orbit coupling; ii) while the effective field induced by the spin-polarization can not be compensated by applying magnetic field, the effective field induced by the orbit-polarization can be compensated; and iii) the presence of the spin-orbit coupling does not change the compensation behavior observed in the case without the spin-orbit coupling. These results are observable in an ultraclean carbon-nanotube quantum dot attached to ferromagnetic contacts under a parallel applied magnetic field along the tube axis and it would deepen our understanding on the Kondo physics of the carbon nanotube quantum dot.
Kondo effect of an adatom in graphene and its scanning tunneling spectroscopy
Lin Li,Yang-Yang Ni,Yin Zhong,Tie-Feng Fang,Hong-Gang Luo
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/15/5/053018
Abstract: We study the Kondo effect of a single magnetic adatom on the surface of graphene. It was shown that the unique linear dispersion relation near the Dirac points in graphene makes it more easy to form the local magnetic moment, which simply means that the Kondo resonance can be observed in a more wider parameter region than in the metallic host. The result indicates that the Kondo resonance indeed can form ranged from the Kondo regime, to the mixed valence, even to the empty orbital regime. While the Kondo resonance displays as a sharp peak in the first regime, it has a peak-dip structure and/or an anti-resonance in the remaining two regimes, which result from the Fano resonance due to the significant background leaded by dramatically broadening of the impurity level in graphene. We also study the scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) spectra of the adatom and they show obvious particle-hole asymmetry when the chemical potential is tuned by the gate voltages applied to the graphene. Finally, we explore the influence of the direct tunneling channel between the STM tip and the graphene on the Kondo resonance and find that the lineshape of the Kondo resonance is unaffected, which can be attributed to unusual large asymmetry factor in graphene. Our study indicates that the graphene is an ideal platform to study systematically the Kondo physics and these results are useful to further stimulate the relevant experimental studies on the system.
Dimensionless ratios: characteristics of quantum liquids and their phase transitions
Yi-Cong Yu,Yang-Yang Chen,Hai-Qing Lin,Rudolf A. Roemer,Xi-Wen Guan
Physics , 2015,
Abstract: Dimensionless ratios of physical properties can be constant in low-temperatures phases in a wide variety of materials. As such, the Wilson ratio (WR), the Kadowaki-Woods ratio and the Wiedemann\--Franz law capture essential features of Fermi liquids in metals, heavy fermions, etc. Here we prove that the phases of many-body interacting multi-component quantum liquids in one dimension can be described by WRs based on the compressibility, susceptibility and specific heat associated with each component. These WRs arise due to surprisingly simple additivity rules within subsystems reminiscent of the rules for multi-resistor networks in series and parallel. Using experimentally realized multi-species cold atomic gases as examples, we prove that the Wilson ratios uniquely identify phases of Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids, while providing universal scaling relations at the boundaries between phases. Their values within a phase identify the internal degrees of freedom of said phase such as its spin-degeneracy. This finding reveals deep physical insights into recent experimental measurements of the universal thermodynamics in ultracold atoms [1,2] and spins [3].
Clinical consultation and prognosis analysis of fetus with increased nuchal translucency

ZHAO Xin-rong
, WANG Yan-lin, FAN Yang-yang, GAO Li

- , 2018, DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1674-8115.2018.05.009
Abstract: 目的 ·研究颈项透明层( nuchal translucency,NT)增厚与胎儿染色体异常、严重结构畸形和其他严重异常的关系,了解其在评估胎儿预后中的价值。方法 ·对 583例妊娠早期( 11~ 13+6周)NT ≥ 2.5 mm的单胎病例进行回顾性分析,其中 252例行介入性产前诊断,统计胎儿染色体核型,随访胎儿超声筛查结构异常情况及妊娠结局。按 NT厚度将其依次分为 5组:组 1~ 4 的 NT厚度分别为 2.5~ 2.9 mm、3.0~ 3.4 mm、3.5~ 4.4 mm和≥ 4.5 mm;组 5为颈部水囊瘤胎儿组。利用趋势 χ2检验和 Fisher确切概率法比较几种常见染色体异常胎儿的 NT值。结果 · 583例 NT增厚胎儿中,染色体核型异常 59例(23.4%,59/252);结构异常 38例(6.5%),其中严重心脏畸形 13例(2.2%)。产前诊断术后无自然流产及宫内感染,引产 86例,死胎 6例,难免流产 3例,自行终止妊娠 8例,出生后死亡 2例,活产 478例。5组胎儿染色体异常、结构异常及心脏畸形的发生率差异均有统计学意义( P0.000),发生率具有随着 NT增厚而升高的趋势;组 1~ 5存活率分别为 96.5%、81.9%、74.0%、35.6%和 6.7%,随 NT增厚而下降( P0.000)。结论 · NT增厚与胎儿染色体异常、严重心脏畸形等不良妊娠结局有关;随着 NT增厚,胎儿染色体异常、结构异常及心脏畸形的发生率升高,不良妊娠结局的风险增加;临床工作中需根据 NT不同厚度给予个性化咨询及指导。
:Objective · To investigate the correlation between increased nuchal translucency (NT) thickness and fetal chromosomal abnormalities, severe structure anomalies and other abnormalities, and its value in assessment of fetal prognosis. Methods · Five hundred and eighty-three singleton fetuses with NT ≥ 2.5 mm in the first trimester (11-13+6 week) were retrospectively analyzed, of which 252 had invasive prenatal test for fetal chromosome and genetic tests. They were divided into 5 groups according to the NT thickness, 2.5~ 2.9 mm, 3.0~ 3.4 mm, 3.5~ 4.4 mm, and ≥ 4.5 mm as 1st to 4th group, and cystic hygroma as 5th group.The incidences among groups were analyzedCochran-Armitage Trend test. Fishers exact test was used to compare diversities of NT thickness among the major chromosomal abnormalities. Results · Among the 583 singleton fetuses, 59 were diagnosed as chromosomal abnormalities (23.4%, 59/252), 38 with structure anomalies (6.5%), of which 13 cases with severe cardiac anomalies (2.2%).There were 6 fetal demise, 3 ineviabortion, 2 stillborn, 94 terminations of pregnancy (8 for personal factors) and 478 live birth, without spontaneous abortions and congenital infections after invasive prenatal test. The differences among the incidences of chromosomal abnormalities, structure anomalies and cardiac anomalies in five groups were statistically significant (P0.000) and the incidences all increased with fetal NT thickness. The healthy living rates of fetus were 96.5%, 81.9%, 74.0%, 35.6%, and 6.7% among groups, respectively, and the incidences all decreased with fetal NT thickness (P0.000). Conclusion · Increased NT thickness is related to fetal chromosomal abnormalities, severe cardiac anomalies and poor pregnant outcome. The incidences of chromosomal abnormalities, structure anomalies, cardiac anomalies and
Medical equipments high precise detection technology basing on morphology-harris operator  [PDF]
Yang-Yang Mei, Hai-Ming Xie, Lu Han, Shi-Jun Guo
Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2010.35075
Abstract: Medical equipments related to life safety of human, it is important to detect by a high precise method. Image mosaic which based on Harris corner operator is a commonly used method in this area; Harris operator has low calculation burden, it is simple and stable, so it is more effective comparing with other feature point extracted operators. But in this algorithm, corner points can only be detected in a single-scale, there may be losing information of corner points, causing corner point location offset, extracting false corner points because of noise. In order to solve this question, the acquired images should be processed by dilation and erosion operation firstly, then do image mosaic. Results show that image noise can be eliminated effectively after those morphological processes, as well as the false positive noise generated by image glitch. The success rate of image mosaic and detection accuracy can be greatly improved through the Morphology-Harris operator. Measurement of precision instruments which based on this new method will improve the measurement accuracy, and the research in this area will promote the further development of machine vision technology.
Shared-link path protection scheme based on network coding

HUANG Sheng,MA Shou-hao,WANG Yang-yang,LI Lin-xia,LIU Huan-lin,

重庆邮电大学学报(自然科学版) , 2012,
Abstract: Network coding method can effectively improve the protection efficiency of path protection. Many proposed protection schemes based on network coding demand the working paths are link-disjoint. The demand limits the performance and applied range of protection scheme. A new network coding path protection scheme of shared-link(SNCPP)is proposed to resolve the share-link problem in the paper. The scheme adds the two end-nodes of shared link into source and destination node set of the protection path. The shortest protection path that goes through all the nodes of the node set is got by the improved ASTAR algorithm. The paths with shared-link are protected by network coding. The simulation results show that the scheme can protect the network when the shared link fails, and improve the efficiency of protection.
Performance of Internal-loop Air-lift Nitrifying Bioreactor

Feng-Mei Lin,Ping Zheng,Yang-Yang Zhao,Bao-Lan Hu,Jian-Song Chen,

生物工程学报 , 2002,
Abstract: The performance of internal-loop air-lift nitrifying bioreactor was good with strong tolerance to influent ammonia concentration (78.49 mmol/L), high volume converting rate (163.18 mmol/L.d) and obvious working stability (ammonia removal > 94.42%). During operation of internal-loop air-lift bioreactor, the nitrifying activated sludge was granulated. The nitrifying granular activated sludge began to appear on day 45. Its average diameter was 0.83 mm, settling velocity was 55.53 m/h and specific ammonia removal rate was 0.95 mmol (NH4(+)-N)/g (VS).d. The nitrifying granular activated sludge had the activity for anaerobic ammonia oxidation with ammonia oxidation rate of 0.23 mmol (NH4(+)-N)/g(VS).d and nitrite reduction rate of 0.24 mmol (NO2(-)-N)/g(VS).d.
Culture-dependent and culture-independent characterization of alkane-degrading bacteria and methanogens consortium diversity associated with petroleum reservoir

LI Hui,LIN Kuang-Fei,MU Bo-Zhong,ZHANG Wei,GU Ji-Guang,LI Yang-Yang,

微生物学通报 , 2011,
Abstract: The alkane-degrading bacterium and methanogenic were the important functional populations in oil reservoirs and their diversities were investigated by FISH and DGGE, respectively. The DGGE profiles showed great difference between the alkB genes in samples. And the major bands detected in injection wells were obviously more than them in production wells. The FISH results indicated that the quantity of archaea was much more than bacteria in the samples and they had close spatial distribution in situ. The results indicated that alkane-degrading bacterium and methanogenic populations were diverse in oil reservoirs and formed compact aggregates in situ. The incubation of Shengli oilfield production water degraded more than 50% residual oil during 130 d culture, with the production rate of methane reaching up to 1.57×10?2 mmol/(L?d). Molecular analysis of the functional populations of microbial community in oilfield will provide the information for better application of microbial enhanced oil recovery.
Study on Subsurface Wastewater Infiltration System Covered by Different Turfgrass for Domestic Sewage Treatment

ZHANG Xiao-hui,CUI Jian-yu,LAN Yan,ZHAO Yang-yang,HU Lin,

环境科学 , 2011,
Abstract: Domestic sewage was treated with subsurface wastewater infiltration system covered by two different turfgrass,namely,Festuca arundinacea Schres.and Zoysia japonica Steud..The result shows that all the different systems have good removal rates to COD.The concentration of COD decreased to less than 48 mg.L-1 from 97-357 mg.L-1 which achieve the second class criteria specified in Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard,and there are no prominent difference among different systems.The concentration of NH 4+-N ...
Three Dimensional Analysis and Classification of Maxillomandibular Asymmetry.

CHENG Jia-long
, LIN Yang-yang, SONG Da-li, PI Na, HOU Min.

- , 2017, DOI: 10.13701/j.cnki.kqyxyj.2017.12.019
Abstract: 摘要 目的: 以面部及下颌骨正中矢状面为参考平面,从颌骨位置和下颌骨轮廓2个方面对面部偏斜进行分析和分类,为临床诊疗提供依据。方法: 利用ProplanCMF根据86例面部偏斜患者的术前CBCT资料构建骨组织的三维模型及三维测量体系,从颌骨位置和下颌骨轮廓2个方面分析偏斜特点并建立一种分类体系。结果: 颌骨偏斜分为3类:位置偏斜、下颌骨形状偏斜、位置和下颌骨形状均偏斜。位置偏斜有T类(水平向偏斜)和V类(垂直向偏斜)。T1和T3类中,偏侧的下颌骨体长度、下颌升支高度、正面升支倾斜度、侧面升支倾斜度和对侧相比有统计学差异(P<0.01);下颌平移偏斜病例数太少,不纳入统计分析;V类中,偏侧的正面升支倾斜度、下颌升支高度与对侧相比有统计学意义(P<0.01),而下颌骨体长度、侧面升支倾斜度无统计学意义(P>0.05)。偏侧与对侧的轮廓测量项目相比有统计学意义(P<0.05)。结论: 颌骨偏斜分类系统能够详细的反映颌骨位置和下颌骨形状的偏斜特点,对疾病的诊疗提供一定的临床依据
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