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Adaptive chaotic mutation shuffled frog leaping algorithms

GE Yu,WANG Xue-ping,LIANG Jing,

计算机应用研究 , 2011,
Abstract: This paper deals with the performance of shuffled frog leaping algorithm, mainly proposes a shuffled frog leaping algorithm by adding adaptive chaotic mutation operation in processing of global searching. In order to enhance the ability of searching, the algorithm constructs a chaotic operator using Logistic chaotic sequences. Furthermore, the algorithm adaptively adjusts the mutation scale by its individual fitness and evolution generations. In the simulation experiment, both the accuracy and the convergent speed of the proposed algorithm are improved effectively. Therefore, the proposed algorithm has a good practical performance.
Color Analysis of Hazakhs Younth and Hans People Younth Maxillary Anterior Teeth in Urumqi.

王冰, 周泉, 梁学萍
, ZHOU Quan, LIANG Xue-ping

- , 2015,
Abstract: 摘要 目的:研究乌鲁木齐市汉族与哈萨克族大学生上前牙天然牙的色度值,为临床制作仿真修复体提供参考。方法:采用数码相机及计算机色度分析系统采集、分析18~22岁乌鲁木齐市汉族与哈萨克族大学生432颗上前牙天然牙的色度值。结果:乌鲁木齐市18~22岁汉族青年及哈萨克族青年的上前牙色度值均从中切牙向尖牙方向均呈现明度逐渐降低,组间比较均P<0.05。彩度值组间比较均逐渐增大(P<0.05)。中切牙中汉族青年亮度值高于哈萨克族青年,彩度值低于哈萨克族青年(P<0.017)。侧切牙中汉族青年亮度值及彩度值均小于哈萨克族青年(P<0.017)。尖牙中汉族青年的亮度值及彩度值均小于哈萨克族青年(P<0.017)。结论:乌鲁木齐市18~22岁汉族及哈萨克族大学生的上前牙色度值存在差异。本实验所得到的结果,有助于使口腔修复材料的光学特性与天然牙更匹配
Analysis of Canal Morphology of Mandibular First Premolar in Uighur Population of Xinjiang.

GUO Jing
, LIANG Xue-ping.

- , 2016, DOI: 10.11839/kqyxzh.2016.01.015
Abstract: 摘要 目的:采用锥形束CT探讨新疆维吾尔族成人双侧下颌第一前磨牙根管的解剖形态。方法:选100例双侧下颌第一前磨牙的CBCT扫描数据,分析其根管数目及形态、双侧根管对称性、两根管口间的距离和多根管分叉位置,以Vertucci根管分型为标准对根管形态进行分型。结果:下颌第一前磨牙不同根管类型发生率分别为Ⅰ型76.5%,Ⅳ型8.5%,Ⅱ型6%,Ⅴ型4%,Ⅲ型3.5%,C形1.5%;两根管口间距离集中在1~3 mm,根管双侧对称性为85%。下颌第一前磨牙多根管发生率与性别有相关性(P=0.02),而左、右两侧下颌第一前磨牙多根管发生率无差异。结论:下颌第一前磨牙根管解剖结构复杂,多根管发生率超过20%,CBCT可为根管系统提供准确依据
Morphological variation in three geographical populations of Estellarca olivacea

ZHANG Yong-pu,YING Xue-ping,WANG Tie-gan,CHAI Xue-liang,

海洋科学 , 2009,
Abstract: Based on nine morphological characters of populations of Estellarca olivacea from Zhejiang Lingkun, Zhejiang Sanmen and Jiangsu Tongzhou, the morphological variations of three geographical populations were studied by means of multivariate morphometrics. The results of cluster analysis and principal component analysis revealed that the morphological characters of E. olivacea from Zhejiang Sanmen population and Zhejiang Lingkun population were similar to each other but were much more different from the character of Jiangsu Tongzhou population. In the principal component analysis, two principal components were constructed. The contributory ratios of the two principal components were 47.73% and 13.56% respectively and the cumulative contributory ratio was 61.29%. The shell protrusion or flat, shell thick and fore-and-aft shape determined the morphological variations of different geographical populations of E. olivacea, which were related with the water temperature and substrate.

ZHONG Xue-Ping,XU Ying,LIANG Yong,LIAO Tao,WANG Jian-Wei,

水生生物学报 , 2005,
Abstract: 研究了己烯雌酚(DES)对稀有鲫(Gobiocypris rarus)生命早期暴露的影响。经10μg/L和100μg/L己烯雌酚暴露26d后,稀有鲫死亡率升高,生长发育迟缓,鱼体内卵黄蛋白原(VTG)的诱导明显。经过一段时间清水养殖后,暴露组中雌鱼比例增加,雌雄鱼生长较对照组有显著变化。雌鱼性腺发育及产卵量与对照组相比虽无显著差异,但暴露组成鱼所繁育后代与对照组相比受精率、孵化率显著下降,死亡率、畸形率明显上升。这些结果说明己烯雌酚生命早期暴露影响稀有鲫的生长发育及生殖,稀有鲫生命早期暴露实验可以用于评价水生态系统中内分泌干扰物的生态影响。
Establishment of two-dimensional electrophoresis system for proteome of Coelomactra antiquata mantle

TIAN Mei,SHEN Xin,CHENG Han-liang,MENG Xue-ping,
田 美
,申 欣,程汉良,孟学平

海洋科学 , 2009,
Abstract: 建立了西施舌(Coelomactra antiquata)外套膜蛋白质组的双向凝胶电泳体系,比较分析了不同pH梯度胶条、水化条件的优化及不同染色方法对双向电泳结果的影响.结果表明:用pH 4~7的非线性胶条,水化时加上除盐步骤,采用硝酸银染色,即可获得高分辨率、高重现性的双向电泳图谱,为进一步研究西施舌外套膜蛋白质的组成奠定了基础.
Lifelong Vocational Education for Sustainable Development

WU Xue-ping,

浙江大学学报(人文社会科学版) , 2007,
Abstract: Promoting the employment of the work force and the development of human resources is an important issue that needs to be resolved in China.It is also crucial to building a well-off society.Premier Wen Jiabao emphasizes the importance of vocational education in a speech delivered at the National Conference on Vocational Education.China's economic development and employment is facing two great changes: both employment of the work force and optimization of the industrial structure are in need of skilled workers.Therefore,China will have to devote great effort to developing vocational education.Developing lifelong vocational education plays an important role in promoting the development of human resources,the employment of labor force,the sustainable development and enhancing the country's competitive power.The idea of lifelong vocational education comes from the idea of lifelong education.It is a new perception of vocational education.It breaks the restrictions of time and space in the narrow sense of vocational education.According to the idea of lifelong vocational education,vocational education should run throughout one's life to provide help for one's whole career development and should be an integration of all kinds of vocational education in different places.Lifelong education has the features of continuation,integration,flexibility,openness and change.Developing lifelong vocational education is a complex work that needs social participation.The basic strategies for developing lifelong vocational education include law assurance,policy control,flexible fund raising,social participation and encouragement for lifelong learning.In law assurance,regulations for lifelong vocational education may be made according to the Vocational Education Act of the P.R.China and local acts may be enacted.In policy-making,there are many aspects as establishing and coordinating the institutions of lifelong vocational education,strengthening the functions of educational departments,building opening schools and providing learning holidays.In flexible fund raising,funding system that combines special grants from governments,funds from industries, funds from society and individual learning accounts may be established.In social participation,platform for participation can be set up and activities for creating learning organizations can be launched.The main forms of lifelong learning encouragement include providing opportunities for development,spiritual awards,economic benefits and qualification accreditation.
Smoothness and high energy asymptotics of the spectral shift function in many-body scattering
Andras Vasy,Xue-Ping Wang
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: Let H=\Delta+\sum_{#a=2} V_a be a 3-body Hamiltonian, H_a the subsystem Hamiltonians, \Delta the positive Laplacian of the Euclidean metric on X_0=R^n, V_a real-valued. Buslaev and Merkurev have shown that, if the pair potentials decay sufficiently fast, for \phi smooth and compactly supported, the operator \phi(H)-\phi(H_0)-\sum_{#a=2}(\phi(H_a)-\phi(H_0)) is trace class. Hence, one can define a modified spectral shift function \sigma, as a distribution on R, by taking its trace. In this paper we show that if V_a are Schwartz, then \sigma is in fact smooth away from the thresholds, and obtain its high energy asymptotics. In addition, we generalize this result to N-body scattering, N arbitrary.
Evaluation of C-shaped Root Canals in Mandibular Second Molars in Uyghur Adults by Cone-beam Computed Tomography.

梁学萍, 张洋洋, 孙玉亮, 戴永刚, 赵今
LIANG Xue-ping
, ZHANG Yang-yang, SUN Yu-liang, DAI Yong-gang, ZHAO Jin

- , 2016, DOI: 10.13701/j.cnki.kqyxyj.2016.03.020
Abstract: 摘要 目的: 通过锥体束CT(cone-beam computed tomogphy,CBCT)成像系统对新疆维吾尔族成人下颌第二磨牙C形根管的发生率及其形态特征进行研究。方法: 选择来我院体检且下颌牙列完整的100名维吾尔族成人,进行CBCT扫描,观察下颌第二磨牙的根管形态。结果: C形根管的发生率为15.0%,C 形根管类型变化多样。结论: C形根管在下颌第二磨牙有较高的发生率,且解剖形态存在较大差异。CBCT在C形根管的诊断方面具有重要作用,可以为维吾尔族成人下颌第二磨牙C形根管的临床诊疗提供依据
PCDD/F Formation and Its Mass Balance in a MSW Incineration System

ZHANG Hai-jun,NI Yu-wen,ZHANG Xue-ping,ZHANG Qing,ZHAO Liang,ZHANG Ning,CHEN Ji-ping,

环境科学 , 2008,
Abstract: PCDD/F distributions in a two-stage reciprocating grate municipal solid waste (MSW) incinerator under two kinds of operating conditions were investigated by sampling the ashes, flue gases and bottom ashes at different positions, and the mass balance was calculated. At the boiler outlet, the concentration of PCDD/F in the flue gas is 2.602 ng x m(-3) and 1.236 ng x m(-3) under operating condition 1 (RUNI) and operating condition 2 (RUN2), respectively. A significant formation of PCDD/F was found in the sections of semi-dry scrubber (SDS) and cyclone precipitator (CP), in which the temperature of flue gas was in the range of 260-180 degrees C. Compared with PCDD/F level measured at the boiler outlet, the total concentration of tetra-to octa-CDD/F measured at the CP outlet increased 82.2% and 17.6% under RUN1 and RUN2, respectively. At the bag filter (BF) section, about 90% of PCDD/F was removed from the flue gas by the precipitation of fly ash. The PCDD/F homologue patterns were almost similar for the boiler ash, CP ash, BF ash and the flue gases. The higher O2 content in flue gas led to a larger PCDD/F yield, but the variation of O2 level did not give rise to a systematical change of PCDD/F homologue pattern. Under RUN1, 10.4%, 3.2%, 9.3%, 64.1% and 13.0% of formed tetra-to octa-CDD/F were distributed into bottom ash, boiler ash, CP ash, BF ash and emission gas, respectively. The corresponding values were 8.6%, 8.0%, 9.4%, 66.7% and 7.3% for RUN2, respectively.
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