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Educator perception of educators\' and learners\' HIV status with a view to wellness promotion
LC Theron
South African Journal of Education , 2005,
Contesting “Iraq”: a social constructivist explanation
LC Bailie
Scientia Militaria: South African Journal of Military Studies , 2011,
Abstract: Iraq, following the 2003 US invasion, was more than just a site of physical conflict; it was also an event on the ground that encompassed a contest around classification. The reason for this contest – one that goes beyond the political considerations during that time – is the migration of the term “civil war”. Using social constructivism as a theoretical lens of inquiry, sense is made of this migration. The empirical evidence that accompanies this theoretical work is drawn from the debate over the conflict in Iraq. This debate is used as a means by which to bring the contestation over the notion of “civil war” to the fore and reveal the migration of the term.
Does visual participatory research have resilience-promoting value? Teacher experiences of generating and interpreting drawings
LC Theron
South African Journal of Education , 2012,
Abstract: I report on a phenomenological investigation into teacher experiences of generating and interpreting drawings during their participation in the Resilient Educators (REds) intervention. All 18 teacher participants came from rural communities challenged by HIV&AIDS. I reflect critically on the ambivalence in teacher experiences of drawings to highlight the complexity of employing drawings as visual method. Then, I interpret the teachers’ methodological experiences through the lens of social-ecological understandings of resilience in order to address the question of how drawings, as form of visual participatory methodology, may make a positive difference and nurture participant resilience. What the teachers’ experiences suggest is that drawings offer methodological opportunities for participants to make constructive meaning of adversity, to take action, to experience mastery, and to regulate emotion associated with adversity. All of the aforementioned are well documented pathways to resilience. I theorise, therefore, that researchers with a social conscience would be well advised to use drawings, albeit in competent and participatory ways, as this methodology potentiates participant resilience and positive change.
Lexicostratigraphy: Tracing Geographical Location and Linguistic Change in Koring
LC Nkamigbo
OGIRISI: a New Journal of African Studies , 2012,
Abstract: Lexicostratigraphy is an aspect of historical linguistics that makes use of interlingual borrowings in determining the original settlers of a given speech environment. This paper explores this theoretical framework in an attempt to determine the original settlers in Ebonyi state, southeastern Nigeria. The two groups of people being investigated are the Oring people numbering less than three hundred thousand and the Igbo people with a numerical strength of about fifteen million. The Oring and Igbo people speak Koring and Igbo respectively. The two groups occupy the southeastern geopolitical zone in Nigeria but their languages belong to different language families within the Benue-Congo phylum. Koring belongs to the East Benue-Congo while Igbo belongs to the West Benue-Congo. Borrowings were used for two purposes. Firstly, to determine the Oring settlement; then, to examine linguistic change in Koring. An investigation of the two languages’ lexical items revealed that the Oring were the first to settle in their present location. This study also showed that the two languages’ contact has resulted in Koring lexical change.
Post-mortem changes in the physical meat quality characteristics of refrigerated impala M. longissimus dorsi
LC Hoffman
South African Journal of Animal Science , 2004,
Abstract: The effect of aging the M. longissimus dorsi of 13 impala at 4 oC over a ten-day period was investigated. Large variation between animals was observed for the percentages drip and cooking loss as well as for the CIELab colour (L*, a*, b*) values. No trend could be observed for these physical characteristics over time. Means for all traits correspond to that reported in the literature for this species. Similarly, the tenderness of the muscle varied between the animals. However, the tenderness (as measured by a Warner Bratzler shear apparatus) of the muscle generally improved with time. The quadratic equation y = -0.0817x2 + 0.4468x + 10.477 best described (R2 = 0.32) this improvement in tenderness. The implications of this result is that fresh game meat producers can de-bone carcasses after 24 hours post mortem and leave the primal cuts to age in vacuum bags in the chiller, thereby utilizing the available chiller space more efficiently. South African Journal of Animal Science Supp 2 2004: 26-28
Biosorption of Cr (III) from aqueous solution by the leaf biomass of Calotropis procera – ‘Bom bom’
LC Overah
Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management , 2010,
Abstract: The biosorption of Cr (III) onto the leaf biomass of Calotropis procera popularly known as ‘bom bom’ in western Nigeria, over a wide range of reaction conditions were studied. The batch experiments showed that the biosorption of Cr (III) onto Calotropis procera leaf biomass is a rapid process reaching equilibrium within 10 minutes at an optimum pH value of 5. Other reaction conditions such as biomass dosage, initial metal ion concentration and temperature were also found to influence the biosorption process. Both Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms were employed to describe the biosorption process and both proved to be applicable. However, Langmuir gave a better fit with an R-Squared value of 0.967 (closer to unity than that of freundlich), Langmuir constant, KL of 0.0188 and monolayer adsorption capacity, qm of 32.26 whereas the Rsquared value for the freundlich plot was 0.948 with adsorption capacity Kf and adsorption intensity, n of 1.156 and 1.146 respectively. The biosorption process followed the pseudo-second order kinetic model evident by an Rsquared value of 0.999 and the pseudo second order rate constant, K2 of 0.3668 gmg-1min-1. Thermodynamic studies revealed negative value of change in free energy, G0 (- 4.046KJmol-1) as an indicator of feasibility and spontaneity of the Cr (III) biosorption process. A positive value of enthalpy, H0 (26.099 kJmol-1) was obtained which indicated the endothermic nature of the biosorption process. FT-IR studies of the biosorbent before and after the biosorption process indicated that carboxylate, amino and nitro functional groups were involved in the sorption of Cr (III) onto Calotropis procera leaf biomass. These findings indicate that the leaf of biomass of Calotropis procera could be employed in the removal of Cr (III) from aqueous solutions and industrial effluents.
Die Rolle von RANK-Ligand und Osteoprotegerin bei Osteoporose
Hofbauer LC
Journal für Mineralstoffwechsel , 2004,
Abstract: Receptor activator of nuclear factor (NF-) κB ligand (RANKL), sein zellul rer Rezeptor RANK und der Decoy-Rezeptor Osteoprotegerin (OPG) stellen ein essentielles Zytokinsystem für die Zellbiologie von Osteoklasten dar. Verschiedene Untersuchungen belegen die Bedeutung von St rungen des OPG/RANKL/RANK-Systems bei der Pathogenese metabolischer Knochenerkrankungen. In dieser Arbeit werden die wichtigsten St rungen des OPG/RANKL/RANK-Systems bei verschiedenen Osteoporoseformen dargestellt. strogenrezeptor- (ER-) Agonisten wie 17 β- stradiol, Raloxifen und Genistein stimulieren die osteoblast re Produktion von OPG durch Aktivierung von ER- α in vitro, w hrend Lymphozyten von Patientinnen mit strogenmangel RANKL überexprimieren. Die parenterale Gabe von OPG vermag den mit strogenmangel assoziierten Knochenverlust im Tiermodell und in einer kleineren klinischen Studie zu verhindern. Glukokortikoide und Immunsuppressiva steigern gleichzeitig die RANKL-Expression und hemmen die OPG-Produktion in osteoblast ren Zellen in vitro. Glukokortikoide sind auch in vivo imstande, die OPG-Serumspiegel deutlich zu reduzieren. Dagegen hemmen biomechanische Reize in vitro die RANKL-Produktion und steigern die OPG-Produktion. Ein Fehlen dieser biomechanischen Reize bei l ngerer Immobilisierung kann daher den RANKL/OPG-Quotienten steigern, w hrend die tierexperimentelle Immobilisierungs-Osteoporose durch die parenterale Gabe von OPG gemildert werden kann.
A Cranio-Facial Dysmorphic Foetus; A New Syndrome?
LC Prasanna
Journal of Nepal Paediatric Society , 2013, DOI: 10.3126/jnps.v33i2.7672
Abstract: Cranial Neural Crest (CNC) cells interact with and are consequently instructed by the pharyngeal endoderm, the branchial arch ectoderm, and the isthmic organizer at the midbrain– hindbrain boundary before giving rise to various types of tissues such as bone, cartilage, tooth, and cranial nerve ganglia in the craniofacial region. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3126/jnps.v33i2.7672 J Nepal Paediatr Soc. 2013; 33(2):155-156
Population traits of the burrowing toad Rhinella fernandezae (Gallardo, 1957) (Anura, Bufonidae)
Sanchez, LC.;Busch, M.;
Brazilian Journal of Biology , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-69842008000100019
Abstract: size distribution, sex ratio and use of burrows of the burrowing toad rhinella fernandezae were studied in buenos aires province, argentina. two sites separated by approximately 300 m were studied: one was a road next to a swamp, and the other a garden of a country house located further from the swamp. we identified toad burrows, and individuals were sexed, measured and given an individual mark. burrows were examined in subsequent months after the first sampling to assess the presence of toads. we found significant differences in the size distribution between areas, being the proportion of juveniles greater at the site next to the swamp where the reproduction of the species was observed. this result may suggest that the site located near to the swamp functions as a source habitat of individuals that migrate to the other site, where recruitment would be very scarce. sex proportion of adults did not differ from 1:1 in neither the total population nor in each site, suggesting that there was not differential mortality by sex. some toads changed burrows throughout the study period, but there were not differences in the frequency of change between adults and juveniles.
The hummingbird community and their floral resources in an urban forest remnant in Brazil
Rodrigues, LC.;Araujo, AC.;
Brazilian Journal of Biology , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1519-69842011000400005
Abstract: the temporal and spatial resource use among hummingbirds was studied over 13 months in an urban forest remnant (prosa state park: psp) in campo grande, mato grosso do sul, brazil. hummingbird visitation was recorded at three ornithophilous and eleven non-ornithophilous species. flower density was roughly constant during the study period, with the density of non-ornithophilous flowers being higher than that of ornithophilous ones. mean values of nectar volume and concentration were similar between ornithophilous and non-ornithophilous species. eight hummingbird species were observed at psp: amazilia fimbriata, anthracothorax nigricollis, chlorostilbon lucidus, eupetomena macroura, hylocharis chrysura, florisuga fusca, thalurania furcata and an unidentified species. hummingbird visit frequencies to ornithophilous and non-ornithophilous flowers were similar. however, some non-ornithophilous species received a higher number of visits, which seems to be related to their large number of open flowers per plant per day. the number of feedings bouts of hummingbirds increased with the total number of flowers observed per focal plant. all recorded species of hummingbirds visited non-ornithophilous flowers, predominantly melittophilous and generalised entomophilous flowers. hummingbird species recorded at psp may be viewed as generalists, visiting a large number of non-ornithophilous species. despite being an urban forest, psp is relatively rich in hummingbird species, suggesting that it provides important shelter and foraging sites for hummingbirds in such an environment.
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