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Cidadania e participa??o política na época da Independência do Brasil
Neves, Lúcia Maria Bastos P.;
Cadernos CEDES , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-32622002000300004
Abstract: relying on periodicals and political tracts as its main sources, this paper intends to analyze the period of brazilian independence as an endeavor to establish new ideas and political practices regarding the relationship between individuals and both society and the state. however, this drive toward an authentically public political sphere was cut short by circumstances, which hindered the constitution of a true notion of citizenship. if citizenship and political participation do take a long time to mature in a really public political sphere, this time is even longer in such countries as brazil, ridden almost from the start by the exclusion brought about by large landholdings and slavery.
Cidadania e participa o política na época da Independência do Brasil
Neves Lúcia Maria Bastos P.
Cadernos CEDES , 2002,
Abstract: O presente artigo pretende analisar a conjuntura da Independência do Brasil enquanto uma tentativa de implantar novas idéias e práticas políticas quanto ao relacionamento do indivíduo e da sociedade com o Estado, tendo como fontes principais os escritos de circunstancia, ou seja, os periódicos e os panfletos políticos. Nesse sentido, tais novidades poderiam ter resultado na constitui o de uma autêntica esfera pública de poder, mas acabaram limitadas e reorientadas em fun o das circunstancias da época, impedindo que se criasse uma verdadeira no o de cidadania no país. Verifica-se, portanto, que cidadania e participa o política em uma esfera verdadeiramente pública de poder s o processos de constru o lenta, ainda mais em países como o Brasil, envolvido desde seus inícios pela exclus o que a grande propriedade e a escravid o asseguraram.
Implementa??o da técnica de extra??o de dispers?o da matriz em fase sólida ("MSPD") para determina??o de resíduos de agrotóxicos em laranjas
Cardoso, Maria Helena W. M.;Bastos, Lúcia Helena P.;Neves, Tatiane S.;Abrantes, Shirley;
Ciência e Tecnologia de Alimentos , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-20612004000200024
Abstract: a multiresidue method of extraction based on matrix solid-phase dispersion (mspd) technique was optimized and validated for chromatographic analyses of twenty seven pesticides residues [hexachlorocyclohexane (hch) isomers (a, b, g, d), dieldrin, endrin, heptachlor and its epoxide (he), a and b-endosulfan, o,p'-ddd, p,p'-ddd, o,p'-dde, p,p'-dde, o,p'-ddt p,p'-ddt, dicofol, methoxychlor, mirex, hexachlorobenzene (hcb), chlorotalonil, parathion methyl, fenitrothion, malathion, folpet, diazinon, permethrin (cis and trans) in oranges. the sample was blended with c18 and then the homogenized sample was introduced onto a glass column containing silica. ten ml of ethyl acetate was added to the column as elution solvent. the eluent was concentrated, diluted in isooctane and 1ml was injected into the gas chromatograph. the analyses of pesticides were performed using a gc/ecd. confirmation was done by mass spectrometry. the recovery ranged from 70 to 120% in the concentration range of 0.02 to 2.0mg/kg. the limits of quantification ranged from 0.01 to 0.5mg/kg.
Metabolic and Transcriptional Analysis of Acid Stress in Lactococcus lactis, with a Focus on the Kinetics of Lactic Acid Pools
Ana Lúcia Carvalho, David L. Turner, Luís L. Fonseca, Ana Solopova, Teresa Catarino, Oscar P. Kuipers, Eberhard O. Voit, Ana Rute Neves, Helena Santos
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0068470
Abstract: The effect of pH on the glucose metabolism of non-growing cells of L. lactis MG1363 was studied by in vivo NMR in the range 4.8 to 6.5. Immediate pH effects on glucose transporters and/or enzyme activities were distinguished from transcriptional/translational effects by using cells grown at the optimal pH of 6.5 or pre-adjusted to low pH by growth at 5.1. In cells grown at pH 5.1, glucose metabolism proceeds at a rate 35% higher than in non-adjusted cells at the same pH. Besides the upregulation of stress-related genes (such as dnaK and groEL), cells adjusted to low pH overexpressed H+-ATPase subunits as well as glycolytic genes. At sub-optimal pHs, the total intracellular pool of lactic acid reached approximately 500 mM in cells grown at optimal pH and about 700 mM in cells grown at pH 5.1. These high levels, together with good pH homeostasis (internal pH always above 6), imply intracellular accumulation of the ionized form of lactic acid (lactate anion), and the concomitant export of the equivalent protons. The average number, n, of protons exported with each lactate anion was determined directly from the kinetics of accumulation of intra- and extracellular lactic acid as monitored online by 13C-NMR. In cells non-adjusted to low pH, n varies between 2 and 1 during glucose consumption, suggesting an inhibitory effect of intracellular lactate on proton export. We confirmed that extracellular lactate did not affect the lactate: proton stoichiometry. In adjusted cells, n was lower and varied less, indicating a different mix of lactic acid exporters less affected by the high level of intracellular lactate. A qualitative model for pH effects and acid stress adaptation is proposed on the basis of these results.
Caracteriza??o físico-química de frutos de quatro cultivares de quiabo
Mota, Wagner F. da;Finger, Fernando Luiz;Silva, Derly José H. da;Corrêa, Paulo César;Firme, Lúcia P.;Neves, Ludmila L. de M.;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362005000300006
Abstract: in an experiment some physical and chemical characteristics of four okra cultivars were evaluated. the experimental design was of randomized blocks, where the treatments were the cultivars amarelinho, red velvet, star of david and mammoth spinless with five replications. at commercial maturity fruits of the cultivar star of david presented the largest diameter, total fresh matter, content of dry matter, smallest length, content of water and vitamin c in comparison to the other cultivars. the cultivar red velvet presented the smallest diameter, total fresh matter, content of dry matter, reducing sugars and content of chlorophyll a, b and total, but the largest content of water and vitamin c. the cultivar amarelinho produced the longest fruits and the smallest content of chlorophyll a, b and total. the cultivars amarelinho and mammoth spinless showed higher contents of total reducing sugars.
Qualifica o profissional: uma tarefa de Sísifo
Lúcia Maria Wanderley Neves
Trabalho, Educa??o e Saúde , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/s1981-77462004000200013
Americanismo e fordismo. Antonio Gramsci. S o Paulo: Hedra, 2008, 96 p.
Lúcia Maria Wanderley Neves
Trabalho, Educa??o e Saúde , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/s1981-77462009000100011
Confiabilidade, compreens?o e aceita??o da vers?o em português da Motor Assessment Scale em pacientes com acidente vascular encefálico
Conte, Ana L. F.;Ferrari, Paula P.;Carvalho, Thais B.;Relvas, Patrícia C. A.;Neves, Rita C. M.;Rosa, Sérgio F.;
Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-35552009005000056
Abstract: background: motor assessments are frequently applied by physical therapists. the motor assessment scale (mas) evaluates motor function and has been shown to be a reliable and valid instrument for stroke patients. however, no previous study has examined its reliability in brazil. objectives: the aim of this study was to determine the inter- and intra-rater reliability of the portuguese version of the mas in chronic stroke patients and to observe its comprehension and acceptability by brazilian physical therapists without prior training on its use. methods: for inter-rater analysis, 23 physical therapists scored the functional ability of six video-recorded stroke patients during assessment with the portuguese version of the mas; intra-rater reliability was determined by the assessment of 15 video-recorded stroke patients by seven physical therapists, on two separate occasions, three weeks apart. at the end of the study, the physical therapists answered a questionnaire in order to assess the comprehension and acceptability of the instrument. statistical analysis was performed using the intraclass correlation coefficient (icc) and the kruskall-wallis non-parametric test to compare inter-rater data and using the icc and the non-parametric wilcoxon test to compare intra-rater data. results: high inter- (icc range 0.93-1.00) and intra-rater (icc range 0.80-0.97) reliability was found. there was excellent comprehension and acceptability of the scale. however, in some items there were questions on how to score the patients. conclusions: the portuguese version of the mas was shown to be a reliable assessment instrument and had excellent acceptability by the physical therapists. however, due to the questions on scoring, we suggest that the physical therapists receive training on how to apply the scale. further study is recommended on the validation of the translated version of this assessment instrument.
Armazenamento de frutos de quiabo embalados com filme de PVC em condi??o ambiente
Mota, Wagner F da;Finger, Fernando Luiz;Cecon, Paulo Roberto;Silva, Derly José H da;Corrêa, Paulo César;Firme, Lúcia P;Neves, Ludmila L de M;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362006000200028
Abstract: the present work evaluated the influence of pvc film on the postharvest shelf life of four cultivars of okra stored at room temperature. the experiment was arranged in random blocks, in sub split parcels, where the parcels were a factorial 2x4, with and without pvc film and the cvs. amarelinho, red velvet, star of david and mammoth spinless, and the subparcels the six sample time with four blocks. the characteristics evaluated were: percentage of weight loss, relative water content, total chlorophyll and chlorophyll a and b, content of vitamin c, visual browning. the pvc was efficient in controlling the weight loss and retained the water content through storage. the lowest losses were observed for the cvs. amarelinho and star of david, without and with pvc, respectively. there was higher retention of vitamin c in the fruits wrapped with pvc and the cvs. red velvet and star of david kept higher content of it. in general, the cv. mammoth spinless kept higher content of chlorophyll. the higher incidence of browning was in fruits stored without pvc. the red velvet had better shelf life due to lower browning.
Evaluation of antinociceptive and antiinflammatory effects of Croton pullei var. glabrior Lanj. (Euphorbiaceae)
Rocha, Fábio F.;Neves, Evandro M. N.;Costa, Elson A.;Matos, Lécia G.;Müller, Adolfo H.;Guilhon, Giselle M. S. P.;Cortes, Wellington S.;Vanderlinde, Frederico A.;
Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-695X2008000300006
Abstract: croton pullei var. glabrior lanj. (euphorbiaceae) is a liana, vastly distributed in the amazonian forest. in the folk medicine, several plants of the croton genus have been used with therapeutic purposes in pathologies that involve painful and inflammatory diseases which justify this work. the aim of this study was to investigate the antinociceptive and antiinflammatory activities of the c. pullei leaves methanol extract (mecp). mecp reduced in a dose-dependent manner the number of acetic acid-induced abdominal writhing (1.2%) in mice, suggesting an antinociceptive activity of the plant. on the other hand, mecp did not significantly modify the reactivity to the thermal stimulation in the hot-plate test and the reactivity to the chemical stimulation in the formalin test first phase, indicating a non-opioid mechanism. mecp reduced the formalin-induced nociception in the second phase, inhibited the croton oil-induced ear edema and reduced the leukocytes migration in the test of the carrageenan-induced peritonitis, indicating an antiinflammatory activity. although the mechanisms that underlie these plant effects are not completely elucidated, these results appear to support the potential medicinal use of croton pullei var. glabrior lanj. against painful and inflammatory diseases.
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