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Temperature dependent change in the symmetry of the order parameter in an electron-doped high-temperature superconductor
Hamza Balci,R. L. Greene
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: We present specific heat measurements which show an unexpected phase transition from d-wave symmetry to s-wave symmetry as the temperature is reduced in electron-doped Pr$_{2-x}$Ce$_{x}$CuO$_{4-\delta}$ (PCCO), in both optimal and over-doped single crystals. The field dependence of electronic specific heat (C$_{el}$) is linear at T=2K, consistent with s-wave symmetry, and non-linear, consistent with d-wave symmetry, at T$\geq$3K. This behavior is most consistent with a phase transition in the symmetry of the order parameter as the temperature is changed. Such a phase transition could be an explanation for the previous controversial results of different experiments, performed at different temperatures in the electron-doped cuprates.
A Hybrid ANN-GWO Algorithm for Prediction of Heart Disease  [PDF]
Hamza Turabieh
American Journal of Operations Research (AJOR) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ajor.2016.62016
Abstract: The paper investigates the powerful of hybridizing two computational intelligence methods viz., Gray Wolf Optimization (GWO) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for prediction of heart disease. Gray wolf optimization is a global search method while gradient-based back propagation method is a local search one. The proposed algorithm implies the ability of ANN to find a relationship between the input and the output variables while the stochastic search ability of GWO is used for finding the initial optimal weights and biases of the ANN to reduce the probability of ANN getting stuck at local minima and slowly converging to global optimum. For evaluation purpose, the performance of hybrid model (ANN-GWO) was compared with standard back-propagation neural network (BPNN) using Root Mean Square Error (RMSE). The results demonstrate that the proposed model increases the convergence speed and the accuracy of prediction.
Patterns of diabetic complications at Jimma University Specialized Hospital, Southwest Ethiopia
D Worku, L Hamza, K Woldemichael
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences , 2010,
Abstract: Background: Diabetes Mellitus is common metabolic disease worldwide. Its complications in the Ethiopian care setup has not been well documented. The objective of this study was to assess the pattern and distribution of dia-betic complications among patients having follow-up at Jimma University specialized Hospital diabetic clinic. Methods: A cross sectional study based on record review of 305 patients, selected using systematic sampling with replacement was carried out in October 2008. The data were analyzed using SPSS for Windows version 13.0. Results: Larger proportion, 189 (62.0%), of patients had type II diabetes and 163 (53.4%) of them were diabetic for less than 5 years. Seventy three of the 76 (96.1%) patients with type II diabetes mellitus had hypertension. Acute complications were observed in 93 (30.5%) of the patients of which Diabetic Ketoacidosis was documented in 66(71.0%). Forty eight (45.7%) of patients had proteinuria, 90 (29.5%) had peripheral neuropathy, 13(6.8%) had impotence. Diabetic foot ulcer, skin and/or subcutaneous tissue infection, dental problems and tuberculosis were documented in 14(4.5%), 31(10.0%), 31(10.0%), and 17(5.6%) patients, respectively. Any of the chronic complications were not different by sex of the patient but age had statistically significant association with hypertension, visual distur-bance and neuropathy (p< 0.05). Type of diabetes had statistically significant association with all the tested com-plications except infection (P<0.05) where most of the complications occurred in type II diabetics. Statistically significant association was observed between the duration of the diabetes and impotence and visual disturbances (p < 0.05). Conclusion: The majority of patients were type II diabetics. Acute complications were observed more commonly among type I diabetics and DKA was the commonest acute complication. The frequency of chronic complications was high. Increased occurrence of retinopathy, peripheral neuropathy, hypertension and nephropathy was ob-served with longer duration of illness. Impotence and diabetic nephropathy were more common in type II diabet-ics. The study showed that age, sex, type of diabetes mellitus and duration of diabetes were significantly associated with the development of diabetic complications.
High Accuracy Time of Flight Measurement Using Digital Signal Processing Techniques for Subsea Applications  [PDF]
Muhammad Ashraf, Hamza Qayyum
Journal of Signal and Information Processing (JSIP) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/jsip.2011.24047
Abstract: The techniques widely used in ultrasonic measurements are based on the determination of the time of flight (T.o.F). A short train of waves is transmitted and same transducer is used for reception of the reflected signal for the pulse-echo measurement applications. The amplitude of the received waveform is an envelope which starts from zero reaches to a peak and then dies out. The echoes are mostly detected by simple threshold crossing technique, which is also cause of error. In this paper digital signal processing is used to calculate the time delay in reception i.e. T.o.F, for which a maximum similarity between the reference and the delayed echo signals is obtained. To observe the effect of phase uncertainties and frequency shifts (Doppler), this processing is carried out, both directly on the actual wave shape and after extracting the envelopes of the reference and delayed echo signals. Several digital signal processing algorithms are considered and the effects of different factors such as sampling rate, resolution of digitization and S/N ratio are analyzed. Result show accuracy, computing time and cost for different techniques.
Economic viability outcome of assisted reproduction technology setup: Mathematical model  [PDF]
Hamza A. Eskandarani
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2013.31022

Objective: To develop an evaluation method measuring the economic viability outcome of assisted reproductive technology (ART) setup in a concerted fashion. Methods: A mathematical model namely; economic viability outcome (EVO) value has been purposely constructed. The model consists of three important domains: 1) Economic performance outcome of the setup; 2) Sustainability outcome; and 3) Control outcome. The model was put to the test at Banoon ART centre, the military hospital in Bahrain during the period Sep 2004 to Sep 2006. Results: When this model was stringently applied at the said centre, the EVO value was increased by 40% from 0.84 to 1.40 within 12 months of rectifications which started Sep 2005. Even though the economic performance has dropped by approximately 22%, due to an extra spending towards assets and lower utilization of treatment cycles, the centre showed improvements at various levels as evident from the resulting higher EVO value. Conclusions: EVO value as a model provides a mechanism by which ART setup can be economically evaluated and self-assessed. It can also generate a method for measuring the safety and efficacy of the treating centre.

Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy and Stage Boundaries of the Santonian-Eocene Successions in Wadi El Mizeira Northeastern Sinai, Egypt  [PDF]
Hamza Khalil, Esam Zahran
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2014.54041

The stratigraphic successions exposed in Wadi El Mizeira have been dated through the analysis of the calcareous nannofossil assemblages. The results of this study indicate that the successions comprise the Santonian-Late Maastrichtian (Sudr Formation), the Paleocene (Esna Formation) and the Early Eocene (Thebes Formation). The following biozones were recognized: Late Santonian, CC16 Zone; Late Santonian/Early Campanian, CC17 Zone; Early Campanian, Aspidolithus parcus Zone (CC18) Zone; Late Maastrichtian, CC25c Zone; Early Paleocene (Late Danian), NP3 Zone and NP4 Zone; Late Paleocene (Thanethian-Selandian), NP5 Zone; Early Eocene, NP9b Zone, NP10a Zone, NP11 Zone, NP12 Zone and NP14 Zone. Several stratigraphic hiatus were recorded in the studied interval including the absence of Cretaceous nannofossil Zones CC19 to CC25b and CC26 as well as the early Paleocene Zones NP1 and NP2 and probably the basal part of Zone NP3, in addition to the absence of the Zones NP6 and NP7/8. These hiatus may be attributed to environmental conditions, structural activity and/or post depositional processes. This work represents the first attempt to evaluate the nannofossil taxa of the Wadi El Mizeira, Northeastern Sinai.

Intragastric Balloon (BIB) for the Management of Obesity, Report on the First Egyptian Experience  [PDF]
Hossam Ghoneim, Iman Hamza
Open Journal of Gastroenterology (OJGas) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojgas.2014.48043
Abstract: Introduction: The bioenteric balloon (BIB) is widely applied in the management of obesity. Aim of the work: This is a report on the efficacy and safety of BIB®; device in the first 101 Egyptian cases. Methods: Patients referred for BIB between January 2011 till December 2012 were evaluated retrospectively. BIB was inserted for 6 months according to predetermined inclusion and exclusion criteria. Results: In 101 cases, 17 cases were males (16.8%) and 84 cases were females (83.2%), mean age 33.2 (±10.44) years, mean BMI 35.9 (±4.65) kg/m2. None of the patients exhibited balloon migration or perforation. The balloon was removed upon request in 3 patients due to exaggerated intolerance (2.9%). The mean weight loss was 15.5 kg (±4.67), mean EWL 64.12% (±23.48%). The mean BMI at extraction was 29.7 kg/m2 (±4.48) with a BMI loss of 6.2 kg/m2 (±2.0). 87 patients (88.7%) achieved target EWL (32.1% of excess weight), and 87 patients lost >12.2% of their basal weight (88.7%). 70 patients achieved BMI loss >5.7 kg/m2 (71.4%). Conclusion: BIB achieves acceptable success with minimal complications. In further long term, prospective studies are needed to evaluate obesity related comorbidities when using such modality and to compare it to other available devices.
Assess the Main Factors Affecting the International Marina of Taba Heights at the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, Egypt  [PDF]
Mohamed Hamza Hasan
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2014.61004

The increase in maritime traffic means that ports have to continuously improve their efficiency. This involves reducing the inactivity caused by adverse conditions that affect its operation and maintenance which includes the sedimentation rate, the shallow depth, water current regimes and tidal cycle. This study examines the hypothesis that these factors could affect Taba Heights international marina. The results showed that the harbor offered very good protection against sediment deposition (rate of sediment deposition ranging from 0.2 to 1.9 mg·cm-2·day-1) and currents (two main currents having opposite directions, the first at bearing 261 degree North with mean speed of 3.5 cm/sec., the second at bearing 85 degree North with mean speed of 4.5 cm/sec), while it had a suitable tidal range (0.3 m for neap tidal range and 0.9 m for spring tidal range). The bathymetric study of the marina area showed deeper water at the approaching channel (3.5 to 4.0 meters deep) and inside the marina (3.0 - 4.0 m) than the surrounding marine areas (0.5 to 1.5 meters). The data obtained illustrated that all the investigated factors had limited effect on the operation of Taba Hieghts international marina.

Effect of Tourism Activities on Coral Communities at the Gulf of Suez, Red Sea  [PDF]
Mohamed Hamza Hasan
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2018.108045
Abstract: Although the rapidly expanding tourism industry is considered an extremely important economic activity, it caused increasing pressure on coral reefs of Egypt. Damage occurs from both direct and indirect impacts of tourism activities on coral communities. The Gulf of Suez has increasing of resorts from 8 at 2000 to 31 at 2014. This affected the coral communities along the area of study leads to a decrease in coral areas from 960 m2 at 2000 to 750 m2 at 2014, number of coral species from 21 species at 2000 to only 14 species at 2014, percentage cover of life coral from 46.4% at 2000 to 10.6% at 2014; on contrary, dead coral increased from 23.8% to 47.9% at the same period. This accompanied with an increase in the percentage of the algal cover from 8.6% at 2000 to 19.4% at 2014. The statistical analysis revealed a high correlation between the increased tourism activities and the coral status variables measured during the study. The data obtained showed high significant positive and negative correlation between the different variables that determined according to the effect of the different variables on each other and the relation between them. The simple linear regression statistical analyses showed a significant effect of tourism activities on the coral status, the analyses indicated that each increase in number of resorts by one resort leads to significant decrease in total coral area at the site by 0.9%, the analysis also showed that 80% of that decrease referred to the effect of tourism activities and 20% referred to other reasons. The analysis of variance (ANOVA) divided the recoded coral species into three categories, the first is soft corals which recorded significant increase in percentage cover from 2000 to 2014, the second is three species that recorded insignificant difference during the period of study, while the third category include most of the recorded species and they showed significant decrease in their percentage cover along time of study. The data obtained illustrated that all the investigated coral parameters are affected by the increasing tourism activities.
Job Satisfaction and Its Determinants among Health Workers in Jimma University Specialized Hospital, Southwest Ethiopia
A Yami, L Hamza, A Hassen, C Jira, M Sudhakar
Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences , 2012,
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Human power is the back bone for the provision of quality health care for the population. High level of professional satisfaction among health workers earns high dividends such as higher worker force retention and patients satisfaction. There is limited amount of literature in the areas related to factors affecting job satisfaction and retention. The objective of this study was to determine the job satisfaction of health professionals working in Jimma University Specialized Hospital and factors affecting their level of satisfaction. METHOD: A cross-sectional study was conducted to determine the level and factors affecting job satisfaction and retention of health professionals working in Jimma University Specialized Hospital. The study was conducted from March to October 2009 and included all categories of health professionals working in the hospital during the study period. Data was collected using self administered questionnaire and focus group discussion. After the data was collected, it was entered into a computer and analyzed using SPSS version16.0 windows statistical software. Chi-square tests were made to evaluate association of different variables with job satisfaction, and P-value < 0.05, at 95% CI was taken as cut off point for statistical significance. RESULTS: A total of 145 health professionals have responded for the self administered questionnaire. The result showed that sixty seven (46.2%) of the health workers are dissatisfied with their job. The major reasons reported for their dissatisfaction were lack of motivation, inadequate salary, insufficient training opportunities and inadequate number of human resources. Only sixty (41.4%) health professionals were satisfied with their job, the major reasons given were getting satisfaction from helping others and professional gratification. Suggestion given by the respondents to improve job satisfaction and increase retention rate included motivation of staff through different incentives such us bonus, house allowance, salary increment, establishing good administration management system and improving hospital facilities and infrastructure. CONCLUSION: Job satisfaction of health professionals in Jimma University Specialized Hospital was found to be low. Responsible bodies should devise mechanisms to improve job satisfaction and retention of health professional so as to improve the healthcare services of the hospital. KEYWORDS: Job satisfaction, Health Workers, Jimma University Specialized Hospital
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