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Collisions between Whales and Fast Ferries around Korean Waters
Kyung-Jun Song
Journal of Marine Biology , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/309751
Abstract: Although there is heavy maritime traffic around Korean waters, collisions between whales and fast ferries around Korean waters are nearly unknown. A ship strike that was associated with a minke whale occurred near the southeastern part of Tsushima Island along the sailing route of the fast ferry between Korea and Japan on December 16, 2004. It was associated with a fast ferry that runs at a speed of approximately 46.1?kn (83?km/h) between Korea and Japan. This individual was certainly seriously injured or killed by this ship strike because large amounts of skin of this individual were attached to the surface of the fast ferry, and also large amounts of blood of this individual spread out in that area. However, fortunately, serious damage did not occur to the mariners and passengers of the ferry, although many passengers were knocked down to the floor of the fast ferry when the fast ferry collided with the minke whale. In addition, a total of 4 records of possible collisions between whales and fast ferries have occurred on the fast ferry route between Korea and Japan between 2004 and 2007. This study is the first formal report on collisions between whales and fast ferries around Korean waters. Although the effect of ship strikes on the survival of cetaceans distributed around Korean waters is not very high at present compared with that of other threats, such as entanglement in fishing gear, ship strikes can pose a significant potential threat to endangered cetaceans such as western gray whales. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare prevention measures for ship strikes for the conservation of cetaceans around Korean waters in the future. 1. Introduction Collisions between cetaceans and ships, known as ship strikes, have been continuously reported all around the world [1, 2]. Furthermore, the frequency of ship strikes has tended to increase in recent years because of the increase in maritime traffic and in the speed of various vessels. A comprehensive review of ship strikes with large whales throughout the world has been made for the first time [1]. According to this investigation, a total of 11 species collided with vessels throughout the world. Among these 11 species, several species such as fin whales, right whales, humpback whales, sperm whales, and gray whales frequently collided with vessels. They also noted that ship strikes have occurred with all types of vessels based on the historical records and a computerized stranding database. On the other hand, according to some studies, a total of 292 large whale individuals collided with vessels between
Analysis of Imprinted Gene Expression in Normal Fertilized and Uniparental Preimplantation Porcine Embryos
Chi-Hun Park, Kyung-Jun Uh, Brendan P. Mulligan, Eui-Bae Jeung, Sang-Hwan Hyun, Taeyoung Shin, Hakhyun Ka, Chang-Kyu Lee
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0022216
Abstract: In the present study quantitative real-time PCR was used to determine the expression status of eight imprinted genes (GRB10, H19, IGF2R, XIST, IGF2, NNAT, PEG1 and PEG10) during preimplantation development, in normal fertilized and uniparental porcine embryos. The results demonstrated that, in all observed embryo samples, a non imprinted gene expression pattern up to the 16-cell stage of development was common for most genes. This was true for all classes of embryo, regardless of parental-origins and the direction of imprint. However, several differentially expressed genes (H19, IGF2, XIST and PEG10) were detected amongst the classes at the blastocyst stage of development. Most interestingly and despite the fact that maternally and paternally expressed genes should not be expressed in androgenones and parthenogenones, respectively, both uniparental embryos expressed these genes when tested for in this study. In order to account for this phenomenon, we compared the expression patterns of eight imprinted genes along with the methylation status of the IGF2/H19 DMR3 in haploid and diploid parthenogenetic embryos. Our findings revealed that IGF2, NNAT and PEG10 were silenced in haploid but not diploid parthenogenetic blastocysts and differential methylation of the IGF2/H19 DMR3 was consistently observed between haploid and diploid parthenogenetic blastocysts. These results appear to suggest that there exists a process to adjust the expression status of imprinted genes in diploid parthenogenetic embryos and that this phenomenon may be associated with altered methylation at an imprinting control region. In addition we believe that imprinted expression occurs in at least four genes, namely H19, IGF2, XIST and PEG10 in porcine blastocyst stage embryos.
Epigenetic Changes of Lentiviral Transgenes in Porcine Stem Cells Derived from Embryonic Origin
Kwang-Hwan Choi, Jin-Kyu Park, Hye-Sun Kim, Kyung-Jun Uh, Dong-Chan Son, Chang-Kyu Lee
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0072184
Abstract: Because of the physiological and immunological similarities that exist between pigs and humans, porcine pluripotent cell lines have been identified as important candidates for preliminary studies on human disease as well as a source for generating transgenic animals. Therefore, the establishment and characterization of porcine embryonic stem cells (pESCs), along with the generation of stable transgenic cell lines, is essential. In this study, we attempted to efficiently introduce transgenes into Epiblast stem cell (EpiSC)-like pESCs. Consequently, a pluripotent cell line could be derived from a porcine-hatched blastocyst. Enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) was successfully introduced into the cells via lentiviral vectors under various multiplicities of infection, with pluripotency and differentiation potential unaffected after transfection. However, EGFP expression gradually declined during extended culture. This silencing effect was recovered by in vitro differentiation and treatment with 5-azadeoxycytidine. This phenomenon was related to DNA methylation as determined by bisulfite sequencing. In conclusion, we were able to successfully derive EpiSC-like pESCs and introduce transgenes into these cells using lentiviral vectors. This cell line could potentially be used as a donor cell source for transgenic pigs and may be a useful tool for studies involving EpiSC-like pESCs as well as aid in the understanding of the epigenetic regulation of transgenes.
Throat Finding Algorithms based on Throat Types
Kyung-Taek Jun
Computer Science , 2014,
Abstract: The three-dimensional geometry and connectivity of pore space determines the flow of single-phase incompressible flow. Herein I report on new throat finding algorithms that contribute to finding the exact flow-relevant geometrical properties of the void space, including high porosity samples of X2B images, three-dimensional synchrotron X-ray computed microtomographic images, and amounting to over 20% porosity. These new algorithms use the modified medial axis that comes from the 3DMA-Rock software package. To find accurate throats, we classify three major throat types: mostly planar and simply connected type, non-planar and simply connected type, and non-planar and non-simply connected type. For each type, we make at least one algorithm to find the throats. Here I introduce an example that has a non-planar and simply connected throat, and my solution indicated by one of my algorithms. My five algorithms each calculate the throat for each path. It selects one of them, which has the smallest inner area. New algorithms find accurate throats at least 98% among 12 high porosity samples (over 20%). Also, I introduce a new length calculation in the digitized image. The new calculation uses three mathematical concepts: i) differentiability, ii) implicit function theorem, iii) line integral. The result can convert the discrete boundary of the XMCT image to the real boundary. When the real boundary has an arc shape, the new calculation has less than 1% relative error.
Nondrug-related aspect of treating Ekbom disease, formerly known as restless legs syndrome
Mitchell UH
Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment , 2011,
Abstract: Ulrike H MitchellDepartment of Exercise Sciences, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, USAAbstract: Ekbom disease (EKD), formerly known as restless legs syndrome (RLS) has affected and bothered many people over the centuries. It is one of the most prevalent neurological disorders in Europe and North-America, affecting about 10% of the population. The main characteristics are the strong urge to move, accompanied or caused by uncomfortable, sometimes even distressing, paresthesia of the legs, described as a "creeping, tugging, pulling" feeling. The symptoms often become worse as the day progresses, leading to sleep disturbances or sleep deprivation, which leads to decreased alertness and daytime functions. Numerous studies have been conducted assessing the efficacy of dopaminergic drugs, opioids, and other pharmacologic agents in alleviating EKD symptoms. However, there is also a growing body of evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of nonpharmacologic treatments including life style changes, physical activity programs, pneumatic compression, massage, near-infrared light therapy, and complementary therapies. The working mechanisms behind these alternatives are diverse. Some increase blood flow to the legs, therefore reducing tissue hypoxia; some introduce an afferent counter stimulus to the cortex and with that "close the gate" for aberrant nerve stimulations; some increase dopamine and nitric oxide and therefore augment bio-available neurotransmitters; and some generate endorphins producing an analgesic effect. The advantages of these treatments compared with pharmacologic agents include less or no side effects, no danger of augmentation, and less cost.Keywords: RLS, modalities, massage, intermittent compression, NIR
Aktuelles: Entscheidung des Oberlandesgerichts Hamm: Die Bedeutung "M nnerarzt" mit erl uterndem Zusatz ist zul ssig
Hohmann UH
Blickpunkt der Mann , 2008,
Thromboembolische Risiken der Hormonsubstitution in der Postmenopause
Winkler UH
Journal für Menopause , 1998,
Abstract: Die Hormonsubstitutions-Behandlung kann eine sogenannte idiopathische Thrombose ausl sen, wie kürzlich in Fall-Kontroll-Studien gezeigt wurde. Allerdings ist die idiopathische Thrombose ein extrem seltenes Ereignis und tritt vorwiegend bei pr disponierten Patienten auf. Das Risiko einer nichtidiopathischen Thrombose wird offenbar durch die Hormonsubstitution nicht erh ht, was erkl rt, warum ltere Arbeiten keinen Zusammenhang zwischen Hormonsubstitution und Thrombosen nachweisen konnten. Zwar ist insofern die klinische Relevanz der Arbeiten über idiopathische Thrombosen in der Postmenopause u erst limitiert, die ngste vor einem Thromboserisiko stellen aber - zumindest in Europa - weiterhin einen h ufigen Grund für die Ablehnung der Hormonsubstitution dar. Der pr diktive Wert eines suspekten Befundes bei einem generellen "Screening" auf Thrombophilie liegt in der Gr enordnung von 10-3. Ein generelles "Screening" kann insofern nicht empfohlen werden. Bei Frauen, die bereits eine Thrombose durchgemacht haben oder eine positive Familienanamnese aufweisen, sollten in erster Linie die APC-Resistenz und der Anti-thrombin III-Mangel ausgeschlossen werden. Betrachtet man die Gesamtbilanz der Hormonsubstitution auf das kardiovaskul re System, wird deutlich, da die Vorteile auf der arteriellen Seite die m glichen ven sen Risiken bei weitem überwiegen.
Positive implicative ordered filters of implicative semigroups
Young Bae Jun,Kyung Ho Kim
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2000, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171200003781
Abstract: We introduce the notion of positive implicative ordered filters in implicative semigroups. We show that every positive implicative ordered filter is both an ordered filter and an implicative ordered filter. We give examples that an ordered filter (an implicative ordered filter) may not be a positive implicative ordered filter. We also give equivalent conditions of positive implicative ordered filters. Finally we establish the extension property for positive implicative ordered filters.
Intuitionistic fuzzy ideals of BCK-algebras
Young Bae Jun,Kyung Ho Kim
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2000, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171200004610
Abstract: We consider the intuitionistic fuzzification of the concept ofsubalgebras and ideals in BCK-algebras, and investigate some oftheir properties. We introduce the notion of equivalencerelations on the family of all intuitionistic fuzzy ideals of aBCK-algebra and investigate some related properties.
On ideals of implicative semigroups
Young Bae Jun,Kyung Ho Kim
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences , 2001, DOI: 10.1155/s0161171201005907
Abstract: We introduce the notion of ideals in implicative semigroups, and then state the characterizations of the ideals.
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