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Caracteriza??o da caatinga e da dieta de novilhos fistulados, na época chuvosa, no semiárido de Pernambuco
Santana, Daniel Fernando Ydoyaga;Lira, Mario de Andrade;Santos, Mércia Virginia Ferreira dos;Ferreira, Marcelo de Andrade;Silva, Maria José de Araújo;Marques, Kleyton Alcantara;Mello, Alexandre Carneiro Le?o de;Santos, Djalma Cordeiro dos;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982011000100010
Abstract: the experiment was carried out to characterize a manipulated caatinga and to estimate the botanical composition and quality of diet for fistulated steers. the experiment was carried out during the rainy season from march to july, 2003. caatinga was browsed by 24 guzerá and 12 girolando breed heifers and by two esophageal fistulated steers. in caatinga, it was identified 24 families, 38 genus, and 41 species in the two studied strata (out of them, ten species were found in the diets of the animals). forage mass of herbaceous and shrubby-tree components ranged, respectively, from 6,454 and 3,495 kg dm/ha in the beginning of the experiment to 782 and 378 kg dm/ha in the end. in the shrubby-tree and in the herbaceous strata, species grouped as "other species" showed higher absolute frequency. the shrubby-tree stratum is formed mainly by legumes whereas the herbaceous stratum is formed mainly by the "other species" group. grass presence in the diet ranged from 55% in the beginning to 41.8% at the end of the experimental period. "mororó" legume and the buffel grass had high absolute frequencies, showing an expressive presence in the vegetation. leaves of mororó and non-identified grass prevailed in the diet. significant portion of forage crude protein is unavailable because it is linked to acid detergent fiber.
Accessing the Potential of Satellite and Telemetric Data to Evaluate the Influence of the Heat Flux Exchange in the Water Column Mixing and Stratification  [PDF]
Enner Alcantara
International Journal of Geosciences (IJG) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ijg.2012.325092
Abstract: The objective of this work is to evaluate the feasibility of moderate resolution satellite data estimating the surface heat balance in a tropical hydroelectric reservoir. Each component of the heat flux balance was computed using the MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) water surface temperature (WST) level 2, 1 km nominal resolution data (MOD11L2, version 5) from 2003 to 2008. The consequence of the heat flux exchange in the water column thermal structure is also investigated. The passage of cold front over a region decreases the atmospheric pressure and air temperature, enhancing the relative humidity. The sensible flux presents a small variability but an increase occurs due to a convective turbulence caused by front passage. The latent flux decrease but insufficiently to cause a condensation, just the evaporation decreases. The upwelling events are the responsible to maintain the loss of heat after the cold front pas- sage.
Denise de Mello Bobany,Mariana de Alcantara Pereira Pimentel,Roberta Rollemb erg Cabral Martins,Bernardino Alves de Souza Netto
Ciência Animal Brasileira , 2010,
Abstract: The present work aimed to investigate, in vitro, the efficacyof the honey of Tetragonisca angustula, against the microorganismsfound in the auditory canal inflammations of dogs. The sampleswere collected through a sterile swab of secretion of the auditorycanal of dogs with clinical otitis. The material was fixed in glassslide by performing the smear, Gram stained, and submittedto microscopic identification. The samples were inoculated inTryptone Soya Broth culture media and incubated at 37°C for24 hours. After verifying that there was growth, the sampleswere cultured in Petri’s plates containing Chapman, Levine andMueller-Hinton, and incubated at 37°C for 24 hours. Filter paperdiscs were adapted, sterilized in autoclave and embedded in honeyfor the antibiogram. The disks impregnated with honey wereplaced in Petri’s plates containing the contamined material andagain incubated at 37°C for 24 hours. This experiment verified theformation of inhibition halos in the antibiograma with the honey ofthe Tetragonisca angustula, showing to be effective in the controlof Staphylococcus sp, Bacillus sp and yeasts.
The Water and Sediment Quality of Chanos chanos Monoculture and Chanos chanos - Gracilariopsis bailinae Biculture in Pond
Lota Alcantara
Science Diliman , 2000,
Abstract: A short-term study on the physical-chemical parameters in Chanos chanos monoculture and its biculturewith Gracilariopsis bailinae indicated that the biculture might be advantageous for the growth of milkfish.Dissolved oxygen of the biculture and monoculture was not significantly different early in the morning.Oxygen produced by G. bailinae from late afternoon until evening was probably compensated by larger C.chanos that consumed more oxygen in the biculture. The afternoon DO of the biculture, however, washigher than that of the monoculture. There was no difference in pH readings between the monoculture andthe biculture. Water temperature ranged from 23 - 39oC, and salinity ranged from 14 - 42% for both monocultureand biculture. The presence of G. bailinae did not affect water pH, temperature, and salinity of thebiculture pond.During the culture period, phosphate in the water of the biculture decreased while it increased in themonoculture. The change in nitrate was insignificant for both monoculture and biculture. The ammoniumdecrease in the biculture was higher than that in the monoculture while the rise in phosphorus in thesediment was higher in the monoculture than in the biculture. The increase in nitrate and ammonia washigher in the monoculture sediments than in biculture sediments, but the difference was insignificant.Some of the phosphate and ammonium lost in the biculture pond may be attributed to the phosphorus andthe nitrogen utilized by the red seaweed or stored in its tissues.Chanos chanos grew better in biculture with G. bailinae as the effect of more favorable water and sedimentquality in the pond during the culture period. Furthermore, the nutrients present in the pond water andsediment were probably utilized by G. bailinae for their growth or stored in their tissues.
O impacto econ?mico do trauma em um hospital universitário
Bahten, Luiz Carlos von;Alcantara, Emanuelle de Mello;Pimenta, Ana Paula Piai;Dallagnol, Juliana Corrêa;Yoshizumi, Kelly Okamoto;Dresch, Marianna Ferreira;
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69912003000300010
Abstract: background: the aim of this study is to determine the economic impact of trauma in an university hospital in curitiba. methods: a retrospective study of medical registries was carried out and they were divided in accordance to trauma mechanism, number of in-hospital days and total medical assistance costs were also considered for each patient on the in-hospital authorization form. from these data, the average cost, average in-hospital days and average patient/day costs were calculated. results: the average cost for the 349 patients was us$ 568.22; for fire gun victims, us$ 692.50; for blade victims, us$ 676.90; aggression victims, us$ 412.30; fall victims and traffic accident victims, us$ 600.03. the average in-hospital days for the total sample was 6.2; fire gun victims, 7.7; blade victims, 5.3; aggression victims, 6.7; fall victims, 7 and traffic accident victims was of 6. the average patient/day cost, for the total sample, was us$ 91.65; fire gun victims, us$ 89.99; blade victims, us$ 127.66; aggression victims, us$ 61.54; fall victims, us$ 71.86 and traffic accident victims, us$100.05. conclusions: this study corroborates with many others that show that trauma is a neglected disease, important to public health due to its enormous social and economic wich can be avoided by means of preventive measures.
Cicatriza??o de feridas: estudo comparativo em ratos hipertensos n?o tratados e tratados com inibidor da enzima conversora da angiotensina
Biondo-Sim?es, Maria de Lourdes Pessole;Alcantara, Emanuelle de Mello;Dallagnol, Juliana Corrêa;Yoshizumi, Kelly Okamoto;Torres, Luiz Fernando Bleggi;Borsato, Karin Soldatelli;
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69912006000200004
Abstract: background: we evaluated the influence of captopril on the skin wound healing process of hypertensive rats. methods: 111 rats were placed in 4 groups: normotensive control (n=30); hypertensive control (n=30), which received an oral daily dose of saline solution 0,9%; group experiment (n=31) was treated with 7.5mg/kg/day of captopril; and an aferition group (n=20) with 10 hypertensive and 10 normotensive animals in which arterial blood pressure was mesured in the aorta in the last day of the experiment. after 15 days of treatment, an skin incision of 4 cm was made in the animals. samples of the dorsal wall scar were taken 4, 7 and 14 days after the last procedure. the wounds were excised and divided in 2 pieces. they were sent to tensiontrial and histological analysis. results: the aferition group showed mean arterial blood pressure of 82.5±7.55 mmhg in the normotensive animals and 150.5± 10.66 mmhg in the hypertensive ones. the resistance analysis showed that the scars of treated and untreated hypertensives were less resistant than those of normotensives rats in the initial days (p<0.05) and that on the 14th day the resistances became similar. there were no diferences among treated and untreated groups. total collagen had higher density in normotensives rats throughout the study (p<0.05) and there were no diferences among treated and untreated hypertensive rats. epitelization, inflammatory response and granulation tissue formation were similar in all groups. conclusion: captopril, doesn't modify the wound healing process in rats, being the differences due to hypertension.
Efetividade da propaganda na comunica o de marcas com diferentes graus de funcionalidade e simbolismo Advertising effectiveness in communication of brands with various degrees of functionality and symbolism
Sérgio Carvalho Benício de Mello,André Luiz Maranh?o de Souza Le?o,Arcanjo Ferreira de Souza Neto,Cristina Maria Alcantara de Brito Vieitez
Rege : Revista de Gest?o , 2008,
Abstract: Esta pesquisa discute como as dimens es de marca (funcional e simbólica) interferem na comunica o de atributos do produto (intrínseco e extrínseco) para a obten o de uma propaganda mais efetiva. Para tanto, foi realizado um experimento laboratorial com cenários hipotéticos. A metodologia utilizada incluiu entrevistas com publicitários, cria o de anúncios publicitários e aplica o de questionário a alunos de gradua o do curso de Administra o de uma importante universidade brasileira. Os dados foram analisados por meio de freqüências, compara o de médias e gráficos, medida de distancia e proximidade, t-test e regress o logística. Os resultados indicam que produtos com altos graus de funcionalidade e simbolismo produzem anúncios mais efetivos quando se focalizam atributos predominantemente intrínsecos. O mesmo ocorre com produtos que têm alto grau de funcionalidade e baixo simbolismo. Em ambas as situa es os atributos extrínsecos também merecem aten o. Para produtos com baixa funcionalidade e alto simbolismo, por sua vez, os atributos extrínsecos devem ser principalmente comunicados. As implica es gerenciais merecem reflex o, n o para aplica o direta, mas como uma ferramenta informacional a mais na produ o de insights para uma maior efetividade da propaganda. Functional and symbolic brand aspects were surveyed to determine their influence in the communication of product attributes, both intrinsic and extrinsic, when seeking more effective advertising. An experiment was carried out using hypothetical scenarios. Methodology included interviews with advertising professionals, creation of advertising copies and use of a questionnaire for undergraduate business students from a major Brazilian university. Data were evaluated by frequency analysis, general and graphic comparison of averages, distance and proximity measures and a t-test, as well as multiple and logistic regressions. Results indicate that products with high degrees of functionality and symbolism provide more effective copies when copies focus predominantly on intrinsic attributes. The same is true for products with a high degree of functionality and low symbolism. In both situations extrinsic attributes also merit attention. For products with low functionality and high symbolism, the extrinsic attributes should be communicated predominantly. These management implications deserve reflection, not for direct application in practice, but as additional information for insight and enlightenment in relation to more effective advertising.
"Manifeste-se, fa?a um zine!": uma etnografia sobre "zines de papel" feministas produzidos por minas do rock (S?o Paulo, 1996-2007)
Camargo, Michelle Alcantara;
Cadernos Pagu , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-83332011000100007
Abstract: in this article, resulting from research about "cena das minas do rock" between 2007 and 2010, my intention was to present an ethnography about the paper publications by women involved in the "cena", known as fanzines or zines. analyzing such publications i present a reflection on young women's expression manners and feminist practices, and how they find a particular language at zines. meantime, i hope to contribute to the production of knowledge concerned with the way speeches and feminist practices are re-appropriated by young women from the contexts where they were set. the bunch of analyzed zines comprehends 1996 to 2007 period and were produced by groups and women placed at quite diverse sites at the "cena", also giving accounts of the diversity that marks this political and cultural movement related to youth.
A sala de aula foi o meu mundo: a carreira do magistério em S?o Paulo (1920-1950)
Alcantara, Wiara Rosa Rios;
Educa??o e Pesquisa , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-97022012000200002
Abstract: in the first decades of the twentieth century, the republican public school system of the state of s?o paulo was established, expanded and structured. the creation of a network of schools drove the organization of the teaching career motivated by the need to train teachers capable of making this expansion more efficient. during this period, a set of laws that regulated the profession was established, turning teachers into state civil servants. thus, besides the organization of the education system, the teaching profession was also increasingly organized in s?o paulo. the objective here is to problematize the career and the teaching work in s?o paulo, based on the experience and trajectory of botyra camorin, a teacher in the state of s?o paulo, taking her itinerary as representative, since the identity of a class, of a profession, cannot be taken as evident independently of the trajectories of its members. along these lines, following the threads of this particular itinerary immersed in a web of relations made it possible to observe the multiplicity of teachers' experiences, the plurality of the contexts of reference, and the tensions that establish limits and possibilities to the everyday practice. confronting the primary sources - autobiographies, novels and short stories written by botyra camorin - with the legislation, texts by educators and other studies revealed that we must not pursue solely the uniformity and homogenization of the teachers, because the meanings attributed to the teaching work and the ways to experience it or carry it out are not perennial, but are closely related to the spatiotemporal conditions of the exercise of the profession.
Sistemas de distribui??o e arranjos cooperativos: o caso do atacado brasileiro
Alcantara, Rosane L. Chicarelli;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X1999000300007
Abstract: in the last decades several events have created different ways for presenting the products to the final consumer, taking a more cooperative approach among the members in the marketing channels. as the competitive scenery changes, the ways of doing transaction within the channel also have to follow. this paper will present guidelines for the wholesalers and their food, hygiene, beauty and cleanliness suppliers on the direction for more cooperative arrangements within their distribution channels.
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