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Cost and Emissions Implications of Coupling Wind and Solar Power  [PDF]
Seth Blumsack, Kelsey Richardson
Smart Grid and Renewable Energy (SGRE) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/sgre.2012.34041
Abstract: We assess the implications on long-run average energy production costs and emissions of CO2 and some criteria pollutants from coupling wind, solar and natural gas generation sources. We utilize five-minute meteorological data from a US location that has been estimated to have both high-quality wind and solar resources, to simulate production of a coupled generation system that produces a constant amount of electric energy. The natural gas turbine is utilized to provide fill-in energy for the coupled wind/solar system, and is compared to a base case where the gas turbine produces a constant power output. We assess the impacts on variability of coupled wind and solar over multiple time scales, and compare this variability with regional demand in a nearby load center, and find that coupling wind and solar does decrease variability of output. The cost analysis found that wind energy with gas back-up has a lower levelized cost of energy than using gas energy alone, resulting in production savings. Adding solar energy to the coupled system increases levelized cost of energy production; this cost is not made up by any reductions in emissions costs.
El movimiento libertario espa ol en vísperas de la sublevación fascio-militar de julio de 1936
Graham Kelsey
Historia Actual Online , 2010,
Abstract: Este trabajo dibuja la presencia del anarcosindicalismo, de la CNT, durante la Segunda República hasta los momentos previos del golpe de estado del verano de 1936. Se estudia la peculiaridad espa ola, en el contexto europeo, de la existencia de un movimiento de masas articulado en un sindicato que hundía sus raíces directamente de los movimientos obreros del siglo XIX; las corrientes que lo conformaban, con sus deferentes proyectos finalistas, y su trayectoria desde su creación. Es especial el trabajo se detiene en la primavera de 1936. Cuando el anarcosindicalismo se había rehecho y, junto a la UGT, sus millones de afiliados parecían representar un muro infranqueable para cualquier intentona fascista. Se estudian las cuestiones puntuales presentes: la cuestión de la Alianza revolucionaria, las transformaciones en las posiciones de importantes militantes, la reunificación de las escisiones de los a os precedentes y el propio proyecto sindicalista. Finalmente, se analizan las transformaciones que el desarrollo del conflicto originó en el seno de la CNT y los problemas con los que tuvo que enfrentarse y resolver.
Power Spectral Analysis of Orthogonal Pulse-Based TH-UWB Signals  [PDF]
Sudhan Majhi, Paul Richardson
Int'l J. of Communications, Network and System Sciences (IJCNS) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/ijcns.2011.311114
Abstract: The paper analyzes power spectral density (PSD) of orthogonal pulse-based signals for time hopping ultra wideband (TH-UWB) systems. Our extensive studies show that the PSD of these signals not only depends on the time dithering code and the modulation schemes, but also on the energy spectral density (ESD) of orthogonal pulses. The different order orthogonal pulses provide different ESD which changes the shape of continuous spectral component with symbols. We show that orthogonal pulse-based signals reduce the dynamic range of amplitude of discrete spectral components. Further, we reduce the dynamic range by adopting longer TH code over orthogonal pulse-based signals. As a result, UWB system performance improves with average transmitted power. The theoretical analysis of PSD of orthogonal pulse-based TH-UWB signal is provided in details and verified through simulation results.
An Implementation of the Japanese Autobiographical Method Seikatsu Tsuzurikata—“Life Writing”—In a US Elementary School  [PDF]
Scott Richardson, Haruka Konishi
Creative Education (CE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2013.49080

This article explores the historical, philosophical, curricular, and practical methods of the Japanese auto-biographical method, “seikatusu tsuzurikata” and its implementation in a US elementary school. Seikatsu tsuzurikata is a progressive form of journaling that “provokes students to ‘objectively’ observe the reality surrounding them in terms of their own senses without any intervention of anyone else’s authority”, by writing essays “reflecting on their social situation” (Asanuma, 1986: pp. 153, 155). Part of life writing’s central philosophy is that students are not required to participate. For students who engaged in life writing, several benefits resulted, according to their teachers. However, we found that students had great difficulty articulating their social and emotional worlds because this kind of reflective work was uncomfortable and foreign to students who were subjected to teacher-driven, “content”, and “standards based” instruction. This article concludes by exploring the possibility of connecting life writing with social-emotional learning (SEL).

Plastic Additives Decrease Agrin-Induced Acetylcholine Receptor Clusters and Myotube Formation in C2C12 Skeletal Muscle Cell Culture  [PDF]
Kelsey Neufeld, Kelly Ezell, Wade A. Grow
CellBio (CellBio) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/cellbio.2015.41002
Abstract: Common additives in plastics such as bisphenol A (BPA) or phthalates like di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) are environmental estrogens that have been shown to be endocrine disruptors in some experimental animal models. This project used the C2C12 cell culture model to examine how exposure to BPA or DEHP affects two aspects of skeletal muscle development, the fusion of myoblasts into myotubes and agrin-induced clustering of acetylcholine receptors (AChRs). During myotube formation AChRs cluster spontaneously. Treatment with motor neuron derived agrin increases the frequency of AChR clusters through an agrin signaling pathway that also clusters other postsynaptic components of the neuromuscular synapse. For this project C2C12 cells were exposed to BPA or DEHP while myoblasts fused into myotubes. After exposure to 10 μM BPA or 100 μM DEHP the frequency of agrin-induced AChR clusters decreased. In addition, myotube formation decreased as a higher percentage of nuclei remained in myoblasts. Furthermore, BPA or DEHP reduced the amount of the myogenic regulatory factor myogenin. This suggests that BPA and DEHP decrease AChR clustering by reducing myogenin. Moreover, plastic additives like BPA and DEHP may pose a risk for skeletal muscle development in humans.
Assessing Watershed Vulnerability in Bernalillo County, New Mexico Using GIS-Based Fuzzy Inference  [PDF]
Clinton P. Richardson, Kofi Amankwatia
Journal of Water Resource and Protection (JWARP) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/jwarp.2019.112007
Abstract: Watershed vulnerability was assessed for Bernalillo County, New Mexico using a multi-criteria Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) implemented in a Geographic Information System (GIS). A vulnerability map was produced by means of a weighted overlay analysis that combined soil erosion and infiltration maps derived from the FIS methodology. Five vulnerability classes were stipulated in the model: not vulnerable (N), slightly vulnerable (SV), moderately vulnerable (MV), highly vulnerable (HV), and extremely vulnerable (EV). The results indicate that about 88% of the study area is susceptible to slight (SV) to moderate vulnerability (MV), with 11% of the area subject to experience high or extreme vulnerability (HV/EV). For land use and land cover (LULC) classifications, shrub land was identified to experience the most vulnerability. Weighted overlay output compared similarly with the results predicted by Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) model with the exception of the not vulnerable (N) class. The eastern portion of the county was identified as most vulnerable due to its high slope and high precipitation. Herein, structural stormwater control measures (SCMs) may be viable for managing runoff and sediment transport offsite. This multi-criteria FIS/GIS approach can provide useful information to guide decision makers in selection of suitable structural and non-structural SCMs for the arid Southwest.
Constitutional rights to supervised drug injection facilities in Canada
Peter Bowal,Kelsey Horvat
International Review of Law , 2013, DOI: 10.5339/irl.2013.3
Abstract: On September 30, 2011, the Supreme Court of Canada ordered the government of Canada to continue to exempt Vancouver’s supervised narcotic injection facility from Canada’s criminal drug laws. The controversial clinic, known as Insite, had operated for eight years in one of the country’s most socially troubled and economically challenged neighbourhoods struggling with addictions to illegal drugs. Insite was the first of its kind in North America, although supervised drug injection facilities continue in Europe and Australia. In this article we describe what the court accepted as the factual outcomes of this clinic and the constitutional basis for this judicial rejection of government health and criminal policy. We also consider the implications of this decision for similar facilities across Canada.
When Do Caregivers Talk? The Influences of Activity and Time of Day on Caregiver Speech and Child Vocalizations in Two Childcare Environments
Melanie Soderstrom, Kelsey Wittebolle
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0080646
Abstract: The importance of the language environment in influencing language outcomes is well known, but few studies have addressed the contextual factors that influence the amount of speech heard and vocalizations produced by a young child under naturalistic conditions. We analyze effects of type of activity engaged in by the child and time of day on quantitative measures of the language environment. We found effects of both activity and time of day. Structured activities generated the highest levels of adult language, but not necessarily the most child vocalizations. Home and daycare environments looked overall very similar on these measures, however there were important differences across the two environments with respect to the specific effects of activity and time of day.
Compositional Freeze-Out of Neutron Star Crusts
Kelsey Hoffman,Jeremy Heyl
Physics , 2009, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2009.15591.x
Abstract: We have investigated the crustal properties of neutron stars without fallback accretion. We have calculated the chemical evolution of the neutron star crust in three different cases (a modified Urca process without the thermal influence of a crust, a thick crust, and a direct Urca process with a thin crust) in order to determine the detailed composition of the envelope and atmosphere as the nuclear reactions freeze out. Using a nuclear reaction network up to technetium, we calculate the distribution of nuclei at various depths of the neutron star. The nuclear reactions quench when the cooling timescale is shorter than the inverse of the reaction rate. Trace light elements among the calculated isotopes may have enough time to float to the surface before the layer crystallizes and form the atmosphere or envelope of the neutron star. The composition of the neutron-star envelope determines the total photon flux from the surface, and the composition of the atmosphere determines the emergent spectrum. Our calculations using each of the three cooling models indicate that without accretion of fallback the neutron star atmospheres are dependent on the assumed cooling process of the neutron star. Each of the cooling methods have different elements composing the atmosphere: for the modified Urca process the atmosphere is $^{28}$Si, the thick crust has an atmosphere of $^{50}$Cr, and the thin crust has an atmosphere of $^{40}$Ca. In all three cases the atmospheres are composed of elements which are lighter then iron.
Mechanical Properties of non-accreting Neutron Star Crusts
Kelsey Hoffman,Jeremy Heyl
Physics , 2012, DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2012.21921.x
Abstract: The mechanical properties of a neutron star crust, such as breaking strain and shear modulus, have implications for the detection of gravitational waves from a neutron star as well as bursts from Soft Gamma-ray Repeaters (SGRs). These properties are calculated here for three different crustal compositions for a non-accreting neutron star that results from three different cooling histories, as well as for a pure iron crust. A simple shear is simulated using molecular dynamics to the crustal compositions by deforming the simulation box. The breaking strain and shear modulus are found to be similar in the four cases, with a breaking strain of ~0.1 and a shear modulus of ~10^{30} dyne cm^{-2} at a density of \rho = 10^{14} g cm^{-3} for simulations with an initially perfect BCC lattice. With these crustal properties and the observed properties of {PSR J2124-3358} the predicted strain amplitude of gravitational waves for a maximally deformed crust is found to be greater than the observational upper limits from LIGO. This suggests that the neutron star crust in this case may not be maximally deformed or it may not have a perfect BCC lattice structure. The implications of the calculated crustal properties of bursts from SGRs are also explored. The mechanical properties found for a perfect BCC lattice structure find that crustal events alone can not be ruled out for triggering the energy in SGR bursts.
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