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Assessing Money Laundering Risk of Financial Institutions with AHP: Supervisory Perspective  [PDF]
Ke Jia, Xi Zhao, Ling Zhang
Journal of Financial Risk Management (JFRM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/jfrm.2013.21004

This paper proposed a risk assessment model with which supervisory authorities can calculate the money laundering risk (MLR) level of financial institutions and make comparisons among multiple institutions. The model is based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and decomposes MLR into two second-tier criteria, i.e. Inherent Risk & Control Risk. AHP pair wise comparisons made by the experts from various fields are processed through AHP software to get the weight of each factor. Using this model, MLR of each financial institution could be obtained and certain comparison among them could be carried out.

Thermal electric effects in Fe|GaAs|Fe tunnel junctions
Xintao Jia,Ke Xia
AIP Advances , 2012, DOI: 10.1063/1.4773464
Abstract: We study the spin polarized thermoelectric effects on Fe|GaAs|Fe tunnel junction using a generalized Landauer-Büttiker formalism, where the energy flow is described on the same footing as the electric current. The Seebeck coefficient of tunnel junction will change sign as the GaAs thickness increases. We demonstrate the thermally induced STT on Fe|GaAs|Fe tunnel junction is robust against the interfacial defects and is non-negligible.
Shifted Character Sums with Multiplicative Coefficients
Ke Gong,Chaohua Jia
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Let $f(n)$ be a multiplicative function satisfying $|f(n)|\leq 1$, $q$ $(\leq N^2)$ be a prime number and $a$ be an integer with $(a,\,q)=1$, $\chi$ be a non-principal Dirichlet character modulo $q$. In this paper, we shall prove that $$ \sum_{n\leq N}f(n)\chi(n+a)\ll {N\over q^{1\over 4}}\log\log(6N)+q^{1\over 4}N^{1\over 2}\log(6N)+{N\over \sqrt{\log\log(6N)}}. $$ We shall also prove that \begin{align*} &\sum_{n\leq N}f(n)\chi(n+a_1)\cdots\chi(n+a_t)\ll {N\over q^{1\over 4}}\log\log(6N)\\ &\quad+q^{1\over 4}N^{1\over 2}\log(6N)+{N\over \sqrt{\log\log(6N)}}, \end{align*} where $t\geq 2$, $a_1,\,\cdots,\,a_t$ are pairwise distinct integers modulo $q$.
Kloosterman Sums with Multiplicative Coefficients
Ke Gong,Chaohua Jia
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: Let $f(n)$ be a multiplicative function satisfying $|f(n)|\leq 1$, $q$ $(\leq N^2)$ be a positive integer and $a$ be an integer with $(a,\,q)=1$. In this paper, we shall prove that $$\sum_{\substack{n\leq N\\ (n,\,q)=1}}f(n)e({a\bar{n}\over q})\ll\sqrt{\tau(q)\over q}N\log\log(6N)+q^{{1\over 4}+{\epsilon\over 2}}N^{1\over 2}(\log(6N))^{1\over 2}+{N\over \sqrt{\log\log(6N)}},$$ where $\bar{n}$ is the multiplicative inverse of $n$ such that $\bar{n}n\equiv 1\,({\rm mod}\,q),\,e(x)=\exp(2\pi ix),\,\tau(q)$ is the divisor function.

Liu Ke-jia,

中国物理 B , 2001,
Abstract: Using the ideas of supersymmetric quantum mechanics, we exactly solve a continuous family of anharmonic potentials, which are the supersymmetric partners of the linear harmonic oscillators. The family includes a series of potentials in which the excited-state energy is the same as that of the harmonic oscillators, but the ground-state energy can be any value lower than the excited states. The shape of the potential is variable, which includes the double-well and triple-well potentials. All the potentials obtained in this paper are free of singularities, and the supersymmetry of the solutions is unbroken.
Nonlinear bias dependence of spin-transfer torque from atomic first principles
Xingtao Jia,Ke Xia,Youqi Ke,Hong Guo
Physics , 2011, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.84.014401
Abstract: We report first-principles analysis on the bias dependence of spin-transfer torque (STT) in Fe/MgO/Fe magnetic tunnel junctions. The in-plane STT changes from linear to nonlinear dependence as the bias voltage is increased from zero. The angle dependence of STT is symmetric at low bias but asymmetric at high bias. The nonlinear behavior is marked by a threshold point in the STT versus bias curve. The high-bias nonlinear STT is found to be controlled by a resonant transmission channel in the anti-parallel configuration of the magnetic moments. Disorder scattering due to oxygen vacancies in MgO significantly changes the STT threshold bias.
The Determination of Surface Tension of Traditional Chinese Medicine Tablet  [PDF]
Xiaolu Zhang, Hao Zhang, Ke Liang, Er’jia Zhu, Ruisi Yan, Hui Yang, Zaiyou Tan
Journal of Modern Physics (JMP) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2012.312236
Abstract: In this paper we aimed to determine the surface tension of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) tablet and tried to provide a key reference parameter to control tablet film coating quality. Using contact angle tester, the Chinese medicine tablet, a famous Fufang Danshen tablet CP as a model example, was determined by Zisman critical surface tension method. Our study showed that the critical surface tension of Fufang Danshen tablet CP was determined to be 18.00 dyne/cm. The Zisman method, hence, can determine successfully the critical surface tension of Chinese medicine tablet and will become an effective manner to control tablet film coating quality.
Eliminate Noise in Color Image Using method of Color Vector

JIA Ke,bin,

中国图象图形学报 , 2001,
Abstract: It is more difficult to eliminate noise in color image than in gray image. In this paper, a method of color vector is described. Using this method, the noise in color image, which is made up of many monochromatic targets, can be restrained. Firstly, color vector is defined, and then the average of color vector is also defined. Secondly, a new analytical method of color vector is introduced. By calculating Euclidean distance between pixel, of which is analyzed, and averages of color vector of trained district, it is possible to segment rapidly the different monochromatic targets, which have been polluted. Thirdly, the images of monochromatic targets are smoothed separately. Finally, by combining the images of monochromatic targets that are processed and one of background, it is can eliminate noise in the color image greatly. The results of the method show that it is satisfy. The method is applicable to eliminate noise in image, which is made up of many monochromatic targets and complex background.
Towards Polypharmacokinetics: Pharmacokinetics of Multicomponent Drugs and Herbal Medicines Using a Metabolomics Approach
Ke Lan,Guoxiang Xie,Wei Jia
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/819147
An Improved Hybrid Encoding Cuckoo Search Algorithm for 0-1 Knapsack Problems
Yanhong Feng,Ke Jia,Yichao He
Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/970456
Abstract: Cuckoo search (CS) is a new robust swarm intelligence method that is based on the brood parasitism of some cuckoo species. In this paper, an improved hybrid encoding cuckoo search algorithm (ICS) with greedy strategy is put forward for solving 0-1 knapsack problems. First of all, for solving binary optimization problem with ICS, based on the idea of individual hybrid encoding, the cuckoo search over a continuous space is transformed into the synchronous evolution search over discrete space. Subsequently, the concept of confidence interval (CI) is introduced; hence, the new position updating is designed and genetic mutation with a small probability is introduced. The former enables the population to move towards the global best solution rapidly in every generation, and the latter can effectively prevent the ICS from trapping into the local optimum. Furthermore, the greedy transform method is used to repair the infeasible solution and optimize the feasible solution. Experiments with a large number of KP instances show the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm and its ability to achieve good quality solutions. 1. Introduction The combinatorial optimization plays a very important role in operational research, discrete mathematics, and computer science. The knapsack problem is one of the classical combinatorial optimization problems that are difficult to solve and it has been extensively studied since the pioneering work of Dantzig [1]. Generally speaking, if the classification of these methods that are used to solve such problems is based on the nature of the algorithm, they can be simply divided into two categories [2]: exact methods and heuristic methods. Exact methods, like enumeration method [3, 4], branch and bound [5], and dynamic programming [6], can give the exact solutions; nevertheless, in the worst case, it is required to take a long time to get a satisfactory solution; sometimes the time increases exponentially with the increment of the size of the instance. Recently, nature-inspired metaheuristic algorithms perform powerfully and efficiently in solving the diverse optimization problems, including combinatorial problem. Metaheuristic algorithms include genetic algorithm [7], particle swarm optimization [8], ant colony optimization [9], artificial bee colony algorithm [10], differential evolution algorithm [11], harmony search algorithm [12, 13], and krill herd algorithm [14–16]. As is mentioned above, metaheuristic methods have been proven to be an effective means to cope with the combinatorial optimization problems including 0-1 knapsack
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