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Association of lipid peroxidation with hepatocellular injury in preterm infants
Barry Weinberger, Kazimierz Watorek, Richard Strauss, Gisela Witz, Mark Hiatt, Thomas Hegyi
Critical Care , 2002, DOI: 10.1186/cc1547
Abstract: Preterm infants (<35 weeks' gestation) admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit were enrolled (with their parents' informed consent) in either the 'cholestasis' group (if their direct bilirubin was >2 mg/dl [34.2 μmol/l] and duration of TPN was ≥ 10 days [n = 27]) or in the control group. Urine samples for measurement of TBARS (proportionate to lipid peroxidation) and blood specimens for analysis of serum bilirubin, ALT, AST, and alkaline phosphatase were obtained within 24 hours of enrollment.The cholestasis and control groups were comparable with respect to gestational age, birth weight, Apgar score, maximum FiO2, and duration of supplemental oxygen administration. Median serum direct bilirubin concentrations in the cholestasis and control groups were, respectively, 3.3 mg/dl (56.4 μmol/l) and 1.7 mg/dl (29.1 μmol/l) (P < 0.001). Serum ALT and AST levels were also elevated in the cholestasis group, but alkaline phosphatase levels did not differ significantly between the groups. Urinary levels of TBARS in all the infants were correlated with ALT and AST but did not differ significantly between cholestatic and control infants.Our findings suggest that oxidant stress is associated with hepatocellular injury in preterm infants. This effect is not correlated with the degree of cholestasis.The incidence of cholestasis related to total parenteral nutrition (TPN) among preterm infants has been estimated to be between 7% and 85%, depending on the population examined and the definition of cholestasis used [1]. In infants with necrotizing enterocolitis or short bowel syndrome, the prevalence of TPN-related cholestasis is 60–90% [2]. Although cholestasis is reversible in most patients after the successful advancement of enteral feeding, progressive liver fibrosis and cirrhosis occur in some patients even after complete enteral nutrition has been established [3]. Some studies have suggested that excessive amino acids, hepatotoxic bile acids, bacterial overgrowth, sepsis, m
On the problem of retracting balls onto their boundary
Kazimierz Goebel
Abstract and Applied Analysis , 2003, DOI: 10.1155/s1085337503204103
Abstract: We provide some new estimates of the smallest possible Lipschitzconstant for retractions of the unit ball B onto the unitsphere S in infinite-dimensional Banach spaces.
New Types of the Regional Atlases (On the Example of the Kraków Voivodeship Computer Atlas)
Kazimierz Trafas
Liber Quarterly : The Journal of European Research Libraries , 1999,
Abstract: When new technologies were introduced in cartography, and especially computer technologies and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), maps and atlases began to be used in a different way. Passive forms (reviewing, overlap drawing) have been replaced by more active forms (generating new information, visualisation and animation of the spatial data). Thus cartographic collections in libraries are to play a different role. It is necessary to adjust them to the use of maps existing on electronic media, recorded on disks or CD-ROMs, offering a possibility to scan and print the data. Simple programmes which visualise spatial data should also be available in libraries. In the near future the major role in cartographic collections will be probably played by electronic atlases consisting of aggregated data bases (geographic, statistic and others) composed of many layers and attributes which will be combined according to the user’s needs and thus new maps will be created. The Kraków Voivodeship Computer Atlas (KVCA) which is now being prepared in Kraków is such an electronic atlas. In this paper, the author presents some remarks about this new type of the regional atlas on the basis of experience acquired in preparing of this atlas.
Morphological characters, plant phenology and yield of spring barley (Hordeum sativum L.) depending on cultivar properties and sowing date
Kazimierz Noworolnik
Acta Agrobotanica , 2012, DOI: 10.5586/aa.2012.071
Abstract: During the period 2008-2010, microplot experiments on spring barley were carried out in the experimental field of the Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation – State Research Institute in Pu awy, on a good wheat soil complex. The following cultivars were compared: ‘Conchita’, ‘Kormoran’, ‘Rufus’, ‘Skald’, ‘Skarb’ (2008-2009) as well as ‘Afrodite’, ‘Aliciana’, ‘Bordo’, ‘Skald’, and ‘Suweren’ (2009-2010), in terms of their morphological characters determining grain yield and their response to sowing date: 7-12 April and 17-22 April. Among the spring barley cultivars tested, there were large differences in productive tillering of plants, number of ears per unit area, and grain yield. Smaller differences related to number of grains per ear and 1000 grain weight. The cultivars ‘Suweren’ and ‘Skarb’ were characterized by high grain yield thanks to greater plant tillering and higher number of ears. The cultivar ‘Bordo’ was marked by the highest number of grains per ear, while cv. ‘Kormoran’ had the highest 1000 grain weight. A delayed sowing date caused a shortening of the growing season by 8-9 days and a shortening of all plant growth stages. This negatively affected number of ears per unit area and grain yield, but did not result in significant changes in number of grains per ear and 1000 grain weight. ‘Suweren’ and ‘Skarb’, i.e. cultivars with higher tillering ability, can be considered to be cultivars more tolerant to delayed sowing date.
Kazimierz Musial
Studia Humanistyczne (Kraków. 2003) , 2011,
Abstract: Along with changes taking place in the modern Nordic societies there is a change in values that have constituted a foundation of the development of higher education systems in this part of Europe. The author’s intention is to investigate to what extent the traditional values that had evolved within the framework of the peasant and industrial societies have a chance to survive, or have to change, within the knowledge-based post-industrial regime. The paper presents an image of the current societal change and investigates whether we currently witness an evolution or withering away of the traditionally Nordic values in higher education. A particular attention is paid to the changes in the social democratic model of education and research and the emergence of neoliberal elements in it. The changes are illustrated by examples of the transition taking place from industrial to post-industrial society, from collectivism to individualism and from egalitarianism to elitism.
Recent advances in Hepatitis B vaccination
Madalinski Kazimierz
Hepatitis B Annual , 2008,
Abstract: Hepatitis B virus is a microorganism formed in the excess of surface antigen which is devoid of nucleic acid. Surface antigen of HBV was from the beginning the natural candidate for the vaccine which was thus produced by isolation of plasma HBsAg and later substituted by recombinant protein(s). The Extended Program of Immunization was beneficial for the reduction of HBV incidence in the populations of many participating countries. It is further postulated that HCC incidence in the world was also reduced at least in the portion caused by hepatitis B virus. Persistence of anti-HBV immunity was first measured by quantitative anti-HBs assay determined at 1 month post vaccination cycle, and then at different time points, even up to 12-15 years. The frontier of 10 IU/L (mIU/ml) is a mark of sustained immunity. However, cellular immunity studies revealed that this kind of response is very important in the defense against the virus and may last longer than the detectable antibodies. It was shown that ′full′ surface vaccines, i.e. preS+S, may give stronger immunity and are good even for neonates. The next generation vaccines are DNA-based and plant-based HBV vaccines. This last category raises many hopes and with sufficient immunogenicity could ensure the most comfortable route of administration.
Traction Possibilities of Mining Railways with Frictional Drives
F. Kazimierz
Tribology in Industry , 2012,
Abstract: Present market conditions prefer an implementation in mining some highly efficient coal longwalls, which must be insured with a supply of proper machines and equipment as well as working there men, mainly by suspended and floor(narrow-gauge) railways. A frictional contact of engine driving wheels with rails of these railways limits their traction possibilities in the essential way, particularly onto rails of increased slopes. In the paper an analysis of traction possibilities of mining railways with frictional drives from the point of view of their operating on rail inclination, taking on consideration the different ways of thrust of driving wheels onto rail has been carried out. They were also given the dependences for the calculation of required frictional contact forces of wheels on rails and boundary track inclinations, which can be overcame by the railways with frictional drives.
Remars on K-midconvex set-valued functions with closed epigraph
Kazimierz Nikodem
Le Matematiche , 1990,
Abstract: In this note we present some continuity results on K-midconvex set-valued functions. In particular, we give conditions under which K-midconvex and set valued functions with closed epigraph are K-continuous.
The metabolism of aged seeds. The formation of polyribosomes in germinating field bean ( Vicia faba sp. minor) seeds of different ages
Kazimierz Zalewski
Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae , 1992, DOI: 10.5586/asbp.1992.018
Abstract: Total dehydrogenase activity and formation of polyribosomes in embryonic axes and cotyledons of field bean seeds from different harvest years were studied. 3H-uridine incorporation experiments showed that seed ageing was accompanied by decreased capability for RNA synthesis and polyribosome formation. The embryonic axes of seeds with reduced vigor contained lower levels of polyribosomes.
Metabolism of aged seeds. Changes in rye embryo polyribosomes during seed aging
Kazimierz Zalewski
Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae , 1992, DOI: 10.5586/asbp.1992.032
Abstract: Germination, total dehydrogenase activity, ribosomal proteins and ribonucleic acids of embryos obtained from winter rye harvested in different years and of distinctly differing viability were studied. Diminishing viability was accompanied by declines in the amount of ribosome-bound mRNA and a drop in the intensity of its synthesis during germination. Electrophoretic analysis of control embryo (fully viable) ribosome proteins revealed 55 different bands: 10 acidic and 45 basic. The embryos of aged seeds had 43 different bands of which 8 were acidic, 35 basic and almost all of which had an altered electrophoretic mobility as compared with the control sample. As aging progressed, the percentages of lysine, histidine and arginine increased while those of tyrosine, methionine, proline and serine decreased.
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