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An Amphipathic Alpha-Helix in the Prodomain of Cocaine and Amphetamine Regulated Transcript Peptide Precursor Serves as Its Sorting Signal to the Regulated Secretory Pathway
Elías H. Blanco, Carlos F. Lagos, María Estela Andrés, Katia Gysling
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0059695
Abstract: Cocaine and Amphetamine Regulated Transcript (CART) peptides are anorexigenic neuropeptides. The L34F mutation in human CART peptide precursor (proCART) has been linked to obesity (Yanik et al. Endocrinology 147: 39, 2006). Decrease in CART peptide levels in individuals carrying the L34F mutation was attributed to proCART subcellular missorting. We studied proCART features required to enter the regulated secretory pathway. The subcellular localization and the secretion mode of monomeric EGFP fused to the full-length or truncated forms of human proCART transiently transfected in PC12 cells were analyzed. Our results showed that the N-terminal 1–41 fragment of proCART was necessary and sufficient to sort proCART to the regulated secretory pathway. In silico modeling predicted an alpha-helix structure located between residues 24–37 of proCART. Helical wheel projection of proCART alpha-helix showed an amphipathic configuration. The L34F mutation does not modify the amphipathicity of proCART alpha-helix and consistently proCARTL34F was efficiently sorted to the regulated secretory pathway. However, four additional mutations to proCARTL34F that reduced its alpha-helix amphipathicity resulted in the missorting of the mutated proCART toward the constitutive secretory pathway. These findings show that an amphipathic alpha-helix is a key cis-structure for the proCART sorting mechanism. In addition, our results indicate that the association between L34F mutation and obesity is not explained by proCART missorting.
EphA4 Activation of c-Abl Mediates Synaptic Loss and LTP Blockade Caused by Amyloid-β Oligomers
Lina M. Vargas, Nancy Leal, Lisbell D. Estrada, Adrian González, Felipe Serrano, Katherine Araya, Katia Gysling, Nibaldo C. Inestrosa, Elena B. Pasquale, Alejandra R. Alvarez
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0092309
Abstract: The early stages of Alzheimer's disease are characterised by impaired synaptic plasticity and synapse loss. Here, we show that amyloid-β oligomers (AβOs) activate the c-Abl kinase in dendritic spines of cultured hippocampal neurons and that c-Abl kinase activity is required for AβOs-induced synaptic loss. We also show that the EphA4 receptor tyrosine kinase is upstream of c-Abl activation by AβOs. EphA4 tyrosine phosphorylation (activation) is increased in cultured neurons and synaptoneurosomes exposed to AβOs, and in Alzheimer-transgenic mice brain. We do not detect c-Abl activation in EphA4-knockout neurons exposed to AβOs. More interestingly, we demonstrate EphA4/c-Abl activation is a key-signalling event that mediates the synaptic damage induced by AβOs. According to this results, the EphA4 antagonistic peptide KYL and c-Abl inhibitor STI prevented i) dendritic spine reduction, ii) the blocking of LTP induction and iii) neuronal apoptosis caused by AβOs. Moreover, EphA4-/- neurons or sh-EphA4-transfected neurons showed reduced synaptotoxicity by AβOs. Our results are consistent with EphA4 being a novel receptor that mediates synaptic damage induced by AβOs. EphA4/c-Abl signalling could be a relevant pathway involved in the early cognitive decline observed in Alzheimer's disease patients.
Carmen Sotomayor,Jacqueline Gysling
Calidad en la Educación , 2011,
Abstract: This article analyzes four regulation systems regarding to the quality of teacher education based on standards, and discusses the actions that are being developed on this field in Chile. Casesaddressed were: Victoria-Australia, Quebec-Canada, New York-United States, and England- United Kingdom. All the analyzed cases have specialized government agencies, and an explicit policy oriented to regulate the quality of teacher education provided by public and private universities. Results showed that despite the actions taken, the Chilean system remains as the less regulated when compared to the other analyzed cases.Keywords: teacher education, standards, quality control in teacher education, accreditation, teacher certification.
La Unión Europea, entre mercado global y crisis del Estado
Frónesis , 2009,
Abstract: europe, which has always thought along global lines, has constantly sought to understand itself in world history and the history of the world in relation to it, today ought to make irony its category. the new europe, given that its being is a power that dominates from a center, ought to know how to construct itself as a viewpoint about the world, not forgetting and starting from its own political-institutional heritage. if europe would do this, she could not talk about herself without starting from the experience of her greatest invention: the nation-state, the ?greatest artifice capable of universality?. facing what has most frequently been called a crisis of the state, europe ought, then, to propose itself -in continuity with its history, which has been, from its origins, marked by multiplicity in unity- as the ?place? where the unity of a political-institutional ultra-state space happens through the re-composition of metaphysics and politics to a new level of unity that has had its origins in the state form.
O poeta da vida moderna
Muricy, Katia;
Alea : Estudos Neolatinos , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-106X2007000100004
Abstract: walter benjamin had an allegorical approach to analyse the vision of modernity inscribed in baudelaire?s poetry. the allegorical mode proceeds by way of "the mortification of the literary work". there are allegorical similarities between benjamin?s writings as a literary critic and baudelaire?s poetical work. for benjamin, the most productive implications of baudelaire?s conception of modernity are to be found in the poems of the flowers of evil, not in baudelaire?s critical essays. in contrast with benjamin, michel foucault, who recognized the allegorical character of contemporary literature after mallarmé, was not interested in the poetical work of baudelaire. this lack of interest can be explained by foucault?s refusal to have allegorical approach himself. so he loses, in the limits of "archaeology" of the sixties, the richest expression of modernity. later, foucault recognizes the importance of baudelaire?s view of modernity, but still considers only his aesthetic reflections, not his poetry. for benjamin, "in baudelaire?s view of modernity, the theorie of modern art is the weakest point".
La enunciación del espacio en Traquinias: Construcción y aniquilamiento del ámbito doméstico
Circe de cl??sicos y modernos , 2009,
Abstract: one typical aspect of the greek theatre is the tension created in the relationship between not only different spaces but also between places that are visible and those which are not. in this occasion we will focus our attention on the bond, in the greek tragedy, between the external and the inner spaces in the palace and their point of connection: the σ? door. we start from the conviction that this threshold is a key point of analysis, since it connects these spaces which correspond to especially significant appreciations in the greek imaginary and that, besides, they integrate themselves in a revealing way in the tragic universe. traquinias presents itself as a privileged play to tackle this issue, since in this play the different spaces and the contact among themselves are fundamental aspects for the development of the plots. in the general framework of the semiotics of the theatre, we will approach from the linguistics of enuntiation the elements of the ?ξ that, through the reference to the movement of the actors' bodies, they organize the discursive space and they make it possible the presence, in the scene, of the hidden dimension of the inner space.
As mulheres e as práticas corporais em clubes da cidade de S?o Paulo do início do século XX
Revista Portuguesa de Ciências do Desporto , 2009,
Abstract: the woman condition at 20?s was determined by a discourse that, based in the public life and dedication to a private life. at the same time the feminist movement fight to the rights of the women to citizenship and a social life outside. among physical education, the discourses added a woman physically active. the athletics?, classic dance and basketball started to be consider health activities to women. the subjective of this paper is to discuss how it was the women participation at the corporal practices in clubs at 20?s of 20th century in sao paulo.
Globalizzazione e diritti umani: un dibattito italiano
Utopìa y Praxis Latinoamericana , 2005,
Abstract: la autora analiza las complejas e íntimas relaciones entre los derechos humanos y la globalización y las consecuencias de ésta en la reconfiguración del espacio público y en la composición del espacio virtual. la globalización es expuesta mediante una lectura crítica como fenómeno político de privatización del mundo, que nulifica los fines sociales y desnaturaliza la dimensión de la socialidad humana, conduciendo inexorablemente al fenómeno de la deculturización manifestada con la neutralidad de la política y la homogeneización del individuo. en el espacio global se erosionan los límites, se extinguen los confines y con ello la posibilidad de la relación auténtica y del contacto con el otro para la constitución de la comunidad, siendo este espacio propicio para la imposición de un orden de fuerza. por el proyecto que implica, la globalización conlleva al individuo separado y egoísta, a la incultura como indisponibilidad de escuchar al otro.
Sovranità e diritti umani: Per uno spazio europeo dei diritti
Utopìa y Praxis Latinoamericana , 2008,
Abstract: in ?times? of a profound crisis for public spaces, principally the crisis of sovereignty, collective identity, pertinence and radicalisms, europe wishes to be a bastion of ?resistance to globalization? and, as a whole, a space for affirming and guaranteeing the rights that should be recognized for citizens through the language of politics. starting from its long civilizing tradition, between dialog and openness, understanding sovereignty as the historical condition that makes rights effective, europe can be considered as a new political space that is not reduced to the ?administration or management of bank accounts.? on the contrary, it is actually a political space for future projects that allow men to recover their capacity to think and create through symbols.
Unaccompanied asylum-seeker children: flawed processes and protection gaps in the UK
Katia Bianchini
Forced Migration Review , 2011,
Abstract: My experience of working as an immigration lawyer on unaccompanied asylum-seeker children’s cases has highlighted a number of serious flaws in the processes which determine their futures....
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