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Radiometric K/ag data as evidence of the geodynamic evolution of the draljica ophiolitic complex, central Serbia
Resimi?-?ari? Kristina,Cvetkovi? Vladica,Balogh Kadosa
Geolo?ki Anali Balkanskog Poluostrva , 2005, DOI: 10.2298/gabp0566073r
Abstract: The study presents age data and petrologic characteristics of igneous rocks of the draljica ophiolitic complex ( OC), situated in central Serbia, 150 km south of Belgrade. The complex consists predominately of a MORB/VAB-like tholeutic suite, represented mostly by gabbros and diabases. The tholeiitic suite is intruded by calc-alkaline intermediate and acid magmas of a VA-affinity, which presumably formed in a pre-collisional setting. The whole complex is intruded by peraluminous granite magmas. The crystallization age of the calc-alkaline pre-collisional quartzdiorite is 168.4±6.7 Ma and it post-dates the formation of the here exposed ocean-ic crust. Geological evidence suggest that the emplacement of the complex occurred during the Upper Jurassic. With respect to their petrology and age, the draljica ophiolitic rocks are similar to the south Apuseni Mts. ophiolites, situated to the north, and to the Kur umija and Guevgeli ophiolites, situated to the south. All these ophiolites probably formed as parts of a single Jurassic belt, which can be termed the eastern branch of the Vardar Zone.
Eoalpine (Cretaceous) very low- to low-grade metamorphism recorded on the illite-muscovite-rich fraction of metasediments from South Tisia (eastern Mt Papuk, Croatia)
Vanja Bi evac, Kadosa Balogh, Dra en Balen, Darko Tiblja
Geologica Carpathica , 2010, DOI: 10.2478/v10096-010-0029-9
Abstract: Eoalpine very low- to low-grade metamorphism related to Cretaceous orogenesis has been investigated in the Slavonian Mts, Croatia. Samples belonging to the Psunj metamorphic complex (PMC), the Radlovac metamorphic complex (RMC) and Permian-Triassic and Triassic sedimentary sequences (PTSS) were studied. The Kübler and árkai indices of all the analysed samples indicate high-anchizonal to epizonal metamorphism. The degree of Eoalpine metamorphism tends to be constant in all samples implying that the different complexes passed through and recorded the same event. Measurements of illite-white K-mica b0-parameter of the RMC samples imply transitional low- to medium-pressure character of the metamorphism. These data together with K-Ar ages (~100-80 Ma) measured on illite-white K-mica rich < 2 μm grain-size fractions point to Late Cretaceous very low- to low-grade regional metamorphism presumably related to the main nappe-forming compressional events in the Pannonian Basin and the Carpathians. The P-T-t (pressure-temperature-time) evolution of the studied area is in good agreement with similar scenarios in the surrounding areas of Tisia, but also in Eastern Alps, Carpathians and Pannonian Basin (ALCAPA).
Petrology of the Garnet Amphibolites from the Teji i Village - Povlen Mt., Western Serbia
Sre?kovi?-Bato?anin Danica R.,Milovanovi? Dragan,Balogh Kadosa
Geolo?ki Anali Balkanskog Poluostrva , 2002, DOI: 10.2298/gabp0264187s
Abstract: Different metamorphic rocks discovered near the village of Teji i (Povlen Mt., Western Serbia) represent members of the olistostrome mélange metamorphosed during the obduction/emplacement of some still hot ultramafic body. They occupy the area of about 2 km2. The garnet amphibolites are of highest metamorphic grade in the area of Teji i and were chosen as the most convenient rocks for determination the pressure-temperature conditions of metamorphism and of ultramafics during their emplacement.
On the age of the Dej Tuff, Transylvanian Basin (Romania)
Alexandru Szakács, , Zoltán Pécskay, Lóránd Silye, Kadosa Balogh, Daniela Vlad, Alexandrina Fül p
Geologica Carpathica , 2012, DOI: 10.2478/v10096-012-0011-9
Abstract: The Dej Tuff is an important stratigraphic marker in the Transylvanian Basin. However, its Early Badenian age is known only on biostratigraphical grounds so far. A number of radiometric dating techniques including K-Ar, Ar-Ar and fission-track have been used in order to constrain more precisely its age, allowing the calibration of the Transylvanian Basin's evolutionary models. Although individual dating methods could not provide a unique, reliable and accurate radiometric age, comparison and evaluation of multiple methods gives 14.8-15.1 Ma as the most likely formation age of the Dej Tuff.
Constraints on the origin of gabbroic rocks from the Moldanubian-Moravian units boundary (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic and Austria)
Jaromír Ulrych, Luká Ackerman, Václav Kachlík, Ernst Hegner, Kadosa Balogh, Anna Langrová, Jan Luna, Ferry Fediuk, Milo Lang, Ji í Filip
Geologica Carpathica , 2010, DOI: 10.2478/v10096-010-0009-0
Abstract: Gabbroic bodies from the Moldanubian Monotonous Group (Ma í ) and the Moravian Vratěnín Unit (other sites), often showing retrogressive recrystallization at their margins in the amphibolite-facies grade, have norite, gabbronorite, gabbro and hornblendite compositions. Gabbros with preserved coronitic textures are limited to the Vratěnín Unit. The estimated equilibration temperatures derived from plagioclase-amphibole pairs and orthopyroxene Ca contents calculated for pressures 5-10 kbar overlap for coronitic (700-840 °C) and non-coronitic gabbroic rocks (680-850 °C). Although the Moldanubian (Ma í ) gabbroic rocks are more Mg-rich compared to the Moravian gabbroids, they show crust-like La/Nb ratios of 2.1-6.6 characteristic of subduction-related magmatic rocks coupled with uniform low εNd values of + 0.6 to + 0.7. Apparent subduction-related features are probably caused by contamination by juvenile crust and/or by metamorphic fluid rich in incompatible elements during the Variscan metamorphism. Samples from Korolupy-Nonndorf and Me ovice have La/Nb ratios < 1.7 and show negative correlations between La/Nb and εNd. Such decoupling between La/Nb and εNd could be attributed to contamination of the subduction-related parent magma by crustal material with higher La/Nb and lower εNd values. Samples from Uher ice show ambiguous geochemical patterns inherited from contamination by very old recycled material. Gabbroic rocks from Ma í should represent an underplated, partly layered cumulate body of continental tholeiite composition, strongly influenced by crustal contamination. In contrast, gabbroic bodies from the Vratěnín Unit, having a close spatial relationship to the surrounding garnet amphibolites, were emplaced into a lithologically variable passive margin sequence probably during the Cadomian extension.
Non-Thermal Effects Mobile Phones at Biological Objects
Ladislav Balogh
Advances in Electrical and Electronic Engineering , 2003,
Abstract: The article deals with non-thermal effects of mobile phones on biological objects. Even though these effects are observed for longer period, there are not so far unequivocal results on obtained biological and biophysical results in this field. Biologicaleffects of electromagnetic field (EMF) depend on its character, its duration as well as on features of organism. As the receptors offield are not known (e.g. inputs of EMF into organism), its effects are judged only by non-specific reaction of organism. With high frequencyand microwave fields are relatively the most clarified thermal effects, but effect of EMF mobile phones on central nervous system, cardio-vascular, blood and immune system are ascribed to non-thermal effects, e.g. longer standing exposures of fields with relative low power level. Neither these, nor genetic or carcinogen effects of mobile phones have been so far unequivocally proved and acknowledged.
A Survey of Robotic Competitions
Richard Balogh
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems , 2008,
Abstract: A survey of robotic competitions all over the world, their short history and present state is given. Contests are classified according to their difficulty and conditions. Typical competition categories, also with interesting robot constructions are described. Sense, advantages and disadvantages of contests are discussed, especially concerning educational purposes. At the same time, our experiences with organising the contest Istrobot are presented.
The Public Debate on the Religiosity of the Public Debate of Bioethics in the USA
Lehel Balogh
Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies , 2009,
Abstract: Despite the fact that bioethics is, basically, an interdisciplinary scientific field, it is deeply intertwined with less objectivistic, yet important, threads of morality and religion. From the beginning, in the United States, the language of bioethics has been shaped by theologians and people who do not neglect the religious approaches of particular scientific issues. This paper examines the possibility of using religious and nonreligious terminologies in the bioethical discourse, paying close attention to the American bioethical debate. I shall argue that no democratic, pluralistic societies of today should favor only one jargon of a sole moral tradition, as this attitude leads to the discrimination of others that are also affected by such discourse. Mutual tolerance is the way that can provide a violence-free territory for the discussion about different value-based moral systems and traditions (such as Christianity and Islam or, in a broader perspective, religion and irreligious humanism).
On existing of filtered multiplicative bases in group algebras
Zsolt Balogh
Mathematics , 2005,
Abstract: We give an explicit list of all p-groups G of order at most p^4 or 2^5 such that the group algebra KG over the field K of characteristic p has a filtered multiplicative K-basis.
The generating function enumerating words in n letters without increasing subsequences of length d and with each letter occurring r times
Ferenc Balogh
Mathematics , 2015,
Abstract: Gessel's famous Bessel determinant formula gives the generating function to enumerate permutations without increasing subsequences of a given length. Ekhad and Zeilberger recently proposed the challenge to find a suitable generalization to count words of length rn in an alphabet consisting of n letters in which each letter appears exactly r times and which have no increasing subsequences of length d. In this paper we present a generating function for arbitrary values of r expressible as multiple integrals of Gessel-type Toeplitz determinants multiplied by the exponentiated cycle index polynomial of the symmetric group on r letters.

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