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True hermaphroditism presenting as an inguinal hernia
Ceylan, Kadir;Algun, Ekrem;Gunes, Mustafa;Gonulalan, Hasan;
International braz j urol , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1677-55382007000100011
Abstract: a 21-year-old patient with cryptorchidism was found to have a left inguinal mass on physical examination. the patient was operated with a diagnosis of bilateral cryptorchidism and left inguinal hernia. besides bilateral inguinal undescended testicles, female genital organs like fallopian tubes, uterus and ovary were found on the exploration.
Synthesis and Characterization of Lactone Functional Macromonomers by End Group Deactivation and Their Use in Miktoarm Star Polymer  [PDF]
Kadir Demirelli, Feride Bezgin
Open Journal of Polymer Chemistry (OJPChem) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojpchem.2012.22006
Abstract: Newly designed miktoarm star-shaped copolymers made of poly[(benzyl methacrylate(BMA)-co-(ε-caprolacton)(CL)] and poly[(BMA-b-MMA-b-BMA)-co-ε-caprolacton)(CL)] were synthesized by combining ring-opening polymerization (ROP) of ε-caprolactone (CL) and poly(BMA) five membered lacton fuctionalized prepared via atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) of BMA, and ε-CL and P(BMA-b-MMA-b-BMA) dual functionalized diblock copolymer, in the presence of tin(II) bis(2-ethylhexanoate) (Sn(Oct)2). Although lactone ended poly(benzyl methacrylate) with ε-caprolactone monomer gave ring open polymerization by Sn(Oct)2, the macromonomer itself did not give any poly- merization The macromonomers, and the miktoarm star-shaped copolymers were analyzed by FT-IR and 1H-NMR spectroscopies and GPC (gel permeation chromatograph), Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC-50) and termo- gravimetric analysis (TGA-50). These copolymers exhibited the expected structure. The crystallization of star-shaped copolymers was studied by DSC. The results show that when the content of the BMA block increased, the Tm of the star-shaped block copolymer increased.
Evaluation of the Changes in Anterior Segment Morphology with Ultrasound Biomicroscopy after Vitrectomy without Use of Tamponade in Pseudophakic Eyes  [PDF]
Erkan ünsal, Kadir Eltutar
Open Journal of Ophthalmology (OJOph) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ojoph.2016.64030
Abstract: Aim: In this study we investigated the changes in anterior segment morphology in pseudophakia patients that underwent ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) after pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) operation without use of tamponade. Method: Pseudophakic patients who undergo PPV were enrolled in this prospective study between October 2012 and April 2015. Study included patients in whom intraocular tamponade was not used during PPV operation. UBM measurements were performed both before and 10 days after the operation. Anterior chamber depth (ACD) was measured using axial images of anterior segment. Trabecular meshwork-iris angle (TIA), ciliary body thickness (CBT), sclera thickness (ST), trabecular meshwork-ciliary process distance (T-CPD), iris-ciliary processes distance (I-CPD), and iris thickness (IT) were measured at temporal quadrant based on radial section images of the angle. Values measured before and after the operation were statistically compared with each other. Results: This study included 30 patients (18 females, 12 males) that underwent an operation ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) after pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) operation without use of tamponade. Mean age was 69.6 ± 9.1 (55 - 85) years. Eighteen operations occurred on the left eye whereas twelve operations occurred on the right eye. CBT1, CBT2, CBT Max, T-CPD, and I-CPD were significantly decreased after operation when compared with the values of baseline (before) (p = 0.018, p = 0.012, p = 0.001, p = 0.033, p = 0.015, respectively). Other evaluated parameters did not show statistically significant changes after the operation (p > 0.05). Discussion: PPV results in significant changes in ciliary body morphology together with changes in anterior segment parameters in pseudophakic cases.
The resistance of pseudomonas aeruginosa strains to fluoroquinolone group of antibiotics
Algun U,Arisoy A,Gunduz T,Ozbakkaloglu B
Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology , 2004,
Abstract: Fluoroquinolones are antibiotics that are very effective against many gram negative microorganisms, including P. aeruginosa. However, resistance to these antibiotics has been reported in recent years as well. In this study, the sensivity of 136 P. aeruginosa strains, isolated from various clinical materials, to fluoroquinolones has been investigated. The lowest resistance rate was in ciprofloxacin with 12.5%. The resistance rates of the others were as follows: norfloxacin 14.7%, levofloxacin 16.9%, ofloxacin 19.9% and pefloxacin 28.7%. The 88.2% of the resistant strains to all fluoroquinolones were originated from intensive care unit.
The Effects of Low and Severe Disability on Walking Abilities and Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis Patients: 6-Month Follow-up Study
?zge Ertekin,Serkan ?ZAKBA?,Egemen ?D?MAN,Candan ALGUN
N?ropsikiyatri Ar?ivi , 2013,
Abstract: Objective: To explore the effects of 12-week supervised exercise program (SEP) on quality of life (QoL), walking abilities, balance impairment and fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and to compare these outcomes according to the severity of the disability.Met-hods: Demographic characteristics and medical history of a total of 24 MS patients were recorded. Disability [The Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS)], functional balance [TheBerg Balance Scale (BBS)], balance confidence [The Activities-pecific Balance Confidence (ABC)_Scale], walking difficulties [The 12-Item Multiple Sclerosis Walking Scale (MSWS-12)], fatigue [The Fatigue Impact Scale (FIS)], QoL [The MS International Quality of Life (MUSIQOL)] were evaluated before, at the end of the treatment (3rd month) and at the 6th month. Additionally, the effectiveness rate of the physiotherapy was calculated according to the disability and disease duration. Re-sults: The outcome results of the 17 participants with a mean age of 45.2±8.6 years (seven patients were excluded because of acute attacks) showed that the differences between the mean scores of MSWS-12, BBS and ABC_Scale were resulted from the 2nd assessment (p<0.001), and this differences remained at the follow-up measurements (p<0.001, p=0.003, p=0.001, respectively). The differences between the MUSIQOL scores were resulted from the 3rd assessment at the follow-up (p=0.014). There were statistically significant and positive correlation between the scores of MUSIQOL significantly positively correlated with scores of FIS-total and subgroups, in addition, MSWS-12 significantly positively correlated with MUSIQOL, BBS, ABC_Scale, FIS-total and subgroups, and EDSS scores (p<0.05). Conc-lu-si-on: 12-week SEP was resulted in similar improvements in QoL and walking abilities in both patients with low and severe disabilities. Additionally, these findings strongly suggest that treatment for walking abilities may also extend to improvements in QoL. Therefore, the rehabilitation team should consider the benefits of regular exercise and should focus and encourage people with MS to participate in exercise independent from the disease severity. (Arc-hi-ves of Neu-ropsy-chi-atry 2013; 50: 23-29)
Quality of Life, Fatigue and Balance Improvements after Home-Based Exercise Program in Multiple Sclerosis Patients
?zge Ertekin,Serkan ?ZAKBA?,Egemen ?diman,Z.Candan Algun
N?ropsikiyatri Ar?ivi , 2012,
Abstract: Objectives: To determine the effects of home-based exercise program (HEP) on aspects of disability, quality of life (QoL), fatigue and balance in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. Method: 40 MS patients were enrolled in the study. Demographic, socioeconomic and medical statuses were recorded. Disability [Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS)], functional balance [Berg Balance Scale (BBS)], perceived level of balance confidence in everyday tasks [Activities-specific Balance Confidence (ABC) Scale)], fatigue [Fatigue Impact Scale (FIS)], and QoL [Multiple Sclerosis International Quality of Life (MusiQoL) questionnaire] were assessed at baseline and 3 months later. All participants received standardized 12-weeks HEP from an experienced physiotherapist. Results: There were no statistically significant differences in EDSS scores before and after treatment (p=0.41). All patients showed significant improvement in BBS, ABC scale, and MusiQoL scores (p<0.001), and in the cognitive, physical and social components of FIS from baseline to three months (p=0.002, p=0.001, p=0.002, respectively). A statistically significant difference was not found in FIS-total scores (p=0.060). A positive significant correlation was found between MusiQoL and FIS-total scores (p<0.001), cognitive (p=0.004), physical and social (p<0.001) subscores; as well as negative correlation between QoL and ABC scale scores (p<0.001). Discussion: Home-based exercise program resulted in improvements in QoL, fatigue and balance functions in MS individuals. Therefore, neurological rehabilitation professionals, who are specialized on this area, have to consider the benefits of exercise and physical activity for MS patients and encourage them to take part in an exercise program. (Arc-hi-ves of Neu-ropsy-chi-atry 2012;49: 33-8)
Karabük üniversitesi’nin Sosyal Yüzü: KüTAKSAM (Karabük üniversitesi Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Ara t rmalar Merkezi)
Kadir ?ahin
Tarih Kültür ve Sanat Ara?t?rmalar? Dergisi , 2012,
Abstract: zet:KüTAKSAM (Karabük üniversitesi Tarih, Kültür ve Sanat Ara t rmalar ve Uygulamalar Merkezi) kurulu unun üzerinden ok k sa bir süre ge mesine ra men pek ok faaliyette bulundu. Merkezin hedef ve al malar ile ilgili olarak merkez ba kan Prof. Dr. Zeki Tekin’le merkezin misyon ve vizyonu ile ilgili olarak s cak bir sohbet ortam yakalad k. Prof. Tekin’le yapt m z g rü me esnas nda, birimin büyük hedeflerle yola kt n ve kendisinden beklentilerin üst düzeyde oldu unun bilincinde bir kurumsal duru la resmi al ma hayat na giri ti ini g rdük. Tabi mülakat akademik ortamda olunca, ya anan h zl de i im sürecinden ba layarak, küreselle me, bilimsel sorumluluklar m z n tarihsel miras m za olan katk s ve toplumsal haf zay etkileyen sosyal g stergelere kadar ok geni bir kavramsal er eve ortaya kt . Merkez, profesyonel bir duru la ve bilimsel bir kayg yla kendisinden beklentileri kar lamaya al acak. Bunun en nemli ayaklar ndan biri olan, süreli yay n hayat na da i inde bulundu umuz bu say itibariyle ba lam oldu. lerleyen süre te yeni giri imlerle yeni kt lar n konu ulaca kesin gibi… :Altohugh KUTAKSAM (Karabük University, Center for History Culture and Art Research) has just founded, it has practiced many activities. We have warmly talked with Prof. Dr. Zeki Tekin, the president of center, about mission and vision of research center, and Mr. Tekin explained their aims and expectations. It can be realised that KUTAKSAM has came out with great goals. We believe that the center would satisfy these expectations. The interview occurred in an academic environment and because of this the issues were related to the globalization process, the rapid changes in the World, the scientific responsibilities of intellectuals and the social indicators influence on social memory. The center will try to meet expectations by professional attitude and scientific concern. The center started its activities by offering an academic journal whose first issue is now published. It is possible that new enterprises and outcomes will be talked in the future.RésuméKUTAKSAM (Centre des recherches et applications en Histoire, Culture et Art) a effectué de nombreuses activités bien qu’il n’ait été fondé que récemment. Nous avons eu un entretien très amical avec le président du centre Prof. Dr. Zeki Tekin à propos des objectifs, des travaux du centre et de ses visions et missions. Au cours des discussions avec le Prof. Tekin, on a vu que l’idée du centre est apparue pour réaliser de grands objectifs comme de commencer ses activités officielles en étant conscient de
Turkish Studies , 2009,
Abstract: That various methods and techniques are used in history education will earn this field values. For this reason, a research has been done due to use hermeneutic method in exquisite subjects being important in especially history lesson. The universe of the research consists of eight class students. Because of the difficulties to reach such student number, an example was chosen from the universe. 187 students participating in the research from 1 Arabic Primary School (60students), Altinsehir Primary School (44 students), Cumhuriyet Primary School (50 students) and Gazi Primary School (33 students) in the centre of Adiyaman consist of the example of the research. At the end of the research, it is seen that the levels of comprehending and interpreting the documents and the texts of the students are high but it is also seen that the students write the expressions with the judgments acquired from their lives about the texts and the documents given for them to read. These kinds of workings should be used more in history lessons and the students should interpret the documents and the texts without prejudgment. Tarih e itiminde farkl y ntem ve tekniklerin kullan lmas bu alana zenginlikler kazand racakt r. Bu ama la zellikle tarih dersi i inde nemli bir yer tutan hassas konularda “Hermeneutik” y ntemin kullan lmas ile ilgili bir al ma yap lm t r. Ara t rman n evrenini ilk retim sekizini s n f rencileri olu turmaktad r. Ancak bu say da bir renci kitlesine ula man n zorluklar sebebiyle, evrenden rneklem se ilmi tir. Ad yaman ili merkezinde 1 Aral k lk retim (60 renci), Alt n ehir lk retim (44 renci), Cumhuriyet lk retim (50 renci) ve Gazi lk retim (33 renci) okullar ndan al maya kat lan 187 renci (89’u k z 98’i ise erkek) ara t rman n rneklemini olu turmaktad r. Ara t rma sonucunda rencilerin okuduklar belgeleri, metinleri anlama ve yorumlama düzeylerinin yüksek oldu u, ancak rencilerin okumalar i in verilen belge ve metinlerle ilgili nceki ya ant lar ndan edindikleri yarg lara da yer verdikleri g rülmü tür. Bu tür al malar n tarih derslerinde daha fazla kullan lmas ve rencilerin okuduklar belge ve metinleri n yarg s z yorumlamalar na dikkat etmek gerekir.
The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education , 2010,
Abstract: The study was made to determine whether the attitudes of the open education faculty students, will be changed or not by virtual museum application. The pre-test and post-test model of the experimental design was used in the research. A group of 20 was formed as an experimental group. The pre-test was given to the group before the study and the post test was given to the group at the end of the study. Furthermore t-test analysis was made on the data’s to obtain whether the attitude scores of the open education faculty students, will be changed or not according to their computer knowledge. In qualitative section, the students were asked open-ended questions and their answers were given in frequency table. The data’s were analyzed in two phases. In the first phase, the analysis of the pre test and post test was made. T test, arithmetic mean ( ) and standard deviation (Ss) were used to analyse the data’s. Statistical procedures were made in SPSS 11.0 programmes. The significance of the data’s was tested at the 0,05 significance level. A significant difference was determined in the students’ opinions concerning the post test data’s prepared to measure the attitudes towards the history lesson after the application. As a result, the students had a favourable opinion on the virtual museum application in history lessons by observing variable documents and sources.
Turkish Studies , 2009,
Abstract: The present study, “Siyasetname” written by famous statesman Nizamülmülk is examined as an interpretation of traditional politics and government philosophy. This work of Nizamülmülk that managed to survive until today is an important resource for historians and political scientists, not only to understand the ideas of this scientist and statesman, but also because it reflects the properties of its period. There is no doubt that Nizamülmülk, who worked as a vizier for two sultans of Seljuk Government, had a significant impact on the structure and mentality of the Turkish state. Besides being the continuation of a previously existing tradition, “Siyasetname” also has aspects deviating from this earlier tradition. Not only did his work give advice and recommendations for sultans, but also contributed significantly to the system of government. In other words, concrete, practical, and feasible measures on what should happen were recommended in the work. It also reflects the structure of government and bureaucracy, interaction between the manager and the managed, and the rhetoric of opposition of the time. Because of these characteristics, the work definitely has a historical value. In summary, Nizamülmülk represents a philosophy of government and politics that is strong, paternalistic, and compatible with religion. This understanding strongly reflects perspectives regarding traditional state and politics. As well as his “twin sister” theory of religion and state, his idea of social state also has a current value and thus should be developed. Bu al mada ünlü devlet adam Nizamülmülk taraf ndan yaz lan “Siyasetname”, geleneksel siyaset ve devlet felsefesinin bir yorumu olarak incelenmektedir. Bir ilim ve siyaset adam olan Nizamülmülk’ün günümüze kadar gelen bu yap t , sadece onun fikirlerini anlamak i in de il, ayn zamanda d neminin zelliklerini de yans tmas itibariyle, tarih iler ve siyaset bilimciler i in nemli bir kaynakt r. ki Sel uklu sultan na vezirlik yapan Nizamülmülk’ün Türk devlet yap s ve zihniyeti üzerinde de nemli etkileri oldu u ku ku g türmez. Siyasetname, kendisinden nce mevcut olan bir gelene in devam olmakla birlikte, ondan ayr lan y nleri de bulunmaktad r. Yap tta, sultana sadece üt ve tavsiyeler verilmekle kal nmam ; sisteme nemli l üde katk da bulunabilecek cidd teklifler de getirilmi tir. Ba ka bir deyi le, “olmas gereken”ler hakk nda somut, pratik ve uygulanabilir nlemler nerilmi tir. Ayr ca yap t, d nemin devlet ve bürokrasi yap s n , y neten-y netilen ili kisini ve muhalif s ylemleri de yans tmaktad r. Bu y nüyle
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