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Uso do conceito de proteína ideal em ra??es com diferentes níveis energéticos, suplementadas com fitase para frangos de corte de 1a 21 dias de idade
Nagata, Adriano Kaneo;Rodrigues, Paulo Borges;Rodrigues, Kênia Ferreira;Frietas, Rilke Tadeu Fonseca de;Albino, Luiz Fernando Teixeira;Fialho, Elias Tadeu;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542009000200037
Abstract: an experiment was carried out to evaluate the performance and nutrients digestibility by broiler chickens in the period of 1 to 21 days of age. the experimental design was completely randomized, where t1 was the control treatment constituted by 21.1% of crude protein (cp), 3000 kcal of apparent metabolizable energy (amen)/kg, 0.46% of available phosphorus (ap) and 1.0% of calcium (ca). t2 was the diet with 17.0% of cp and 3000 kcal of amen/kg, t3 the diet with 19.0% of cp and 2900 kcal of amen/kg, t4 the diet with 19.0% of cp and 3000 kcal of amen/kg, and t5 the diet with 19.0% of cp and 3100 kcal of amen/kg. except for the control diet, the diets were formulated with 0.34% of ap, 0.80% of ca and supplemented with phytase. the weight gains of the chickens were similar (p>0.05), independently of the experimental diets. however, the worst feed conversion was observed for the birds fed with 17.0% of cp. the birds which were fed diets with 19.0% of cp and 3000 or 3100 kcal of amen/kg showed performance similar to those fed with the control diet. the excretion of n and p reduced, on average, 16.5% and 22.0%, respectively, and there was increase in the p retention for the birds that were fed the experimental rations. the retention of ca and n was smaller and similar, respectively, for the birds that consumed experimental rations. from these results, it is concluded that the diet with 19.0% of cp and 3000 kcal of amen/kg, supplemented with phytase, does not affect the 1-to-21-day-old broiler chickens and enables to decrease the environmental impact of the nutrients.
Hélio de Souza,Kênia Ferreira Borges
Ciência Animal Brasileira , 2006,
Abstract: Este trabalho foi realizado com o objetivo de avaliar os efeitos da adi o de diferentes quantidades de uréia e de água em feno de Brachiaria brizantha cv. Marandu, colhido após a queda das sementes. O feno foi confeccionado em junho de 1997 e amonizado em setembro de 1997. Utilizou-se um delineamento inteiramente casualizado, com três repeti es, em esquema fatorial 3x3, sendo os fatores 20, 30 e 40% de água adicionada e 2, 4 e 6% de uréia na base da matéria seca. N o se verificou consistência para os tratamentos quanto aos teores médios de matéria organica. Observou-se que o conteúdo médio de nitrogênio total aumentou com doses crescentes de uréia e decresceu com o aumento da quantidade de água adicionada no feno. N o se verificaram diferen as significativas entre os teores médios de FDN e de hemicelulose em todos os tratamentos. Por outro lado, as doses de 4 e 6% de uréia com 40 % de água adicionada permitiram os menores teores médios de FDA. Nas condi es do presente trabalho, pode-se recomendar adi o de 4% de uréia e de 20% de água. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Amoniza o, FDA, FDN, MO e PB.
Estimativa de parametros de aquíferos através do coeficiente de recess?o em áreas de embasamento cristalino de Minas Gerais
Silva, Rebeca Ferreira Gonzaga;Bacellar, Luis de Almeida Prado;Fernandes, Kênia Nassau;
Rem: Revista Escola de Minas , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0370-44672010000300007
Abstract: the recession coefficient (α) indicates the production rate of the baseflow, that represents the part of the river flow which is predominately maintained by groundwater restitution. it can be obtained through hydrographic analysis. this coefficient allows the calculation of important parameters, such as aquifer transmissivity, renewable groundwater reserves, and low flow in drainage channels that usually are obtained through other hydrological indexes, such as the q7,10, frequently used in the management of surfi cial hydrological resources. the studied basins are located in the central-southern region of the minas gerais state, in areas of granite-gneissic rocks, with similar vegetation, climate and landuse. the results were satisfactory, showing that the determination methods for the recession coefficients may be used to characterize groundwater production in the hydrographic basins of the crystalline basement. the groundwater discharged into the drainage systems is greater in areas with smoother relief, indicating that they constitute the best recharge areas.
Valores energéticos e aminoácidos digestíveis da semente do capim-arroz (Echinochloa spp) para aves
Rodrigues, Paulo Borges;Dutra Júnior, Wilson Moreira;Rostagno, Horacio Santiago;Rodrigues, Kênia Ferreira;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982004000500011
Abstract: three assays were carried out to evaluate the nutritive value of the barnyardgrass seeds (echnochloa spp.) for poultry. in the first assay, twelve adult cockerels were used to determine the true metabolizable energy value corrected by nitrogen retained (tmen), using the forced fed method. in this assay six cockerels were forced fed 30 g of the feed and six cockerels were fastened to determinate metabolic and endogenous losses. in the second assay, twelve cecectomized cockerels were used to determine the true digestibility coefficients of the amino acids in the tested feed, using the same metodology. to determinate the apparent metabolizable energy corrected by nitrogen retained (amen) in the thirth assay, the total excreta collection method was used, with 80 growing chicks of commercial strain. the barnyardgrass seed was included in the proportion of 25 percent of the reference diet, which contained 20% cp and 3000 kcal of the me/kg. the reference and test diets were fed to four replicates of ten birds each. the energy values determined were 1813 kcal amen and 1976 kcal of the tmen/kg as fed. the true digestibility coefficients of the essential and non essential amino acids were, in average, 78.2 % and 78.3 %, respectively. the threonine and the lysine shown lower digestibility (65.8 and 67.2%, respectively) and the phenilalanine (86.4%) follow by the methionine (86.0%) presented higher values among essential amino acids. the tyrosine (90.5%) and cystine (56.3%) presented higher and lower digestibility coefficients, respectively, among the non essential amino acids.
Obstetrical nurse development at Universidade de Pernambuco, Brazil: a 35-year history
Costa, Arabela Ant?nia Nery de Melo;César, Kátia Rejane Vergueiro;Schirmer, Janine;Tavares, Márcia Maia Ferreira;
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21002008000200021
Abstract: aiming at presenting the social, professional, legal and educational contexts which have founded the curriculum reforms in the obstetrical nursing major and specialization, the 35-year teaching history, experienced in the nossa senhora das gra?as nursing school of the universidade de pernambuco, in the city of recife, brazil, built based on documental analysis. the syllabuses of four reformulations performed in the obstetrical nursing major and two syllabuses of specialization courses in the same area, with explanation of the guiding framework of the reformulations concerned with humanized attention towards labor and birth. the historical evolution of this experience demonstrates how the university can build the social awareness role in the faculty, which can improve life quality of puerperae and their children, awarding them the right to perform their citizenship.
Um cartógrafo rebelde? José Joaquim da Rocha e a cartografia de Minas Gerais
Furtado,nia Ferreira;
Anais do Museu Paulista: História e Cultura Material , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-47142009000200009
Abstract: in 1789, the plans of a conspiracy to create an independent nation - known as inconfidência mineira - were disclosed and shook the captaincy of minas gerais, which was the center of gold mining activity under the portuguese empire. josé joaquim da rocha, a cartographer and member of the portuguese armed forces, was suspected of taking part in the plot following accusations by some of the defendants that he had supplied maps of his own authorship to support the uprising. notwithstanding his pleas of innocence, our analysis of five of his maps of that captaincy revealed that the geographic conformation of the colonial territory threatened the relationship of dependency between the colony and the metropolis.
As camaras municipais e o poder local: Vila Rica - um estudo de caso na produ??o acadêmica de Maria de Fátima Silva Gouvêa
Furtado,nia Ferreira;
Tempo , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-77042009000200002
Abstract: this article, based on a brief analysis of some of the works produced by maria de fátima silva gouvêa about the role of the town councils in portuguese america, examines the author' s contribution on the subject. the leading point of such analysis is her study on the vila rica town council published at volume 31 of varia historia magazine in 2004. the article, entitled the powers of vila rica do ouro preto - preliminary notes on the political and administrative organization in the first half of the xviii century, was part of the file vila rica do pilar: reflections on minas gerais and the modern era organized by adalgisa campos arantes, douglas cole libby and renato franco.
O efeito Salieri: O sindicalismo perante as desigualdades entre mulheres e homens no emprego The Salieri Effect: Trade Unionism vis-à-vis the Inequalities between Women and Men in Employment L’effet Salieri : Le syndicalisme devant les inégalités entre femmes et hommes dans le travail
Virgínia Ferreira
Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais , 2012, DOI: 10.4000/rccs.1328
Abstract: Os actuais padr es de segrega o sexual do mercado de trabalho s o ainda, em parte, a express o viva de práticas excludentes e segregadoras dos sindicatos desde o come o da revolu o industrial. Estes padr es come aram a desenhar-se a partir da aceita o do pagamento de menores salários às mulheres. Só num segundo momento os sindicatos passaram a reivindicar a igualdade salarial entre mulheres e homens como forma de defesa do emprego masculino. Numa primeira parte do texto, dá-se conta de algumas destas práticas de fechamento dos sindicatos em Portugal. Numa segunda parte, referem-se as principais linhas de mudan a das orienta es do movimento sindical perante as desigualdades entre os sexos no mercado de trabalho e apontam-se algumas iniciativas no ambito da promo o da igualdade entre mulheres e homens. The current patterns of gender segregation in the labour market are still partly an expression of the exclusionary and segregating practices displayed by unions since the beginning of the industrial revolution. These patterns began to take shape when the payment of smaller salaries to women was accepted. It was only at a later stage that unions started to demand equal pay for women and men as a way of defending male employment.The first part of the text gives an account of some of the insulation practices of trade unions in Portugal. The second part discusses the major lines of change in the orientations of the trade union movement in what concerns gender inequalities in the labour market, and refers to some of the initiatives taken to promote equality between women and men. Les actuels patrons de ségrégation sexuelle du marché de travail sont encore, en partie, l’expression vivante des pratiques qui visent à exclure et à imposer la ségrégation à l’égard des syndicats depuis le début de la révolution industrielle. Ces patrons ont commencé à se dessiner à partir de l’acceptation du paiement de moins de salaires aux femmes. Seul à un deuxième moment les syndicats commencèrent à revendiquer l’égalité des salaires entre femmes et hommes… en guise de la défense de l’emploi masculin. Dans une première partie de ce texte, on rendra compte de certains de ces pratiques de fermeture des syndicats au Portugal. Dans une deuxième partie, on relèvera les principales lignes de changement d’orientations du mouvement syndical devant les inégalités entre les sexes sur le marché du travail et on explicitera certaines initiatives quant à l’égalité entre femmes et hommes.
Novas tendências da historiografia sobre Minas Gerais no período colonial
nia Ferreira Furtado
História da Historiografia , 2009,
Abstract: Este texto pretende analisar a produ o historiográfica sobre a capitania das Minas Gerais produzida a partir dos anos 1980, o que aqui denomino “Historiografia sobre Minas Gerais”. Esse momento recente da historiografia colonial mineira foi inaugurado com o livro Desclassificados do ouro, de autoria de Laura de Mello e Souza. Pretende-se mapear os temas hegem nicos, as tendências e os recortes teóricos utilizados, destacando a produ o acadêmica realizada pelospesquisadores, especialmente os brasileiros. O texto aponta para a pluralidade das temáticas, fontes e interpreta es como característica dessa produ o e que a originalidade das novas interpreta es ocor reu num contexto de ampla renova o metodológica característica dos estudos históricos no Brasil nas últimas décadas. O texto também procura apontar os novos rumos, as tendências e os contrastes dessa produ o historiográfica recente.
Mazag o: a cidade que atravessou o Atlantico
nia Ferreira Furtado
Varia Historia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/s0104-87752009000100019
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