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The Relationships between Pre-Service Primary Teachers’ Teaching and Instructing/Coaching Orientations, and Their Perceived Strengths in Teaching Physical Education at the Primary Level  [PDF]
Juha Valtonen, Mirja Hirvensalo, Jyrki Reunamo, Heikki Ruism?ki
Creative Education (CE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2014.511109
Abstract: This study explored if the orientations towards instructing/coaching in physical activities (PA) and teaching physical education (PE) affect the perceived strengths in teaching PE at the primary level (PSTPEs). The orientations were considered as socializing factors into teaching PE. In this study, the perceived strengths were divided into discipline- and pupil-focused strengths. Online questionnaire was used to collect the data from 386 first year pre-service primary teachers before their first PE course of formal teacher education, to expose the acculturative influences of the orientations. Cross tabulation and logistic regression were used to analyze the relationships. The main results suggested that pre-service primary teachers with an instructing/coaching orientation perceived discipline-focused strengths (sportiness and teaching skills) as their assets in teaching PE contrasted by the finding that those with teaching orientation and without instruction/coaching orientation more likely perceived the pupil-focused empathy as their main asset. Even though, the associations were not strong, they exposed interesting directions of effects of acculturative socialization into teaching in terms of perceived strengths. This study adds to the existing research on teaching PE information of the acculturative formation of discipline- and pupil-focused PSTPEs through instruction/coaching and teaching orientations. In order to develop the effectiveness of formal teacher education, we suggest widening and deepening the research of acculturative formation of the perceived strengths and particularly their practical influences on formal teacher training and later on their behavior while teaching PE.
Authorized Service Vendors in Mobile Terminals Voice  [PDF]
Andi Mwegerano, Jyrki Sippola
iBusiness (IB) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ib.2014.61003

This study examines whether authorized service vendors (ASV) for mobile terminals (MT) are satisfied with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in terms of service provided to them and also how the ASV is performing at their premises. A seamless relationship between the OEM and the ASV is essential for both sides to prosper in this business. When the ASV supplies good services to end-users, this contributes to an increase in the customer satisfaction rating, loyalty and retention. The study employs an exploratory research design; in-depth survey interviews were carried out in six different ASV in Europe. The study was conducted at Nokia Corporation in Finland. The survey analysis of the association between category variables is descriptively analyzed. The main findings in this work were that the ASV is satisfied with the MT product manufacturer, and that the internal working practice of the ASV organization was perceived as more positive than negative. From the OEM side, the issue resolution time (iRT) and training before product launch are items that should be focused on in the first place, as these affect customer satisfaction. The ASV management should seek a way to share the end-user customer feedback to the ASV teams, and internal information communication should also be improved.

Impact of Ash-Fertilization and Soil Preparation on Soil Respiration and Vegetation Colonization on Cutaway Peatlands  [PDF]
Niko Silvan, Jyrki Hyt?nen
American Journal of Climate Change (AJCC) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ajcc.2016.52017
Abstract: As a result of several decades of peat extraction, the area of cutaway peatlands in Finland totals ca. 50,000 ha. Furthermore, some 2000 - 3000 ha of peatlands are abandoned annually from active peat extraction. Forestry is considered to be their main after-use option. However, since cutaway peat is generally rich in nitrogen, but poor in phosphorus and potassium, soil amelioration measures are needed for successful vegetation and afforestation. Soil preparations bringing mineral soil into peat surface or recycling of ash containing P and K are alternative ways for soil amelioration. We studied the initial effects of soil preparation and ash fertilization on soil CO2-effluxes and colonisation of cutaway peat by vegetation. Oppositely to the previous studies, this study shows that carbon released from the residual peat may be so high that the ash-fertilized cutaway peatlands still act as sources of carbon even after afforestation. However, even though the CO2-effluxes following ash fertilization or soil preparation may occasionally exceed the carbon sequestration into growing tree stands, afforestation mostly compensates the CO2-effluxes if also we take into consideration the below-ground biomass. In conclusion, our study shows that although ash fertilization enhances the CO2-effluxes into the atmosphere, it has beneficial effects on the environment by enabling rapid colonisation of vegetation on these sites which would remain vegetationless for decades without soil amelioration.
Jyrki Kalliokoski
Eesti ja soome-ugri keeleteaduse ajakiri , 2011,
Abstract: The paper explores plurilingual competence in respect to language proficiency, language education and pluri- and multilingualism. The notion of communicative competence was introduced by Hymes (1972) as a reaction to chomskyan view of language as an autonomous system. Hymes’ notion of communicative competence originally included plurilingualism. The concept of communicative competence was quickly adopted to applied linguistics but the idea of a linguistic repertoire consisting of the competencies of linguistic varieties was not imported to SLA or language testing. The Hymesian perspective to plurilingualism as an essential dimension of communicative competence was revived in the Common European Framework (CEFR). However,the practice of applying the CEFR has mostly neglected the dimension on plurilingualism and plurilingual competence. The focus in the use of the CEFR has been on the different areas of language skills within one single language at a time, while the application of plurilingual practices has gained very little attention. The Hymesian notion of communicative competence has lived on in the sociolinguistic research tradition, especially within interactional sociolinguistics. The present paper relates the notion of plurilingual competence to its hymesian origin, to recent trends in plurilingual and pluricultural education, and to the sociolinguistic study of style and linguistic variation in multilingual communities. The article uses Finnish L2 data to show how plurilingual competence is used as an interactional resource.From the perspective of language learning, plurilingual competence enables speakers with different linguistic backgrounds to use their shared linguistic repertoire in order to ensure smooth interaction and achieve mutual understanding.
Structural Health Monitoring under Nonlinear Environmental or Operational Influences
Jyrki Kullaa
Shock and Vibration , 2014, DOI: 10.1155/2014/863494
Abstract: Vibration-based structural health monitoring is based on detecting changes in the dynamic characteristics of the structure. It is well known that environmental or operational variations can also have an influence on the vibration properties. If these effects are not taken into account, they can result in false indications of damage. If the environmental or operational variations cause nonlinear effects, they can be compensated using a Gaussian mixture model (GMM) without the measurement of the underlying variables. The number of Gaussian components can also be estimated. For the local linear components, minimum mean square error (MMSE) estimation is applied to eliminate the environmental or operational influences. Damage is detected from the residuals after applying principal component analysis (PCA). Control charts are used for novelty detection. The proposed approach is validated using simulated data and the identified lowest natural frequencies of the Z24 Bridge under temperature variation. Nonlinear models are most effective if the data dimensionality is low. On the other hand, linear models often outperform nonlinear models for high-dimensional data. 1. Introduction In structural health monitoring (SHM), changes in damage-sensitive features are an indication of damage. Also other sources of deviation are often present, for example, environmental or operational variability. If these effects are not taken into account, they can result in false identifications of damage or a loss of sensitivity to detect minor damage. It is important to distinguish between the two sources of changes in the dynamic characteristics. One option is to make a physical model of different environmental or operational phenomena, but it can be too expensive and inaccurate. An alternative is to include the normal variability in the training data and build a model solely based on the data. Using multivariate statistics, the environmental or operational effects can be eliminated even without measuring the underlying variables (see [1] and the references therein). Also a third source of change in the monitoring data is sensor fault. Kullaa [1] proposed a unified model to distinguish between the three sources of changes in a monitoring system. Most of the models assume linear correlation between the measured variables or features. However, the environmental or operational variations often cause nonlinear effects. For example, as the temperature falls below zero, its influence on the natural frequencies can change abruptly. This often results also in nonlinear correlation between
Collision rates in near-resonant optical lattices
Jyrki Piilo
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1364/JOSAB.20.001135
Abstract: We present a simple method to calculate the binary collision rate between atoms in near-resonant optical lattices. The method is based on the Monte Carlo wave function simulations and the collision rate is obtained by monitoring the quantum flux beyond the average distance between the atoms. To illustrate the usefulness of the method, we calculate the collision rates for a wide range of occupation densities and various modulation depths of the lattice. The method presented here combined with the semiclassical calculations accounting for intra-well collisions can simplify the study of the effects of binary collisions on the dynamics of atomic clouds trapped in near-resonant optical lattices.
Reluctance Network Analysis for Complex Coupled Inductors  [PDF]
Jyrki Penttonen, Muhammad Shafiq, Matti Lehtonen
Journal of Power and Energy Engineering (JPEE) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2017.51001
Abstract: The use of reluctance networks has been a conventional practice to analyze transformer structures. Basic transformer structures can be well analyzed by using the magnetic-electric analogues discovered by Heaviside in the 19th century. However, as power transformer structures are getting more complex today, it has been recognized that changing transformer structures cannot be accurately analyzed using the current reluctance network methods. This paper presents a novel method in which the magnetic reluctance network or arbitrary complexity and the surrounding electrical networks can be analyzed as a single network. The method presented provides a straightforward mapping table for systematically linking the electric lumped elements to magnetic circuit elements. The methodology is validated by analyzing several practical transformer structures. The proposed method allows the analysis of coupled inductor of any complexity, linear or non-linear.
Kogumisv istlused p rimusliku ajaloo uurimises
Jyrki P?ys?
M?etagused. Hüperajakiri , 2009,
Abstract: Oral history traditionally involves the research of oral interviews. The article raises the question of how the starting points of research change when memories are not told in an oral interview but are presented in written form.Finnish oral history research tradition involves collecting material by means of open competitions, in the course of which voluntary contributors send their written memories to the archive. Relying on experience derived from the study of written texts, the author first analyses how both the ‘situation of remembering’ and the ‘instrument’for recording memories affect the process of remembering. The article introduces two methods that permit the systematisation of heterogeneous text material obtained as a result of memoir writing competitions. Extended genre analysis gives the researcher an opportunity to describe literary features that are characteristic of the texts. The form that the writer has selected also provides clues about how to interpret the content and information about the writer’s attitude towards his or her task. The article observes the multiple themes in the text by employing narrative analysis.Writing competitions are usually targeted at the general public. Contributions sent to the competition can be associated with different communities. Therefore the collected material can be quite sporadic, which is not characteristic of oral interview texts recorded in a community of researcher’s choice. The texts of writing competitions enable researchers to determine the range of approaches and points of view rather than to study the beliefs of a specific community.
Simulations of the heating of the Galactic stellar disc
Jyrki Hanninen,Chris Flynn
Physics , 2002, DOI: 10.1046/j.1365-8711.2002.05956.x
Abstract: The velocity dispersion of nearby stars in the Galactic disc is well known to increase substantially with age; this is the so-called Age-Velocity relation, and is interpreted as a ``heating'' of the disc as a function of time. We have studied the heating of the disc due to giant molecular clouds and halo black holes, using simulations of the orbits of tracer stars embedded in a patch of the local Galactic disc. We examine a range of masses and number densities of the giant molecular cloud and halo black hole perturbers. The heating of the stellar disc in the simulations is fit with a simple power law, and we also fit this form to the best determinations of Age-Velocity relation as derived from stars in the solar neighbourhood for which ages can be reliably assigned. Observationally, the Age-Velocity relation remains poorly constrained and its determination is probably still dominated by systematic errors. Our simulations confirm the well known results that there are insufficient GMCs to heat the Galactic disc appropriately. A range of dark halo black hole scenarios are verified to heat the stellar disc in the manner expected from analytical studies, and they reproduce the observed ratio of the stellar velocity dispersions. Simulations featuring a combination of giant molecular clouds and halo black holes can explain the observed heating of the stellar disc, but since other perturbing mechanisms, such as spiral arms, are yet to be included,we regard this solution as ad hoc.
Weak vs. Strong Coupling in a Feshbach-Resonant Gas of Degenerate Fermi Atoms
Matt Mackie,Jyrki Piilo
Physics , 2004,
Abstract: This paper has been withrawn because one of us (MM) calculated the wrong density for the JILA experiments, leading to the incorrect conclusion that said experiments could be considered as weakly-coupled and, thus, molecule rich.
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