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GeneLibrarian: an effective gene-information summarization and visualization system
Jung-Hsien Chiang, Jyh-Wei Shin, Heng-Hui Liu, Chong-Liang Chin
BMC Bioinformatics , 2006, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2105-7-392
Abstract: We have developed a novel method for semantic measurement of annotation and integrated it with a biomedical literature summarization system to establish a platform, GeneLibrarian, to provide users well-organized information about any specific group of genes (e.g. one cluster of genes from a microarray chip) they might be interested in. The GeneLibrarian generates a summarized viewgraph of candidate genes for a user based on his/her preference and delivers the desired background information effectively to the user. The summarization technique involves optimizing the text mining algorithm and Gene Ontology-based clustering method to enable the discovery of gene relations.GeneLibrarian is a Java-based web application that automates the process of retrieving critical information from the literature and expanding the number of potential genes for further analysis. This study concentrates on providing well organized information to users and we believe that will be useful in their researches. GeneLibrarian is available on http://gen.csie.ncku.edu.tw/GeneLibrarian/ webciteImagine the following situation. Your search engine at the NCBI site finds out that in addition to the 400 medical documents that match your query, another 400 are also relevant, but they are just one of the 44,000 genes at your favorite microarray chip. Imagine now that you have a sophisticated software that will automatically extract the most useful information from all the documents and summarize it for you in sentences so that you don't have to read the entire documents!Abundant information about gene products is stored in online searchable databases such as annotation or literature. To efficiently obtain and digest such information, there is a pressing need for automated information-summarization and functional-similarity clustering of genes. A growing number of researchers have attempted to annotate gene products via controlled vocabularies in Gene Ontology (GO), given that gene ontologies are centra
Transcriptional activation of the Axl and PDGFR-α by c-Met through a ras- and Src-independent mechanism in human bladder cancer
Chen-Yun Yeh, Shin-Mei Shin, Hsuan-Heng Yeh, Tsung-Jung Wu, Jyh-Wei Shin, Tsuey-Yu Chang, Giri Raghavaraju, Chung-Ta Lee, Jung-Hsien Chiang, Vincent S Tseng, Yuan-Chii G Lee, Cheng-Huang Shen, Nan-Haw Chow, Hsiao-Sheng Liu
BMC Cancer , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2407-11-139
Abstract: Both NIH-Met5 and T24-Met3 cell lines harboring an inducible human c-Met gene were established. C-Met-related RTKs were screened by RTK microarray analysis. The cross-talk of RTKs was demonstrated by Western blotting and confirmed by small interfering RNA (siRNA) silencing, followed by elucidation of the underlying mechanism. The impact of this cross-talk on biological function was demonstrated by Trans-well migration assay. Finally, the potential clinical importance was examined in a cohort of 65 cases of locally advanced and metastatic bladder cancer patients.A positive association of Axl or platelet-derived growth factor receptor-alpha (PDGFR-α) with c-Met expression was demonstrated at translational level, and confirmed by specific siRNA knock-down. The transactivation of c-Met on Axl or PDGFR-α in vitro was through a ras- and Src-independent activation of mitogen-activated protein kinase/extracellular signal-regulated kinase (MEK/ERK) pathway. In human bladder cancer, co-expression of these RTKs was associated with poor patient survival (p < 0.05), and overexpression of c-Met/Axl/PDGFR-α or c-Met alone showed the most significant correlation with poor survival (p < 0.01).In addition to c-Met, the cross-talk with Axl and/or PDGFR-α also contributes to the progression of human bladder cancer. Evaluation of Axl and PDGFR-α expression status may identify a subset of c-Met-positive bladder cancer patients who may require co-targeting therapy.The RTK c-Met is expressed during normal development and plays a crucial role in many cell regulatory processes [1]. After binding to its cognate ligand-hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), activated c-Met transmits signals implicated in the cell proliferation, motility, survival, and morphogenesis [2-4]. C-Met is over-expressed and usually associated with metastatic progression of a variety of human malignant tumors, including bladder cancer [1,5]. We have reported that c-Met is over-expressed in 32.3%, 63.2%, and 65.2% of superfici
Microstructure and Corrosion Behavior of Ni-Alloy/CrN Nanolayered Coatings
Hao-Hsiang Huang,Fan-Bean Wu,Jyh-Wei Lee,Li-Chun Chang
Journal of Nanomaterials , 2011, DOI: 10.1155/2011/137498
Abstract: The Ni-alloy/CrN nanolayered coatings, Ni-Al/CrN and Ni-P/CrN, were deposited on (100) silicon wafer and AISI 420 stainless steel substrates by dual-gun sputtering technique. The influences of the layer microstructure on corrosion behavior of the nanolayered thin films were investigated. The bilayer thickness was controlled approximately 10 nm with a total coating thickness of 1m. The single-layer Ni-alloy and CrN coatings deposited at 350°C were also evaluated for comparison. Through phase identification, phases of Ni-P and Ni-Al compounds were observed in the single Ni-alloy layers. On the other hand, the nanolayered Ni-P/CrN and Ni-Al/CrN coatings showed an amorphous/nanocrystalline microstructure. The precipitation of Ni-Al and Ni-P intermetallic compounds was suppressed by the nanolayered configuration of Ni-alloy/CrN coatings. Through Tafel analysis, the corr and corr values ranged from –0.64 to –0.33 V and 1.42×10?5 to 1.14×10?6 A/cm2, respectively, were deduced for various coating assemblies. The corrosion mechanisms and related behaviors of the coatings were compared. The coatings with a nanolayered Ni-alloy/CrN configuration exhibited a superior corrosion resistance to single-layer alloy or nitride coatings.
Shockproof Experimental Study of Automated Stocker System in the High-Tech Factory  [PDF]
Jyh-Chau Wang, Jenn-Shin Hwang, Wei-Jen Lin, Fan-Ru Lin, Chin-Lian Tsai, Pin-Hong Chen
Open Journal of Earthquake Research (OJER) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojer.2013.23006

This study, with the shake table experiments in the National Earthquake Engineering Research Center, investigated the seismic behavior of automation stocker system. The automation stocker system provided a fast and effective method for stocking products in the high-tech facilities. Firstly, the original machine tests for testing common stocker system were to investigate the seismic capacity and failing modes. Secondly, the team completed 2 kinds of reinforcement tests to investigate the seismic behavior: 1) the installation of bracing to improve overall stiffness; 2) the installation of the viscous dampers to improve the overall damping ratio. In comparing the results and performance of the three experiments, we learned from the results of the top-layer acceleration: the installation of bracing had the largest acceleration value, the original machine the second acceleration value and the damper the lowest acceleration value; the best effect was the installation of the damper. The result of the comparison of the top floor displacement meter showed that the highest data was the original machine; the second data was with the damper, the lowest data was the installation of the bracing. Based on the preliminary assessment on the best seismic retrofit ways of the storage system, we further examined the feasibility and applicability of automatic storage seismic retrofit in the high-tech factory.

Lower Temperature Cultures Enlarge the Effects of Vitreoscilla Hemoglobin Expression on Recombinant Pichia pastoris
Jyh-Ming Wu,Shin-Yao Wang,Wei-Chang Fu
International Journal of Molecular Sciences , 2012, DOI: 10.3390/ijms131013212
Abstract: An heterologous expression of Vitreoscilla hemoglobin (VHb) for improving cell growth and recombinant protein production has been successfully demonstrated in various hosts, including Pichia pastoris. Lower temperature cultures can enhance target protein production in some studies of P. pastoris. In this study, the strategy of combining heterologous VHb expression and lower temperature cultures in P. pastoris showed that final cell density and viability of VHb + strain at 23 °C were higher than that at 30 °C. In addition, the effects of VHb expression on recombinant β-galactosidase production and oxygen uptake rate were also higher at 23 °C than at 30 °C. Consequently, lower temperature cultures can enlarge VHb effectiveness on cell performance of P. pastoris. This is because VHb activity obtained at 23 °C cultures was twofold higher than that at 30 °C cultures, due to a different heme production. This strategy makes P. pastoris an excellent expression host particularly suitable for increasing the yields of the low-stability and aggregation-prone recombinant proteins.
Elevated Serum Interleukin-18 Level Is Associated with All-Cause Mortality in Stable Hemodialysis Patients Independently of Cardiac Dysfunction
Yen-Wen Liu, Chi-Ting Su, Yu-Tzu Chang, Wei-Chuan Tsai, Yu-Ru Su, Saprina P. H. Wang, Chun-Shin Yang, Liang-Miin Tsai, Jyh-Hong Chen, Junne-Ming Sung
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0089457
Abstract: Background High circulating interleukin (IL)-18 level predicts a higher hospitalization rate among dialysis patients, possibly through cardiovascular mechanisms; however, whether higher IL-18 level is associated with mortality in dialysis patients is less clear. In addition, its impacts on left ventricular (LV) function are also unknown. We conducted a cohort study to examine the impacts of IL-18 level on LV function and prognosis among clinically stable hemodialysis patients. Methods Clinically stable patients undergoing maintenance hemodialysis (≥3 months) were prospectively enrolled from December 2008 to January 2009, and were followed up for 31 months. The enrolled patients (41% male, 66.4±10.9 years of age) received 2-dimensional echocardiography and myocardial deformation (strain) analysis, including LV peak systolic longitudinal strain (GLS) and circumferential strain (CS). Laboratory measurements were also performed. Cox regression analysis was used to investigate prognostic factors. Results Seventy-five patients were stratified into 2 groups by the median value of IL-18 (654.2 pg/ml). Between these 2 groups, there was no significant difference in baseline characteristics including LV ejection fraction. The high IL-18 group had a worse LV systolic function as demonstrated by reduced GLS and CS. Seventeen patients (22.7%) died during the follow-up period. Multivariate Cox regression analysis showed that low serum albumin, the presence of hypertension, high serum IL-18, and less negative GLS (>?15%) were independently associated with all-cause mortality. No significant interaction between IL-18 and less negative GLS was noted in the final Cox model. Conclusion Hemodialysis patients with high IL-18 levels tend to have worse LV systolic function and higher mortality rate. However, elevated serum IL-18 level is predictive of poor prognosis among stable hemodialysis patients, independently of LV dysfunction. This suggests an additional value of IL-18 to echocardiographic study in predicting all-cause mortality, and IL-18 may be helpful in early risk stratification of hemodialysis patients.
Financial claims and product market competition: An explanation for permitting banks to hold equity in firms
Pao Shin-Heng,Lin Jyh-Horng
Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research , 2008, DOI: 10.2298/yjor0802235p
Abstract: This paper examines financial claims for lending if banks are permitted to hold equity in productive firms. We demonstrate that in situations where an oligopolistic product market has relatively high competition, e.g., quasi-competitive behavior, equity holding by banks is likely to do little damage. However, where the product market has relatively high collusion, e.g., corporative behavior, equity holding by banks are very unlikely to hold equity in firms. Our findings provide an alternative argument that lifting the Glass-Steagall Act restricting banks from holding equity in firms should give little cause for concern.
Quantification and recognition of parkinsonian gait from monocular video imaging using kernel-based principal component analysis
Shih-Wei Chen, Sheng-Huang Lin, Lun-De Liao, Hsin-Yi Lai, Yu-Cheng Pei, Te-Son Kuo, Chin-Teng Lin, Jyh-Yeong Chang, You-Yin Chen, Yu-Chun Lo, Shin-Yuan Chen, Robby Wu, Siny Tsang
BioMedical Engineering OnLine , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1475-925x-10-99
Abstract: Twelve PD patients and twelve healthy adults with no neurological history or motor disorders within the past six months were recruited and separated according to their "Non-PD", "Drug-On", and "Drug-Off" states. The participants were asked to wear light-colored clothing and perform three walking trials through a corridor decorated with a navy curtain at their natural pace. The participants' gait performance during the steady-state walking period was captured by a digital camera for gait analysis. The collected walking image frames were then transformed into binary silhouettes for noise reduction and compression. Using the developed KPCA-based method, the features within the binary silhouettes can be extracted to quantitatively determine the gait cycle time, stride length, walking velocity, and cadence.The KPCA-based method uses a feature-extraction approach, which was verified to be more effective than traditional image area and principal component analysis (PCA) approaches in classifying "Non-PD" controls and "Drug-Off/On" PD patients. Encouragingly, this method has a high accuracy rate, 80.51%, for recognizing different gaits. Quantitative gait parameters are obtained, and the power spectrums of the patients' gaits are analyzed. We show that that the slow and irregular actions of PD patients during walking tend to transfer some of the power from the main lobe frequency to a lower frequency band. Our results indicate the feasibility of using gait performance to evaluate the motor function of patients with PD.This KPCA-based method requires only a digital camera and a decorated corridor setup. The ease of use and installation of the current method provides clinicians and researchers a low cost solution to monitor the progression of and the treatment to PD. In summary, the proposed method provides an alternative to perform gait analysis for patients with PD.Parkinson's disease (PD) is a chronic degenerative disease [1]. Due to the absence of dopamine in the basal gan
The Generalization of WOSF and Corresponding Outputs
Wei-Chih Chen,Jyh-Horng Jeng
Journal of Software , 2010, DOI: 10.4304/jsw.5.5.466-473
Abstract: Weighted order statistic filters (WOSF) generate linearly separable Boolean functions. In some cases, 2 different WOSF may generate the same Boolean function. We thus can collect all of the WOSF together, which generate the same Boolean function. In this paper, we construct equivalent classes of WOSF, the BF equivalent class and the global equivalent class. Besides, we use minimum weight vectors as base vectors to build all global classes of same order and characterize WOSF to generalize three properties of global classes. Finally, we propose 3 translated formulas to fast generate corresponding outputs of BF equivalent classes, not perform extra machine training or mathematical computation.
Numerical Prediction of Hydrodynamic Loading on Circular Cylinder Array in Oscillatory Flow Using Direct-Forcing Immersed Boundary Method
Ming-Jyh Chern,Wei-Cheng Hsu,Tzyy-Leng Horng
Journal of Applied Mathematics , 2012, DOI: 10.1155/2012/505916
Abstract: Cylindrical structures are commonly used in offshore engineering, for example, a tension-leg platform (TLP). Prediction of hydrodynamic loadings on those cylindrical structures is one of important issues in design of those marine structures. This study aims to provide a numerical model to simulate fluid-structure interaction around the cylindrical structures and to estimate those loadings using the direct-forcing immersed boundary method. Oscillatory flows are considered to simulate the flow caused by progressive waves in shallow water. Virtual forces due to the existence of those cylindrical structures are distributed in the fluid domain in the established immersed boundary model. As a results, influence of the marine structure on the fluid flow is included in the model. Furthermore, hydrodynamic loadings exerted on the marine structure are determined by the integral of virtual forces according to Newton’s third law. A square array of four cylinders is considered as the marine structure in this study. Time histories of inline and lift coefficients are provided in the numerical study. The proposed approach can be useful for scientists and engineers who would like to understand the interaction of the oscillatory flow with the cylinder array or to estimate hydrodynamic loading on the array of cylinders.
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