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Transport processes in anisotropic gravitational collapse
Justino Martinez
Physics , 1996, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.53.6921
Abstract: In this paper we introduce a new method to study the influence of thermal conduction and viscous processes in anisotropic gravitational collapse. To this end we employ the HJR method to solve the Einstein equations. The Maxwell-Cattaneo type transport equations are used to find the temperature and bulk and shear viscous pressures. Under some conditions Maxwell-Cattaneo transport equations comply with relativistic causality. Thus, it is advisable to use them instead of Eckart transport equations. In the inner layers of the star the temperature ceases to be sensitive to the boundary condition. This behavior, which can be explained in terms of the Eddington approximation, allows us to find the thickness of the neutrinosphere. The dynamics of collapsing dense stars is deeply influenced by the neutrino emission/absorption processes. These cool the star and drive it to a new equilibrium state. Therefore, the calculation of transport coefficients is based on these processes.
O programa marxiano de educa??o e o fundamento da práxis
Sousa Junior, Justino de;
Trabalho, Educa??o e Saúde , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1981-77462009000400003
Abstract: this article aims to affirm the idea of the existence of a marxist program of education in which work, school and praxis as a political-educational activity stand out. it is argued that the problem of marxist education is a complex elaboration in which various elements are shown organically articulated. the marxist education program appears related to the marxist elaborations made in light of three important elements of everyday life (educational) of the working classes: the educational character of the contradictory relations of work (even if related to abstract work), period of school education, preferably together with the work, and, lastly, the political-educational praxis developed at different associative moments of workers in unions, political parties, places of residence etc., when workers act politically and collectively as a social class defending its interests and strengthening its organization and its political education/training as a potentially revolutionary social class. starting from a new conception of the work and praxis relationship, we seek to discuss the primacy of work and the neglect of the praxis carried out by previous studies of the area. it is considered that this neglect of praxis mutilates and impoverishes the contribution of marxist education program.
Keynes: la teoría cuantitativa y la no neutralidad del dinero
Revista de Ciencias Sociales , 2006,
Abstract: in this research a review of keynes? proposals is attempted regarding the classic quantitative theory of money. it is pointed out that before his principal tract, ?the general theory?. elements were already in evidence that marked a certain distance between his position and the classical orthodoxy. many elements were in evidence that allowed him to question the perfect dichotomy among the real and monetary elements of the economy that he would take up later in the ?general theory" to analytically establish the link between money and real economic activity through his concept of effective demand and the conductive influence of the interest rate. we also mention the position of friedman, who developed a new formulation of the quantitative theory as a useful theory of the demand of money.
O limite entre a experiência clínica e o uso de tecnologia em saúde da comunica o humana
Hilton Justino da Silva
Revista CEFAC , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/s1516-18462011000400001
Análise eletromiográfica do trapézio e músculos mastigatórios: protocolo experimenatal e dados de reprodutibilidade EMG analysis of trapezius and masticatory muscles: experimental protocol and data reproducibility
Hilton Justino da Silva
Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Fonoaudiologia , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s1516-80342012000300023
Software, para que te quero Software, para qué te quiero
Justino Alves Lima
Informa??o & Informa??o , 2000, DOI: 10.5433/1981-8920.2000v5n2p
Abstract: C RTE, Adelaide Ramos e, ALMEIDA, IêdaMuniz de (Coords.). Avalia o desoftwares para bibliotecas. S o Paulo: Polis, APB, 2000. 108p.
Bibliotecas ou centros de cultura?
Justino Alves Lima
Informa??o & Informa??o , 1997, DOI: 10.5433/1981-8920.1997v2n2p
Abstract: MILANESI, Luiz Augusto. A casa da inven o:biblioteca, centro de cultura. 3.ed. rev. e amp.S o Paulo: Ateliê Editorial, 1997. 271p.
Dinámica del virus de la hepatitis C con carga viral y ALT y monitoreo del da o hepático libre de biopsias Dinámica del virus de la hepatitis C con carga viral y ALT y monitoreo del da o hepático libre de biopsias
Justino Alavez Domínguez
Ingeniería y Ciencia , 2006,
Abstract: Se compara el modelo estándar reducido de tres poblaciones (hepatocitos sanos y enfermos, y carga viral) para el estudio de la dinámica del virus de la hepatitis C (VHC), con el modelo de la dinámica viral con alanina aminotransferasa (ALT). En términos del parámetro umbral que es el mismo para ambos modelos, se determina la existencia y estabilidad del estado de equilibrio endémico, así como la estabilidad global del estado de equilibrio del individuo sano. Por otro lado, se presenta un estudio experimental que muestra que es posible monitorear el da o hepático sin biopsias, mediante la estimación numérica de los parámetros de los modelos, considerando solamente mediciones de la carga viral, de los niveles de ALT y una valoración razonable del da o hepático pretratamiento.a The standard model of three populations (healthy and unhealthy hepatocytes, and viral load) for the study of the dynamics of hepatitis C virus (HCV), is compared with viral dynamic model with alanine aminotransferase (ALT). In terms of the threshold parameter that it’s the same for both models, the existence and local asymptotic stability of the endemically infected equilibrium steady state, and the global stability of the healthy individual equilibrium steady state are established. Furthermore, an experimental study is presented showing that it’s possible to carry out the monitoring of hepatic damage biopsies free by numerical parameter estimation, considering only viral load and ALT levels measurements and a reasonable assessment of pretreatment hepatic damage.
Lygia Clark, a vivência dos paradoxos
Maria José Justino
Cultura Visual , 2011,
Abstract: Artigo explora o trabalho da artista brasileira Lygia Clark, particularmente a partir de sua obra intitulada ‘A casa é o corpo’, em que o campo da arte é levado ao limite, caminhando para a terapia.This paper explores the work of Brasilian artist Lygia Clark, particularly the piece of work called ‘The house is the body’, in which the field of art is considered at its extreme, approaching therapy.
The School Manual Within the Framework of Cultural History. Towards a historiography of the school manual in Portugal
Justino Magalh?es
Sísifo : Educational Sciences Journal , 2006,
Abstract: Concomitant with the construction of new epistemic objects, cultural history, as it has developed within the framework of historiographical renewal since the eighties of the 20th century, has brought another fundamental prerogative: making an object’s limitation and comprehension dependent on the historiographical operation as a total epistemic act, thus, reinforcing, on the one hand, an idiosyncrasy between the research and construction of the object and, on the other, causing the notions of complexity and multifactoriality to emerge.On this level, the history of the schoolbook operates through contraposition, among other aspects, towards the book as merchandise and an editorial product, representing and configuring a cognoscent order and authorial mark; through closeness to the pedagogical and didactic reality – since the schoolbook is the main ordainer of school culture, memory and action; through becoming a part of the written culture. However, as far as this denomination and registration are concerned, in a broader cultural and pedagogical framework, the schoolbook, in its internality, as the main support of school culture and product of a dialectic between discourse and episteme, suggests, and is in need of, a specific approach based on ordering and making an ethno-historiography in which historicism, which tends to determine the sense and orientation of the research, stands out.In order to justify these digressions, in this text I also wish to establish a line of research regarding the schoolbook, that will acknowledge its specificity but also be open to multifactoriality and the crossing of diachronic and synchronic dimensions. All of this is part of the broader framework of a historiography that encompasses the material, cultural, social, school and pedagogical, in an epistemic complex that contemplates the basic triangle of cultural history: the book, the text, reading.
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