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Prognostic of the New Nests of Seropositive Mothers Beneficiaries of the Prevention of Mother-Child Transmission in the City of Mbuji-Mayi/Drc  [PDF]
Jean Christophe Bukasa Tshilonda, Ivon Kasonga, Isaac Kalenda Ilunga, Moise Kanyiki Katala, Justin Tshibangu Kandala, Valentin Kabambi Bukasa, Ennock Mbuyi Kabeya, Nana Dikoma Misenga, Thérèse Kapenga Mitanta, Bertin Mpaka Mpaka, Mediatrice Kasheta Mabondo, Olivier Ejiba Nyongonyi, Paulin Kabamba Lupueka, Alain Ngoyi Kibambe, Alexis Ntambwe Mayombo, Emmanuel Mubala Mpetemba, Michel Kabamba Nzaji
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105267
Objective: The objective of this study is to evaluate the success of Moth-er-to-Child Transmission Prevention (PMTCT) is reducing the morbidity and mortality of newborns related to HIV/AIDS. Materials and Methods: This is a descriptive correlational study whose data collection is done in a transversal way from 01 to 30 June 2017 among HIV-positive women screened and we antiretroviral treatment in the health area targeted by this study. To collect this data, we used the semi-structured technical interview face-to-face using a questionnaire. Results: The results of the bivariate analysis revealed the HIV positive outcome in newborns of HIV-positive mothers is significantly related to the following factors (i.e,. p < 0.05): the parity of more than 5 children; lack of knowledge of some HIV infection pathways; lack of knowledge of some factors that promote the transmission of HIV from mother to child, such as: several infections in the mother; mixed feeding; lack of treatment of the mother; multiple pregnancies; non-monitoring of PMTCT activities; childbirth at home; mixed feeding and non-monitoring of PMTCT services with all pregnancies after-positive HIV diagnosis; lack of knowledge of the center offering the PMTCT service in service within its radius; poor monitoring of antiretroviral therapy and the effect of not HAVING applied to family planning method. Conclusion: The WHO advises inside this box to promote education, information and communication services for health that are ignored by the population using the available communication channels in the respective areas; apply mass communication to inform pregnant women about the existence of PMTCT services in health centers or hospitals.
Educational Boxing Is Worth Becoming a Template for Building up Concussion Prevention Means in Children and Adolescents Sports  [PDF]
André Mukala Nsengu Tshibangu
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2013.31008
Abstract: After comparing the means of concussion prevention used in educational boxing with similar means used in other sports practiced by children and adolescents, we noted that the exclusive use of light touches instead of blows in competitions of educational boxing is an original means of preventing concussion, acting on the direct cause rather than on the possible victim of concussion. We have then predicted that educational boxing is possibly the concussion-free form of competition boxing and that it is possibly chronic damage-free. If our predictions are fulfilled, educational boxing may serve as a template for building up concussion prevention means in all sports. Moreover, we would better go on popularizing the practice of educational boxing which is less likely to induce concussion than amateur and professional boxing; which has had more license owners than the two latter the 2004-2005, 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 boxing seasons in France; and which is practiced almost exclusively by children and adolescents in France. Despite the fact that light touches force of impact is sub-concussive, we need research work be undertaken in order to know whether light touches are harmless in educational boxers having had many fights and to know the occurrence frequency of unexpected concussions from light touches that turn to unintentional counter- punches.

Boxing Performance May Benefit from Pertaining of the Boxer to a Given Zodiacal Sign  [PDF]
André Mukala Nsengu Tshibangu
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2014.41005

The aim of the present study is not to provide the reader with a proof of astrology’s validity. The present study has been undertaken in the aim of providing the coach with an original tool for identification of the candidates more advantaged than others to boxing practice, in the case that the coach has too numerous candidates to deal with. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 program has been used in the analysis of data gathered from BoxRec.com, the web based database, about the World top 100 male boxers BoxRec.com-rated, retired on March 26th, 2013. The study has shown that boxing performance may be influenced by pertaining of the boxer to given zodiacal signs: 1) Regarding all victories pulled together, the most disadvantaged are Sagittarius signs. As other zodiacal signs related to the element Fire, they probably rarely display tactful behavior. Their resulting impulsiveness may make them neglectful of their defense. 2) Regarding all losses pulled together, the most disadvantaged are Aquarius signs. As other zodiacal signs related to the element Air, they probably think too much before they act; and they tend to rise above conflict and to float around it. All that may affect negatively their attack velocity and defense velocity. 3) Regarding non-KO victories and KO losses, the most advantaged are Scorpio signs. Contrary to other Water signs which are used to detest all form of conflict, they often seek out challenges and problems, subliminally realizing that such challenges call forth their greatest strength and resources. That may probably help them not to neglect their attack, what is expectable in other Water signs. 4) Regarding all victories pulled together, all losses pulled together, and non-KO losses, the most advantaged are Virgo signs. Regarding KO victories, the most advantaged are Taurus signs. As other Earth signs, when driven back against a wall, Virgo and Taurus signs are capable of hitting the obstacle hard with full force. That is particularly true of Taurus, the fixed Earth, who will never seek out conflicts but who is capable of surprising power. The known soundness of Earth signs may help Virgo and Taurus signs to control both their attack and defense actions, performing them only when they feel that they are going to be successful. 5) Regarding boxers life spans, the most advantaged are Libra and Sagittarius signs.

Boxing Competitors Being the Exception; Judo, 1500 m Running, and Marathon Running Competitors at the 2012 London Olympic Games Held Inadequate Ages, Heights and/or Weights That Contributed to the Humiliating Defeats of Democratic Republic of the Congo  [PDF]
André Mukala Nsengu Tshibangu
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2015.54034
Abstract: There exist many factors that may have influenced the performance of the only four Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) competitors at the 2012 London Olympic Games. However, in the present article, the attention is focused only on available anthropometric factors. Computer carried out the analysis of the ages, heights and/or weights of all the competitors of some divisions at the 2012 London Olympic Games [super heavyweight male boxers (more than 91 kg); male judokas weighing 100 kg and over; women who ran the 1500 m race; and men who ran the marathon]. An examined clip showed the contribution of factors others than anthropometric to the early defeat of the Congolese boxer Mwamba Meji at the 2012 London Olympic Games (inadequate wearing of boxing helmet, wearing of boots inappropriate to boxing practice, the imperfection of boxing guard, errors of tactics, face showing fear of the opponent’s attacks). None of the three aforesaid anthropometric factors contributed to the boxer’s defeat. Inadequate anthropometric factors that caused early defeats of the three other Congolese competitors at the 2012 London Olympic Games were: 1) the relative age of the male judoka Mandembo Cedric when compared with that of his opponent, and his too short absolute height; 2) the too young age, the too short height and the too light weight of the 1500 m female runner Ilunga Sankuru Chancel; as well as 3) the too young age and the too short height of the marathon male runner Ilunga Zatara Mande.
Boxing Performance of Most Boxers Is Directed by Their Ectomorphy Ratings towards Lowest Percentages of Victories and Highest Percentages of Losses  [PDF]
André Mukala Nsengu Tshibangu
Advances in Physical Education (APE) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ape.2016.64036
Abstract: High level performance is influenced by the three somatotype components: endo- morphy, mesomorphy, and ectomorphy. Mesomorphy is the most important of the three for boxing practice. An increase in ectomorphy rating is always accompanied by a decrease in mesomorphy rating. Is thus a higher ectomorphy rating overtaxing and/or counterproductive for boxing performance? That is the basis of the present study and the results follow. Boxing could overtax the practitioner the least at the ectomorphy rating value of 2.5. With increasing and with decreasing rating values from 2.5, boxing could overtax even more the practitioner. At the ectomorphy rating of 2.5, boxing is counterproductive: one finds lowest percentages of KO victories and of all victories (KO and non-KO) pulled together; as well as highest percentages of non-KO losses and of all losses (KO and non-KO) pulled together. With boxers ec- tomorphy rating moving from 2.5 towards 0.1 or towards 5.1, there are: an increase in all victories (KO and non-KO) pulled together percentages and the consequent decrease in all losses (KO and non-KO) pulled together percentages; an increase in KO victories percentages and the consequent decrease in non-KO victories percentages; and a increase in KO losses percentages and the consequent decrease in non-KO losses percentages. With boxer ectomorphy ratings increasing from 0.1 to 5.1, percentages of draws go on decreasing. Taking into account ectomorphy ratings could thus help organizers select boxers so as to increase the probability of a given decision: KO victory by Mike Tyson, non-KO victory by Ken Buchanan, for instance.
Almansba, Franchini and Sterkowicz Judo Specific Test Proposal (2007) Commentary  [PDF]
André Mukala Nsengu Tshibangu
Open Journal of Molecular and Integrative Physiology (OJMIP) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojmip.2018.82002
Abstract: The present commentary is aimed to contribute to the improvement of the judo specific test proposal elaborated and validated by Almansba, Franchini and Sterkowicz (2007) 1) with the aim of evaluating specifically the physical fitness of competing judo practitioners, 2) wishing the test to be representative both qualitatively and quantitatively of the effort sustained by the practitioners. All alone, the test proposal, which utilizes rapid repetitions of one judo technique off-balancing and body positioning by the same practitioner (Uchi-komi) may be usable instead of three non-judo specific tests: the vertical jump test of Sargent (1921), the multistage fitness test of Léger et al. (1984) and the Australian shuttle run test described by Cazorla et al. (2004). However, the judo specific test proposal 1) specificity is still to be increased and must ideally turn into test individualization (using the proposal as a template), as in judo, trained individuals have favorite techniques they use in preference to others; 2) represents competing judo practitioners efforts quantitatively but not qualitatively (throws are represented, but neither hold downs, arm-locks, strangle holds nor chokeholds); 3) brings subjects to physiological exhaustion but psychological exhaustion emotional component is left out of account. Uchi-komi utilized by the test proposal could better be replaced by continual completions of variable judo techniques by the same practitioner (Kakari-geiko) which allow the practitioner who is attacking by means of judo techniques (Tori) to utilize linked up techniques. Nevertheless, to date, the test proposed for assessing the suitability of judo practitioners to meet competition demands is the most judo specific and the most economic.
Remittances from Internal Migration and Poverty in Botswana  [PDF]
Eugene K. Campbell, Ngianga-Bakwin Kandala
Sociology Mind (SM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/sm.2011.13016
Abstract: This study seeks to address the question of the existence of a relationship between remittances from internal la-bour migrants and poverty. Data was obtained from a stratified random sample survey of internal migrants and poverty in Botswana in 2004. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data from the migrants. A total of 1160 migrant households were enumerated. The lived poverty index method is used to estimate the level of pov-erty. It takes the social aspect of development into consideration, thereby reducing the limitations of the eco-nomic measurement of poverty. Logistic regression analysis is used to examine the remittance-poverty relation-ship. Though female-headed households are transitorily poorer than their male counterparts, there is no signifi-cant gender difference among the extremely poor. The results do not show conclusively that migrant remittances have moderating effect on poverty in the country. Policy implications are addressed.
Health Concerns and Talented Sportspersons Identification Derivable from Height, Weight, Body Mass Index and Ectomorphy Rating Mean Values in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) 2016-2017  [PDF]
André Mukala Nsengu Tshibangu
Open Access Library Journal (OALib Journal) , 2017, DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1103915
During the academic year 2016-2017, students aged 18 years and older in their second year at the University of Kinshasa Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty have shown the following mean values, respectively of, cm height, kg weight, kg·m﹣2 BMI and unit-less ectomorphy: 1° non-sportsmen: 173.4 cm, 55.8 kg, 18.6 kg·m﹣2, and 4.8; 2° sportsmen: 174.2 cm, 63.6 kg, 20.9 kg·m﹣2, and 3.5; 3° non-sportswomen: 162.2 cm, 59.4 kg, 22.6 kg·m﹣2, and 2.2; 4° sportswomen: 161.5 cm, 52.4 kg, 19.9 kg·m﹣2, and 3.2; 5° all males students: 173.8 cm, 62.7 kg, 20.7 kg·m﹣2, and 3.6; 6° all female students: 160.4 cm, 54.5 kg, 20.6 kg·m﹣2, and 2.6; 7° all male and female students pulled together: 168.1 cm, 59.1 kg, 20.6 kg·m﹣2, and 3.2. Sports practice seems to increase in males but to decrease in females, height, weight and BMI; while it seems to decrease in males but to increase in females, ectomorphy rating. Sports practice could improve health situation of the population which is bad (14.4% of underweight BMI values instead of less than 5.0%). DRC is worth looking for the mean weight of the subjects enrolled in the experimentation that led to the direction for use adult recommended dose of each imported drug so as, if need be, to adapt it to DRC residents. Referencing values published by others have helped give examples of recruiting sportspersons so as to expect training to be rapidly successful and to expect sports practitioners to be at their best performance during competitions.
Boxing Practitioners Physiology Review 1. Kinanthropometric Parameters, Skeletal Muscle Recruitment and Ergometry  [PDF]
André Mukala Nsengu Tshibangu
Open Journal of Molecular and Integrative Physiology (OJMIP) , 2020, DOI: 10.4236/ojmip.2020.101001
Abstract: Seven percent voluntary body weight decrease by boxers requires 21 days while 4.4 percent increase needs only one day. Energy and fluid intakes reduction does not affect boxers punching force. Boxers effective punch masses and body weights correlate. Wrist girths and competition rankings of boxers correlate. Boxers show leanness body fat percentage. Boxers, generally highly mesomorphic, with increasing body weight, show ectomorphy decreases but endomorphy and mesomorphy increases. Vibration treatment enhances power in boxers arm flexors. Presence, nature and thickness of bandages and gloves donned influence boxers punch force. Stance posture adopted by boxers ends in locomotion functional parameters adaptations. Muscular recruitment sequence during rear straight punches may be influenced by the target height (head or body levels) and the boxer intention (produce maximal force or maximal speed). Handgrip strength: 1) increases from younger to older and from lighter to heavier boxers, and 2) correlates with competition ranking. Rear knee extension increases rear straight punching force to the head. Compared to uppercut and straight punches, the hook produces the highest change in hand velocity. Maximal forces are larger for the rear than the lead hand, and greater in more than in less experienced boxers. Hook punch force is greater than those of
Sensing of Moisture Content of In-Shell Peanuts by NIR Reflectance Spectroscopy  [PDF]
Jaya Sundaram, Chari V. Kandala, Konda Naganathan Govindarajan, Jeyam Subbiah
Journal of Sensor Technology (JST) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/jst.2012.21001
Abstract: It was found earlier that moisture content (MC) of intact kernels of grain and nuts could be determined by Near Infra Red (NIR) reflectance spectrometry. However, if the MC values can be determined while the nuts are in their shells, it would save lot of labor and money spent in shelling and cleaning the nuts. Grain and nuts absorb low levels of NIR, and when NIR radiation is incident on them, a substantial portion of the radiation is reflected back. Thus, studying the NIR reflectance spectra emanating from in-shell peanuts, an attempt is made for the first time to determine the MC of in-shell peanuts. In-shell peanuts of two different market types, Virginia and Valencia, were conditioned to different moisture levels between 6% and 26% (wet basis), and separated into calibration and validation groups. NIR absorption spectral data from 1000 nm to 2500 nm in 1 nm intervals were collected from both groups. Measurements were obtained on 30 replicates within each moisture level. Reference MC values for each moisture level in these groups were obtained using standard air-oven method. Partial Least Square (PLS) analysis was performed on the calibration data, and prediction models were developed. The Standard Error of Calibration (SEC), and R2 of the calibration models were computed to select the best calibration model. The selected models were used to predict the moisture content of peanuts in the validation sets. Predicted MC values of the validation samples were compared with their standard air-oven moisture values. Goodness of fit was determined based on the lowest Standard Error of Prediction (SEP) and highest R2 value obtained for the prediction models. The model, with reflectance plus normalization spectral data with an SEP of 0.74 for Valencia and 1.57 for Virginia type in-shell peanuts was selected as the best model. The corresponding R2 values were 0.98 for both peanut types. This work establishes the possibility of sensing MC of intact in-shell peanuts by NIR reflectance method, and would be useful for the peanut and allied industries.
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