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Desempenho agron?mico e heterose de genótipos de cebola
Faria, Marcos V;Morales, Rafael Gustavo F;Resende, Juliano Tadeu V de;Zanin, Daniel S;Menezes, Cícero B de;Kobori, Romulo F;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362012000200007
Abstract: the use of onion hybrids in brazil is still recent, with little information regarding the gains from heterosis. however, the first step to exploit the heterosis is the evaluation of available germplasm. due to the need for genotypes adapted to the climatic conditions of south-central region of paraná state, brazil, this study aimed to evaluate the agronomic performance of 19 hybrids and 50 inbred lines of onion, as well as the heterotic gain of six of these hybrids. the experimental design was randomized blocks with three replications. the evaluated traits were yield, average weight of the bulbs, commercial classification of bulbs, waxy of the leaves and cycle. in general the hybrids were superior to the lineages in yield and average bulb weight and had lower cycle. the heterotic gain in hybrids was evident, indicating the viability of hybrids for cultivation in the region. hybrids 2572, 2573 and 2578 are promising due their high yield, earliness cycle and better classification of the bulbs. the lineages 2507-1 and 2983 provided the highest heterotic gain for the yield of the hybrid 2857, which was classified in the group of earliest genotypes, showing an inverse correlation between these two characters.
Sensory analysis and chemical characterization of strawberry fruits
Resende, Juliano Tadeu V de;Camargo, Letícia KP;Argando?a, Eliana JS;Marchese, Aline;Camargo, Cristhiano K;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362008000300015
Abstract: the aim of this work was to carry out the chemical characterization and sensory analysis of strawberry fruits from cultivars camp-dover, dover, camp-oso, oso grande, and tudla-milsei, grown in the southern region of minas gerais state. soluble solids, titratable acidity, and the ratio between both characteristics were evaluated, in three replications. sensory analysis was carried out by a panel of 34 non-trained assessors, recruited out of unicentro students, professors, and employees. assessors evaluated the samples for aroma and flavor using sorting-preference tests, with scores from 1 (less preferred) to 5 (most preferred). appearance was assessed by means of a hedonic scale, from 1 (dislike very much) to 9 (like very much). each assessor evaluated five samples of each cultivar for aroma and flavor. to evaluate external appearance, fruits were presented in polystyrene trays, covered with transparent film. cultivars camp-dover, oso grande, and tudla-milsei had the highest (p<0.05) contents of soluble solids (respectively 8.1, 7.8, and 7.6obrix); while for titratable acidity, the highest values were found in fruits of cultivars tudla-milsei, oso grande, and dover (0.88, 0.80, and 0.60). for the soluble solids:titratable acidity ratio, cultivar camp-dover (13.5) significantly exceeded all others. fruits from cultivars camp-dover and oso grande, for their good scores in aroma (3.70 and 2.80, respectively), flavor (3.82 and 3.52), and appearance (7.00 and 7.38) had the best acceptability. considering the results all together, cultivars camp-dover and oso grande stood out as promising options for strawberry growing, since their advantageous fruit characteristics are likely to favor commercialization.
Garlic vernalization and planting dates in Guarapuava
Resende, Juliano Tadeu V de;Morales, Rafael Gustavo F;Resende, Francisco V;Faria, Marcos V;Souza, Rovilson José de;Marchese, Aline;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362011000200010
Abstract: several attempts have been made in order to produce garlic out of season in southern brazil, aiming to reduce dependence on imports. the use of cold storage before planting is a possible alternative. another possibility could be forward planting dates using early cultivars, more tolerant to diseases and less demanding in temperature and photoperiod conditions. the objective of the present study was to evaluate the effects of three vernalization periods (30, 40 and 50 days) and three planting dates (23/03, 23/04 and 23/05) on the yield of two garlic cultivars (ca?ador and quitéria). a randomized block design with three replications was used. the assessed traits were plant emergence, plant height, secondary plant growth, total yield and classification of marketable bulbs. the plant emergence and plant height increased in the first cultivation period. the yield of marketable bulbs of the quitéria cultivar increased on the first two planting dates and the ca?ador cultivar showed the highest yield of marketable bulbs on the second planting date. the third planting date provided a decrease in the secondary growth of the ca?ador cultivar plants. the 30-day vernalization period promoted lower secondary growth of quitéria cultivar plants. the 40-day vernalization period, which allowed better adaptation of both cultivars to photoperiod and temperature, resulted in good vegetative and productive development in the region of guarapuava, paraná state, brazil.
Aplica??o complementar de enxofre em diferentes doses na cultura do alho
Resende, Juliano Tadeu V de;Morales, Rafael Gustavo F;Resende, Francisco V;Carminatti, Rafaela;Bertuzzo, Leandro Luiz da C;Figueiredo, Alex Sandro T;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362011000200014
Abstract: the garlic behavior and possible variations among cultivars in response to fertilization with sulfur (s), not only in terms of productivity, but also on the characteristics of the bulb and plant development is still unknown. thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of additional fertilization with elemental sulfur (so) on the bulb yield of three cultivars of garlic, and its effect on several traits of morphology and growth of the bulb and plant. the treatments were arranged in a factorial 3x3, comprising three cultivars (roxo pérola de ca?ador, quitéria and roxo caxiense) and three doses of so (0, 50 and 100 kg ha-1). the experimental design was randomized blocks with three replications. we evaluated the yield; number of leaves; plant height; fresh and dry mass of leaves, pseudostem, bulb and root system; root length; and levels of s and phosphorus (p) on leaves and bulbs. the fertilization with so induced increased yield of the three cultivars, especially the cultivar roxo pérola ca?ador that presented the greatest increase. the increased yield was strongly related to plant vigor, such as height, leaf number and fresh and dry mass of leaves, pseudostem and roots.
Produtividade e teor de sólidos solúveis de frutos de cultivares de morangueiro em ambiente protegido
Resende, Juliano Tadeu V de;Morales, Rafael Gustavo F;Faria, Marcos V;Rissini, Adriano Luiz L;Camargo, Letícia KP;Camargo, Cristhiano K;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362010000200008
Abstract: protected cultivation is an alternative to control the climatic effects in different places and times of planting, however, its effects and interactions with the strawberry crop are little known. the goal of this study was to evaluate the effects of three cropping systems (high tunnel, low tunnel and field) on yield, mean fruit mass and the soluble solids contents of strawberry cultivars dover, camarosa, sweet charlie and oso grande in guarapuava. camarosa cultivar presents an excellent performance regarding yield and mean fruit mass in high and low tunnel cultivation; hence, these cropping system can be indicated. fruits of sweet charlie cultivar had the highest content of soluble solids in all the cultivation environments. yield and mean fruit mass obtained from high and low tunnels were significantly higher than in the field. the environment high tunnel allowed greater accumulation of soluble solids, differing significantly from other evaluated environments.
Postharvest quality of strawberry fruits produced in organic and conventional systems
Camargo, Letícia KP;Resende, Juliano Tadeu V de;Tominaga, Tania T;Kurchaidt, Sonia Maria;Camargo, Cristhiano K;Figueiredo, Alex Sandro T;
Horticultura Brasileira , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362011000400022
Abstract: the aim of this study was to determine some physicochemical characteristics of fruits of eight strawberry cultivars (aromas, camino real, campinas, dover, oso grande, toyonoka, tudla-milsei and ventana) cultivated in organic and conventional systems. the evaluated characteristics were soluble solids (ss), titratable acidity (ta), ss/at ratio and anthocyanins. evaluated sensory characteristics were flavor and appearance. the cultivars had a differential performance between themselves and among the systems for the evaluated characteristics. generally, the conventional system produced fruit with higher levels of soluble solids and, organic system produced higher concentrations of anthocyanins. the fruits of the cultivar toyonoka had the best soluble solids content in both systems and the anthocyanins content of 'tudla-milsei' and 'camino real' were proeminent in comparison to the other cultivars. the fruits from the organic system of production were preferred by judges on the sensorial attributes. the highest notes were given to the appearance of the cultivar ventana in the conventional system and 'tudla-milsei' in the organic system.
Responsabilidade sócioambiental: evolu o das concep es de acadêmicos de engenharia / Social and environmental responsibility: the evolution of concepts amongst engineering students
Elaine Maria dos Santos,José Dutra de Oliveira Neto,Juliano Tadeu Vilela de Resende
Ambiência , 2008,
Abstract: O presente estudo tem como objetivo veri car a evolu o da percep o dos alunos de Engenharia em rela o às práticas de responsabilidade sócioambiental das empresas. Trata-se de uma pesquisa de naturezaaplicada, quantitativa em fun o do problema, descritiva de acordo com seus objetivos e é um levantamento, considerando os procedimentostécnicos. Utilizou-se um modelo adaptado de questionário do Instituto Ethos (2004), o qual foi pré-testado. Os resultados obtidos mostram que o debate sobre o comportamento ético ou social das empresas ainda é muito pequeno no ambiente acadêmico, e que n o há um crescimento signi cativo no interesse dos alunos em fun o do andamento do curso de gradua o. Com isso pode-se inferir que os futuros engenheirosainda n o est o adequadamente preparados para uma discuss o acerca desta temática. No entanto, veri cou-se que a vis o crítica dos alunos frente às práticas de responsabilidade sócioambiental é melhorada no decorrer do curso de gradua o, facilitando a atua o em situa es do cotidiano. Responsabilidade sócioambiental no Brasil ainda n o é um tema amplamente difundido, mas observou-se que há grande interesse por esta temática, entre os alunos do 1o ano. Dessa forma, pode-seconcluir que este assunto está come ando a ganhar espa o nas discuss esacadêmicas, apontando a probabilidade de um resultado diferente daqui a cinco anos, quando esta nova gera o estará apta para um mercado de trabalho onde as quest es sociais estar o sendo consideradas cada vez mais relevantes.
Diagnosis of cytomegalovirus infections by qualitative and quantitative PCR in HIV infected patients
CUNHA, Aldo de Albuquerque;MARIN, Lauro Juliano;AQUINO, Victor Hugo;FIGUEIREDO, Luiz Tadeu Moraes;
Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de S?o Paulo , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0036-46652002000300003
Abstract: a high incidence of cytomegalovirus (cmv) infections is observed in brazil. these viruses are causatives of significant morbidity and mortality among patients with advanced human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) infection. this work, shows the application of a pcr on determination of cmv load in the buffy coat and plasma. we analyzed the samples of 247 hiv infected patients in order to diagnose cmv infection and disease. we developed a semi-quantitative pcr that amplifies part of the glycoprotein b (gb) gene of cmv. the semi-quantitative pcr was carried out only in positive clinical samples in a qualitative pcr confirmed by a nested-pcr. cd4 lymphocyte count, hiv viral load and cmv disease symptom were correlated with cmv load. cmv genome was detected in the buffy coat of 82 of 237 (34.6%) patients, in 10 of these the cmv load was determined varying between 928 and 332 880 viral copies/mg dna. none of these 237 patients developed any suggestive manifestation of cmv disease. for the other 10 hiv infected patients selected based on the suspicion of cmv disease, cmv genome was detected in only one case. this patient presented a high cmv load, 8 000 000 copies/mg dna, and developed a disseminated form of cmv disease including hepatitis and retinitis. our results were greatly influenced by the impact of the highly active antiretroviral therapy that reduced incidence of cmv viremia and occurrence of cmv disease in the hiv infected patients.
Influência da nutri o mineral foliar nas doen as da parte aérea e no rendimento da cultura da soja / Foliar nutrition influence over soybean aerial part diseases and yield crop
Rafael Gustavo Ferreira Morales,Idalmir Santos,Vanessa Nataline Tomazeli,Juliano Tadeu Vilela de Resende
Ambiência , 2011,
Abstract: Este trabalho objetivou avaliar o efeito da nutri o mineral foliar sobre a incidência e severidade de oídio e ferrugem da soja, bem com a sua influência nos componentes de rendimento e a desfolha da cultura. O delineamento experimental foi em blocos casualizados com cinco repeti es e quatro tratamentos: 1- testemunha; 2- aduba o foliar aos 30 e 60 dias, após a emergência (DAE); 3- fungicida aos 60 DAE; 4- aduba o foliar aos 30 DAE e fungicida + nutrientes aos 60 DAE. Realizaram-se as seguintes avalia es: incidência e severidade de oídio e ferrugem da soja, produtividade, número de sementes por vagem, número de vagens por planta, peso de 100 sementes e porcentagem de desfolha. A aplica o foliar de nutrientes isoladamente n o influenciou na incidência e severidade de oídio, contudo, incrementou a produtividade de gr os. Quando os nutrientes foram aplicados com fungicida, houve redu o tanto na incidência como na severidade das doen as em rela o à aplica o de fungicida isoladamente. A aduba o foliar proporcionou redu o da desfolha e aumento do número de vagens por planta, sendo este último o maior responsável pelo aumento da produtividade. Pode-se concluir que a aduba o foliar potencializou o efeito do fungicida, reduzindo a intensidade das doen as e aumentando a produtividade da cultura. AbstractFungicide application is the main form of soybean crop disease control. However, other measures should be adopted as part of control strategy, such as for example, resistance induction by means of plant mineral nutrition. Therefore, this work aimed to evaluate foliar mineral nutrition effects on incidence and severity of soybean oidium and rust, as well as its influence over yield compounds and culture defoliation. Experimental delineation was in randomized blocks design with five replications and four treatments: 1- witness; 2- foliar fertilization at 30 and 60 days after emergence (DAE); 3- fungicide at 60 DAE; 4- fertilization at 30 DAE and fungicide + nutrients at 60 DAE. Following evaluations were made: soybean oidium and rust incidence and severity, yield, number of seed per pod, number of pod per plant, weight of 100 seeds and defoliation percentage. Isolate foliar nutrient application did not influence oidium incidence and severity in the two evaluation periods, however, it has increased grain productivity. When nutrients were applied with fungicide, there was reduction as much in incidence as in the severity of the diseases in relation to the isolate application of fungicide. Foliar fertilization has proportioned defoliation reduction and incre
Perfil dos acadêmicos do curso de Ciências Licenciatura Plena de acordo com as tecnologias de informa o
Elaine Maria dos Santos,Juliano Tadeu Vilela de Resende,Eliana Gomes da Silva Kotsko
Ambiência , 2005,
Abstract: O presente estudo tem como objetivo tra ar o perfil dos acadêmicos do 1o ano do Curso de Ciências Licenciatura Plena da Unicentro - Campus de Irati. De acordo com os procedimentos técnicos, trata-se de um estudo de caso descritivo-exploratório, em fun o dos objetivos, e de natureza qualitativa, sendo que o instrumento de coleta de dados foi através de aplica o de questionários, os quais foram tabulados e analisados, gerando um valor percentual para cada variável em estudo, as quais foram interseccionadas para obten o de novos dados. Conclui-se que os acadêmicos ingressantes no 1o Ano do Curso de Ciências Licenciatura Plena, em sua maioria, já freqüentaram cursos de informática, proporcionando-lhes relativos conhecimentos básicos de informática e internet. Considerável número de acadêmicos acessam a internet através dos laboratórios da universidade em seus horários livres de aula no período da noite, com uma freqüência de duas vezes por semana, indicando que a universidade se torna um importante elo de liga o para o mundo digital. A principal finalidade do uso da internet é para pesquisas acadêmicas e busca de informa es através da navega o pelas páginas web, com o intuito de atualiza o. No entanto, o computador e a internet n o s o utilizados como ferramenta complementar para as aulas do curso de gradua o, o que possibilita inferir restri es quanto à adequada capacita o dos profissionais, em fun o da n o utiliza o dos recursos da tecnologia aplicáveis ao sistema didático pedagógico.
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