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Yeast karyopherin Kap95 is required for cell cycle progression at Start
Francisco Taberner, Juan Igual
BMC Cell Biology , 2010, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2121-11-47
Abstract: When KAP95 was inactivated, most cells arrested at the G2/M phase of the cell cycle, which is in agreement with the results observed in mutants in the other components of this pathway. However, a number of cells accumulate at G1, suggesting a novel role of Kap95 and the classical import pathway at Start. We investigated the localization of Start transcription factors. It is known that Swi6 contains a classical NLS that interacts with importin α. Here we show that the in vivo nuclear import of Swi6 depends on Kap95. For Swi4, we identified a functional NLS between amino acids 371 and 376 that is sufficient and necessary for Swi4 to enter the nucleus. The nuclear import driven by this NLS is mediated by karyopherins Kap95 and Srp1. Inactivation of Kap95 also produces a dramatic change in the localization of Mbp1 since the protein is mainly detected in the cytoplasm. Two functionally redundant Kap95- and Srp1-dependent NLSs were identified in Mbp1 between amino acids 27-30 and 166-181. Nuclear accumulation was not completely abolished in a kap95 mutant or in the Mbp1 mutated in the two NLSs, suggesting that alternative pathways might contribute to the Mbp1 nuclear import to a lesser extent.Kap95 plays an essential role at the initiation of the cell cycle by driving the nuclear import of Swi4, Swi6 and Mbp1, the three transcription factors responsible for the gene expression at Start. This transport depends on the specific nuclear localization signals present in cargo proteins.In eukaryotic cells, the basic cellular functions occurring inside the nucleus, like transcription or DNA replication, require the transport of proteins across the nuclear envelope. The nucleocytoplasmic transport of most proteins is an energy-dependent process requiring the participation of the transport receptors of the β-karyopherin family [1-7]. β-karyopherins specifically recognize the nuclear localization signals (NLS) or the nuclear export signals (NES) in cargos to carry them through the n
Use of botulinum toxin-A for musculoskeletal pain in patients with whiplash associated disorders [ISRCTN68653575]
Francisco J Juan
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders , 2004, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2474-5-5
Abstract: This is a prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial and botulinum toxin-A (Botox?) injections will be compared with placebo injections. The primary objective is to determine the efficacy of Botox? in the management of musculoskeletal pain in whiplash associated disorders.Botulinum toxin type-A toxin has been studied in small trials on whiplash associated disorder patients and has generally been found to relieve pain and improve range of motion. Specifically, we seek to assess the efficacy of Botox? in reducing pain and to improve the cervical spine range of movement, during the 6-month trial period.The term "whiplash" has been used to describe a mechanism of injury, and the various clinical manifestations as a consequence of the injury. Moreover, signs and symptoms have been designated the 'whiplash syndrome'. In 1995, the Quebec Task Force (QTF) on Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD) adopted the following definition of whiplash: "whiplash is an acceleration-deceleration mechanism of energy transfer to the neck. It may result from rear-end or side-impact motor vehicle collisions, but can also occur during diving or other mishaps. The impact may result in bony or soft-tissue injuries (whiplash-injury), which in turn may lead to a variety of clinical manifestations called Whiplash Associated Disorders"[1]. Whiplash patients can be classified according to severity of signs and symptoms. The QTF-WAD classification system consists of five levels: WAD 0 indicates no complaints or physical signs; WAD I indicates neck complaints but no physical signs; WAD II indicates neck complaints and musculoskeletal signs (such as a decreased range of motion or muscle tenderness); WAD III and IV indicate neck complaints and neurological signs (WAD III) or fracture/dislocation (WAD IV), respectively. Research [2-5] has revealed that the most common presenting symptoms following an acute motor vehicle collision were neck pain (88–100 percent) and headache (54–66 percent). Other s
Aportaciones de la psicología a la promoción de la autonomía personal y atención a las personas en situación de dependencia: la experiencia de la Diputación de Granada
Delgado Morales,Juan Francisco;
Intervención Psicosocial , 2007, DOI: 10.4321/S1132-05592007000100003
Abstract: the present work seeks to analyse the vast experience accumulated by the local corporations in the services of promotion of personal autonomy and protection to situations of dependency. those thirty years of performance of the social services in the democratic city councils and the later development of the concerted plan as an incipient, although weak, protection system to the situations of dependency, has already supposed the accumulation of experiences in the planning, administration and evaluation of the resources that now are settled down in the new law as a positive right, which orders and guarantees the financing by the state funds. it represents a very important advance that, however, makes our country to face great challenges to be in the same level of other next countries: the resources settled down by the law in the services catalogue of an integral individual plan of attention, the application of the access system keeping in mind the experience of professionals and local institutions, the indicators of levels of autonomy and their direct relationship - and correspondence in frequency, intensity and duration. one of the challenges is the need to establish a procedure of care coordination. concrete formulas are proposed based on valid experiences in different territories that can help in such undertaking. likewise, we are advancing in the necessity to stabilize the financial system through a model of financing that goes beyond an agreement of minima and that could overcomes the inconveniences of the concerted plan of social services. finally, we bet for the reorganization of the community and specialized social services; necessary reorganization due the changes introduced by the law. these changes imply a most important role of the local corporations in management, recognition of their services and the community reorientation of those services delivered by the autonomous communities. in summary an advance of our state of well-being largely expected and gree
Mirando sobre y bajo el agua
Trevizan Rispoli,Juan Francisco;
Idesia (Arica) , 2011, DOI: 10.4067/S0718-34292011000200022
Abstract: abstract thanks to the properties of water life is possible; it has shaped the landscape and molded the civilizations on the face of the earth. not all regions have adequate availability of water; its relative scarcity together with climate change is generating conflicts between nations and between economic activity and environmental concerns. although this is a global conflict, it must be faced in local spheres, thus it is necessary to strengthen local capacities in all areas in which water is a factor.
Elaboración de tesis: la crisis necesaria
José Viola,Francisco Juan;
Humanidades M??dicas , 2010,
Abstract: without claiming completeness, these reflections aim to expose some of the matters arising along the process of making a thesis. this paper presents some of the problems frequently experienced as well as it randomly suggests some clues to find possible solutions.
Historia de la oración interrogariva en la Real Academia Espa?ola
García,Juan Francisco;
Letras , 2009,
Abstract: this article, product of documental-bibliographical research, aims at analyzing the history of the interrogative sentence in the real academia espa?ola (rae). nebrija is the starting point, as he is the author of the first spanish grammar published, and given his influence in the academy. the works reviewed have been organized chronologically, so a division between works written before the xx century and those written during the xx century is presented. the works studied are the gramática de la lengua castellana (grammar of the spanish language) of nebrija, gramática de la lengua castellana of rae, 1771, 1796, 1836, 1890 y 1911, the esbozo de una nueva gramática de la lengua espa?ola (outline of a new grammar of the spanish language) (1973) and gramática descriptiva de la lengua espa?ola (a descriptive grammar of the spanish language) (1999), which contains the theoretical postulates of the interrogative sentence of escandell. it is concluded that, in a first phase, the interrogative sentence did not have autonomy on its own, because it was linked to the interrogative pronouns and adverbs or because its reference was in figurative syntax or rhetoric figures; in a second phase, in the two last works, the interrogative sentence is approached with a structuralist and discursive view.
Estudios en las Apocynaceae Neotropicales: nuevas especies de Lacmellea (Rauvolfioideae, Willughbeeae) para SurAmérica
Morales, Juan Francisco;
Brazilian Journal of Botany , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-84042007000200005
Abstract: lacmellea bahiensis j.f. morales and l. macrantha j.f. morales, two new species from south america are described. lacmellea bahiensis is endemic to the state of bahia, brazil and has been confused with l. aculeata (ducke) monach., but differs by its smaller corollas and sepals. lacmellea bahiensis is also similar to l. pauciflora (kuhlm.) markgr., but differs by its longer corolla tube (21-23 mm vs. 15-17 mm) and wider leaves ((2,5-)3,5-5,5 cm vs. 1,4-2,2(-3,1) cm). lacmellea macrantha, known from ecuador and peru, has been confused with l. floribunda (poepp.) benth. and l. speciosa woodson, but l. macrantha differs from the first taxon by its larger floral bracts, wider sepals, and longer corolla lobes and from the second one, by its larger corollas, longer corolla lobes and bigger fruits. illustrations, discussion of their taxonomic affinities and specimens examined are included.
Trastornos por estrés y sus repercusiones neuropsicoendocrinológicas
Gálvez,Juan Francisco;
Revista Colombiana de Psiquiatría , 2005,
Abstract: stress disorders have been among us since the beginning of humanity. now a days, we find them in a wide spectrum of population affected by stress, such as the classic stress disorders due to severe and extreme stress reactions, as well as on those submitted to the suffering of a cronical medical illness. the neurobiological and clinical correlates found until now, associated with stress and its manifestations, will help us understand the complexity behind the severe disruption in the psychological functioning of individuals affected chronically. the great majority of longitudinal studies and clinical trials have been conducted with posttraumatic stress disorder (ptsd) and a few with acute stress disorder (asd) patients in combat, natural disasters and criminal violence situations. increased numbers of publications worldwide are focusing on other groups affected by stress, making more and more emphasis on the medically ill patient. the following article summarizes the results of most of the studies done so far on the subject, concerning primarily with the functioning of the neuroendocrine and sympathetic nervous systems, inflammation cascades, implicated neurotransmitters, imaging studies and soft neurological signs findings. a follow up on the multiplicity of interactions between amygdala, hippocampus, neuroendocrine systems and the significant dysregulation associated with stress will be thourghouly revised as well. these findings should bring new sights on better and safer quality interventions, also making complementary treatment available in order to slow the progression of the disorder and improve the quality of life of a larger number of patients. this knowledge will help us understand and control some of the psychiatric manifestations magnified by stress in vulnerable individuals. in spite of the limited evidence, hopefully in the future, this will be an area of clinical research for a larger spectrum of disorders.
Caminos a la cuestión del ser en Llama de Amor Viva (primera canción) de san Juan de la Cruz
Pinilla,Juan Francisco;
Teología y vida , 2009, DOI: 10.4067/S0049-34492009000100029
Abstract: in this article the author attempts to present in a synthetic manner, in the first place, an exposition on the theological esthetics represented in the style of st. john of the cross, which hans urs von balthasar discovered in his work, the glory of the lord. following this, the author shows, also in a general way, the major lines of thought of st. john of the cross regarding substance, especially in his commentary on the first song in his last work, the living flame of love, which in many aspects represents the summit of western mysticism. finally, from these two steps, the author attempts to give some insights into the question at the heart of the matter: what contributions does this mystical work of st. john of the cross offer to the question of being?
Patient safety taxonomy: Are we all talking the same language?
Juan Francisco Reyes Revuelta
Páginasenferurg.com , 2012,
Abstract: Currently witnessing exponential growth in the number of publications, reports and research projects to increase knowledge about patient safety, already many countries are addressing the problem and defining their strategies.Despite the remarkable efforts made, it remains one of the main problems the absence of a common taxonomy for Patient Safety, which serves to harmonize the concepts, principles, standards and terms used to work on the subject and thus to strengthen the discipline.The present article gives an overview of this problem goes on to define a set of terms initially considered very important in the field of Patient Safety. Are also provided a series of examples which serve to better understanding by healthcare workers.
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