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Self-care and HIV/aids patients: nursing care systematization
Caetano, Joselany áfio;Pagliuca, Lorita Marlena Freitag;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11692006000300006
Abstract: this research aimed at systematizing nursing care to hiv/aids patients in view of orem's self-care deficit nursing theory, using the convergent-care method and the self-care nursing process. subjects were thirteen hiv/aids patients attended at a non-governmental organization in fortaleza/ce, brazil. we used interview techniques, physical examination, observation and information records, with a structured instrument, addressing requisites related to universal self-care, development and health alterations. self-care deficits corresponded to nineteen nursing diagnoses, named according to nanda's taxonomy ii, ten of which were based on the requisites for universal self-care, five on the requisites for self-care related to development and four on the requisites for self-care related to health deviations. in care planning, goals were established and the system and health methods were selected, prioritizing support-education actions in order to engage hiv/aids patients in self-care.
Cartilha sobre auto–exame ocular para portadores do HIV/AIDS como tecnologia emancipatória: relato de experiência
Joselany áfio Caetano,Lorita Marlena Freitag Pagliuca
Revista Eletr?nica de Enfermagem , 2006,
Abstract: Este trabalho descreve a experiência da constru o de uma cartilha do auto-exame ocular para portadores do HIV/AIDS e teve como objetivo desenvolver e avaliar as a es do referido auto-exame por intermédio da cartilha “Auto-exame ocular”. A testagem da cartilha foi feita por meio de grupos educativos e consulta de enfermagem, bimestralmente, seguida do exame oftalmológico. Ao nos apoiarmos nas idéias de NIETSCHE (2000), rotulamos esse material como uma tecnologia emancipatória pelo fato de trazer, a essa popula o, a oportunidade de se libertar de um estado de sujei o. Os resultados comprovam que os portadores de HIV/AIDS se sentem motivados a investigar problemas oculares, mas ainda falta incorporar, na vida cotidiana, o hábito de utilizar a cartilha. Mais do que oferecer passos seqüenciais para realizar a técnica do auto-exame ocular, apresentamos referenciais que auxiliam o desenvolvimento das potencialidades dos portadores do HIV/AIDS com vistas a trabalhar o autocuidado com o olho de forma dinamica e com um aliado, o material educativo.
Assessment of Undergraduate Students in Use of Hypermedia Education on Peripheral Venous Punch  [PDF]
Natasha Marques Frota, Lívia Moreira Barros, Francisco Gilberto Fernandes Pereira, Máguida Gomes da Silva, Jennara Candido do Nascimento, Monaliza Ribeiro Mariano, Joselany áfio Caetano
Health (Health) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/health.2015.74049
Abstract: This is a qualitative study that aims to describe the opinion of nursing students on the use of an educational hypermedia on Peripheral Venipuncture. We interviewed 16 nursing students of a private university on second semester of 2014. The interviews allowed the identification of units of meaning and categorization by content analysis and led to four categories: influence of hypermedia on learning, educational technology as support to teaching classroom, contribution of hypermedia for professional practice and access difficulties. Hypermedia showed positive results as most scholars reported that the material helped in learning and generated autonomy and interactivity in the moment of studying. However some reported difficulties in access hypermedia related mainly to the server used. So hypermedia proved to be a valuable tool to use, since it favored the learning and aroused the interest and curiosity of students.
Compara??o de escalas de avalia??o de risco para úlcera por press?o em pacientes em estado crítico
Araújo, Thiago Moura de;Araújo, Márcio Flávio Moura de;Caetano, Joselany áfio;
Acta Paulista de Enfermagem , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-21002011000500016
Abstract: objective: to compare the norton, braden and waterlow scales of risk for pressure ulcer in critically ill patients. methods: an exploratory and longitudinal study covering 42 patients who were evaluated for 15 days or at least 10 consecutive days, in three intensive care units within fortaleza, brazil, from march to july 2009. each patient was evaluated, simultaneously, by three nurses, each of whom was responsible for the application of only one of the scales. results: there was a 59.5% incidence of ulcers and an increase in score of norton (p = 0.028) and braden (p = 0.004) scales, between the 1st -15th day, and the waterlow (p = 0.005) between the 1st -10th. when compared to norton and braden, the waterlow scores steadily increased (p <0.001). patients with high and very high risk, 2% and 92%, respectively, developed ulcers (p = 0.005). conclusion: the waterlow scale showed higher scores in the risk assessment for pressure ulcers in relation to the norton and braden scales.
Enfermagem na saúde da crian?a: estudo bibliográfico acerca da avalia??o nutricional
Monteiro, Flávia Paula Magalh?es;Caetano, Joselany áfio;Araujo, Thelma Leite de;
Escola Anna Nery , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452010000200027
Abstract: to examine the scientific production about the role of nurses in the nutritional health of child. bibliographic study, held between april and may 2008 in on line databases, with descriptors: nutritional assessment, anthropometry, growth, child. criteria for inclusion: child health in nutrition assessment, nurse / author and articles published between 2000 and 2007. meeting 15 articles in the years: 2000 (1), 2001 (1), 2002 (2), 2003 (4), 2005 (1), 2006 (3) e 2007 (3). regular subscribers in the areas: nursing (1), nutrition (1), health (3) and medical (1). type of study: epidemiological (1), descriptive (5), cross (7), longitudinal (1), the case study (1), review of literature (1) and report of experience (1). thematic units: nutritional assessment by the monitoring of growth and child development by nurses; determinants of children's nutrition and nutritional assessment and nursing care. it is emphasized that the nurse has sought theoretical and practical reasons to take care of children with nutritional deficiency.
Cuidado humanizado em terapia intensiva: um estudo reflexivo
Caetano, Joselany áfio;Soares, Enedina;Andrade, Luciene Miranda de;Ponte, Roberta Maria da;
Escola Anna Nery , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S1414-81452007000200022
Abstract: this study aimed to know the meaning of humanized care give to patients in intensive therapy, from the perspective of seventeen health professionals who worked at the intensive therapy unit of a philanthropic hospital in the metropolitan region of sobral city - ceára, brazil. the data was collected through an instrument with the following question: what does humanized care mean to you? three analytic categories emerged from data: emotional comfort; physical comfort and professional commitment, whose analysis reveals the improvement of care, which is not configured in technological advances, but in personal values, in the understanding of the true meaning of care, the orientation of care towards physical and emotional comfort, associated with care aimed at relieving pain; care with commitment, applying humanistic practice. it is concluded that the humanistic care process makes professionals reflect about their personal and academic attitudes, always strengthening team work.
Valida??o de procedimentos operacionais padr?o no cuidado de enfermagem de pacientes com cateter totalmente implantado
Honório, Rita Paiva Pereira;Caetano, Joselany áfio;Almeida, Paulo César de;
Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-71672011000500013
Abstract: care protocols are important technological resources in health practice and should be validated for the sake of scientific credibility in professional practice. this research aimed to validate the items of the proposed standard operating procedures (sops) related to access, heparinization and dressing of totally implanted catheters, using concept analysis as proposed by hoskins. the study involved two phases. in the first, a form was elaborated to validate the sops. in the second, the sops contents were subject to expert validation. suggestions addressed aspects like reformulations, adding actions to make them clearer and more comprehensive, the order of procedure steps and the material to adapt the instrument. further research is needed to orient professionals, mainly regarding the heparinization of catheters and the first dressing change after the access, with a view to standardizing conducts based on safe scientific evidence.
Special immunobiologicals’ schedule applied to infants at a reference service in Ceará
Vera Lúcia Bezerra Oliveira,Gisele Nogueira de Moura,Joselany áfio Caetano
Revista Brasileira em Promo??o da Saúde , 2010,
Abstract: Objective: To analyze the vaccine schedule for preterm infants in a program of special immunobiologicals. Methods: A documental study conducted at a Reference Center of Special Immunobiologicals (CREATE) situated in a general hospital of tertiary care in pediatrics. The sample consisted of 112 newborns with gestational age below 37 weeks and weighing less than 2500g, suitable for vaccination, assisted in 2006-2007. Data collection was done from registration forms, reference records and registers of control of special immunobiologicals’ administration, in year 2008. Results: The results showed that 22 (20%) newborns were weighing between 1000 and 1499g. Regarding gestational age, 39 (35%) were born between 30 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. Most proceeded from public institutions, 37 (69%). The vaccination schedule of most children, 68 (61%), was incomplete. The main clinical indications for special immunobiologicals were prematurity and bronchopulmonary dysplasia. It was observed that 89% (n = 100) of preterm infants received the pneumococcal vaccine (Prevenar). For preterm infants who were at risk of developing serious events related to the tetravalent vaccine, it was elected the scheme Prevenar + DTPa + Hib. Simultaneous administration of meningococcal conjugate vaccines - C (MncC) with Prevenar was indicated for candidates for cochlear implants. Conclusion: The integral care to the preterm newborn involves early immunization, that is, the one that starts in the neonatal unit, and requires the inclusion of special immunobiologicals, which should be criteriously recommended.
Diagnósticos de enfermagem, fatores relacionados e de risco no pós-operatório de cirurgia bariátrica Diagnósticos de enfermería, factores relacionados y de riesgo en el postoperatorio de cirugía bariátrica Nursing diagnoses, related factors and risk factors during the postoperative period following bariatric surgery
Rosa Aparecida Nogueira Moreira,Joselany áfio Caetano,Lívia Moreira Barros,Marli Teresinha Gimeniz Galv?o
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2013,
Abstract: Objetivou-se com esta pesquisa identificar os principais diagnósticos, fatores relacionados e de risco da classe resposta cardiovascular/pulmonar, propostos pela NANDA, vers o 2009-2011. Trata-se de estudo de série de caso, descritivo, realizado com vinte pacientes submetidos à cirurgia bariátrica em hospital público de Fortaleza-CE, Brasil. Duas enfermeiras especialistas em unidade de terapia intensiva coletaram os dados por meio de entrevista, exame físico e leitura do prontuário, que foram analisados a partir de estatística descritiva e mapeamento cruzado. Os diagnósticos de enfermagem identificados com frequência maior que 50% foram: débito cardíaco diminuído (75%), padr o respiratório ineficaz (65%), resposta disfuncional ao desmame ventilatório (55%) e perfus o tissular periférica ineficaz (75%), dos quais 14 eram fatores relacionados e cinco, de risco. Reconhece-se a necessidade de outros estudos para melhor definir o perfil diagnóstico dessa clientela e, assim, direcionar a assistência de enfermagem para a detec o precoce de complica es. Se objetivó identificar los principales diagnósticos, factores relacionados y de riesgo del tipo respuesta cardiovascular/pulmonar, propuestos por la NANDA, versión 2009-2011.Estudio de serie de casos, descriptivo, realizado con veinte pacientes sometidos a cirugía bariátrica en hospital público de Fortaleza-CE, Brasil. Dos enfermeras especialistas en unidad de terapia intensiva recolectaron los datos mediante entrevista, examen físico y lectura de historia clínica, dichos datos fueron analizados mediante estadística descriptiva y mapeo cruzado. Los diagnósticos de enfermería identificados con frecuencia mayor al 50% fueron: gasto cardíaco disminuido (75%), patrón respiratorio ineficaz (65%), respuesta disfuncional al destete del respirador (55%) y perfusión tisular periférica inefectiva (75%), de los cuales 14 constituían factores relacionados, y 5 de riesgo. Se reconoce la necesidad de otros estudios para definir mejor el perfil diagnóstico de estos pacientes, y así enfocar la atención de enfermería en la detección precoz de complicaciones. The objective was to identify the main diagnoses, related factors and risk factors regarding the cardiovascular/pulmonary responses class proposed by NANDA version 2009-2011. This case series descriptive study was performed with twenty patients who underwent bariatric surgery in a public hospital in Fortaleza-CE, Brazil. Data were collected by two intensive care unit nurse specialists through interviews, physical examinations and the reviewing of medical records, and anal
O uso da escala de Braden e fotografias na avalia o do risco para úlceras por press o Uso de la escala de braden y fotografías en la evaluación del riesgo para úlceras por presión Using the braden scale and photographs to assess pressure ulcer risk
Thiago Moura de Araújo,Márcio Flávio Moura de Araújo,Joselany áfio Caetano
Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da USP , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/s0080-62342012000400011
Abstract: O objetivo deste artigo foi identificar casos de risco para úlcera por press o (UP), em pacientes críticos, a partir da escala de Braden e de fotografias digitais. Uma amostra de 42 sujeitos foi avaliada durante 15 dias entre mar o a junho de 2009 em Fortaleza, Brasil. No total foram identificadas 47 les es, sendo 23 (48,9%) com estágio I e 24 (51,1%) com estágio II. Conclui-se que é necessário que o enfermeiro que ainda n o utiliza usualmente tecnologias na avalia o e tratamento procure se familiarizar com isso, a fim de diminuir as repercuss es negativas deste problema de saúde coletiva. El objetivo de este artículo fue identificar casos de riesgo de úlcera por presión (UP) en pacientes críticos a través de la escala de Braden y de fotografías digitales. Una muestra de 42 sujetos fue evaluada durante quince días entre marzo y junio de 2009 en Fortaleza-Brasil. En total, fueron identificadas 47 lesiones, resultando 23 (48,9%) en estado I y 24 (51,1%) en estado II. Es necesario que el enfermero que aún no utiliza con habitualidad tecnologías de evaluación y tratamiento intente familiarizarse con ello, a efectos de minimizar las repercusiones negativas de este problema de salud colectiva. The objective of this paper was to identify critically ill patients at risk for pressure ulcer (PU) using the Braden scale and digital photographs. A sample of 42 subjects was evaluated for 15 days, between March and June 2009, in Fortaleza, Brazil. A total of 47 lesions were identified, 23 (48.9%) as stage I and 24 (51.1%) as stage II. It is necessary for nurses to become familiar with and adopt the technologies used to assess and treat PU in order to lessen the negative effects of this public health problem.

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