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Spanish Initiative for the Automation in Urban Transport: AutoMOST  [PDF]
Jesús Murgoitio, Rafael Durbán, Joshué M. Pérez, Antonio García, Jose A. Moreno, Ray A. Lattarulo
Journal of Transportation Technologies (JTTs) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jtts.2018.81001
Abstract: The progressive automation of transport will imply a new paradigm in mobility, which will profoundly affect people, logistics of goods, as well as other sectors dependent on transport. It is precise within this automation where the development of new driving technologies is going to cause a great impact on the mobility of the near future, and that will have an effect on the economic, natural and social environment. It is therefore a primary issue at the global level, as it is reflected in the work programs of the European Commission in relation to the road transport [1] [2]. Thus, the size impact is caused by the following novelties and advantages: 1) Safety: Accidents reduction caused by human error; 2) Efficiency increase in transportation, both in energy consumption and time; 3) Comfort for users and professionals who will increase their operational availability to execute other more valuable tasks, both for them and enterprises; 4) Social Inclusion: enabling mobility easily for everybody during more time; 5) Accessibility, to get to city centers and other difficult reach places. It should be noted that the economic impact projected for automated driving for the years to come ranges up to €71 bn in 2030, when estimated global market for automated vehicles is 44 million vehicles, as is reflected in document Automated Driving Roadmap by ERTRAC [3], European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (http://www.ertrac.org/uploads/documentsearch/id38/ERTRAC_Automated-Driving-2015.pdf). As background that already anticipates these im-provements, the Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAs) have already showed the safety increase in the last ten years, but always maintain a leading role for the driver. Related to the efficiency increase, automated driving offers great opportunities for those companies where mobility is a key factor in operating costs, and affects the whole value chain. The project opportunity is consistent with ERTRAC vision, especially in applications focused on the urban environment [4], where it is expected a deployment of the technology of high level automation in an immediate future. This is possible by the potential to incorporate smart infrastructure to improve guidance and positioning, as well as lower speed, which eases its progressive deployment. The objective of AutoMOST is developing technologies for the automation of vehicles in urban transport and industrial applications, to increase significantly the efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability. More specifically, AutoMOST will allow the implementation of shared control
Surgical Excision of Ischiorectal Fossa Tumors  [PDF]
Javier Die Trill, Juan Carlos García, Irene Moreno, Juan Diego Pina, Estela Tobaruela, Jose Barquin, Juan Oca?a, Antonio Rey
Surgical Science (SS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ss.2016.710062
Abstract: Background: Ischiorectal Fossa Tumors are rare and their management has not been protocolized. Patients: We retrospectively review four consecutive cases treated in our department, from January 2015 to July 2015. All of them were discussed in a multidisciplinary team meeting. None of them were secondary to an inflammatory process. Results: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging was performed in all the four patients, and as it was not a malignant diagnosis made in any of them, we proceeded to resecate the lesions. None biopsies were performed and the benign diagnoses were confirmed by the pathologist. All the patients underwent a local posterior or perineal approach, because all the lesions (epidermoid cyst, hamartoma, lipoma and an aggressive angiomyxoma) were localized purely in the ischiorectal fossa, under the levator ani muscle and not invading any adjacent structures. In all of them, an R0 resection was performed. Conclusions: Ischiorectal fossa tumors are rare and there are few cases already published. Non-inflammatory lesions located in the ischiorectal fossa, with none invasion of rectum or levator ani muscle, are mainly benign lesions prone to their complete excision by a posterior approach. Biopsy is not always necessary unless theres a suspicion of a malignancy or invasion of adjacent structures, and only in that case a biopsy should be made,
Relevancia de Planes de Formación Inicial de Profesores de Matemáticas (Relevance of Preservice Mathematics Teachers Training Programs)
María Jose González,María Francisca Moreno,Francisco Gil,Pedro Gómez
PNA , 2006,
Abstract: El establecimiento del Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior ha generado la necesidad de procedimientos para establecer en qué medida el dise o de un programa de formación de profesores se adapta a una lista de competencias. Exploramos este problema y proponemos un instrumento para evaluar la relevancia de un curso dentro de un programa de formación. Los resultados que se obtienen con este instrumento pueden usarse para establecer el grado con el que un dise o curricular satisface las expectativas que la sociedad le impone y para caracterizarlo en términos de esas expectativas. Ilustramos este proceso con ejemplos de cursos de formación inicial de profesores de matemáticas de secundaria en tres universidades espa olas. The establishment of the Higher Education European Space has produced the need for procedures to measure how well a teacher education program design fits to a set of competences. We explore this problem and propose an instrument for assessing the relevance of the syllabus of a course pertaining to a program. The results obtained with this instrument can be used to assess the degree to which a syllabus fulfils the expectations that society places upon it and to characterize it in terms of those expectations. We illustrate this process with an example of a methods course in three Spanish universities.
Analysis of Arbitrary Reflector Antennas Applying the Geometrical Theory of Diffraction Together with the Master Points Technique
María Jesús Algar,Jose-Ramón Almagro,Javier Moreno,Lorena Lozano
International Journal of Antennas and Propagation , 2013, DOI: 10.1155/2013/415069
Quantum vacuum energies and Casimir forces between partially transparent $δ$-function plates
Jose M. Munoz-Castaneda,J. Mateos Guilarte,A. Moreno Mosquera
Physics , 2013, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.87.105020
Abstract: In this paper the quantum vacuum energies induced by massive fluctuations of one real scalar field on a configuration of two partially transparent plates are analysed. The physical properties of the infinitely thin plates are characterized by two Dirac-$\delta$ potentials. We find that an attractive/repulsive Casimir force arises between the plates when the weights of the $\delta$'s have equal/different sign. If some of the plates absorbs fluctuations below some threshold of energy (the corresponding weight is negative) there is the need to set a minimum mass to the scalar field fluctuations to preserve unitarity in the corresponding quantum field theory. Two repulsive $\delta$-interactions are compatible with massless fluctuations. The effect of Dirichlet boundary conditions at the endpoints of the interval $(-a,a)$ on a massless scalar quantum field theory defined on this interval is tantamount letting the weights of the repulsive $\delta$-interactions to $+\infty$.
Metastable liquid lamellar structures in binary and ternary mixtures of Lennard-Jones fluids
Enrique Diaz-Herrera,Guillermo Ramirez-Santiago,Jose A. Moreno-Razo
Physics , 2003, DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevE.68.061204
Abstract: We have carried out extensive equilibrium molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to investigate the Liquid-Vapor coexistence in partially miscible binary and ternary mixtures of Lennard-Jones (LJ) fluids. We have studied in detail the time evolution of the density profiles and the interfacial properties in a temperature region of the phase diagram where the condensed phase is demixed. The composition of the mixtures are fixed, 50% for the binary mixture and 33.33% for the ternary mixture. The results of the simulations clearly indicate that in the range of temperatures $78 < T < 102 ^{\rm o}$K, --in the scale of argon-- the system evolves towards a metastable alternated liquid-liquid lamellar state in coexistence with its vapor phase. These states can be achieved if the initial configuration is fully disordered, that is, when the particles of the fluids are randomly placed on the sites of an FCC crystal or the system is completely mixed. As temperature decreases these states become very well defined and more stables in time. We find that below $90 ^{\rm o}$K, the alternated liquid-liquid lamellar state remains alive for 80 ns, in the scale of argon, the longest simulation we have carried out. Nonetheless, we believe that in this temperature region these states will be alive for even much longer times.
Human behavior in Prisoner's Dilemma experiments suppresses network reciprocity
Carlos Gracia-Lazaro,Jose A. Cuesta,Angel Sanchez,Yamir Moreno
Computer Science , 2012, DOI: 10.1038/srep00325
Abstract: During the last few years, much research has been devoted to strategic interactions on complex networks. In this context, the Prisoner's Dilemma has become a paradigmatic model, and it has been established that imitative evolutionary dynamics lead to very different outcomes depending on the details of the network. We here report that when one takes into account the real behavior of people observed in the experiments, both at the mean-field level and on utterly different networks the observed level of cooperation is the same. We thus show that when human subjects interact in an heterogeneous mix including cooperators, defectors and moody conditional cooperators, the structure of the population does not promote or inhibit cooperation with respect to a well mixed population.
Circulating Tryptase as a Marker for Subclinical Atherosclerosis in Obese Subjects
María Moreno, Josep Puig, Marta Serrano, José María Moreno-Navarrete, Francisco Ortega, Wifredo Ricart, Jose Manuel Fernandez-Real
PLOS ONE , 2014, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0097014
Abstract: Introduction Mast cells participate in atherogenesis by releasing cytokines to induce vascular cell protease expression. Tryptase is expressed highly in human atherosclerotic lesions and the inhibition of tryptase activity hampers its capacity to maintain cholesterol inside macrophague foam cells. We aimed to investigate the association between circulating tryptase levels and subclinical atherosclerosis through estimation of carotid intima-media thickness (c-IMT) as surrogate marker for increased cardiovascular risk in obese and non-obese subjects. Methods Circulating tryptase levels (ELISA) and metabolic parameters were analyzed in 228 subjects. Atherosclerosis (c-IMT>0.9 mm) was evaluated ultrasonographically. Results Significant positive associations were evident between circulating tryptase levels and BMI, fat mass, glycated haemoglobin, fasting insulin, HOMAIR, fasting triglycerides and ultrasensitive PCR (p<0.05 from linear-trend ANOVA). The positive association between tryptase levels and insulin resistance parameters, suggested a glucose homeostasis impairment in individuals with higher tryptase levels. The negative asociation between tryptase levels and HDL-cholesterol supports the proatherogenic role of this protease (p<0.0001). Circulating tryptase levels were strongly associated with c-IMT measurements (p<0.0001 from linear-trend ANOVA), and were higher in subjects with presence of carotid plaque (p<0.0001). Tryptase levels (beta = 0.015, p = 0.001) contributed independently to subclinical atherosclerosis variance after controlling for cardiovascular risk factors (BMI, blood pressure, LDL-cholesterol). Conclusions Circulating tryptase level is associated to obesity related parameters and has a close relation with various metabolic risk factors. Moreover, serum tryptase level was independently associated with c-IMT, suggesting its potential use as a surrogate marker for subclinical atherosclerosis in obese subjects.
CCS Membrane Development at CIUDEN’s Technology Development Centre for CO2 Capture  [PDF]
Jose A. Gutierrez Bravo
Journal of Power and Energy Engineering (JPEE) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2018.612001
Abstract: CO2 concentration to the atmosphere has risen faster than ever in the last century. This is highly due to fossil fuel combustion which is the major anthropogenic CO2 source. Membrane technology is an important alternative for reliability, flexibility and economically competitiveness for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) processes. The use of membranes has applicability to CCS technologies mainly for CO2, O2 or H2 separation, although most of the membrane studies for CO2/O2 production have been carried out at laboratory scale and will require a step further for commercial scale. This paper will present current membranes R & D needs when applied to CCS systems and CIUDEN capabilities for membrane technological development and testing under real conditions. It covers from O2 separation membrane integration in the process, and applied to the oxy-combustion CO2 capture, to post-combustion technologies for membrane CO2 separation, tested under real conditions or H2 production catalytic-membranes through gasification. At CIUDEN CCS facility important membrane evaluations can be carried out for the module integration, testing of materials performance and behavior under real conditions.
Hacia un modelo de cooperación y armonización en el campo de la Salud Pública en Espa a
Martín Moreno Jose Ma
Revista Espa?ola de Salud Pública , 2002,
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