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Francisco José Costa Araujo
Ingeniería Industrial , 2001,
Abstract: En la pasada década, el modelo de desarrollo brasile o fue caracterizado por el crecimiento económico a través de una fuerte industrialización. Una de las principales estrategias del gobierno en ese período, consistió en proveer la necesaria infraestructura a la actividad industrial, principalmente en los sectores del transporte, telecomunicaciones y energía. Los sistemas de transmisión tuvieron una parte fundamental en ese proceso, como elementos distribuidores de electricidad para la atención de necesidades de la industria y la urbanización. Atenuar los eventuales efectos medioambientales y sociales negativos de empresas del sector eléctrico, constituye ahora algo concerniente al gobierno, como lo indica la demanda legal de la evaluación del impacto medioambiental (EIM) para el cumplimiento de este tipo de actividad. Abstract In the last decades, the model of brazilian development was characterized by the economic growth through a fast industrialization. One of the main government strategies, in that period, consisted on the supply of necessary infrastructure to the industrial activity, mainly in the transport sections, telecommunication and energy. The transmission systems had a fundamental part in that process, as elements distributors of electricity for the attending to the needs of the industry and the urbanization. The attenuation of the eventual environmental effects and social negatives of enterprises of the electric section are constituted, now, in a government concern, as it indicates the legal demand of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the accomplishment of this type activity
Sobre dimensiones de Modelos de Gel'fand
José Orlando Araujo
Nexo , 2008,
Abstract: En este artículo se presenta una expresión para la dimensión de un modelo de Gel'fand del grupo simétrico generalizado o grupo de reflexiones unitarias de tipo (formula) . De la misma se concluye que esta dimensión coincide con el número de elementos que se representan como productos de reflexiones cuyas raíces son ortogonales dos a dos.
The Borel-Weil theorem for reductive Lie groups
José Araujo,Tim Bratten
Mathematics , 2013, DOI: 10.2140/pjm.2015.277.257
Abstract: In this manuscript we consider the extent to which an irreducible representation for a reductive Lie group can be realized as the sheaf cohomolgy of an equivariant holomorphic line bundle defined on an open invariant submanifold of a complex flag space. Our main result is the following: suppose $G_{0}$ is a real reductive group of Harish-Chandra class and let $X$ be the associated full complex flag space. Suppose $\mathcal{O}_{\lambda}$ is the sheaf of sections of a $G_{0}$-equivariant holomorphic line bundle on $X$ whose parameter $\lambda$ (in the usual twisted $\mathcal{D}% $-module context) is antidominant and regular. Let $S\subseteq X$ be a $G_{0}% $-orbit and suppose $U\supseteq S$ is the smallest $G_{0}$-invariant open submanifold of $X$ that contains $S$. From the analytic localization theory of Hecht and Taylor one knows that there is a nonegative integer $q$ such that the compactly supported sheaf cohomology groups $H_{\text{c}}^{q}(S,\mathcal{O}_{\lambda}\mid_{S})$ vanish except in degree $q$, in which case $H_{\text{c}}^{q}(S,\mathcal{O}_{\lambda}\mid_{S})$ is the minimal globalization of an associated standard Beilinson-Bernstein module. In this study we show that the $q$-th compactly supported cohomolgy group $H_{\text{c}}^{q}(U,\mathcal{O}_{\lambda}\mid_{U})$ defines, in a natural way, a nonzero submodule of $H_{\text{c}}^{q}(S,\mathcal{O}_{\lambda}\mid_{S})$, which is irreducible (i.e. realizes the unique irreducible submodule of $H_{\text{c}}^{q}(S,\mathcal{O}_{\lambda}\mid_{S})$) when an associated algebraic variety is nonsingular. By a tensoring argument, we can show that the result holds, more generally (for nonsingular Schubert variety), when the representation $H_{\text{c}}^{q}(S,\mathcal{O}_{\lambda}\mid_{S})$ is what we call a classifying module.
Inventário florestal a 100% em pequenas áreas sob manejo florestal madeireiro
Araujo, Henrique José Borges de;
Acta Amazonica , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0044-59672006000400007
Abstract: the inventory is a basic stage of the forest management in that is evaluated the composition of the forest and its potentiality for the management. the inventory to 100% has the purpose of determining the stock existent of wood logs for ends of planning of the exploration. this paper presents results of forest inventory to 100% of a wood forest management communitary project lead by embrapa acre in partnership with a group of small farmers of the pedro peixoto colonization project, in the state of acre, brazilian amazonian region. the inventoried total area was of 206,8 ha, composed by 57 compartments with average size of 3,6 ha each one, corresponding to 48% of the total area under management of 12 small properties. were included all the trees with dbh 3 to 50,0 cm. the results were expressed, for species, for property and for the total area in: total amount of trees (nt); amount of trees for hectare (ab); total volume (vt); volume for hectare (v); total basal area (abst); basal area for hectare (abs); index of importance of the species (ind); and condition of use of the log. the results for the total area were: nt = 3.518 trees; ab = 17,01 trees.ha-1; vt = 21.667,41 m3; v = 104,77 m3.ha-1; abst = 1.413,77 m2; e abs = 6,84 m2.ha-1. in the inventoried area 204 species were recognized, belonging to 136 botanical genera and 43 familiae. was observed accentuated concentration of the dendrometric data in few species, because only five species answer for a third (33,6%) of the total ind.
Moluscos de importancia econ?mica no Brasil: I. Xanthonychidae: Bradybaena similaris (Férussac, 1821). (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Stylommatophora)
Araujo, José Luiz de B.;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 1989, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81751989000400001
Abstract: dissections of the soft parts of the molluscs from several states of brazil led to identification of bradybaena similaris (férussac, 1821) and disclosed previously undescribed anatomical characteristics of that species. confirmation of the occurrence of the species in the country is important because of the role it plays as an intermediate host in the life cycle of certain parasites of domesticated animals, as well as considered pest of cultivated plants. bionomical notes on the species in brazil are included.
Exchange rate misalignment, capital accumulation and income distribution: Theory and evidence from the case of Brazil
Oreiro José Luis,Araujo Eliane
Panoeconomicus , 2013, DOI: 10.2298/pan1303381o
Abstract: This article analyzes the relationship between economic growth, income distribution and real exchange rate within the neo-Kaleckian literature, through the construction of a nonlinear macrodynamic model for an open economy in which investment in fixed capital is assumed to be a quadratic function of the real exchange rate. The model demonstrates that the prevailing regime of accumulation in a given economy depends on the type of currency misalignment, so if the real exchange rate is overvalued, then the regime of accumulation will be profit-led, but if the exchange rate is undervalued, then the accumulation regime is wage-led. Subsequently, the adherence of the theoretical model to data is tested for Brazil in the period 1994/Q3-2008/Q4. The econometric results are consistent with the theoretical non-linear specification of the investment function used in the model, so that we can define the existence of a real exchange rate that maximizes the rate of capital accumulation for the Brazilian economy. From the estimate of this optimal rate we show that the real exchange rate is overvalued in 1994/Q3- 2001/Q1 and 2005/Q4-2008/Q4 and undervalued in the period 2001/Q2-2005/Q3. As a direct corollary of this result, it follows that the prevailing regime of accumulation in the Brazilian economy after the last quarter of 2005 is profit-led.
Gelfand models for classical Weyl groups
José O. Araujo,Tim Bratten
Mathematics , 2011,
Abstract: In a recent preprint Kodiyalam and Verma give a particularly simple Gelfand model for the symmetric group that is built naturally on the space of involutions. In this manuscript we give a natural extension of Kodiyalam and Verma's model to a Gelfand model for Weyl groups of type B_{n} and D_{2n+1}. Then we define an explicit isomorphism between this Gelfand model and the polynomial model using a technique that we call telescopic decomposition.
Histopatologia da intera??o Alternaria solani e tomateiros resistente e suscetível
Araujo, José Cristino A. de;Matsuoka, Kiyoshi;
Fitopatologia Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-41582004000300005
Abstract: light and scanning electron microscopy (sem) were used to follow the infection process of alternaria solani on leaves of resistant tomato (lycopersicon hirsutum var. glabratum) cv. cnph 417 and susceptible tomato (l. esculentum) cv. miller. conidial germination was completed 24 h after inoculation (h.a.i) and growth of germ tubes was similar on the leaf surfaces of both genotypes. however, on the resistant genotype the quantity of appressoria, tissue penetration and lesions were significantly less. the events after penetration were similar in both genotypes and included the initial development of primary and secondary hyphae, colonization processes and lesion development, frequency of formation of papilla and hypersensitive reactions. although papilla production and hypersensitive reaction are considered as resistant reactions, they seem to have not contributed to the resistance of l. hirsutum var. glabratum to a. solani in this study. the resistant tomato genotype was similar to the susceptible one according to the aspects of pathogenesis studied, except regarding the number of appressoria, penetrations and lesions. therefore, it was concluded that the resistance of l. hirsutum var. glabratum (cnph 417) to a. solani is expressed during the pre-penetration phase of the fungus, mainly due to the low number of appressoria formed.
Promo??o da saúde e cultura política: a reconstru??o do consenso
Stotz, Eduardo Navarro;Araujo, José Wellington Gomes;
Saúde e Sociedade , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-12902004000200002
Abstract: an evaluation about health promotion and empowerment is presented in this paper. fundamental principles of a public health culture are studied from a problem-posing point of view, as they are the base of public policy proposals specially formulated for the so called "developing" countries. empowerment is particularly analyzed, since it is considered a way chosen for individual and collective (community, social) health promotion, connected to social groups under more vulnerable social conditions. the welfare state crisis and the neoliberal approach, applied during the eighties to overcome it, gave grounds to examine this proposal, focusing on the changes occurred to capitalism in terms of conceptual and moral introjection of reality, particularly when it concerns social policies based, in the principle of equity in oposition to that of universality. the world health organization adopted this principle, integrating hence the dominant culture to the health sector yet, not much reflective, strongly technicist and normative. building up a new culture, capable of admitting the role of common knowledge, incorporating the experience of civil society, backing up the struggles for recognition of the citizens' health rights and demanding the right to health as a universal right are challenges posed by the authors.
L1 Educational Studies in Language and Literature , 2013,
Abstract: This study investigates the reading achievement of 69 Portuguese fourth graders on national (NA) and international (PIRLS) assessments and its relation to reading skills in the following areas: phonological awareness, word recognition, fluency, accuracy, and types of oral reading errors. Data analysis was conducted using regression and t-tests for dependent samples. Results indicate that in the NA reading accuracy and vocabulary knowledge predict reading comprehension. In PIRLS, vocabulary knowledge and non-meaning changing errors explain the variance in reading scores. Performance in the NA was significantly higher than in PIRLS and, in this test, students scored significantly lower on questions that require interpreting and evaluating text than on literal questions. Differences in test design and implications for monitoring educational outcomes are discussed.
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