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Characterization of natural Brazilian clays and their utilization as catalysts in the coiodination of alkenes with water and alcohols
Villegas, Raul A. S.;Espírito Santo Jr., José Luiz do;Mattos, Marcio C. S. de;Aguiar, M?nica R. M. P. de;Guarino, Alcides W. S.;
Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-50532005000400012
Abstract: the natural brazilian clays f-101, f-117 and kaolin were characterized by chemical and textural analysis, xrd, and 27al and 29si mas-nmr. the f-101 clay is a smectite, while f-117 is an interstratified structure with smectite, kaolinite and mica as clay-minerals. kaolin is mainly kaolinite. f-101 and f-117 clays were more efficient catalysts for the coiodination of styrene and cyclohexene with water and alcohols to produce iodohydrins and b-iodoethers, respectively, than the kaolin and montmorillonite k-10 clay.
Utiliza??o de prótese bioabsorvível para oclus?o de defeitos do septo atrial: um passo em dire??o ao futuro
Queiroz, Francisco José Araujo Chamié de;Sim?es, Luiz Carlos do Nascimento;Queiroz, Daniel Silva Chamié de;Mattos, Renata;Ramos, Sergio;Tress, Jo?o Carlos;Lacoste, Maximiliano Otero;
Revista Brasileira de Cardiologia Invasiva , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S2179-83972010000400016
Abstract: background: despite the overall high success rate of per-cutaneous intervention in congenital defects, the possibility of having a percutaneous bioabsorbable implantable device is extremely desirable. the initial experience of the authors with a new partially bioabsorbable prosthesis is reported in this study. method: patients with patent foramen ovale (pfo), with at least one previous embolic event, without additional surgical defects were selected. diagnosis was made by transesophageal echocardiography (tee) and the bubble test. devices were chosen according to length and opening of pfo at the tee. patients were followed-up by transthoracic echocardiogram at 1 and 3 months and tee at 6 months post implantation. patients received a combination of acetylsalicylic acid and clopidogrel for 3 months and acetylsalicylic acid for another 3 months. patients were maintained on antimicrobial prophylaxis for infectious endocarditis for 6 months. results: nine patients (5 male and 4 female) were treated from february to august 2010. mean age was 43.4 ± 13.5 years and mean weight was 71.4 ± 16.3 kg. pulmonary arterial pressure was normal in all of the patients. pfo tunnel lengths ranged from 6-11 mm and the opening ranged from 2-3 mm. mean range from rest to stretched pfo opening was 2.1 ± 0.8 mm. prosthesis implantation was possible in all of the cases. thirteen devices were used in 9 patients, and one of them required a second device for an additional orifice. no major complications or procedure-related deaths were observed. conclusion: the use of the biostartm device was safe and effective. it is an excellent alternative for pfo closure.
Detection of Total Phenol in Green and Black Teas by Flow Injection System and Unmodified Screen Printed Electrode
Ivanildo Luiz de Mattos,José Heraclito Zagal
International Journal of Analytical Chemistry , 2010, DOI: 10.1155/2010/143714
Abstract: A flow injection system using an unmodified gold screen-printed electrode was employed for total phenol determination in black and green teas. In order to avoid passivation of the electrode surface due to the redox reaction, preoxidation of the sample was realized by hexacyanoferrate(III) followed by addition of an EDTA solution. The complex formed in the presence of EDTA minimizes or avoids polymerization of the oxidized phenols. The previously filtered tea sample and hexacyanoferrate(III) reagent were introduced simultaneously into two-carrier streams producing two reproducible zones. At confluence point, the pre-oxidation of the phenolic compounds occurs while this zone flows through the coiled reactor and receives the EDTA solution before phenol detection. The consumption of ferricyanide was monitorized at 360?mV versus Ag/AgCl and reflected the total amount of phenolic compounds present in the sample. Results were reported as gallic acid equivalents (GAEs). The proposed system is robust, versatile, environmentally-friendly (since the reactive is used only in the presence of the sample), and allows the analysis of about 35–40 samples per hour with detection limit = 1?mg/L without the necessity for surface cleaning after each measurement. Precise results are in agreement with those obtained by the Folin-Ciocalteu method. 1. Introduction Phenolic compounds are a class of chemicals that have a hydroxyl functional group attached to an aromatic hydrocarbon group. The simplest of the class is phenol (C6H5OH) [1]. The term “polyphenols” refers to a group of chemical substances found in plants which are characterized by the presence of more than one phenol unit, for example, hydrolysable tannins (gallic acid) and phenylpropanoids (flavonoid, lignins, and condensed tannins) [1, 2]. The largest and most studied polyphenols are the flavonoids, as catechins, which correspond to the main phenolic compound found in green and black teas [3]. Gallic acid was identified to be main free phenolic acids; the four major catechins are (?)-epicatechin gallate (ECG), (?)-epigallocatechin (EGC), (?)-epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), and (?)-epicatechin (EC). These species can be associated to a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer, as well as the improvement of oral health and other physiological functions such as anti-hypertensive effect, body weight control, antibacterial and antivirasic activity, and so forth [1–4]. Therefore, the development of analytical methods for polyphenols represents an important and exciting topic for analytical
Evolu??o clínica tardia dos stents farmacológicos: seguran?a e eficácia até cinco anos do Registro DESIRE
Sousa, Amanda Guerra de Moraes Rego;Costa Junior, José Ribamar;Moreira, Adriana;Costa, Ricardo Alves da;Cano, Manuel Nicolas;Andrade, Galo Alfredo Maldonado;Abizaid, Alexandre Antonio Cunha;Feres, Fausto;Mattos, Luiz Alberto Piva e;Staico, Rodolfo;Pavanello, Ricardo;Egito, Enilton Sergio Tabosa do;Sousa, José Eduardo Moraes Rego;
Revista Brasileira de Cardiologia Invasiva , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S2179-83972007000300006
Abstract: background: indications for the implantation of sirolimusand paclitaxel-eluting stents are expanding and include complex lesions and subsets of patients with clinical and demographic characteristics very different from those of early pivotal randomized trials. the desire registry was planned to monitor the safety of both cypher? and taxus? stent available in brazil since 2002. methods and results: from may 2002 through march 2007, 2043 patients treated with one or more than one stent (either cypher? or taxus?) at hospital do cora??o da associa??o do sanatório sírio were included in this registry. mean age was 63.8 (11.3) years; 76.6% were male and 28.4% had diabetes. a total of 2,415 lesions were treated and 2,983 stents were implanted: 2,608 cypher? and 375 taxus?. acute and subacute (<30 days); late thrombosis (31 days - 360 days) and very late thrombosis (>360 days) occurred in 0.34%, 0.73% and 0.34% of the patients, adding up to a 1.42% overall rate. likewise, the major adverse cardiac event rate was low and added up to 8.6% (154 patients), including: 45 (2.51%) cardiac deaths; 50 (2.8%) myocardial infarctions and 59 (3.3%) of additional revascularizations. conclusions: this long-term analysis of the desire registry shows the high efficacy and safety profiles of drug-eluting stents, with a low thrombosis rate, which is similar to those of randomized trials.
Voltage and Current Mode Vector Analyses of Correction Procedure Application to Clarke’s Matrix—Symmetrical Three-Phase Cases  [PDF]
Afonso José do PRADO, Sérgio KUROKAWA, José Pissolato FILHO, Luiz Fernando BOVOLATO
Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications (JEMAA) , 2010, DOI: 10.4236/jemaa.2010.21002
Abstract: Clarke’s matrix has been applied as a phase-mode transformation matrix to three-phase transmission lines substituting the eigenvector matrices. Considering symmetrical untransposed three-phase lines, an actual symmetrical three-phase line on untransposed conditions is associated with Clarke’s matrix for error and frequency scan analyses in this paper. Error analyses are calculated for the eigenvalue diagonal elements obtained from Clarke’s matrix. The eigenvalue off-diagonal elements from the Clarke’s matrix application are compared to the correspondent exact eigenvalues. Based on the characteristic impedance and propagation function values, the frequency scan analyses show that there are great differences between the Clarke’s matrix results and the exact ones, considering frequency values from 10 kHz to 1 MHz. A correction procedure is applied obtaining two new transformation matrices. These matrices lead to good approximated results when compared to the exact ones. With the correction procedure applied to Clarke’s matrix, the relative values of the eigenvalue matrix off-diagonal element obtained from Clarke’s matrix are decreased while the frequency scan results are improved. The steps of correction procedure application are detailed, investigating the influence of each step on the obtained two new phase-mode transformation matrices.
Desafios para a inclus?o digital no Brasil
Mattos, Fernando Augusto Mansor de;Chagas, Gleison José do Nascimento;
Perspectivas em Ciência da Informa??o , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-99362008000100006
Abstract: the aim of this paper is to highlight some of the main limits and possibilities that should conduct public policies for digital inclusion in brazil. in the first part of the article, we show that the appearance of the new information and communication technologies has been increasing the asymmetries and exclusion that characterize the present process of economic globalization. in the second part, we describe the huge economic and social inequality in brazil, which is also expressed as a remarkable digital divide. the third part of the paper highlights the limits and possibilities involved in the elaboration of public policies for digital inclusion in brazil, considering not only the social and the economic peculiarities analyzed previously in the article, but also the specificities of the technology involved in these policies to attenuate the digital divide.
Avalia??o de sistemas de medi??o utilizando quadrados latinos
Rego, José Roberto do;Costa Neto, Pedro Luiz de Oliveira;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 1995, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X1995000100005
Abstract: traditional methods used for the evaluation of measurement systems are presented. these traditional methods present deficiencies when the measured characteristic is cumulative (ex.: torque). an alternative method based on latin squares is suggested to deal with this type of characteristic. practical cases, confirming the proposed method's effectiveness, are presented.
Avaliando a eficiência das lojas da ECT do Rio Grande do Sul
Borenstein, Denis;Becker, Jo?o Luiz;Prado, Vaner José do;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 2003, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X2003000200008
Abstract: postal companies around the world have been seeking methods to support their operational practices in order to keep or increase their market share. the brazilian mail and telegraph company (ect), established since 1969, offer a portfolio of products and services to its customers through several similar postal offices all over brazil. the units use several resources in different intensities, currently having their performance evaluated by a single economical factor: revenue over expense. we propose a new method of evaluation, using data envelopment analysis (dea), a linear programming technique that makes possible the inclusion of other factors beyond the simplistic and purely economical approach. we make our point using a set of units in the state of rio grande do sul. the objectives of this paper are: 1. to define which factors can be used to evaluate the units; 2. to define sets of similar units that develop the same functions, but differ only in the intensity of resource usage; 3. to generate, through the technique, the results of the evaluation process, obtained from the defined quantitative factors, providing a sensitivity analysis; and 4. to provide useful information to help managers in their decision making process. using the technique made possible: 1. to identify factors used in different intensities in different units; 2. to identify practices used by 100% efficient units, that can contribute to improve non efficient units; and 3. to allow and to encourage the participation of local managers in the modification and extension of the model observing particular features of their units.
Qualidade total: proposta de um modelo para implanta??o
Torelli, Luiz Cláudio;Ferreira, José Joaquim do Amaral;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 1995, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X1995000300004
Abstract: the effective implantation of total quality management programs has been presenting several dificulties. the particular features related to each organization - due to its operational structure, its specific market, its organizational culture, among others - make it virtually impossible to elaborate a uniquely deployed implantation model. thus, it becomes necessary to adopt a general model, to be adapted to each particular case. within this text, a model developed to implement a total quality management program in a military aircraft depot is presented. the system approach, used to develop the model, allows its basic structure to be used in a broad sense. the implantation process is partially deployed in phases, which must be scheduled and completely detailed according to each specific situation.
Experiência clínica com o uso de sedativos em terapia intensiva: estudo retrospectivo
Rodrigues Júnior, Geraldo Rolim;Amaral, José Luiz Gomes do;
Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia , 2002, DOI: 10.1590/S0034-70942002000600012
Abstract: background and objectives: among the most frequent indications for intensive care unit patients sedation, one may mention artificial ventilation installation and maintenance, anxiety and uncomfortable or painful procedures. this retrospective study aimed at evaluating most common sedation indications and techniques for severe patients admitted to the surgical intensive care unit, escola paulista de medicina (epm/unifesp) during an 11-month period. methods: after excluding patients remaining in the icu for less than 24 hours and those without the necessary evaluation to determine their severity index (apache ii), the sample was reduced to 307 patients. most common techniques, sedation indications and neuromuscular blockers association were evaluated. results: sedation was administered to 37.4% of patients. psychiatric disorders, such as delirium, agitation, fear and anxiety, were some indications for sedation and corresponded to 25.77% of all indications. most ventilated patients also needed sedative agents and mechanical ventilation installation and maintenance represented most indications, or approximately 57.73% of all sedated patients. procedures, such as tracheal intubation and bronchoscopy, represented 11.34% of all indications and metabolic control (barbiturate coma and tetanus) represented 5.15% of the cases. most common sedative techniques included opioids alone or associated to benzodiazepines. in this study, fentanyl alone was used in 58% of the cases, and fentanyl plus midazolam in 21.64% of patients. haloperidol, diazepam, propofol and thiopental added up 19.5%. neuromuscular blockers were used in 22.7% of mechanically in ventilated patients. conclusions: sedation is a common therapeutic resource for intensive care and is widely used to help mechanical ventilation and to treat psychiatric disorders. fentanyl, alone or in association with midazolam, was the most widely used agent.
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