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Avalia??o da contratilidade segmentar na doen?a de Chagas utilizando a integral do gradiente intramiocárdico de velocidade (strain miocárdico) obtida pela ecocardiografia com Doppler tecidual
Silva, Carlos Eduardo Suaide;Ferreira, Luiz Darcy Cortez;Peixoto, Luciana Braz;Monaco, Claudia Gianini;Gil, Manuel Adán;Ortiz, Juarez;Ianni, Bárbara Maria;Andrade, José Lázaro;Mathias Júnior, Wilson;Barretto, Ant?nio Carlos Pereira;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X2005000400003
Abstract: objective: to quantify the percentage of contractility of different myocardial segments in patients with chagas' disease by measuring myocardial strain and to assess the differences in the radial and longitudinal ventricular contractile function in the undetermined and dilated forms of chronic chagasic cardiomyopathy as compared with those in a group of healthy individuals. methods: the study comprised 39 individuals [20 (51.3%) of the male sex] divided into the following 4 groups: 1) nl: 17 (43.6%) healthy individuals; 2) und: 7 (17.9%) patients with the undetermined form of chagas' disease; 3) c1: 7 (17.9%) patients with the chronic form of chagas' disease with ejection fraction < 50%; and 4) c2: 8 (20.5%) patients with the chronic form of chagas' disease with ejection fraction > 50%. after performing baseline echocardiography, doppler tissue images were recorded to measure myocardial strain in different segments on longitudinal and transversal parasternal, and apical 2- and 4-chamber views. results and conclusion: the percentage of contractility in the different myocardial segments, both the radial and longitudinal components, is greater in healthy individuals than in patients with the chronic form of chagas' disease, and in those with the undetermined form of the disease as compared with that of chronic chagasic patients with ef < 50%. left ventricular radial contractility is greater than left ventricular longitudinal contractility in all groups (nl, und, and chronic). the data presented allow us to propose a progressive character of myocardial impairment in patients with chagas' disease.
Edvaldo Evangelista de Souza Júnior,Jo?o Batista Duarte,Lázaro José Chaves
Pesquisa Agropecuária Tropical , 2007, DOI: 10.5216/pat.v32i2.2416
Abstract: The interaction genotypes by environments is of fundamental importance in phenotypic manifestation. In order to verify the phenotypic stability of guava genotypes and to identify groups of accessions with alternative potentials for genetic improvement and for commercial exploitation, 63 accessions from the germoplasm bank of Instituto Agron mico (IAC, Campinas, SP) were evaluated. The evaluation period included six harvests, from 1987 until 1992. The methodology of simple linear regression was used to study phenotypic stability over time. The evaluated traits were fruit weight, crop duration and precocity. The most outstanding accessions were Campos and Creme Arredondada, which showed desirable averages and phenotypic stability for the three traits, besides stable accesses for two traits simultaneously and stable accesses for isolated traits. KEY-WORDS: GE interaction; adaptability; improvement; Mirtaceae; guava. A intera o de genótipos com ambientes é de fundamental importancia na manifesta o fenotípica. A fim de verificar a estabilidade fenotípica de genótipos de goiabeira e identificar grupos de acessos com potenciais alternativos para o melhoramento genético e/ou para a explora o comercial, foram avaliados 63 acessos do banco de germoplasma do Instituto Agron mico (IAC, Campinas, SP). O período de avalia o compreendeu seis safras, de 1987 a 1992. A metodologia de regress o linear simples foi utilizada para estudo de estabilidade fenotípica no tempo. Os caracteres avaliados foram peso de fruto, dura o de colheita e precocidade. Destacaram-se os acessos Campos e Creme Arredondada como de valores médios e estabilidade desejáveis para os três caracteres, além de acessos estáveis para dois caracteres simultaneamente e acessos estáveis para caracteres isolados. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Intera o GxA; adaptabilidade; melhoramento; Mirtaceae; goiaba.
Aspectos funcionais e imunológico do transplante autólogo da tireóide em ratos
Mota, José Carlos Nunes;Silva, Alcino Lázaro da;Barbosa Júnior, Aryon de Almeida;Nascimento, Murilo;
Acta Cirurgica Brasileira , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-86502004000600009
Abstract: purpose: to study the hormonal production of the thyroid transplanted into the mesenteric fatty tissue. methods: forty-two wistar rats were used, 30 in the experimental group and 12 as controls, to test survival after 100 days of transplantation. half of the thyroid was removed and implanted into the mesenteric tissue. ten days later the half of the gland left in situ was removed. levels of thyroid hormones were measured at several different periods after transplantation, in serum from peripheral blood. removed tissue was submitted to histological, morphometric and ultrastructural analysis. results: morphologic studies were within normal limits. . the t3 and t4 hormones maintained their normal levels. tsh levels showed marked elevation, which subsided around the 75 day of transplantation, but remained elevated during the entire experimental period. levels of gamma-globulin remained within normal limits. conclusion: levels of t3 and t4 reflected the preservation of good thyroid function during mesenteric transplantation. the increased tsh levels revealed pituitary stimulation to a reduced amount of thyroid tissue. the autologous implantation of thyroid tissue is thus feasible and safe.
Perfis estratégicos de conduta social e ambiental: estudos na indústria têxtil nordestina
Abreu, M?nica Cavalcanti Sá de;Silva Filho, José Carlos Lázaro da;Oliveira, Bruno Cals de;Holanda Júnior, Francisco Leite;
Gest?o & Produ??o , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-530X2008000100014
Abstract: this paper presents a social and environmental behaviour assessment of northeast brazil textile industry using the strategic assessment framework, named the triple-scp model. this model is an expansion of the structure-conduct-performance paradigm adding the assumption that the triple performance (economic, environmental and social) of a company is the result of its competitive practices or conduct standards, depending on the industrial structure in which it operates. the data were collected from textile companies located in ceará, paraíba, pernambuco and rio grande do norte states through in-depth personal interviews. the study categorized companies by size and identified social and environmental strategic conduct profiles. the conduct of the companies was rated as strong, medium or weak. the results show that most of firms adopt weak conduct on both social and environmental matters. overall companies are more concerned about environmental issues than social ones. in general, larger firms and those which have international markets tend to have a stronger environmental and social conduct.
Compara??o entre as técnicas de shouldice e falci-lichtenstein, no tratamento das hérnias inguinais em homens
Vianna, José Luiz Campello de Mello;Silva, Alcino Lázaro da;Alves, Ant?nio Sérgio;Oliveira, Claudio Almeida de;Vieira Júnior, álvaro;
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 2004, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69912004000200009
Abstract: objective: we compared the shouldice (s) technique, a repair in four layers of continuous suture and the falci-lichtenstein (fl) technique that uses polypropylene prothesis. method: one hundred and eighteen male patients underwent surgery, on a total of 124 hernias. fifty-eight of them underwent inguinal hernia surgery by the fl technique, and the other 60 patients by the s technique. in each group 62 inguinais hernias with 85% of the patients were followed for four years. the average age was 52 years old. fifty-three type 3 a hernias, 57 type 3b and 10 type 4 hernias were operated, according to the nyhus classification. concerning the side, there was a predominance on the right with 65 ruptures (52.4%). the anesthesia was spinal in (89.8%) of the patients. results: the bruise and the seroma were the most common postoperative complications, occuring more frequently with the fl technique. in this one there was a recurrence (0,8%), because the bandage and the inguinal ligament broke up. in another patient, a femoral rupture turned up. the patients operated through the s technique complained more about pain on the immediate postoperative period and returned to work later. the observation time wasn't the ideal, because the largest index of recurrence can be in the non controlled patients, as it's known that 40% of the recurrence occur 5 years after the primary operation and 20% 25 years after. conclusions: both repairs presented low rates of recurrence. the shouldice technique is more complex, as it allows a safe exploration of the femoral channel, requires a more solid anatomical knowledge of the region and a better experience with the surgery of the inguinal hernia and it's a low cost procedure. the falci-lichtenstein repair is effective,rapid, causes fewer pain, fast recovery and allows less experienced inguinal hernia surgeons to accomplish it successfully.
Educa o Estética e Educa o Física: a dan a na forma o de professores Aesthetic Education and Physical Education: Dance in Teacher Development Educación Estética y Educación Física: La danza en la Formacion de profesores
Lázaro Moreira Gomes Júnior,Lenir Miguel de Lima
Pensar a Prática , 2006, DOI: 19806183/rpp.v6i0.54
Abstract: Investigar a vis o do futuro professor de Educa o Física, em rela o ao ensino da dan a, é a t nica deste trabalho. A pesquisa faz uma análise sobre a constitui o de corpo na modernidade, além de salientar a necessidade de uma educa o que valorize n o apenas o universo da nacionalidade, como também o da sensibilidade, tendo em vista a manuten o de nossa identidade cultural e a constru o de um saber universal. Discutem-se quest es sobre a dan a na educa o, na perspectiva de torná-la libertadora e transformadora. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Dan a - Educa o Estética - Forma o de professores. Investigating the views of future P. E. teachers in relation to the teaching of dance. This is the aim of this study, which analyzes the constitution of the body in our contemporary times, searching for an education that values not only the rational universe, but also the sensitive world, one that stands for the keeping of our cultural identity and the building of universal knowledge, discussing questions about dance in education, in the perspective of turning dance into a freeing and transforming experience. KEY WORDS: Dance - Aesthetic education - Teacher’s formation. Investigar la vision del futuro professor de Educación Física, en relación a la ense anza de la danza, es la tónica de este trabajo, haciendo un análisis acerca de la constitución del cuerpo em la modernidad, buscando una educación que valorice no solamente el universo de la racionalidad, pero también el de la sensibilidad, em defensa del mantenimiento de nuestra identidad cultural y construcción de un conocimiento universal, discutindo cuestiones acerca de la danza en la educación, em perspectiva de hacerla libertadora y transformadora. PALABRAS CLAVES: Danza - Educación estética - Formación de profesores.
Predicting variety composite means without diallel crossing
Chaves, Lázaro J;Miranda Filho, José B. de;
Brazilian Journal of Genetics , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-84551997000300023
Abstract: prediction of variety composite means was shown to be feasible without diallel crossing the parental varieties. thus, the predicted mean for a quantitative trait of a composite is given by: yk = a1 svj + a2stj + a3 - a4, with coefficients a1 = (n - 2k)/k2(n - 2); a2 = 2n(k - 1)/k2(n - 2); a3 = n(k - 1)/k(n - 1)(n - 2); and a4 = n2(k - 1)/k(n - 1)(n - 2); summation is for j = 1 to k, where k is the size of the composite (number of parental varieties of a particular composite) and n is the total number of parent varieties. vj is the mean of varieties and tj is the mean of topcrosses (pool of varieties as tester), and and are the respective average values in the whole set. yield data from a 7 x 7 variety diallel cross were used for the variety means and for the "simulated" topcross means to illustrate the proposed procedure. the proposed prediction procedure was as effective as the prediction based on yk = - ( -)/k, where and refer to the mean of hybrids (f1) and parental varieties, respectively, in a variety diallel cross. it was also shown in the analysis of variance that the total sum of squares due to treatments (varieties and topcrosses) can be orthogonally partitioned following the reduced model yjj? = m + ?(vj + vj?) + + hj+ hj?, thus making possible an f test for varieties, average heterosis and variety heterosis. least square estimates of these effects are also given
Ser na Psicologia: diálogos sobre a profiss o
Lívia Mathias Sim?o,Nélson Ernesto Coelho Júnior,Arthur Arruda Leal Ferreira
Revista do Departamento de Psicologia. UFF , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/s0104-80232007000200016
Seguran?a e exeqüibilidade da ecocardiografia com estresse pela dobutamina associada à atropina
Mathias Jr, Wilson;Beneti, Léa Paula;Santos, Fabio Cesar dos;Duprat, Renata;Beraldo, Ailton;Gil, Manoel Adan;Andrade, José Lázaro;Martinez, Eulógio;
Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia , 1997, DOI: 10.1590/S0066-782X1997000700005
Abstract: purpose: to study the safety and feasibility of dobutamine-atropine stress echocardiography (dase) in patients with known or suspected coronary artery disease. methods: there were 3,000 dase that were studied in a prospective fashion. all symptons and side effects were stored in a data base format. results: major test-related complications observed included one case of myocardial infarction, four cases of sustained ventricular tachycardia and five cases of atropine intoxication. there was no death or ventricular fibrillation as a direct or indirect consequence of the test. the infusion protocol allowed to us to examine patients using beta blockers, and led to 95% feasibility. conclusion: dase is a safe and feasible method for the study of patients with suspected or known coronary artery disease.
Histopatologia da seromiotomia dupla e sutura seromuscular no cólon descendente de ratos
Silva Júnior, Aldérico Luiz da;Silva, Alcino Lázaro da;Castro, Lúcia Porto Fonseca de;
Revista do Colégio Brasileiro de Cirurgi?es , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0100-69911999000600009
Abstract: experiments were carried out on mice, aiming to retard bowel movement in the descending colon. the microscopic alterations in the stools and the histopathological changes in the large intestine were observed. fifteen male mice and fifteen female mice have been operated on and divided into three groups named 30, 60 and 90 days, according to the time set for the relaparotomy. all mice have been submitted to two extramucous seromytomies in the descending colon with circunferential incisions (360). one of them was located one centimeter; and the other two centimeters, above the peritoneal reflection. after the seromytomias, a seromuscular suture surrouding all over the colon area was performed. we observed visceral and perineal adherence in the three groups, the majority without organic repercurssion. however a mouse from the 60 days group had partial obstructive manifestation that resulted in death on the 40th pos-surgical day. there were complications with total colon obstruction for stools impact in the operated area of two female mice that also developed into death on the 2nd pos - surgical week. a mouse showed deiscence and evisceration of the abdominal suture, dying on the 10th day pos- surgical. therefore, there were therefore four deaths (13,33%) due to a total, parcial and evisceration obstruction. in the three groups inflamatory reaction was observed, in all the coatings, which was greater in the 30 days groups. 1n the groups 60 and 90 days, sectionalized tissues were repaired by fibrous conjunctive tissue. our results did not show that the procedure hasn't produced clinics and radiological repercussions, in the distal from the operated site intestine. there were histopathlogical alterations that assured inflamatory process with reaction of strange body type in the sutured colon. this inflamatory process on a same transversal and circunferencial plane, provided a concentrica partial stenose resulting intestine transit delay confirmed by the shape, shine and st
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