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Into the life and death: RecA a WISE factor working to integrate survival and evolution in Escherichia coli  [PDF]
José María Gómez Gómez
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2013.43A059

Escherichia coli RecA has been considered traditionally a cellular protein with multiple vital functions working to ensure the maintenance of integrity of genome in each individual bacterial cell as well as promoting swarming migration in collectivity. On the contrary, recently it has been described that RecA promotes cellular apoptotic-like death (ALD), a pathway of programmed cellular death (PCD). In fact, RecA has been dubbed as the major apoptotic executor in E. coli. From these studies, RecA emerges as a prototypical Gin/Gan protein that despite of their intrinsic vital and lethal anfi-funcionality becomes in a WISE factor: a Worker to Integrate Survival and Evolution in E. coli evolving populations living in community. Here, I provide a review of recent experimental and conceptual advances trying to understand these RecA’s antagonistic roles in appearance contradictory under a unified biological vision.

ERP Software Selection Processes: A Case Study inthe Metal Transformation Sector  [PDF]
Antonio Hidalgo, José Albors, Luis Gómez
Intelligent Information Management (IIM) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/iim.2011.31001
Abstract: When a firm decides to implement ERP softwares, the resulting consequences can pervade all levels, includ- ing organization, process, control and available information. Therefore, the first decision to be made is which ERP solution must be adopted from a wide range of offers and vendors. To this end, this paper describes a methodology based on multi-criteria factors that directly affects the process to help managers make this de- cision. This methodology has been applied to a medium-size company in the Spanish metal transformation sector which is interested in updating its IT capabilities in order to obtain greater control of and better infor- mation about business, thus achieving a competitive advantage. The paper proposes a decision matrix which takes into account all critical factors in ERP selection.
A Study on the Factors That Influence Innovation Activities of Spanish Big Firms  [PDF]
Alvaro Gómez Vieites, José Luis Calvo
Technology and Investment (TI) , 2011, DOI: 10.4236/ti.2011.21002
Abstract: The main goal of this research is to study the role of several factors and firms’ resources that could have had an impact on the development of innovative activities of Spanish big firms, exploring how these factors can help to achieve success through innovation and improving business performance. We propose a new model to analyze the relationships between a set of organizational, technological, financial and information-based resources, as well as other aspects such as company’s cooperation. We employ a Structural Equation Model and the PLS technique in order to validate the theoretical model proposed in this research. The data come from the Spanish National Statistics Institute’s Survey on Firms Technological Innovation. The sample is composed by 2224 observations referred to firms with 200 or more workers. The main results show that human and financial resources and cooperation affect positively R&D activities. At the same time R&D, information management and technological resources have a positive effect on innovation. Finally, R&D activities, innovation results (product and process innovation) and information management influence business results.
A Novel Cellular Autoaggregative Developmentally CRP Regulated Behaviour Generates Massively Chondrule-Like Formations over Surface of Old Escherichia coli K-12 Macrocolony Biofilms  [PDF]
José María Gómez Gómez, Ricardo Amils
Advances in Bioscience and Biotechnology (ABB) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/abb.2014.59086

How Escherichia coli bacteria develop a particular colonial, 3-D biofilm morphological pattern is still a poorly understood process. Recently, we reported a new E. coli K-12 morphotype exhibited by old macrocolonies described as volcano-like. The formative developmental process of this morphotype has been presented as a suitable experimental model for the study of 3D patterning in macrocolony biofilms. Here, we report the optical microscopy observations and genetic analysis that have unveiled the existence of a novel autoaggregative behaviour which generates massive lumpiness over the surface of the volcano-like macrocolonies. These lumpy formations are generated by the autoaggregation and strong interaction of tightly packed bacterial cells in structures with a chondrule-like appearance which give the colony’s surface its characteristic microscopic lumpy phenotype. Furthermore, they exhibit different levels of maturation from the edge to the center of the colony. Hence, its generation appears to follow a spatiotemporal program of development during the macrocolony’s morphogenesis. Interestingly, the agar’s hardness influences the morphology exhibited by these formations, with high agar concentration (1.5%, 15 g/L) suppressing its development. This new auto-aggregative E. coli’s behaviour does not require the activity of the biofilm master regulator CsgD, the adhesiveness of flagella, pili type 1, adhesin Ag43, β-1,6-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine polymer-PGA, cellulose or colanic acid, but it is under glucose repression and the control of cAMP receptor protein (CRP). The possible physiological role

Research into Mercury Exposure and Health Education in Subsistence Fish-Eating Communities of the Amazon Basin: Potential Effects on Public Health Policy
José G. Dórea
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , 2010, DOI: 10.3390/ijerph7093467
Abstract: The neurotoxic effects of fish-methylmercury (meHg) consumed regularly are considered hazardous to fetuses and newborn infants; as a result fish consumption advisories are an important asset to control meHg exposure in affluent societies. These concerns are now part of health promotion programs for Amazon subsistence villagers. While urban dwellers in affluent societies can choose an alternative nutritious diet, traditional and subsistence communities are caught up in controversial issues and lifestyle changes with unintended health consequences. Traditional fish-eating populations of industrialized and non-industrialized regions may be exposed to different neurotoxic substances: man-made pollutants and environmentally occurring meHg. Additionally, in non-industrialized countries, pregnant women and infants are still being immunized with thimerosal-containing vaccines (TCVs) which degrade to ethylmercury (etHg). Therefore, the complexity involving fish-meHg associated with wild-fish choices and Hg exposure derived from TCVs is difficult to disentangle and evaluate: are villagers able to distinguish exposure to differently hazardous chemical forms of Hg (inorganic, fish-meHg, and injected etHg)? Is it possible that instead of helping to prevent a plausible (unperceived) fish-meHg associated neurocognitive delay we may inadvertently arouse panic surrounding Hg exposure and disrupt subsistence fish-eating habits (necessary for survival) and life-saving vaccination programs (required by public health authorities)? These questions characterize the incompleteness of information related on the various chemical forms of Hg exposure and the need to convey messages that do not disrupt nutritional balance and disease prevention policies directed at Amazonian subsistence communities.
A sementeira do porvir: higiene e infancia no século XIX
Gondra, José G.;
Educa??o e Pesquisa , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-97022000000100008
Abstract: this paper presents a reflection and analysis of the construction of the idea of childhood in brazil. religion, science, progress, industry, commerce and civilization are some of the signs that have been part of the shaping and construction of this concept within the brazilian context. in face of the complexity of the issue, and of the proliferation of discourses about childhood, only one of them is examined here, a considerably influential discourse in the 19th century that rests upon an alliance between regenerating and civilizing. that formula, whose legitimacy was built inside the medical profession, determined that this work should focus the medical school of rio de janeiro (fmrj), one of the places where the issue of childhood was present throughout the 19th century. with a view to analyze the representations made about childhood, part of the academic production of the medical school of rio de janeiro was examined, specially the doctoral theses. apart from that, judicious use was made of the proceedings of the first brazilian congress on the protection of childhood, and of the ensemble of theses from the first national conference on education, in an attempt to indicate the continuity of childhood as a theme in the medical discourse, the emphasis on the need of its hygiene, and certain displacements of representations.
The ambivalent relation between state and illegal actors: piracy retail in Mexico
Aguiar,José Carlos G.;
Etnográfica , 2011,
Abstract: in the rise of democratic governments across latin america, the neoliberal law-and-order perspective has been the most influential model of security in the region. this approach is based on the opposition between state and illegal agents, as if they were two different sets of actors. influenced by this model, mexican president vicente fox launched an extensive anti-piracy programme to eradicate retail of counterfeit. based on ethnographic material gathered in the san juan de dios market in guadalajara, i discuss on the exchanges between piracy sellers and police officers. my argument is that law enforcement programmes have not affected the political economy of corruption, they overlook the net of ambiguous loyalties where state and illegal actors are entrenched. the anthropology of the state provides the rationale for a critique on neoliberal security policies.
Perspectives on the Density Functional Theory of Chemical Reactivity
Gázquez, José L.;
Journal of the Mexican Chemical Society , 2008,
Abstract: a brief perspective of the development of the density functional theory of chemical reactivity since the identification of the chemical potential with the electronegativity in 1978 is presented. the reactivity concepts are examined together with the chemical principles associated with them. then, the interaction energy between a nucleophile and an electrophile is analyzed in order to illustrate the relevance of these concepts to characterize global reactivity and site selectivity trends.
Huella y obra de Ramón Espinal Vallenilla un nuevo aniversario de la Fundación del Imme
Grases G,José;
Boletín Técnico , 2003,
Abstract: integrante del grupo de profesionales activos en el instituto de materiales y modelos estructurales (imme) desde sus inicios hace 42 a?os, en estas notas el autor rememora aspectos de la personalidad de su fundador, el profesor ramón espinal vallenilla, como reconocimiento por su relevante contribución a la universidad venezolana. su huella e intuición, así como singularidades de su personalidad, aún pueden identificarse al revisar las bases sobre las cuales se concibe y nace este instituto en febrero de 1962. su visión sobre el futuro de este centro permite entender el sólido crecimiento del mismo que, a pesar de inevitables tropiezos por su estrecha y necesaria interacción con el inquieto quehacer universitario, hoy ocupa un primer lugar en el país y es reconocido entre las mejores instituciones de su naturaleza en hispanoamérica. sobre las contribuciones del imme, en estas notas se deja constancia de algunas iniciativas y ejecutorias relevantes que trascienden en el tiempo gracias al excelente equipo humano que ha venido laborando en él. se recogen igualmente aquí noticias sobre iniciativas en el área de la experimentación sobre los materiales en venezuela desde finales del siglo xix. el escaso desarrollo que alcanzó esta especialidad de la ingeniería hasta la década de los a?os 40, refuerza aún más el agradecimiento que merece ramón espinal por su empe?o y éxito en asentar sobre bases firmes una institución que ha ejercido una influencia creadora en áreas del saber universitario, siempre al servicio del desarrollo del país.
Temperar a alma, retemperar os músculos: corpo e História da Educa??o em Afranio Peixoto
Gondra, José G.;
Pro-Posi??es , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S0103-73072011000300003
Abstract: in this study, we discuss some aspects of afranio peixoto's book: no??es de história da educa??o. with regard to the principles that inspire, order and calibrate writing, it appears that they consist in a campaign in favor of comprehensive education in which the physical, moral and intellectual aspects should be articulated and balanced. neither absence nor excesses, because the general principle is moderation. we also noted that the course "dictated" at the instituto de educa??o is converted into a textbook; a kind of dictionary of pedagogy aiming to offer future teachers a repertoire in which the spice of the muscles and soul serve as the script of the story. finally, marked by this author's present, peixoto's narrative seeks to organise the teachers' present in order to guide their attitudes and define when, how and where to get with the calculated, scientific and permanent intervention about their bodies and the bodies of others.
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