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O método do potencial espontaneo (SP): uma revis?o sobre suas causas, seu uso histórico e suas aplica??es atuais
Gallas, José Domingos Faraco;
Revista Brasileira de Geofísica , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-261X2005000200003
Abstract: this paper synthesizes the results of a compilation and integration of the most important papers and textbooks dealing with the self potential method (sp), also taking into account the author experience on the subject. furthermore, it introduces survey and processing techniques as well as presentation and interpretation modes. a short description of the sp generation processes, related to both mineral exploration and ground water flow studies, is presented. in the former case, the usually negatives sp anomalies are ascribed to the presence of massive sulphide bodies (electrical conductors). in the case of environmental or engineering studies, the main application of the sp method is to determine the sense of the ground water flow. the occurrence of noises, and the way of eliminating or minimizing them, are considered. the distinct applications of the sp method as well as the expected results from different situations and possible interpretations are also discussed.
Avalia??o do Conteúdo de Carbono na Matéria Seca de Diferentes Componentes de árvores de Eucalyptus globulus e de Pinus pinaster
Lopes,Domingos; Aranha,José;
Silva Lusitana , 2006,
Abstract: samples of branches, stem and leaves were collected in 31 sampling plots of eucalyptus and 34 sampling plots of pinus pinaster. chemical analyses were done to determine the carbon content in each one of these components (the percentage of carbon per kilogram of dry biomass). the knowledge of this value is very important because carbon sequestration estimations are done using it. many authors assume, in a simplistic way, that a kilogram of a dry biomass has 50% of carbon. accordingly, one of the main goals of this study was to verify if in fact the previous assumption is correct and if there are no differences between values assigned to different components of the analysed tree. the obtained results allowed concluding that the previous simplification is abusive because the medium carbon content values vary, not only among the different components of the tree, but also among the analysed species.
Scientific methodology at S £o Paulo School of Homeopathy. Metodolog -a cient -fica en la Escuela Paulista de Homeopat -a. Metodologia cient -fica na Escola Paulista de Homeopatia.
Jos???? Claudio Domingos
International Journal of High Dilution Research , 2004,
Abstract: Nestes três anos, a Escola de Homeopatia vem construindo uma institui o voltada ao ensino e à pesquisa que atenda às necessidades de forma o específica das diferentes áreas representadas igualitariamente em sua composi o (médicos, farmacêuticos, veterinários e cirurgi es dentistas).
Resistividade e polariza??o induzida (IP): modelagem analógica
Gallas, José Domingos Faraco;Verma, Om Prakash;
Revista Brasileira de Geofísica , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-261X2006000100002
Abstract: the aim of this study is to develop an analogical modeling methodology for ip and resistivity. simple geometrical cylindrical and tabular shapes were built using standard cement, quartzitic sand and graphite. the experiment was carried out with various amounts of graphite in order to measure the ip response for different model geometries. the results are discussed in terms of ip response as a function of geometry, graphite content, depth and strike of the models.
Ecologia da comunidade de metazoários parasitos da anchova Pomatomus saltator (Linnaeus) (Osteichthyes, Pomatomidae) do litoral do estado do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Luque, José Luis;Chaves, Nilton Domingos;
Revista Brasileira de Zoologia , 1999, DOI: 10.1590/S0101-81751999000300010
Abstract: fifty-five specimens of bluefish, pomatomus saltator (linnaeus, 1766), collected at cabo frio (23os, 42ow), state of rio de janeiro, brazil, between march 1995 and november 1995, were necropsied to study their infracommunities of metazoan parasites. sixteen species of metazoan parasites were collected. all fish were parasitized by one or more metazoan. the digeneans were the majority of the parasite specimens collected, with 44.2%, followed by the helminth larval stages (cestodes, acanthocephalans, and nematodes) with 40.6%. the simpson index for all parasite species was 0.097, indicating lack of dominance by any species in the parasite community. microcotyle pomatomi goto, 1899 showed the higher frequency of dominance and mean relative dominance. the parasite species of p. saltator showed the typical overdispersed pattern of distribution. the majority of parasite species showed positive correlation between the host's total body length and prevalence or parasite abundance. two species, brachyphallus parvus (manter, 1947) and phocanema sp. have differences in their prevalences and abundances in relation to sex of the hosts. the mean diversity in the infracommunities of p. saltator was h'=1.243±0.521, with correlation with the host's total length and without difference between male and female fish. the components of the parasite community of p. saltator showed overall positive association. all pairs confonned by ectoparasites and adult endoparasites species showed signiticant positive association or covariation between their abundances. five pairs of endoparasites larval species showed positive association or covariation, and two pairs, showed negative association and covariation. the parasite community of p. saltator was dominated by species with high prevalence values, that composed a high number of associations, thus, is considered closer to the interactive type.
Lumber Yield in a Portuguese Wooden Kitchen Furniture Industry
José Vicente Ferreira,Carlos Ferrolho,Idalina Domingos
International Business Research , 2011, DOI: 10.5539/ibr.v4n4p24
Abstract: Wood industries are unquestionably important in the context of the Portuguese economy (14% of industrial GDP), job creation (260,000) and the settlement of people in poorer regions. The wood kitchen furniture industry is an important component of this sector. Evaluating the wood kitchen furniture industry’s level of efficiency is important to assist furniture companies in undergoing a rapid process of restructuring and modernization in response to competitive pressure, particularly international competition. The objective of this research was to evaluate the lumber yield of a small scale Portuguese wood kitchen furniture industry in the central region of Portugal using an I/O (input/output) approach. The results showed a lumber yield of 46% suggesting this company still operates below the average national sector yield (60.5%) and confirming the potential to increase the firm’s output (door frames) from existing inputs.
Flexibility among adolescents - a contribution to global evaluation
Domingos Silva,José Santos,Bruno Oliveira
Revista Brasileira de Cineantropometria e Desempenho Humano , 2006,
Abstract: The present study intended to assess flexibility of adolescents of both sexes, involving several body regions and articular groups; to compare males with females, to establish, by factor analyses, inter-tests correlations, in order to obtain explanations of the result in original variables and, to verify which principal components, by reduction of the number of correlated variables, are susceptible to better explain variability. The sample is constituted by 52 subjects (28 females and 24 males), aged between 15 and 18 years. Flexibility assessment battery was formed by eight tests: sit and reach (SA), v-sit and reach (V-SA), stand and reach (FTFP), trunk lift (ET), arm-trunk lift (ETB), side bending (FLT-D e FLTE), shoulder stretch (AMAC-D e AMAC-E) and, bend and reach (AAA). The main results showed, in general, a balance in both sexes as far as the ability to perform wide movements is concerned. There is a strong association: 1) among similar technical characteristic tests, which seems there is no need for cumulative use among these tests, and 2) among those tests that have direct effects on laterality, AMAC-D/AMAC-E (except males) and FLT-D/FLT-E. The AAA test did not correlate with any of the performed tests, particularly in males. Factor analyses of principal components (CP) showed the existence of three components in the female group, with eigenvalues higher than 1, explaining 83,2% of total variance, while in the male group four components were necessary to explain 88,8% of total variability. The tests that were more stronglycorrelated with each one of principal components were: 1) for males: SA, FTFP, V-SA (CP1), FLT-D, FLT-E (CP2), AMAC-D, AAA (CP3), and ETB, ET (CP4); 2) for females: AAA, FLT-E, AMAC-D, AMAC-E, FTFP (CP1), V-SA, SA, FTFP (CP2), and ETB, ET (CP3). RESUMO O presente estudo pretendeu avaliar a flexibilidade de adolescentes de ambos os sexos, envolvendo diversos grupos articulares e regi es corporais, comparar meninos com meninas, estabelecer, por intermédio da análise factorial, correla es inter-provas de flexibilidade, de modo a obter explica es do resultado nas variáveis originais, e verificar quais as componentes principais que, pela redu o do número de variáveis correlacionadas, s o susceptíveis de explicar uma maior variabilidade total. A amostra é constituída por 52 sujeitos, dos quais 28 s o do sexo feminino e 24 do sexo masculino, com idades compreendidas entre os 15 e os 18 anos. A bateria utilizada para avalia o da flexibilidade é formada por oito testes: sentar e alcan ar (SA), sentar e alcan ar em V (V-SA), flex o d
Avalia??o da folha e do colmo de topo e base de perfilhos de três gramíneas forrageiras: 1. Digestibilidade in vitro e composi??o química
Queiroz, Domingos Sávio;Gomide, José Alberto;Maria, José;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982000000100008
Abstract: abstract - the degree of a simple linear correlation among the in vitro dry matter disappearance (ivdmd) and chemical composition of the leaf blades and sheath, and stems, sampled from the top and bottom tillers of dwarf elefantgrass (pennisetum purpureum, schumach cv. mott, setariagrass (setaria anceps, stapf ex massey cv. kazungula) and jaraguagrass (hyparrhenia rufa, nees stapf), was evaluated. a gradient pattern was observed for ivdmd, crude protein (cp) and cell wall (ndf) along the tiller profiles and difference among the tiller fractions. the leaves inserted on the top of tiller showed higher cp content and digestibility, despite of the higher ndf content than those leaves inserted on the bottom level of the tiller. the leaf blades showed a relative high ivdmd, cp and ndf than leaf sheath. no correlation was observed among the chemical components and ivdmd of the top leaf blades of the tiller. only the lignin content showed a significant correlation (r = -0.53) with the ivdmd, when the top and bottom leaf blades were grouped. the neutral detergent fiber, acid detergent fiber, crude protein and lignin showed correlation with the ivdmd of bottom leaf blades, leaf sheath and stem.
Avalia??o da folha e do colmo de topo e base de perfilhos de três gramíneas forrageiras: 2. Anatomia
Queiroz, Domingos Sávio;Gomide, José Alberto;Maria, José;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2000, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982000000100009
Abstract: abstract - the tissue proportions, the degree of simple linear correlation of this characteristics with the in vitro dry matter disappearance (ivdmd) and their chemical composition were determined in transversal sections of the botanical fractions, leaf blades and sheath and stem sampled from the top and bottom tillers of dwarf elefantgrass (pennisetum purpureum, schumach cv. mott, setariagrass (setaria anceps, stapf ex massey cv. kazungula)) and jaraguagrass (hyparrhenia rufa, nees stapf). the jaraguagrass, with high percentage of parenchyma bundle sheath (pbs) in its leaf blade and lignified vascular tissue (lvt) and sclerenchyma (scl) in the leave blades and sheath, presented a less compatible proportion of tissues with a high nutritive forage value, as compared with dwarf elefantgrass and setariagrass. the leaf blades characterized by showing higher epidermis proportion, lower proportion of sch, lvt and parenchymal cells (pca) in relation to leaf sheath and stem. the proportion of sch negatively correlated with ivdmd of the leaf blade from the top of the tiller, stem, and the total tiller fractions. the proportion of pca positively correlated with ivdmd of the leaf sheath, r = 0,68, while the proportion of lvt presented a positive correlation with ivdmd, when all tiller fractions were considered, r = 0.31. the proportions pbs, lvt and sch positively correlated with the neutral detergent fiber and acid detergent fiber content of the forages, while the proportions of mesophyll and epidermis showed a negative correlation.
Avalia o da folha e do colmo de topo e base de perfilhos de três gramíneas forrageiras: 2. Anatomia
Queiroz Domingos Sávio,Gomide José Alberto,Maria José
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2000,
Abstract: RESUMO - A propor o de tecidos, o grau de correla o linear desta característica com a digestibilidade in vitro da matéria seca (DIVMS) e sua composi o química foram determinadas em se es transversais das fra es botanicas, lamina e bainha foliares e colmo, amostrados no topo e na base de perfilhos de capim-elefante (Pennisetum purpureum, cv. Mott), capim-setária (Setaria anceps, cv. kazungula) e capim-jaraguá (Hyparrhenia rufa). O capim-jaraguá, com maior propor o de bainha parenquimática dos feixes (BPF) na lamina foliar e de tecido vascular lignificado (TVL) e esclerênquima (ESC) na lamina e bainha foliares, apresentou propor o de tecidos menos compatível à de uma forrageira de alto valor nutritivo, em compara o ao capim-elefante e capim-setária. As laminas foliares caracterizaram-se por apresentar alta propor o de epiderme e baixa propor o de ESC, TVL e células parenquimáticas (CPA) em rela o à bainha foliar e ao colmo. A propor o de ESC mostrou correla o negativa com a DIVMS da lamina foliar de topo, do colmo e do total das fra es do perfilho. A propor o de CPA correlacionou positivamente com a DIVMS da bainha foliar, r = 0,68, enquanto a propor o de TVL apresentou correla o positiva com a DIVMS, quando todas as fra es do perfilho foram consideradas, r = 0,31. As propor es de BPF, TVL e ESC correlacionaram positivamente com os teores de fibra em detergente neutro e fibra em detergente ácido das forrageiras, enquanto as propor es de mesofilo e epiderme apresentaram correla o negativa.
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