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Polish mother and child cohort study — defining the problem, the aim of the study and methodological assumptions
Kinga Polańska, Wojciech Hanke, , Jolanta Gromadzińska, Danuta Ligocka, Ewa Gulczyńska, Wojciech Sobala, Wojciech W sowicz
International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health , 2009, DOI: 10.2478/v10001-009-0037-0
Abstract: Objectives: Exposures during prenatal period have implications for pregnancy outcome as well as for children's health, morbidity and mortality. Prospective cohort study design allows for the identification of exposures that may influence pregnancy outcome and children's health, verification of such exposures by biomarker measurements and notification of any changes in exposure level. Materials and methods: Polish Mother and Child Cohort Study (REPRO_PL) is multicenter prospective cohort study conducted in 8 different regions of Poland. The final cohort is intended to comprise 1300 mother-child pairs to be recruited within 4-year period (2007-2011). The recruitment and all scheduled visits are conducted in maternity units or clinics in the districts included in the study. The women are followed-up 3 times in pregnancy (once in each trimester) and after delivery for the notification of pregnancy outcome. During each visit, detailed questionnaire and biological samples are collected including saliva, urine, hair, maternal blood and cord blood. About 6 weeks postpartum, breast milk from part of the women is collected. The study concentrates on the identification and evaluation of the effects of prenatal environmental exposure on pregnancy outcome and children's health. Specific research hypotheses refer to the role of heavy metals, exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) in the aetiology of small-for-gestational-age (SGA) and preterm delivery (PD). The role of oxidative stress putative mechanism and pregnant women nutritional status will be investigated. Based on questionnaire data, the impact of occupational exposures and stressful situations will be evaluated. Results: The results of the study will become available within the next few years and will help to determine levels of child prenatal exposure in several areas of Poland and its impact on course and outcome of pregnancy.
Cognitive and behavioral predictors in the process of smoking cessation during pregnancy: Testing for discontinuity patterns in the Transtheoretical Model
Jolanta ycińska
Polish Psychological Bulletin , 2009, DOI: 10.2478/s10059-009-0005-3
Abstract: The aim of the study was to assess predictive power of cognitive variables and health-promoting behaviors for the process of smoking cessation described in terms of the Transtheoretical Model (TTM). Participants in the study were 150 women (mean age 26.93, SD = 4.56 years), in uncomplicated pregnancy. Cigarette smokers constituted 29.3% of the sample, while the rest had previously quitted smoking (in that number 42.1% during pregnancy). Beliefs and expectations were measured by means of scales developed by the author, while health-related behaviors were assessed using the Health Behavior Inventory (HBI) by Z. Juczyński, supplemented with pregnancy-specific behaviors. TTM discontinuity patterns were tested in the study using polynomial-based orthogonal contrasts. Statistically significant linear trends were found for expectations concerning the infant's health state and the course of delivery, for beliefs about the effect of maternal smoking on infant health, as well as for pregnancy health behaviors. The obtained results were confirmed by hierarchical regression analysis, with smoking cessation explained to a larger extent by cognitive factors than by health-related behaviors. This may suggest that the TTM is a "pseudo-stage" model, and a general change of the variables under study is of greater importance for the process of smoking cessation than focusing on the TTM stages.
Application of Texture Measures to Study Effect of B Chromosomes on the 3D Architecture of Plant Chromatin  [PDF]
Hanna Sas-Nowosielska, Jolanta Ma?uszyńska, Tytus Bernas
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2012.39155
Abstract: Background: Supernumerary chromosomes (B) comprise optional complement to basic (A) chromosome set. The presence of B-chromosomes may significantly reduce plant vigor and fertility. Potentially active genes constitute only small fraction of DNA of these chromosomes indicating that these effects are mediated by epigenetic mechanisms. One example is down-regulation of rDNA genes and condensation of their respective chromatin regions (demonstrated in squashed preparations using 2D microscopy). It may be postulated that the presence of B chromosomes leads to more extensive changes of local chromatin structure. Verification of hypothesis requires studying 3D spatial architecture of intact nuclei in tissue. Results: An image processing algorithm was developed and applied for isolation (from the confocal datasets) of regions corresponding to single nuclei. The nuclei were segmented using iterative global thresholding followed by growing and merging of regions belonging to different nuclei. The result of segmentation was verified by a human observer. Chromatin architecture was characterized quantitatively using global fluorescence intensity distribution measures (mean, variance) and local intensity distribution parameters (haraclick features, wavelet energy, run- length features). The sets of parameters corresponding to populations of nuclei with different number of B-chromo- somes were subjected to discriminate analysis. The distinct parameters were then correlated with depth in tissue at which a given nucleus was positioned. Conclusions: Combination of light microscopy with dedicated image processing and analysis framework made it possible to study chromatin architecture in nuclei containing various number of B chromosomes. These data indicate that alterations of 3D chromatin distribution occur globally in the interphase nuclei in the presence of Bs. The changes occur at the spatial scale comparable with the resolution limit of light microscopy and at larger distances.
Homocysteine and asymmetric dimethylarginine concentrations in the plasma of Alzheimer’s disease patients with varying degrees of dementia  [PDF]
Jolanta Dorszewska, Jolanta Florczak-Wyspiańska, Anna Oczkowska, Mateusz Dezor, Micha? Prendecki, Wojciech Kozubski
Advances in Alzheimer's Disease (AAD) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/aad.2013.21001

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is accompanied by elevated levels of homocysteine (Hcy). Homocysteine may induce elevated concentration of asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA). Both Hcy and ADMA are the amino acids thought to represent risk factors of vascular diseases. Studies were conducted on the plasma levels of Hcy and methionine (Met), estimated by HPLC with electrochemical detection, as well as on levels of ADMA and arginine (Arg), estimated by HPLC with fluorescent detection, in the AD patients with benign through to severe dementia estimated by MMSE scale and in a control group. The studies disclosed elevated levels of Hcy and ADMA in AD (Hcy, p < 0.001) as compared to controls, as well as in subjects older than 60 years of age (Hcy, p < 0.01). The AD patients with severe dementia have shown elevated levels of Hcy (p < 0.05) as compared to the patients with moderate dementia. The concentration of Metand Arg showed a downward trend in AD patientswith severe dementia. The highest levels of ADMA have been demonstrated in AD patients in the early stages of the disease. In parallel, in AD with varying degrees of dementia and subjects older than 60 years of age a disturbed turnover was observed of Hcy to Met and of Arg to ADMA. Similarly to Hcy, ADMA seems to be a potential risk factor of AD and important factor for progress of dementia.

Museums in former residences: castles, palaces and manor houses
Beata Krakowiak , Jolanta Latosińska
Tourism , 2009, DOI: 10.2478/V10106-009-0005-x
Abstract: The article concerns former residences in Poland and their contemporary use as museums. The authors present the history of Polish residences, the development of museums in castles, palaces and manor houses, their spatial distribution and the relations between the type of building and that of the museum collection.
Resources, coping with stress, positive emotions and health. Introduction
Jolanta ycińska, Irena Heszen
Polish Psychological Bulletin , 2009, DOI: 10.2478/s10059-009-0001-7
Alien species of fish parasites in the coastal lakes and lagoons of the southern Baltic
Jolanta Morozińska-Gogol
Oceanologia , 2009,
Abstract: Alien species are now found all over the world. New fish parasites have been unintentionally introduced with infected alien fish imported for aquaculture or have sometimes spread with their intermediate invertebrate hosts transported in the ballast waters of ships. Four alien fish parasites have been recorded in Polish coastal lakes and lagoons, all parasitising eels. Three were introduced with the final host - the Japanese eel - introduced for aquaculture (Anguillicola crassus, Pseudodactylogyrus anguillae and Pseudodactylogyrus bini) and one (Paratenuisentis ambiguus) with its sole intermediate host (Gammarus tigrinus).
The first record of Paratenuisentis ambiguus (Acanthocephala, Tenuisentidae) in Poland
Jolanta Morozińska-Gogol
Oceanologia , 2008,
Abstract: Paratenuisentis ambiguus, an acanthocephalan originating from North America,is an alien species parasitising the European eel Anguilla anguilla. It was first recorded in Lake Lebsko,on the central coast of Poland. The report gives morphometric measurements of male and female P. ambiguus from this locality. Because of the spread of the intermediate host Gammarus tigrinus andthe appearance of new adults in eels along the southern Baltic Coast, P. ambiguus is evidently able to complete its life cycle in Baltic coastal waters.
Detection of Nitrate(NO-2) Ions Produced in Disproportionation of Nitrogen(II) Oxide in Aqueous Solution
Aleksander Kufelnicki , Jolanta Jaciubek-Rosińska
Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S , 2012, DOI: 10.2478/v10216-011-0004-0
Abstract: The nitrate ions (NO-2), products of disproportionation of NO in aqueous solution, were detected by an Orion Nitrite Electrode 97-46. Calibrations by means of standard NaNO2 solutions within the range 0.001÷100 ppm indicated linear dependence of EMF on ppm within 1÷100 ppm. Measurements justified the usefulness of this detection method of NO in solutions of OH- concentration lower than 10-2 mol dm-3 since at higher concentrations the EMF values exceeded the measurement range of the electrode. Occurrence of nitrate ions produced in the disproportionation reaction was additionally confirmed in dependence of OH- concentration by near UV and fluorescence spectra. The calibrated ion-selective nitrate electrode has also been shown, on the basis of Co(II)-dipeptide-OH- systems, as a useful tool in studying reversible NO uptake by Co(II) chelates in aqueous solution. Such a reaction may be regarded as simulating the harmful binding of NO by hemoglobin, where it substitutes the isoelectronic dioxygen.
Dysplazja w óknista ko ci u 12-letniej dziewczynki
Jolanta Bieniasz,Anna Maj,Anna Noczyńska
Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism , 2006,
Abstract: Dysplazja w óknista ko ci jest rzadko wyst puj c , wrodzon chorob ko ci, zwykle ujawniaj c si przed 3 dekad ycia. Stanowi 2,5% wszystkich guzów ko ci i oko o 7,5% agodnych nowotworów ko ci. Prezentujemy przypadek 12-letniej dziewczynki z t chorob , przyj tej do kliniki z podejrzeniem nadczynno ci przytarczyc. Zmiany chorobowe dotyczy y ko ci oczodo u i zatok. Rozpoznanie postawiono na podstawie obrazu klinicznego, badań obrazowych i badania histopatologicznego. Zastosowano leczenie pamidronianem.
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