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Características morfométricas, rendimentos de carca?a, filé, vísceras e resíduos em tilápias-do-nilo em diferentes faixas de peso
Silva, Fredson Vieira e;Sarmento, Nilda Loiola de Almeida Franco e;Vieira, Jodnes Sobreira;Tessitore, Ant?nio Jessey de Abreu;Oliveira, Laura Lúcia dos Santos;Saraiva, Edilson Paes;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2009, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982009000800003
Abstract: the objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of weight categories on the relation of the measures of standard length; length of the head; height of the body measured at the front of the 1° ray of pectoral, dorsal, anal and tail fins; width of the body measured at the front of the insertion of 1o ray of pectoral, dorsal and anal fins; perimeter measured at the front of the insertion of the 1° ray of pectoral, dorsal and anal fins and minor circumference of the peduncle and yield of carcass, filet, head, fin, skin, viscera and residues of the nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus). eighty tilapia were used, in a completely randomized design, with four treatments (weight categories 250 the 300 g; 350 the 400 g; 450 the 500 g and 550 the 600 g) and 20 replications. each fish was considered an experimental unit. the nile tilapia presented minors variations in the morphometric characteristics in the weight category 450 to 600 g, when compared with the category 250 to 400 g. the weight category 250 the 300 g, 350 the 400 g, 450 the 500 g and 550 the 600 g provided the same yield of carcass, filet and percentages of head, fin, skin and residues. the percentage of viscera in the 550 the 600 g category (10.98%) was significantly lower when compared to 250 the 300 g (12.77%), 350 the 400 g (13.26%) and 450 the 500 g (12.69%). the weight of filet in the 350 the 400 g category (260.50 g) was higher than the 250 the 300 g category (239.95 g). there was no difference in the weight of fillet between the 450 the 500 g category (284.20 g) and 550 the 600 g (292.80 g). the category 450 the 500 g and 550 the 600 g presented higher values of weight of fillet when compared to 250 the 300 g and 350 the 400 g. according to the weight of fillet found, the ideal weight of slaughter of the tilapia is between 450 and 500 g in a range of 250-600 g.
Efeito do processamento do milho sobre o desempenho e composi??o de carca?a de piaba (Leporinus friderici) criada em tanques-rede
Vieira, Jodnes Sobreira;Logato, Priscila Vieira Rosa;Ribeiro, Paula Adriane Perez;Freitas, Rilke Tadeu Fonseca de;Fialho, Elias Tadeu;
Ciência e Agrotecnologia , 2005, DOI: 10.1590/S1413-70542005000200025
Abstract: the experiment with the objective of verify the effects of the processing (extrusion, rolling and pelleting of corn) on the performance and composition of the piaba (leporinus frederici) carcass, was conducted in the usina hidreletrica da companhia energética de minas gerais - cemig (minas gerais hydroelectric station), in the itutinga- mg , with the lenght of 45 days. the experiment was undertaken in 24 cages of 1m3, 480 fingerlings were utilized, they were distributed into blocks. the four experimental rations were formulated based in corn meal, extruded corn, rolled corn and pelleted corn. the data obtained were submitted to the analysis of variance and the comparison of means of the treatments by the scott & knott test. the results showed any statistical difference in the performance parameters. however, the use of extruded corn and corn meal increased protein content (p<0.05) and decreased fat content (p<0.05) of the carcass traits, these results showed, improved protein utilization for structural purposes. in conclusion the corn processing did not improve the performance of the fish and that corn meal and extruded corn increased protein content and reduced fat content in the carcass.
Perfil lipídico e composi o química de tilápias nilóticas em diferentes condi es de cultivo Lipid profile and chemical composition of Nile tilapia under different raising conditions
Paula Adriane Perez Ribeiro,Priscila Vieira e Rosa,Jodnes Sobreira Vieira,Ant?nio Carlos Silveira Gon?alves
Revista Brasileira de Saúde e Produ??o Animal , 2011,
Abstract: Objetivou-se com este trabalho avaliar o perfil lipídico e a composi o química dos filés de tilápia nilótica (Oreochromis niloticus) mantida em três condi es de cultivo, por um período de 120 dias. Foram utilizados 2075 machos sexados de tilápia, distribuídos em dois tanques de terra e um tanque de alvenaria. Os tratamentos aplicados foram: dieta base em tanque de alvenaria; dieta base em tanque de terra e alimenta o natural por meio de fertiliza o química e organica em tanque de terra. O delineamento experimental foi inteiramente casualizado, com três tratamentos e dez repeti es. Os parametros avaliados foram: identifica o do plancton, perfil de ácidos graxos e teores de umidade, proteína bruta, extrato etéreo e cinzas dos filés. Os dados obtidos foram submetidos à análise de variancia e as médias dos tratamentos foram comparadas pelo teste de Tukey (5% de significancia). Foram encontrados cinco gêneros distintos de zooplancton e quatro gêneros de fitoplancton predominantes. Os resultados demonstraram n o haver diferen a estatística para o teor de umidade e cinzas dos filés. Porém, os animais mantidos no sistema fertilizado apresentaram filés com maior teor de proteína bruta e menor teor lipídico, além de uma melhor rela o mega-3/ mega-6, com maiores quantidades de DHA (ácido graxo docosahexaenóico). This study aimed to evaluate the lipid profile and the chemical composition of the fillets of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) maintained under three raising conditions, for a period of 120 days. A total of 2075 sexed males of tilapia were utilized, allotted into two ponds and one alvenaria pond. The applied treatments were: feeding with a basal diet in the alvenaria pond; feeding with the basal diet in the earthen pond and natural feeding through chemical and organic fertilization. The experimental design was in a completely randomized design, with three treatments and ten replicates. The evaluated parameters were: identification of plankton, profile of fatty acids and contents of moisture, crude protein, etereo extract and ashes of the fillets. The data were subjected to analysis of variance and the means of the treatments were evaluated by Tukey′s test (5% of significance). A total of five predominant distinct genera of zooplankton and four genera of phytoplankton were found. The results shown any statistical differences for the moisture and ashes contents of the fillets over all treatments tested. Therefore only the animals raised under the fertilization system shown increased crude protein content and decreased lipid content. The fatty aci
Capacidade de suporte de pastagens de capim-tifton 85 adubado com nitrogênio manejadas em lota??o contínua com ovinos
Fagundes, Jailson Lara;Moreira, Andréia Luciane;Freitas, Acyr Wanderley de Paula;Zonta, Augusto;Henrichs, Reges;Rocha, Fernanda Cipriano;Backes, Alfredo Acosta;Vieira, Jodnes Sobreira;
Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia , 2011, DOI: 10.1590/S1516-35982011001200006
Abstract: this trial was conducted to evaluate the tiller population density, biomass and forage bulk density, sheep performance and stocking rate on pastures of tifton 85 fertilized with nitrogen and subjected to continuous stocking system. four doses of nitrogen (0, 100, 200 and 400 kg/ha/year), arranged in randomized blocks design with four replications were evaluated. the pastures of tifton 85 were influenced by time of evaluation and nitrogen levels with a marked effect on tillers population density, biomass and forage bulk density, which ended up being crucial to animal performance and stocking rate. when managed in continuous grazing, tifton 85 provides satisfactory performance of sheep due to the positive effect of nitrogen fertilization on tiller population density, biomass and forage bulk density, allowing better stocking rate.
Sensorimotor connectivity in Parkinson’s disease: the role of functional neuroimaging
Alessandro Tessitore
Frontiers in Neurology , 2014, DOI: 10.3389/fneur.2014.00180
Abstract: The diagnosis of PD remains still clinical; nevertheless, in the last decades, the rapid evolution of advanced MRI techniques have made it possible to detect structural and, increasingly, functional brain changes in patients with PD. Indeed, functional MRI (fMRI) techniques have offered the opportunity to directly measure the brain’s activity and connectivity in patients with PD both in early and complicated stage of the disease. The aims of the following review are: 1) to present an overview of recent fMRI reports investigating the activity and connectivity of sensorimotor areas in patients with PD using both task-related and “resting state” fMRI analysis 2) to elucidate potential pathophysiological mechanisms underlying dyskinetic motor complications in the advanced stage of PD.
Education Not for Money: An Economic Analysis on Education, Civic Engagement and Life Satisfaction  [PDF]
Leonardo Becchetti, Nazaria Solferino, M. Elisabetta Tessitore
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2016.61006
Abstract: Many recent theoretical and empirical findings both in Economics and in Psychology show that, in addition to the effects on policy outcomes, political participation may affect individual utility and increase happiness and well-being. In this paper we devise a theoretical model where the individual utility grows through the civic engagement, which may be enjoyed only with a sufficient level of investment in civic capital accumulated through education. We show that investing in education may have important consequences for subjective well-being by enhancing civic capacities which are relevant to improve individual’s civic engagement and social outcomes, even without any monetary effects. More specifically, we identify a form of non pecuniary benefits of education represented by the possibility of taking an active and successful part in social and civic life which significantly contribute to life satisfaction.
A Dynamic Model of Gambling Addiction with Social Costs: Theory and Policy Solutions  [PDF]
Nazaria Solferino, Leonardo Becchetti, Maria Elisabetta Tessitore
Modern Economy (ME) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/me.2018.912127
Abstract: We investigate the effects of gambling addiction in a dynamic model in which wellbeing crucially depends on the accumulation of relational goods which is weakened by the consumption of gambling. We outline conditions under which gambling may become addictive leading to a suboptimal equilibrium from a social point of view. We examine the relative effectiveness of different policy solutions (tax on gambling, gambling restrictions) in bridging the distance between the equilibrium without intervention and social optimum.
Well Posedness of Operator Valued Backward Stochastic Riccati Equations in Infinite Dimensional Spaces
Giuseppina Guatteri,Gianmario Tessitore
Mathematics , 2014,
Abstract: We prove existence and uniqueness of the mild solution of an infinite dimensional, operator valued, backward stochastic Riccati equation. We exploit the regularizing properties of the semigroup generated by the unbounded operator involved in the equation. Then the results will be applied to characterize the value function and optimal feedback law for a infinite dimensional, linear quadratic control problem with stochastic coefficients.
Manipulating Persuasion in Debates: Fact Checking’s Usefulness  [PDF]
Nazaria Solferino, Serena Fiona Taurino, Maria Elisabetta Tessitore
Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/tel.2015.54052
Abstract: Persuasion can be considered as a situation where subjects having an opinion or an argument are willing to change it in favor of others’ proposal only if the new message has personal relevance and significant consequences on their lives. In this paper, we argue that improvements in the information set and the knowledge of the fundamental rules of a “well-formed formula” are necessary to minimize errors when people make their choices. Arguments can be manipulated either in terms of the truth of premises or in terms of the logical connectives among propositions. The emerging mechanism of the so-called fact-checking, used to verify candidates’ statements during the electoral campaign, may be a very useful instrument to realize these improvements in political debates.
A disciplinariza??o do ensino de Música e as contingências do meio escolar
Sobreira, Silvia;
Per Musi , 2012, DOI: 10.1590/S1517-75992012000200012
Abstract: since the proclamation of law 11.769/2008 in brazil, music education has been seeking full acceptance as an academic focus in that country. this article considers some of the characteristics inherent in this process. it has been alleged that theories in the field of curricular development may contribute to the serious study of this subject. the article concludes that the search for appropriate procedures and methodologies may be unproductive if it does not take into consideration several influences that the study of music undergoes to become an educational discipline.
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