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Drenagem endoscópica transmural de pseudocisto pancreático: resultados a longo prazo
Abreu, Rone Ant?nio Alves de;Carvalho Jr., Joaquim Alves;Vaz, Filinto Anibal Alagia;Ota, Luiz Hirotoshi;Speranzini, Manlio Basílio;
Arquivos de Gastroenterologia , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0004-28032007000100007
Abstract: background: pancreatic pseudocysts are relatively common complications of pancreatitis in adults. objective: to evaluate the long-term results from transmural endoscopic drainage and thus to establish its role in managing pancreatic pseudocyst. methods: fourteen patients with pancreatic pseudocyst were studied. their main complaint was pain in the upper levels of the abdomen. they presented palpable abdominal mass and underwent cystogastrostomy (n = 12) and cystoduodenostomy (n = 2), with clinical follow-up using abdominal computed tomography for up to 51 months. retrograde endoscopic cholangiopancreatography was attempted in all cases to study the pancreatic duct and classify the cysts. results: there were 10 cases (71.5%) of chronic pancreatitis that had become acute through alcohol abuse and 4 (28.5%) that had become acute through biliary disorders. both types of endoscopic drainage (cystogastrostomy and cystoduodenostomy) were effective. there was no change in the therapeutic management proposed. migration of the orthesis into the pseudocyst at the time of insertion (two cases) was the principal complication, and these could be removed during the same operation, by means of a dormia basket, with the aid of fluoroscopy. there has so far not been any mortality or relapse. the mean hospital stay was 3 days. conclusion: transmural endoscopic drainage was an efficacious form of therapy, presenting a low complication rate and no mortality, and only requiring a short stay in hospital.
Relation between Gamma Decomposition and Powder Formation of γ-U8Mo Nuclear Fuel Alloys via Hydrogen Embrittlement and Thermal Shock  [PDF]
Fábio Branco Vaz de Oliveira, Delvonei Alves de Andrade
World Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology (WJNST) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/wjnst.2014.44023
Abstract: Gamma uranium-molybdenum alloys have been considered as the fuel phase in plate type fuel elements for material and test reactors (MTR), due to their acceptable performance under irradiation. Regarding their usage as a dispersion phase in aluminum matrix, it is necessary to convert the as cast structure into powder, and one of the techniques considered for this purpose is the hydration-dehydration (HDH). This paper shows that, under specific conditions of heating and cooling, γ-UMo fragmentation occurs in a non-reactive predominant mechanism, as shown by the curves of hydrogen absorption/desorption as a function of time and temperature. Our focus was on the experimental results presented by the addition of 8% weight molybdenum. Following the production by induction melting, samples of the alloys were thermally treated under a constant flow of hydrogen for temperatures varying from 500°C to 600°C and for times of 0.5 to 4 h. It was observed that, even without a massive hydration-dehydration process, the alloys fragmented under specific conditions of thermal treatment during the thermal shock phase of the experiments. Also, it was observed that there was a relation between absorption and the rate of gamma decomposition or the gamma phase stability of the alloy.
Anatomia foliar comparativa das cultivares de Nicotiana tabacum L. (Solanaceae) sensível e tolerante ao oz?nio
Pedroso, Andrea Nunes Vaz;Alves, Edenise Segala;
Acta Botanica Brasilica , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-33062008000100003
Abstract: tropospheric ozone produces symptoms such as leaf injury in nicotiana tabacum. tobacco cultivars are often used as ozone indicators in air-quality biomonitoring programs. bel-w3 (sensitive) and bel-b (tolerant) cultivars are better known. the aim of this study was to verify if the two cultivars show variation in leaf structure that may help to explain differences in ozone sensitivity. expanded leaves from plants growing in pollutant-free air were collected, processed according to the usual techniques of plant anatomy, and analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively. the sensitive cultivar showed lower stomatal density on the abaxial leaf surface and thicker mesophyll cells when compared to the tolerant cultivar. qualitatively speaking, both cultivars had healthy cells with unaltered vacuoles. in the sensitive cultivar, we could see more intercellular spaces, larger substomatal chambers and slightly prominent stomata on both leaf surfaces. from a structural view point, these features explain why cultivar bel-w3 is more sensitive.
Lixo fermentado pelo processo Verdier-Grué, na aduba??o de alface
Alves, Sebasti?o;Arruda, Hermano Vaz de;
Bragantia , 1960, DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051960000100005
Abstract: two levels (8 and 12 kg per sq.m.) of processed garbage were compared with one level (8 kg per sq.m.) of stable manure in presence and in absence of chemical fertilizers. in absence af chemical fertilizers there was no significant difference in yield between lettuce plots receiving 8 kg of manure and 12 kg af processed garbage per square meter; both treatments were significantly better than processed garbage at the rate of 8 kg per square meter. when chemical fertilizers were added, this difference was smaller, but still significant. the results or the experiment indicate that garbage processed by the verdier-grué method can replace stable manure in the fertilization of lettuce when used in amounts 1.5 times larger.
Morphofunctional Lab as a Learning Scenario of Apprenticeship in Universidade Do Planalto Catarinense (UNIPLAC) Medical Course  [PDF]
Rafael Sittoni Vaz, Patricia Alves de Souza, Fernando Arruda Ramos, Adriane Marcia Andrade
Creative Education (CE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2014.55042

In Brazil, the National Curricular Guidelines (DCN) have determined that the medical professsional must act in the primary and secondary levels of attention and solve the prevalent health issues with quality. UNIPLAC’s medical course was created in 2004, enrolling 40 students per year, with an innovative methodological proposal of active teaching: the Problem-Based Learning (ABP). Furthermore, UNIPLAC’s medical course offers support scenarios of extreme importance to the students, such as Laboratory of Professional Practice (LPP) and Morphofunctional Laboratory (LMF). LPP promotes the learning of semiology skills, medical procedures, clinical laboratory and communication. The objective is to identify the student’s attendance in LMF. A quantitative and descriptive research was conducted through reading the LMF’s logbook between January 2004 and December 2012. The focus of the research was tutors and teachers who were in the coordination of the medical course. LMF is a privileged space for the development of the pedagogical approach based on problematization and integration of a several learning areas.

The Future Role of the Nuclear Energy in Brazil in a Transition Energy Scenario  [PDF]
Fábio Branco Vaz de Oliveira, Kengo Imakuma, Delvonei Alves de Andrade
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2014.613043
Abstract: This paper discusses and presents figures about the future power consumption in the world and, especially in Brazil, based on the current world and Brazilian’s energy scenarios. Emphasis is given to the scenarios of nuclear power and uranium resources demand. A discussion on the future roles of thorium and uranium fuels in the replacement of the traditional resources like oil and gas is also presented, as it is the role of the new nuclear power plants, planned to be built in a short term time horizon. This paper considers two different indexes for future projections, and the results obtained indicated a strong dependence on them. The time horizon for the analysis was fixed on the time estimated for Brazil to reach its maximum in population, and parameters evaluated were taken from the Brazilian’s governmental and world data on the population growth, energy consumption and energy consumption per capita. Calculations show that the power consumption projections for Brazil, for the adopted time horizon and working with global indexes, become overestimated, when compared with the results considering the national indexes. According to our approach, power consumption estimates using global indexes becomes approximately 4.5 times higher than the estimates presented by the Brazilian indexes. This was the motivation to the discussion between the Brazilian and world energy demand scenarios, and also the roles of nuclear energy in the future transition from the current conventional to alternative sources.
Age-Friendly Cities Performance Assessment Indicators System Validation  [PDF]
Francisco Alves Pinheiro, Miguel Tato Diogo, Joaquim Eduardo Sousa Góis, Constan?a Paúl
Psychology (PSYCH) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/psych.2015.65060
Abstract: This study aimed to validate a set of indicators that can contribute to producing a diagnostic about the living conditions of the elderly population in the cities, serving as a powerful tool for decision making. The methodology adopted was the adaptation of the “Diagnostic content validation model”, Fehring, published in 1987. The system of indicators was based on the concept of active ageing and its determinants. Of the 38 indicators analyzed by the experts as to their appropriateness and relevance for the diagnosis and monitoring of the performance of cities to be friends of the elderly, 17 were considered critical, 19 supplementary and 2 were considered inadequate and irrelevant, being excluded from the system. Then the reliability of the questionnaire through Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was calculated. The indicators proved to be useful in classifying age-friendly cities worldwide.
Scientific literature on welding apprentices and preventive medicine: An integrative literature review  [PDF]
Clarice Alves Bonow, Marlise Capa Verde de Almeida, Laurelize Pereira Rocha, Joana Cezar Vaz, Valdecir Zavarese da Costa, Marta Regina Cezar-Vaz
Open Journal of Preventive Medicine (OJPM) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojpm.2013.39073

Welding apprentices invest in their professional and technological education. The welding work, and before that, the welding apprenticeship, exposes the apprentices to several risk factors, such as a physical, chemical and physiological. Exposure to these factors can trigger various health disorders and accidents. Among some of the health disorders that may be triggered by welding activity are skin, lung and stomach cancer, coronary heart disease, noise-induced hearing loss and work-related musculoskeletal disorders. This paper is an integrative review of how studies are developing with welding apprentices. Of 638 articles, ten met the search criteria. The publications cover genetic, respiratory and neuropsychological health disorders and improved welding techniques. It is considered that the identification of a low number of publications on welding apprentices constitutes a need for knowledge construction in the areas of occupational and public health.

Estudo comparativo da organiza??o das escolas de nata?ao - três casos versus três parametros do processo ensino-aprendizagem
Santos,Ana Cristina; Gon?alves,Joaquim; Pereira,Ruben Gon?alves;
Motricidade , 2008,
Abstract: o objectivo deste estudo foi diagnosticar as diferen?as da organiza??o de quatro escolas de nata??o, ao nível dos seguintes parametros: tempo de aula, número de alunos por turma e idade dos alunos versus nível de ensino, ao longo de sete meses. a amostra a que se refere o estudo foi constituída por trina e uma (31) crian?as, do escal?o etário entre os quatro e os nove anos, sem qualquer tipo de experiência de adapta??o ao meio aquático. para o propósito utilizou-se uma ficha diagnostica da adapta??o ao meio aquático. a análise descritiva dos dados recolhidos através da ficha de observa??o foram calculados através da média (x) e desvio padr?o (sd). o estudo das diferen?as das médias e o seu significado estatístico entre os três grupos que constituíram a amostra foi testado através do teste- t-student, tendo sido utilizado o teste plsd de fisher com um nível de significancia de 95% (p< 0,05). os resultados indicam que os alunos da escola de nata??o de valongo possuem uma melhor adapta??o ao meio aquático do que os alunos das escolas de nata??o de s. j. da madeira e lamas. nos parametros de equilíbrio e propuls?o o nível de execu??es no exercício de deslize na posi??o dorsal foi superior na escola de nata??o de s. j. da madeira relativamente à da escola de nata??o de lamas e que os alunos da escola de nata??o de lamas apresentaram maiores dificuldades na imers?o completa do corpo, em rela??o aos alunos das escolas de s. j. da madeira e valongo. os alunos da escola de nata??o de valongo n?o executaram nenhum salto, o que provocou diferen?as de médias estatisticamente significativas em rela??o às outras duas escolas, sendo a escola de lamas a que apresenta melhores resultados.
Utiliza??o de diferentes concentra??es de ferro por adolescentes grávidas também suplementadas com zinco e ácido fólico
do Nascimento Nogueira,Nadir; do Nascimento Marreiro,Dilina; Vaz Parente,Joaquim; Franciscato Cozzolino,Sílvia M;
Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutrición , 2001,
Abstract: utilization of iron at different concentrations on pregnant teenagers also supplemented with zinc and folate. the pregnant teenager is considered at nutritional risk specially due to the fact that most of them still growing and developing. therefore the demands of pregnancy compete with those of growth causing an extra need for her and the fetus (1). iron, zinc and folate are essential nutrients that are frequently low on the teenagers diet. besides that there is not much specific information available about these nutrient recommendations and their interaction among each other. the data available is limited and demands more investigation. this study was conducted at a public maternity hospital located at teresina, piauí, brazil. the main objective of this study was to investigate the effect of different concentrations of iron supplementation (80 and 120 mg of ferrous sulfate) together with folate (250 m g) and zinc (5 mg) on the hemoglobin concentration and iron stores (plasma ferritin) of pregnant adolescents. the supplementation was done from the 16th to 20th weeks of gestation until delivery. the data founded proved that either 80 mg or 120 mg of iron supplements had similar effect on the improvement of hemoglobin concentration although results showed no statistical significance.
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