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Tintín a Catalunya [Tintin in Catalonia]
Soldevilla Albertí, Joan Manuel
Zeitschrift für Katalanistik , 2012,
Abstract: This article offers a perspective of the different stages which marked the arrival of "The Adventures of Tintin", a series that has been widely popular and highly influential in the Catalan-speaking areas. We will first illustrate the importance of Hergé’s work in the context of the 20th century media and will continue with an account of how this comic reached our nation. The essay analyzes the implementation strategies in the book market, describes how the series consolidated its position, how it eventually managed to become a modern icon in the 1980s and how the new century has witnessed a rebirth of people’s interest in Hergé’s work.
Josep Escobar, el clàssic de la historieta catalana [Josep Escobar, a leading figure in Catalan comics]
Soldevilla Albertí, Joan Manuel
Zeitschrift für Katalanistik , 2012,
Abstract: This article presents and analyzes Josep Escobar’s contribution and his importance as a leading figure in the history of Catalan comics. The text first reviews his biography as well as his participation in the historic events that have marked the 20th century and then continues with a detailed analysis of his contribution to the world of comics, thereby highlighting his most popular creations "Carpanta" and "Zipi y Zape". The essay then analyzes the multifaceted dimension of Josep Escobar and his contribution to other fields such as teaching, drama and animated cartoons.
Algunes consideracions entorn entorn dels verbs copulatius en català
Joan-Manuel Ballesta i Roig
Llengua & Literatura , 1998, DOI: 10.2436/l&l.vi.1263
M. Immaculada Bordas Alsina,Joan Manuel
Temps d'Educació , 1997,
Caracterización y consecuencias de un deslizamiento en un área marginal del Pirineo oriental (Cava, Sierra de Cadí, Enero de 1997)
Molina, David,Nadal, Jordi,Soriano, Joan Manuel
Pirineos : Revista de Ecología de Monta?a , 1997,
Abstract: The rain which took place between November 1996 and January 1997 caused a landslide in the surrounding area of the village of Cava, placed in the basin of the river Segre (Catalan Prepyrenees). The litology and structure of the mobilized materials, and the agrarian works and its further abandonment, as well, have been fundamental features causing the aforementioned erosive process. The study of this phenomena has highlighted the existence of two different parts: a rotational movement in a hillside's sector and a mud flow. The analysis of the space-time cause's of these processes, its inter-relation with similar ones, and its influence on the human activities, constitute an essential feature in order to define planification and prevention strategies. [es] Las precipitaciones acaecidas entre noviembre de 1996 y enero de 1997 dieron lugar a un deslizamiento de tierras en las inmediaciones del pueblo de Cava, situado en la cuenca del río Segre (Prepirineo Catalán). La litología y la estructura de los materiales movilizados, así como las prácticas de conservación agrícola y su posterior abandono, han sido fundamentales en el desencadenamiento de este proceso erosivo. El estudio del fenómeno ha puesto de relieve dos partes diferenciadas: un movimiento rotacional en un sector de la ladera y una colada de barro originada por los materiales acumulados en la cabecera del torrente por el cual discurrió posteriormente. El análisis de las causas espacio-temporales de estos procesos y su interrelación con otros parecidos, así como la incidencia en las actividades humanas, son un factor esencial para definir estrategias de planificación y prevención. [fr] Les pluies ayant eu lieu entre novembre 1996 et janvier 1997 ont provoqué un glissement de terres aux alentours du village de Cava, situé dans le bassin de la rivière Segre (Prepyrenées de Catalogne). La lithologie et la structure des matériaux mobilisés, ainsi que les méthodes de conservation agricole et leur postérieur abandon, ont été fondamentaux pour le déclenchement de ce procès érosif. L'étude du phénomène a mis en relief deux parties différenciées: un mouvement rotationnel dans un secteur du versant et une coulée de boue originé par les matériaux accumulés dans la tête du ravin sur lequel elle s'est glissée plus tard. L'analyse des causes espacio-temporelles de ces processus et leur interrelation avec d'autres semblables, ainsi que leur incidence sur les activités humaines deviennent essentielles pour définir les stratégies de planification et prévention.
Pre-hCG variables associated with occurrence of ascites in IVF/ICSI patients at moderate risk of developing OHSS: A pilot investigation  [PDF]
Manuel Fernández-Sánchez, Per Broberg, G?ran Pettersson, Cristiano Busso, Antonio Pellicer, Joan-Carles Arce
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2013.31004

Objective: To identify predictors of ascites collected prior to the hCG administration in patients undergoing IVF/ICSI treatment at moderate risk of developing moderate/severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), and, based on these predictors, develop a nomogram for estimation of the probability of presence of ascites. Methods and Materials: Data were derived from 53 patients with 20 - 30 follicles ≥10 mmat end of stimulation. All patients received a single dose of hCG (250 mg) to trigger final follicular maturation when ≥2 follicles of ≥18 mmwere observed. Transvaginal ultrasound to measure ascites (total amount of peritoneal fluid ≥9 cm2inlithotomy position) was performed 2, 5 and 8 days after the hCG administration. Associations between clinical, sonographic and endocrinological variables recorded prior to the hCG administration and presence of ascites were analyzed by univariable and multivariable logistic regression. Results: Thirty-four patients (64%) had ultrasonic evidence of ascites. The multivariable analysis identified the total number of follicles [OR 1.29 (95% CI: 1.02 - 1.69, P = 0.043)], the ovarian volume [OR 1.05 (95% CI: 1.00 - 1.11, P = 0.047)] and BMI [OR 0.76 (95% CI: 0.56 - 0.99, P = 0.053)] as predictors of ascites (AUC = 0.825). A nomogram (PROFET) was designed with these three variables for individual prediction of the probability of development of ascites. Conclusions: This pilot investigation indicates that the risk of peritoneal fluid accumulation in IVF/ICSI patients at moderate risk of developing moderate/severe OHSS is influenced by the number of follicles and the ovarian volume on the day of hCG administration as well as the BMI.

Uso inconsistente del condón en los usuarios de heroina en situación de exclusión social
March,Joan Carles; Oviedo-Joekes,Eugenia; Romero,Manuel;
Gaceta Sanitaria , 2007, DOI: 10.1590/S0213-91112007000400010
Abstract: the study focused in sexual behaviour among socially excluded heroin users, identifying factors associated with inconsistent condom use. data was collected in the cities of granada and seville between july and october 2000, through a structured questionnaire, to 391 participants. twenty two and 15% of participants have made consistent use of condoms in vaginal sex in the last year with occasional and regular partners respectively. there is a greater likelihood of inconsistent condom use with occasional partners among users who had had oral sex, and who does not know if their partner(s) inject or injected drugs. for regular partners those who have an injecting partner and do not speak with their sexual partners about aids have a higher probability to do not use always a condom. for both groups, when always the partner is who propose the use of condoms (when used) and not themselves, the risk not to use it is near 4 times more than when thems elves propose to use it. speaking about condoms and aids with mate, partners and family, and learning to negotiate the use of condoms seems to be the most important strategies to be approached for this sample, from the social and health care system in order to promote a protected sex.
L'aplicació dels nous plans d'estudi a l'escola de formació de professorat de la UB: un balan (1992-1997)
María José Fernández i Biel,Joan Manuel Homar
Temps d'Educació , 1997,
La Dolina de l’Esquerda de les Alzines (Macizo del Garraf, Barcelona): un yacimiento del Pleistoceno superior al aire libre con industria lítica paleolítica
Daura, Joan,Sanz, Montserrat,Vaquero, Manuel,Fullola, Josep Maria
Trabajos de Prehistoria , 2011, DOI: 10.3989/tp.2011.11074
Abstract: Dolina Esquerda de les Alzines is the only known site in Garraf massif where abundant Palaeolithic artifacts have been recovered. However, the chronological framework and technological traits cannot place the site amongst one of the Upper or Middle Palaeolithic tool groups. Its singularity is in the location, inside a dissolution doline, a rare deposit in the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic sites in Iberian Peninsula. The lithic assemblage is homogenous, 1,067 artifacts have been analyzed to determine their characteristics and the most significant feature of this assemblage is the dominance of flake-bearing core reduction methods and the manufacture of artifacts showing convergent morphologies. The recovery of some artifacts commonly found in Upper Palaeolithic assemblages should also be stressed. La Dolina de l’Esquerda de les Alzines constituye el primer yacimiento del Pleistoceno superior del macizo del Garraf que ha proporcionado abundantes restos líticos del Paleolítico. Los caracteres de este conjunto así como los datos cronológicos no permiten ubicarlo en los grupos tipológicos del Paleolítico medio ni del superior. La singularidad de esta nueva localidad radica en su ubicación en el interior de una dolina, un tipo de depósito poco habitual en el registro del Pleistoceno medio y superior de la Península Ibérica. El yacimiento presenta un conjunto lítico homogéneo, del cual se han analizado 1.067 restos para este trabajo. Predominan las estrategias de reducción de núcleos encaminadas a la producción de lascas y a la configuración de artefactos con morfologías convergentes. Destacamos también la presencia, aunque en escaso número, de artefactos habituales en los conjuntos del Paleolítico superior.
Zonas de aludes en la Vallferrera: Clasificación y riesgo geomorfológico
Mases Coberó, Montserrat,Vilaplana Fernández, Joan Manuel
Pirineos : Revista de Ecología de Monta?a , 1991,
Abstract: Avalanche areas in the Vallferrera: classification and geomorphological risk. The Vallferrera basin is located in the western Catalonian Pyrenees, bordering on Andorra. In this area, a study of the snow avalanche path characteristics has been done starting from two points of view (MASES 1991): Firstly, a description and a classification of the different morphologies of the snow avalanche paths have been done. We have compared their distribution with some intrinsic parameters of the basin, like lithology, preexistent relief, etc. It has been observed that the different morphologies of the snow avalanche paths are the results of their adaptation to the pre-existent glacial relief. Secondly, the snow avalanche risk has been analyzed at the Vallferrera basin. There have been identified four zones of high risk, due to the interference between the avalanches and the social structure. [es] La Vallferrera es una cuenca que se encuentra en el Pirineo Occidental Catalán, limitando al E con Andorra. En ella se ha realizado un estudio de las características de las zonas de aludes, desde dos perspectivas (MASES, 1991): En primer lugar se efectúa una descripción y una clasificación de las diferentes morfologías de las zonas de aludes comparando su distribución con algunos parámetros intrínsecos de la cuenca (litología, relieve preexistente, etc.). Se ha observado que las diferentes morfologías de las zonas de aludes son producto de la adaptación de éstas al relieve glacial preexistente. En segundo lugar se entra en el análisis del riesgo geomorfológico que los aludes comportan en esta zona del Pirineo, identificando cuatro sectores donde el riesgo es alto debido a la interferencia de éstos con la estructura social. [fr] La Vallferrera est une vallée de 193 Km2 qui se trouve dans le versant sud des Pyrénées, à la limite occidentale de l'Andorre, et qui draine ses eaux à la Noguera Pallaresa. Dans cette zone on a réalisé une étude qui définit les différentes caractéristiques des zones d'avalanches, selon deux points de vues différents (MASES, 1991): Premièrement on fait une description et une classification des différentes morphologies des zones d'avalanches en comparant leur distribution avec des paramètres intrinsèques du bassin versant (lithologie, modelé préexistant, etc.). On a observé que les différentes morphologies des zones d'avalanches proviennent de l'adaptation de la dynamique nivale aux formes glaciaires préexistantes. En second lieu on a analysé le risque géomorphologique que produisent les avalanches dans cette vallée pyrénéenne. On a identifié quatre se
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