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Maternal Deprivation Enhances Behavioral Vulnerability to Stress Associated with miR-504 Expression in Nucleus Accumbens of Rats
Yi Zhang, Xiongzhao Zhu, Mei Bai, Li Zhang, Liang Xue, Jinyao Yi
PLOS ONE , 2013, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0069934
Abstract: Objective In this study, the effect of maternal deprivation (MD) and chronic unpredictable stress (CUS) in inducing depressive behaviors and associated molecular mechanism were investigated in rats. Methods Maternal deprivation was established by separating pups from their mothers for 6 hours daily from postnatal day 1 to day 14. Chronic unpredictable stress was established by water deprivation, elevated open platform, food deprivation, restraint stress and electric foot shock. The depressive behaviors were determined by use of sucrose preference test and forced swim test. Results Rats in MD/CUS group exhibited lower sucrose preference rate, longer immobility time, and lighter body weights than rats in other groups (MD/control, non-MD/CUS and non-MD/control group). Meanwhile, higher miR-504 expression and lower dopamine receptor D1 (DRD1) and D2 (DRD2) expression were observed in the nucleus accumbens of rats in the MD/CUS group than in the other three groups. MiR-504 expression correlated negatively with DRD1 gene expression and sucrose preference rate in the sucrose preference test, but correlated positively with immobility time in forced swim test. Both DRD2 mRNA and protein expression correlated negatively with immobility time in forced swim test. Conclusion These results suggest that MD enhances behavioral vulnerability to stress during adulthood, which is associated with the upregulation of miR-504 and downregulation of DRD2 expression in the nucleus accumbens.
Abnormal Hippocampal BDNF and miR-16 Expression Is Associated with Depression-Like Behaviors Induced by Stress during Early Life
Mei Bai, Xiongzhao Zhu, Yi Zhang, Sheng Zhang, Li Zhang, Liang Xue, Jinyao Yi, Shuqiao Yao, Xiuwu Zhang
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0046921
Abstract: Some environmental stressors lead to the onset of depression via inhibiting hippocampal BDNF expression, but other environmental stressors-induced depression exhibits no change in BDNF expression. The underlying mechanisms behind the divergence remain unknown. In this study, depression-like behaviors were induced in rats by maternal deprivation (MD) and chronic unpredictable stress (CUPS). Depression-like behaviors were tested by open field test, forced swimming test, and sucrose consumption test. BDNF and miR-16 expressions in the hippocampus were examined by real-time PCR. MD and CUPS rats crawled less distance, exhibited decreased vertical activity, and produced more fecal pellets than control rats in the open field test. However, MD rats crawled less distance and produced significantly less fecal pellets than CUPS rats. In the forced swimming and sucrose consumption tests, CUPS and MD rats exhibited longer floating time and consumed less sucrose than control rats, but MD rats exhibited shorter floating time and consumed less sucrose than CUPS rats. MD but not CUPS rats showed lower BDNF mRNA and higher miR-16 expression than control rats. In MD rats, BDNF mRNA expression negatively correlated with the expression of miR-16. BDNF expression positively correlated with the total distance rats crawled and vertical activity in the open field test while miR-16 expression negatively correlated the two behaviors. BDNF positively correlated with sucrose preference rate while miR-16 negatively correlated with sucrose preference rate of the sucrose consumption test. Our study suggests that MD and CUPS induced different depression-like behaviors in rats. Depression induced by MD but not CUPS was significantly associated with upregulation of miR-16 and possibly subsequent downregulation of BDNF in hippocampus.
Efficient induction of CD25- iTreg by co-immunization requires strongly antigenic epitopes for T cells
Shuang Geng, Yang Yu, Youmin Kang, George Pavlakis, Huali Jin, Jinyao Li, Yanxin Hu, Weibin Hu, Shuang Wang, Bin Wang
BMC Immunology , 2011, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2172-12-27
Abstract: In the present study, we demonstrated the requirement of highly antigenic epitopes for CD25- iTreg induction. Firstly, we showed that the induction of CD25- iTreg by tolerogenic DC can be blocked by anti-MHC-II antibody. Next, both the number and the suppressive activity of CD25- iTreg correlated positively with the overt antigenicity of an epitope to activate T cells. Finally, in a mouse model of dermatitis, highly antigenic epitopes derived from a flea allergen not only induced more CD25- iTreg, but also more effectively prevented allergenic reaction to the allergen than did weakly antigenic epitopes.Our data thus indicate that efficient induction of CD25- iTreg requires highly antigenic peptide epitopes. This finding suggests that highly antigenic epitopes should be used for efficient induction of CD25- iTreg for clinical applications such as flea allergic dermatitis.The inducible regulatory T cells, or iTreg, differ from the naturally regulatory T cells (nTreg) in that the former are generated in the periphery through encounter with environmental antigens. It is also believed that iTreg play non-overlapping roles, relative to nTreg, in regulating peripheral tolerance [1-3]. Most iTreg reported to date have been CD25+ cells (CD4+CD25+Foxp3+), and it is well established that their induction requires suboptimal stimulation of the T cell receptor (TCR) and cytokines TGF-β and IL-2 [3]. The CD25+ iTreg thus appear to derive primarily from weakly stimulated CD4+ T cells.We previously identified a different subset of iTreg in mice that is CD25- (CD4+CD25-Foxp3+ and IL-10+TGF-beta+IFN-γ-). The CD25- iTreg were induced after co-immunization using a protein antigen and a DNA vaccine encoding the same antigen [4-7]. Unlike that of the CD25+ iTreg, the induction of the CD25- iTreg involved the generation of CD40low IL-10high tolerogenic dendritic cells (DCs), which in turn stimulated CD25- iTreg in an antigen-specific manner [4]. We further showed in mouse models that this
Spectrum Analysis of Type IIb Supernova 1996cb
Jinsong Deng,Yulei Qiu,Jinyao Hu
Physics , 2001,
Abstract: We analyze a time series of optical spectra of SN 1993J-like supernova 1996cb, from 14 days before maximum to 86 days after that, with a parameterized supernova synthetic-spectrum code SYNOW. Detailed line identification are made through fitting the synthetic spectra to observed ones. The derived photospheric velocity, decreasing from 11,000 km/s to 3,000 km/s, gives a rough estimate of the ratio of explosion kinetic energy to ejecta mass, i.e. E/M_ej \sim 0.2-0.5 \times 10^51 ergs / M_ej(M_\sun). We find that the minimum velocity of hydrogen is about 10,000 km/s, which suggests a small hydrogen envelope mass of \sim 0.02-0.1 M_ej, or 0.1-0.2 M_\sun if E is assumed 1 \times 10^51 ergs. A possible Ni II absorption feature near 4000 \AA is identified throughout the epochs studied here and is most likely produced by primordial nickel. Unambiguous Co II features emerge from 16 days after maximum onward, which suggests that freshly synthesized radioactive material has been mixed outward to a velocity of at least 7,000 km/s as a result of hydrodynamical instabilities. Although our synthetic spectra show that the bulk of the blueshift of [O I] 5577 net emission, as large as \sim 70 \AA at 9 days after maximum, is attributed to line blending, a still considerable residual \sim 20 \AA remains till the late phase. It may be evidence of clumpy or large-scale asymmetric nature of oxygen emission region.


地球物理学报 , 2003,
Abstract: 由于卫星观测技术的发展 ,现在已能利用测高大地水准面简捷可靠地研究海底构造与动力问题 .根据GeosatT2 ERM、Topex Poseidon和ERS 1 2测高数据给定的 0°N~ 4 5°N、10 0°E~ 15 0°E范围内 4′× 4′大地水准面 ,采用全球地形 均衡的重力位效应改正 ,计算布格、格莱尼和均衡大地水准面 .由格莱尼大地水准面反演Moho面埋深 ,再从均衡大地水准面起伏推算小尺度地幔流应力场 .结果表明 ,菲律宾海和南海显示了与磁条带、扩张脊对应或斜交的高频成分大地水准面起伏条带 .各边缘海盆的Moho面埋深有往南变浅的趋势 ,与菲律宾海各海盆的Moho面埋深大致相当 ,说明琉球—台湾—菲律宾岛弧两侧的构造动力强度基本相近 .从各种构造特征和大、中、小尺度的地幔流应力场的驱动机制 ,可以证明岛弧内侧的边缘海具有不同于大洋、大陆的独特构造动力格局和特征 .
Investigation of the effects of temperature and ions on the interaction between ECG and BSA by the fluorescence quenching method
Zhao Jinyao,Jiang Xinyu,Liu Xin,Ren Fenglian
Archives of Biological Sciences , 2011, DOI: 10.2298/abs1102325z
Abstract: The effects of temperature and common ions on binding (-)-epicatechin gallate (ECG) to bovine serum albumin (BSA) are investigated. The binding constants (Ka) between ECG and BSA are 1.20 Ч 106 (17°C), 1.38 Ч 106 (27°C), and 5.69 x 106 L mol-1 (37°C), and the number of binding sites (n) were 1.14, 1.15, and 1.26, respectively. These results showed that the increasing temperature improves the stability of the ECG-BSA system, which results in a higher binding constant and the number of binding sites of the ECG-BSA system. The presence of Co2+ and Zn2+ ions decreased the binding constants (Ka) and the number of binding sites (n) of ECG-BSA complex. However, the presence of Cu2+ and Ni2+ increased the affinity of ECG for BSA largely. The positive ΔH and positive ΔS indicated that hydrophobic forces might play a major role in the binding between ECG and BSA.
Lithosphere Anisotropy of Prydz Bay, Antarctica: From Ocean Bottom Seismometer Long Term Observation

牛雄伟,高金耀,吴招才,阮爱国,卫小冬,刘晨光,李天光, 沈中延,潘少军,罗孝文
Niu Xiongwei
, Gao Jinyao, Wu Zhaocai, Ruan Aiguo, Wei Xiaodong, Liu Chenguang,Li Tianguang, Shen Zhongyan, Pan Shaojun, Luo Xiaowen

地球科学(中国地质大学学报) , 2016, DOI: 10.3799/dqkx.2016.135
Abstract: 为了研究南极普里兹湾岩石圈深部应力场及其动力学,采用S波分裂旋转相关法,对中国第31次南极科学考察成功回收的3个站位海底地震仪数据(5个远震记录)进行了反演,获得了普里兹湾洋陆过渡带岩石圈各向异性特征.结果表明,台站所在区域各向异性显著,在较小的范围内存在明显的空间差异,快S波偏振方向变化范围是N40°E~N60°E,快慢波时间延迟变化范围为0.2~1.3s.洋盆的各向异性主要取决于海底扩张地幔流作用,大陆及附近的各向异性主要受上地幔顶部残留构造的影响,而中间过渡带各向异性层厚度较小集中在地壳内,它可能受海底扩张地幔流和残留构造共同作用.
In order to understand better the stress field and dynamics characteristic of the lithosphere at Prydz bay in the Antarctica, rotation-correlation shear wave splitting method is used to study 5 earthquakes recorded by three ocean bottom seismometers recovered at Prydz bay during the 31th Chinese Antarctic Research Expedition to obtain the anisotropy characteristics of the continent and ocean transition of Prydz bay in this paper. Our inversion results show strong anisotropy in the lithosphere of Prydz bay with spatial differences in small scale. The fast shear wave polarization directions are from N40°E to N60°E, fast and slow shear wave times delay are from 0.2s to 1.3s. We think that the anisotropy at the oceanic part is dominated by the mantle flow of mid-ocean ridge spreading, while the continental part is dominated by the relic structural fabric of the ancient lithosphere at the top of the upper mantle, and the middle zone with shallower and thinner anisotropy layer may be influenced by the both reasons above
Moth Wing Scales Slightly Increase the Absorbance of Bat Echolocation Calls
Jinyao Zeng, Ning Xiang, Lei Jiang, Gareth Jones, Yongmei Zheng, Bingwan Liu, Shuyi Zhang
PLOS ONE , 2011, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0027190
Abstract: Coevolutionary arms races between predators and prey can lead to a diverse range of foraging and defense strategies, such as countermeasures between nocturnal insects and echolocating bats. Here, we show how the fine structure of wing scales may help moths by slightly increasing sound absorbance at frequencies typically used in bat echolocation. Using four widespread species of moths and butterflies, we found that moth scales are composed of honeycomb-like hollows similar to sound-absorbing material, but these were absent from butterfly scales. Micro-reverberation chamber experiments revealed that moth wings were more absorbent at the frequencies emitted by many echolocating bats (40–60 kHz) than butterfly wings. Furthermore, moth wings lost absorbance at these frequencies when scales were removed, which suggests that some moths have evolved stealth tactics to reduce their conspicuousness to echolocating bats. Although the benefits to moths are relatively small in terms of reducing their target strengths, scales may nonetheless confer survival advantages by reducing the detection distances of moths by bats by 5–6%.
Altered Gene Expression by Low-Dose Arsenic Exposure in Humans and Cultured Cardiomyocytes: Assessment by Real-Time PCR Arrays
Jinyao Mo,Yajuan Xia,Timothy J. Wade,David M. DeMarini,Mercy Davidson,Judy Mumford
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , 2011, DOI: 10.3390/ijerph8062090
Abstract: Chronic arsenic exposure results in higher risk of skin, lung, and bladder cancer, as well as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects on expression of selected genes in the blood lymphocytes from 159 people exposed chronically to arsenic in their drinking water using a novel RT-PCR TaqMan low-density array (TLDA). We found that expression of tumor necrosis factor-α ( TNF-α), which activates both inflammation and NF-κB-dependent survival pathways, was strongly associated with water and urinary arsenic levels. Expression of KCNA5, which encodes a potassium ion channel protein, was positively associated with water and toe nail arsenic levels. Expression of 2 and 11 genes were positively associated with nail and urinary arsenic, respectively. Because arsenic exposure has been reported to be associated with long QT intervals and vascular disease in humans, we also used this TLDA for analysis of gene expression in human cardiomyocytes exposed to arsenic in vitro. Expression of the ion-channel genes CACNA1, KCNH2, KCNQ1 and KCNE1 were down-regulated by 1-mM arsenic. Alteration of some common pathways, including those involved in oxidative stress, inflammatory signaling, and ion-channel function, may underlay the seemingly disparate array of arsenic-associated diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.
Development and psychometric properties of the health-risk behavior inventory for Chinese adolescents
Mengcheng Wang, Jinyao Yi, Lin Cai, Muli Hu, Xiongzhao Zhu, Shuqiao Yao, Randy P. Auerbach
BMC Medical Research Methodology , 2012, DOI: 10.1186/1471-2288-12-94
Abstract: Adolescents, ages 14–19?years (n?=?6,633), were recruited from high schools across 10 cities in mainland China. In addition, a clinical sample, which included 326 adolescents meeting DSM-IV criteria for Conduct Disorder, was used to evaluate predictive validity of the HBICA. Psychometric properties including internal consistency (Cronbach’s alpha), test-retest reliability, convergent validity, and predictive validity were analyzed.Based upon item analysis and exploratory factor analysis, we retained 33 items, and 5 factors explained 51.75% of the total variance: Suicide and Self-Injurious Behaviors (SS), Aggression and Violence (AV), Rule Breaking (RB), Substance Use (SU), and Unprotected Sex (US). Cronbach’s alphas were good, from 0.77 (RB) to 0.86 (US) for boys, and from 0.74 (SD) to 0.83(SS) for girls. The 8?weeks test–retest reliabilities were moderate, ranged from 0.66 (AV) to 0.76 (SD). External validities was strong, with Barratt Impulsiveness Scale-11 was 0.35 (p?<?0.01), and with aggressive behavior and rule-breaking behavior subscales of the Youth Self Report were 0.54 (p?<?0.01) and 0.68 (p?<?0.01), respectively. Predictive validity analysis also provided enough discriminantity, which can distinguish high risky individual effectively (cohen’ d?=?0.79 – 2.96).These results provide initial support for the reliability and validity of the Health-Risk Behavior Inventory for Chinese Adolescents (HBICA) as a comprehensive and developmentally appropriate assessment instrument for risk behaviors in Chinese adolescents.
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