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A Study on the Influence of Career Growth on Work Engagement among New Generation Employees  [PDF]
Jing Bai, Jinping Liu
Open Journal of Business and Management (OJBM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ojbm.2018.62022
Based on the questionnaire of 207 enterprise employees in South China, this paper uses the method such as hierarchical regression analysis, to explore the relationship between career growth and work engagement, the intermediary role of organizational identification and the moderating effect of person- organization value fit. The study shows that: 1) Employee career growth has a significant positive impact on organizational identification and work engagement; 2) Organizational identification plays a partial mediating role between career growth and work engagement; 3) Person-organization value fit positively regulates the relationship between career growth and organizational identification. That is to say, the higher the person-organization value fit, the more obvious the influence of career growth on organizational identification. Finally, based on the results, the paper discusses the significance of this research in theory and practice.
The Diagnosis and Treatment for a Special Type of Cesarean Scar Pregnancy  [PDF]
Shili Su, Jinping Liu, Baihua Dong
Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OJOG) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojog.2015.58061
Abstract: Caesarean scar pregnancy (CSP) is a rare form of ectopic pregnancy, and its incidence has been increased due to the increased rate of Cesarean sections performed. A special type of CSP, concealed CSP, was found in the clinical work in our institution. A retrospective review was performed. From September 2011 to June 2014, 208 women were presented with cesarean scar pregnancy by use of transvaginal color Doppler sonography. The medical records were consulted to collect the demographics and pertinent information. Six of them were determined to be concealed CSP. Four women were diagnosed in the first-trimester pregnancy after termination of pregnancy. The initial ultrasound of the other two women displayed that the gestational sacs were located in the lower uterine cavity. Placenta accrete, increta and previa were diagnosed by the following ultrasounds. Concealed CSP is a very unusual form of CSP. Continued pregnancy may be sufficiently evaluated because of subsequently serious complications. Our results indicate that continued pregnancy increases the risk of laparotomy and hysterectomy. Medical abortion in the first-trimester pregnancy should be considered as the optimal choice for the women with prior cesarean sections who want to terminate the gestation.
Interaction Research on the Smart Power Consumption  [PDF]
Suxiang Zhang, Jianming Liu, Suxian Zhang, Jinping Cao
Energy and Power Engineering (EPE) , 2013, DOI: 10.4236/epe.2013.54B158

Due to the rapid growth of the air conditioning load of the residents had bigger impact on power grid safety and power smooth operation, in order to improve energy conservation and reduce emissions of the residents, many countries had studied the home energy management system (HEMS) in the world. In this paper, based on the summary of the work of other countries, the HEMS research and practice situation of China were discussed, combined with the national development and reform commission (NDRC) project, the power consumption visualization empirical research had been carried on in different cities in 2012, the interaction results show that the load can be reduced by an average of 6.67%, which proved that the electricity interactive was very interesting for long-term strategy of energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Development of a drtqPCR Assay for Differentiation of PCV-2a and 2b in Shanghai Area  [PDF]
Jian Liu, Feifei Ge, Houbing Ju, Dequan Yang, Xin Li, Jian Wang, Peihong Liu, Jinping Zhou
Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine (OJVM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/ojvm.2014.412035
Abstract: A dual real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction assay (drtqPCR) was established to detect and differentiate between Porcine circovirus-2a (PCV-2a) and Porcine circovirus-2b (PCV-2b). Genotype-specific primer sets and probes were designed by using sequence data published for different PCV-2 strains. Specificity and sensitivity of the drtqPCR were examined by using PCV-2 isolates with known genotype. Among 367 tissue samples, 44.69% (164/367) were PCV-2 positive. From 164 PCV-2 positive samples, 10.98% (18/164), 92.56% (137/164), and 3.31% (9/164) were positive for PCV-2a, PCV-2b, and both genotypes, respectively. These results suggest that the dif-ferential drtqPCR can be used to detect PCV-2 and to differentiate the 2 genotypes from field sam-ples. The PCV-2 infection is quite common in swine of Shanghai area. Furthermore, the PCV-2b infective ratio is far higher than PCV-2a, and PCV-2a/2b mixed infections are also observed but at a lower prevalence in Shanghai area.
Transformation and Upgrading Strategy of Professional Towns in Guangdong during the “Internet+” Period  [PDF]
Jinping Wang
American Journal of Industrial and Business Management (AJIBM) , 2018, DOI: 10.4236/ajibm.2018.86106
Abstract: The upgrading strategy of professional towns is an important guarantee for the transformation of the economic development mode. At present, the economic development of Guangdong Province of China is facing a new situation of changing modes, adjusting structures, and changing forces [1]. How to speed up the transformation and upgrading of professional towns and promote economic development in the township, and thus promote the rapid economic development of Guangdong Province of China, is a serious challenge. The study finds that although the collaborative innovation development of professional towns in Guangdong Province of China is effective, there are still many problems and deficiencies: 1) low level of collaborative innovation; 2) narrow scope of collaborative innovation; 3) single structure of collaborative innovation; 4) a low dimension of collaborative innovation. This research is based on the new era of the Internet+ development and takes the lead in collaborative innovation research based on the perspective of the development of the town-region economy, and proposes innovative research results for the collaborative innovation of professional towns and professionalism for Guangdong Province of China [2]. Based on this, this research is mainly based on the summary of the current situation and problems in the development of professional townships, and builds the Six Major Systems Collaborative Practice from the six dimensions of management factors, enterprises, industries, platforms, and government, industry, research and application. The new models what the town has is about innovation and development.
Investigation of amyloid deposition in uterine leiomyoma patients  [PDF]
Jinping Liu, Fei Zhai, Peng Ge, Jinhai Lu, Xuguo Sun, Yi Qin
Health (Health) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/health.2012.48083
Abstract: Objects: To investigate the pathogenesis of amyloid presented in uterine leiomyoma. Methods: 36 uterine leiomyoma patients were recruited and divided into two groups according to Congo red staining results. 6 cases are Congo red staining-positive, and 30 cases Congo red staining-negative which represented amyloid positive and amyloid negative respectively. All patients’ serum total protein (TP), albumin (Alb) and prealbumin (PA) levels were measured as well as blood hemoglobin (Hb), cell counts of white blood cell (WBC), neutrophils (NEU) and lymphocyte (LYM). Glycogen in tissue was compared between amyloid accumulated and amyloid negative sections with periodic acid schiff staining (PAS) in leiomyoma patients. Results: All of blood Hb concentration, WBC, NEU and LYM have not been found significant differences between two groups. Also no obvious infiltration of inflammatory cells was observed in tissue with amyloid deposition in uterine leiomyoma patients. And levels of TP, Alb and prealbumin have not been found significant differences between two groups. The amyloid was negative in leiomyoma entity cells range by Congo red staining, while small blood vessels in myoma tissues were positively detected with high rate. Amyloid was found in normal tissue around myoma as well as in blood vessel of pseudo-capsule. Increased PAS-positive material induced by leiomyoma was not correlated with amyloid deposition. Conclusions: Metabolic changes in the setting of functional alterations of cell in local microenvironment with uterine leiomyoma, may be related to the amyloid deposition.
Coordinated Translocation of Mammalian Gli Proteins and Suppressor of Fused to the Primary Cilium
Huiqing Zeng,Jinping Jia,Aimin Liu
PLOS ONE , 2012, DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0015900
Abstract: Intracellular transduction of Hedgehog (Hh) signals in mammals requires functional primary cilia. The Hh signaling effectors, the Gli family of transcription factors, and their negative regulator, Suppressor of Fused (Sufu), accumulate at the tips of cilia; however, the molecular mechanism regulating this localization remains elusive. In the current study, we show that the ciliary localization of mammalian Gli proteins depends on both their N-terminal domains and a central region lying C-terminal to the zinc-finger DNA-binding domains. Invertebrate Gli homologs Ci and Tra1, when over-expressed in ciliated mouse fibroblasts, fail to localize to the cilia, suggesting the lack of a vertebrate-specific structural feature required for ciliary localization. We further show that activation of protein kinase A (PKA) efficiently inhibits ciliary localization of Gli2 and Gli3, but only moderately affects the ciliary localization of Gli1. Interestingly, variants of Gli2 mimicking the phosphorylated or non-phosphorylated states of Gli2 are both localized to the cilia, and their ciliary localizations are subjected to the inhibitory effect of PKA activation, suggesting a likely indirect mechanism underlying the roles of PKA in Gli ciliary localization. Finally, we show that ciliary localization of Sufu is dependent on ciliary-localized Gli proteins, and is inhibited by PKA activation, suggesting a coordinated mechanism for the ciliary translocation of Sufu and Gli proteins.
Synthesis and Visible-Light Photocatalytic Property of Bi2WO6Hierarchical Octahedron-Like Structures
Li Yuanyuan,Liu Jinping,Huang Xintang
Nanoscale Research Letters , 2008,
Abstract: A novel octahedron-like hierarchical structure of Bi2WO6has been fabricated by a facile hydrothermal method in high quantity. XRD, SEM, TEM, and HRTEM were used to characterize the product. The results indicated that this kind of Bi2WO6crystals had an average size of ~4 μm, constructed by quasi-square single-crystal nanosheets assembled in a special fashion. The formation of octahedron-like hierarchical structure of Bi2WO6depended crucially on the pH value of the precursor suspensions. The photocatalytic activity of the hierarchical Bi2WO6structures toward RhB degradation under visible light was investigated, and it was found to be significantly better than that of the sample fabricated by SSR. The better photocatalytic property should be strongly associated with the high specific surface area and the abundant pore structure of the hierarchical octahedron-like Bi2WO6.
First Report of Marginal Scorch Infecting Indigowoad Root in China  [PDF]
Jinping Wu, Zili Ding, Xiaoyan Liu, Zhenbiao Jiao, Zhengming Qiu, Fengling Guo
American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) , 2016, DOI: 10.4236/ajps.2016.710132
Abstract: During 2015, marginal scorch symptoms were detected in the production base of indigowoad rootin Hubei, China. On the basis of morphological features and 18S rDNA sequences, the pathogen was identified as Cladosporium sp. Koch’s postulates were fulfilled by pathogenicity tests on potted indigowoad root seedlings. To our knowledge, this report is the first of marginal scorch on indigowoad root caused by Cladosporium sp. We propose the name “marginal scorch” for the new disease.
The compression of IR spectra by using wavelet neural network
Wei Liu,Jinping Li,Jianhui Xiong,Zhongxiao Pan,Maosen Zhang
Chinese Science Bulletin , 1997, DOI: 10.1007/BF02882491
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